Images Like This Help Set Up the Next Racialized Murder — The Eye Wall

T.S.P. Family, It seems like every time an officer murders an innocent and unarmed black person, on queue, the news outlets begin parading images of cops in attempts to, based off the consistent pattern of them running these stories, paint the police in a good light. Typically, they run a story about a white cop who went to whichever black neighborhood and did something “nice” to or acted cordial with some black people.

They send the messages to white people “It’s just a few bad apples giving all cops a bad name.” Well, the thing about that is, why are none of these police officers in municipalities around the country not coming together to do something about these “bad apples” who are murdering innocent black people?  If they’re not all bad apples and if their job is protect and serve, you’d think there’d be a collective outrage amongst the men and women in blue, in response to these bad cops sullying and dishonoring the honor of the badge they themselves wear.

These tactics the media uses also, unfortunately, condition black people to become accepting and even forgiving of the systematic harm done to us by every level of law enforcement.  Botham Jean’s father, after the killer of his son was found guilty of murder said at a church service to his congregation “I would possibly like to be friends with her one day.” In addition, the brother of Botham, looking the killer of his brother right in the eye, said he didn’t believe that she should be punished and then proceeded to wrap his arms around her in the middle of the courtroom.


via Images Like This Help Set Up the Next Racialized Murder — The Eye Wall

The Stormy Poet made excellent points. I encourage you to go over to his blog and read his post in its entirety for full effect. There are pictures posted there that just sicken me. One is of a KKKop pretending to ‘mourn’ over a memorial erected for the latest victim of ‘murder by cop’, Atatiana Jefferson, who was murdered while in her own home as she played video games with her nephew. Now, the kkkops are being portrayed by the media as thoughtful, considerate and empathic, when nothing could be further from the truth. This shit happens too goddamn often for anyone with more than two brain cells connected and working to not be able to figure out that the murder by kkkop of American descendants of slaves is occurring too frequently for this to be just a coincidence and not all and out, genocide. This shit is ALL done by design. Nothing that whites do is by accident.

And let’s take this shit even further, it is not just the kkkops that should be parading through the streets demanding that the ‘bad apples’ among them be fired and/or thrown into prison when this shit happens, but the whites who are not kkkops, sit back and also say nothing. So what does that shit tell you. It tells me that the outright murder of innocent American descendants of slaves is accepted by them as well. Whites have no problem with this shit going down because if they did, that shit would have ceased. We cannot stop the mass murder of us by them because we don’t count for shit! They run our lives from cradle to grave and don’t they know it. Why the fuck should they bother with what’s going down with us? They shouldn’t according to them and that is why they don’t. It’s not happening to them and so tough luck for us! They don’t give a damn! And yet Black folks think that some whites are our friend. Newsfuckingflash! Whites are NOT our friend. Their fucked up ass religion is NOT something that we should have taken up in the first goddamn place! How do you take something that your enemy handed you and believe in it more than your enemy does? That shit doesn’t even make any sense. The whites have  Black folks looking dumb as hell sitting up somewhere in a courtroom, hugging, sobbing, forgiving and handing bibles to some racist white female bitch that murdered a man in his own home and basically skated. Those Black fools who did that shit looked worse than a pile of steaming shit!

Like a white bitch is going to murder my brother and I am going to cry over her, tell her I forgive her and that she shouldn’t even get a day behind bars and just give her life to gawd??!!! Seriously???!!! Yeah! The white motherfuckers have trained most of us well. How they laugh at our dumb asses! And no fucking wonder!!

7 thoughts on “Images Like This Help Set Up the Next Racialized Murder — The Eye Wall

  1. Preach Shelby,because this passive and submissive behaviour of our people give me a cancer!
    I am tired to see this sickness rampage in our people!
    The majority of all us are so submissive that they forgive anything wp do to us.
    Really I can’t believe how come some of us forgive so easy a fucker who killed someone
    dear to you and you loved so deeply?
    This fucker murdered your relatives and you what do you do? With open arms you hug and forgive
    him/her like nothing happened? What kind sickness they are suffering?
    Stockholm syndrome,post slavery syndrome,Negropean.
    That pictures and video of that courtroom with all these blacks behaviour,really I can’t !
    For me they don’t really care or love their loved ones!
    Because you can’t forgive like this someone who committed a murder,or committed genocide,
    insulted you calling you in “N-word”,oppressing our people!
    Once I asked at those black Christianity preacher “Why are you Christian? What white Jesus has done
    so good things to you? Can you explain why wp can’t stand to see your black ass in all white church?
    Why wp have used force and violence to convