This Is What Renters Have To Put Up With And Homeowners, I Wouldn’t Laugh If I Were You Since Your Landlord Is A Bank

I cannot tell you how many sorry ass slumlords that I have had the misfortune to rent from. The list is long enough to wrap around this planet at least twice. And people wonder why I move so goddamn much. But the problem is, unless you’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw into so-called ‘buying’ a house, what’s a person to do? Even pitching a tent gets you locked up. Hell! Breathing gets you locked up, if you happen to be an American descendant of slaves.

But as usual, I digress. Our lease expires on the last day of September and when we first moved in, we were told by Kelly Mays, who at the time was the leasing agent for Deal Properties that if we received no notice of a rent increase 30 days prior to our lease renewal date, then that meant that our lease automatically renewed at the same amount as what we were paying. Well, September 30, 2018 came and went and we continued to pay the same rent that we had been paying and the rent was accepted by the leasing office. Then we received this letter.


I was like WTF? As many scum/slumlords that I have rented from, not one has ever had the audacity to change the terms of a lease in the middle of a lease.  And just what the hell did “this fast paced world we live in” have to do with a lease? Where was the lease going? And how do you run a business and yet not know when a lease date starts so that you can send out the proper notices when they are due to go out. The reason there is a lease start date and end date is so that everyone knows where they stand during that time period. The tenant knows how much he/she is paying for a specified period of time. Any changes to a lease are to occur prior to the lease start date, not after the lease is in effect and then say that the change will take effect in the middle of the lease while also stating that the lease effective date will remain the same meaning that when the actual lease date is up, another rent increase could occur. That is madness! That is also how arrogant these racists are in Lynchburg, Virginia. I have never seen such in all my days.

I called a lawyer and the lawyer stated that what the landlord was trying to do was against state statutes. The lawyer contacted the landlord and the landlord, Robert Deal, stated that he was “In the right and wasn’t budging.” The lawyer told us to go ahead and pay the higher amount, which we did, while he prepared documents for court. He even gave the landlord one more opportunity to correct this mess and he refused.

The lawyer contacted me and told me that he was filing papers with the court and that the landlord would be receiving papers from the court shortly.



Sure enough, the lawyer calls me within a few days telling me that the landlord was still vehemently stating that he was “in the right,” but that it would cost him more to hire an attorney to handle this in court and that he would go ahead and reimburse us the increased rent that we had paid him. Below is a copy of the letter we received from the landlord accompanied by a check for the monies that we had paid him over and above what we should lawfully have been paying him.

Because I had the audacity to refuse to take a slumlord’s bullshit, we are now receiving notices in our door, weekly over some bullshit maintenance. This is the fourth notice  that we have received in as many weeks.


I have recorded the maintenance visits by the maintenance personnel and each time, they have stated that there is no running toilet. They have brought parts with them each time and only took the top of the toilet lid off the back, looked in and said, “There is nothing wrong with this. I don’t need to change anything.”

That has happened FOUR times and I am done with this shit! This is nothing more than retaliatory harassment and I am calling my lawyer and I am going to give him the the notices and the tapes of maintenance stating that there is no problem and yet, the landlord is constantly sending maintenance to our door on a bogus maintenance problem. This is how filthy and racist and fucked up whites are when you know your rights. We were supposed to just pay an illegal rent increase and shut up about it. The rest of these “shuck and jive” Black folks would have sat still for that shit, but not me!

Robert Deal, owns this property and by the way, if you look at the very first picture, under “Deal Properties” is the name of an apartment complex, “Craigmont Manor.” We don’t even live at “Craigmont Manor.” They are so stupid, that they could not even get the name of the complex we live at, correct while sending us a letter about going up on the rent in the middle of a lease. Seriously??!!!

Robert Deal just sold another apartment complex for over four million dollars and yet, he is still pissed off that he was made to abide by the laws and statutes and return monies that belonged to us, which was chump change to him. You see, whites believe that they are above the laws that Black people have to abide by and in this particular hellhole called Lynchburg, it is even worse than you can imagine. Whites here act like this is some sort of fiefdom and that they are our ‘lords’ and can get away with anything and believe me, they usually do, hence why my cousin was lied on by these racists and was thrown out of CENTRA HEALTH, which is the only so-called ‘health care system’ in this stomp down, flaming racist burg. That entity owns every health care facility in this racist burg that we cannot wait to get the hell out of!

The shit I have on these racists down here would curl your toes and yet Black people are always perceived as the problem. Why are there no landlord screening companies? Why are there only tenant screening companies? It is just accepted that landlords, many of whom are slumlords, are just wonderful when nothing could be further from the truth and yet there is no database to help tenants find decent, law abiding landlords while landlords get to ‘screen’ us to hell and back and get to use any excuse to deny people a place to live. Yeah! That’s something else we have ‘whites’ to thank for. They always find a  way to keep a certain segment of the population homeless and some more shit because who is most likely to have blemishes on their credit report, poor rental history and criminal records since Black people are always the first fired and the last hired, not to mention, our pay is never what whites are paid and we get jailed or even shot for just breathing?

And look at what happens when we try and buy a house. Banks like Wells Fargo steer us to subprime mortgages even as we qualified for prime mortgages and we lose the house anyway while they sit back and laugh after having called loans to us, “Ghetto loans” and called us, “mud people.” And then some have the nerve to wonder why so many American descendants of slaves are homeless, sick and fucked up? Re-read this shit and then tell me that you have no fucking idea why.

Also these wealthy, racist whites here in Lynchburg, VA, for the most part have ‘inherited wealth’. They obtained ‘their’ wealth by the sweat of my ancestors brow and yet, still hate us for what their debased, depraved homicidal, parasitic ancestors put into play. What’s really sad is that these racist ass whites have got these Black folks down here scared out of their damn minds. You should see this shit! I’m among the seriously few who go the fuck off in this racist shithole and more’s the goddamn pity!


21 thoughts on “This Is What Renters Have To Put Up With And Homeowners, I Wouldn’t Laugh If I Were You Since Your Landlord Is A Bank

      1. And as you can see, I am trying to wake them the fuck up! And whites actually think other whites give a damn about them? They better take a good long look around because the shit that’s been affecting us is now affecting them as well. Other whites are throwing their asses under the bus.

        If you look at who is always depicted sitting all up in homeless encampments, the folks are always mostly Black and what other whites have deemed, “poor white trash.” You don’t see no Mexicans, Hondurans or Guatemalans, Russians, Asians, Pakistanis or those damn Hindus from India sitting all up in homeless encampments and so if Trump’s stupid base believe that he is doing a damn thing about IMMIGRATION, then why is he not sending all of the aforementioned back from whence they came and help his own damn poor as hell base out? Trump don’t give a shit about his working poor white racist base and they are just too busy foaming at the mouth due to their rabid racism aimed at us to even see what the hell is going on.

        I can put it down, but it is up to others to pick it up. And the shit is only going to get worse and it is already BAD now.

        I thank you for another spot on comment.

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      2. Respect to you for always speaking truth to power. There is that old saying and it is one i use regularly you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.
        After we give them the information it is up to them to use or not. Panther Love


    1. Kreb, I’m not even started! I know dirt on the so-called mayor-at-large and on the vice mayor and damn near every motherfucker in Lynchburg. You can’t NOT know what the fuck who has done, when, where and how. I wish to piss that someone would ask the mayor-at-large how her house was first paid for and I would dearly love for someone to stick a microphone underneath the nose of the vice mayor and ask her about Mitzi and Gretchen and see her turn grey. And what I found out about her was from my own mother’s lips and she was being taped.

      Believe me, I am watching my back and these filthy ass racists down here are trying to make shit as difficult for me as hell, but I ain’t fucking taking it lying down. I’ve just contacted the Office of Civil Rights over yet another situation and before I’m done, believe me, this racist shithole is going to be on the map for ALL the wrong reasons. I’m not scared of these racists shits. Everybody else is, but I’m not. What the fuck they gonna do to me that’s not already done? When a person’s got nothing to lose, they’re a dangerous motherfucker.

      Whites can’t stand it when the fucked up shit they do gets exposed to the light of day because it reeks to the goddamn moon and back. I have never held back and I’m not about to now. These fucked up shits strut around pretending that they are some christians when all they are is stinking, racist shit! Fuck ’em and to hell with ’em.

      Kreb, I thank you for your comment. And I appreciate that I should “watch my back.”

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      1. Shelby, I feel that I have already known you long enough to know that you will NOT back down from those nasty hell bound racist. I just want you to complete your entire mission.

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      2. Thanks Kreb! And it would seem that I’ve most definitely got a mission. I’ve been on it for so long now and still, I keep at it. This platform helps me get some shit out there that wouldn’t otherwise see the light of day.

        I am going to keep exposing these stomp down, flaming racists for what they are, our number one enemy and the most corrupt criminal thugs to ever slither and crawl all across this shithole that they have made so.

        I try and watch my back, but there is no way in the so-called christian’s hell that I am going to lie down and take the shit from these racists. Of course they are going to come for me any way they can, but all I got to say to that is that their shit will be exposed, publicly. And I do have a few people that I trust with the tapes of these lousy, filthy, racist motherfuckers.

        I am tired of them getting away scot-free with the vicious and vile shit they do to us. If they do it to me or someone I know, it’s going to be ALL over the place. Count on it!

        Thanks again Kreb!

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      3. I only tell what I want them to know. I am well aware of the old saying, “Never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.” I have been teaching myself chess and I am actually winning some games and believe me, chess is no piece of cake.

        Kreb, I can honestly say that I have been dealing with these stomp down, flaming racists my entire life. I was born in this racist shithole and you know that Virginia is where the first slaves were dragged ashore and so you must have some idea of what I have been dealing with.

        This is why I can never stay in this stomp down flaming racist shithole for long. I can honestly say that I have no idea what my mother and father were thinking when they settled here in this hellhole because it is SO damn bad here, that there are actual streets named Confederate Avenue and Plantation Road. On Fort Avenue, there is a cemetery and a sign at the entrance of the cemetery ‘encourages’ a person to go along the ‘Confederate Trail’. We have to look at this shit while these fake ‘christian’, pasty ass bible thumpers go on and on about how fucking ‘christian’ they are while denying a sick man access to health care, such as it is and going up on peoples rent just because they say they can and even worse shit! Yes, I am going to put their shit out there and damn the consequences!

        Thanks Kreb.

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      4. Yes, I’m rather familiar with the state (not Lynchburg though). It sounds like you definitely got those bastards figured out. Handle your business and do yo thang, Shelby!

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      5. Kreb, I am just pissed completely off that I had the gall; the absolute nerve to be born, Black-assed as I am in a fucked up hellhole called ‘LYNCHBURG’! Seriously! What the fuck were my parents thinking???!!!! Fucking seriously!!! And then they had the nerve to wonder why I was trying to escape this racist shithole since the age of 15. Who the hell wouldn’t???!!! If they had any goddamn sense, that is!!

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      6. Kreb, you have no idea how difficult they make it for you to leave. You have to push back against these motherfuckers because this burg is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and there are few trains or buses leaving and the only planes are crop dusters and they head south. Hell if I’m trying to head further south of this racist ass burg! Hell fucking no! This shit’s too much for me! Getting out of here is like some ‘Green Acres’ shit! For real! For real!

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  1. I hear you, loud and clear. It happened to me. We had a problem after 11 years and a new propeety management company. Thry took me to court twice. I won twice. They then bugged me incessantly until finally issuing a “no reason” notice to vacate that cannot be challenged in court. During this time I had the property manager turning up without notice and screaming abuse at me through the door which I refused to open. One inspection they asked where i was from. I said right here. It wasn’t accepted… after the 3rd time in a row i said to her are you seriously me why i am brown, she said yes. My heart broke. I knew it was hopeless from that point on, no matter what i did. Sure enough the no reason notice to vacate came without the legal amount of notice since they sent it to another address entirely, and if it weren’t for some serious sleuthing by the post office over several weeks i wouldn’t have found out until they turned up to evict me. But of course i still had to comply or gamble my future life by risking a police presence. Etc etc.. I don’t know if anyone could pull that one on me ever again though. It isn’t possible to trust any white folk and come out unscathed

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    1. Jamborobyn, It is nice to see you. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of you in quite some time, however, I am sorry to read about your troubles with scum/slumlords.

      “They then bugged me incessantly until finally issuing a “no reason” notice to vacate that cannot be challenged in court.”

      I am real sorry they did that to you, but as for me, this scum/slumlord can issue that shit to me and I’d be quite pleased. It’d give me an incentive to get the fuck out of here sooner as opposed to later. I’d not be losing shit by getting put out of this dump. The stove is goddamn useless and I have complained about that and in fact, I have emails complaining about the stove burners having issues. One even collapsed into the burner holder and maintenance dude just came around and fiddled with it and put it on the back burner of the fucked up stove. They don’t fix shit, they just put a temporary band-aid on the problem.

      There are no decent apartments in this racist hellhole called Lynchburg. The contractor who put our ceiling back up in the living room after it fell in for the 3rd time from water leaking from the unit above ours stated that a new apartment complex that was just recently built in Timberlake is already falling apart and that he is there constantly fixing shit.

      The ‘moneyed’ whites with their ‘generational wealth’, you know, ‘inherited wealth’, have moved out of the city itself and live in Campbell County, Forest VA. The City of Lynchburg is falling to pieces since the Falwells own every damn store and shopping center. Pittman Plaza used to be rocking back in the day but since the Fallwells now own it, those worthless shits who hail themselves as the “Christian Moral Majority” and some more bullshit of the like, raised the rents at the Plaza stores and ran most of the shopkeepers out of the Plaza. The Plaza had the only grocery store in the inner city and now, there is a food desert and yet these pasty-assed whites are still screeching and wailing about how ‘christian’ they are knowing full well that because they are so depraved, deranged, psychotic and racist, they deprived inner city Black people and poor whites of a means to buy groceries.

      And I do know about some mess from the office showing up unexpectedly. They’ve done that to us as well and it is illegal to show up without giving the tenant 24 hour notice unless it is an emergency. And, no, when they showed up, it was not an emergency. I don’t know what the hell kind of laws you guys got over there in fucked up Australia, but I am not surprised at anything those depraved Botany Bay Penal Colony convict rejects do. Those whites over there were hatched from some convicts that washed up on the shores of Australia, who then fucked up the Aborigines and now got some sense of superiority over others. They better fucking act like they know; they are nothing more than the progeny of convict rejects from England. That entire area from there to New Zealand and back is filled with that shit that’s fucked up the Indigenous Populations of both Australia and New Zealand and they are still at it to this very day.

      Jamborobyn, you’ve gone and got me started all over again; not that I’m ever not burning up with white hot rage, but as you can see, I’ve almost typed another blog with this comment. But please know that I truly appreciate your comment and I am glad to know that you are still around. Don’t be a stranger. I need to check my reader and see if you’ve posted anything. I’ve been so busy posting my own issues, I’ve neglected those I ‘follow’ on this platform.

      Thanks again and take care!

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      1. Thanks Shelby. To be honest i love reading your words. I haven’t stopped reading this whole time. Not another person have I ever known that can so clearly express what is actually happening… you know, I have no people, so losing my home was losing the last stable thing in my life. It devastated me and i didn’t bounce back. Feels more like pulling myself along the floor using only my hands. So I couldn’t write because my birth mother saw my blog, she has gone the whole you are a good writer but your stories are inaccurate route. So it took a couple if years to learn a defense to that. I hardly know her. No fucking idea why she thinks she knows my life better than me. She does not even know where i live. Anyway. First time now i am trying to write while being in contact with her. It’s not easy. But she won’t respect any boundary i set… as white folks do….

        Outside of the specifics of your renting experienxe, mine, seceral others and a bit of research, I figure this… what you are dealing with is a lazy but inxreasingly common business model. Changing location is damned expensive, lots of people make their living from this. In addition, every maintenance inspection, letter, official notice, repairs, etc. has a charge that the property manager can charge back to the landlord. I call it generating churn revenue… basically your revenue comes from fucking everything up. The companies have sweet deals with all service providers involved in relocation also.

        So it’s a business, this messing eith lives and stealing from black folks and anyone really who is not in the wypo club.

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      2. Sorry about all the typos. Phone typing is just a punishment for all our sins. LOL. Anyway, they generate business by sending people to do no repairs. By helping the landlord find a new tenant because they annoyed the shit out of the last one. You just have to cost them more than they make out of you to end the situation. They have an endless supply of willing tenant fodder and clueless or tightarse landlords to play this game with.

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      3. Jamborobyn, I know about dysfunctional relationships with mothers or non relationships with mother only too well. I posted about it on this blog and I take not one word back. But still, I cannot speak on what you are going through with your own mother because each person’s experience is unique. All my mother knows is that I am in town, for now, but she doesn’t know exactly where I live and I aim to keep it that way. It is extremely sad that when we are faced with what we are faced with today, that there is no family cohesiveness because that is why, back in the day, Black people here in this shithole were flourishing more than we are now. It is because of that cohesiveness; that sense of family. People did indeed look out for one another in decades long gone. Whites saw that shit and hated it and intervened and destroyed that Black cohesiveness; the Black family. In fact, they helped to tear families apart what with introducing crack into our communities.

        Those depraved shits are not even happy with ALL that money can buy! That is why I call them deranged megalomaniacs who belong strapped down in a padded cell somewhere deep underground. Whites get their jollies off on making sure that they are causing others who don’t look like their pasty ass to suffer. Look at the shits that so call “lead us” as in politicians. Most of them are multi-millionaires if not billionaires and do they just sit back and enjoy all the wealth at their disposal? Hell no! They are busy somewhere shouting and screeching for this fucked up shithole to wage war against some innocent country that’s been sanctioned to pieces by this derelict shithole. And what’s worse is that the sanctions aren’t hurting the governments as much as they are hurting the people of countries having sanctions leveled against them. My sincerest hope and wish is that Mother Nature, somehow destroys their pasty asses because there is obviously nothing that we can or will do because those of us who have melanin in our skin are NOT like those debased rejects who escaped from who the hell knows where!

        Also, the second part of your comment is spot on. That is exactly what’s happening. The whites have it so that only other whites benefit from the system they established FOR their benefit. Everything they did was for their benefit and to our detriment. That is why I stated in this post that there are so many American descendants of slaves who are homeless because whites are just vile, depraved lunatics that lack a heart, soul and conscience and what’s more that will NEVER change.

        And finally, I don’t know what encouragement I can offer because I don’t see things getting any better, only worse. Just take care of yourself and try not to stress out over your mother. From what I’m reading from your comment, she’s just not worth it. Concentrate and focus on you because you are a wonderful, loving and kind person. I just know. I’ve never met you, but you come across as all too human and all that comes with being all too human.

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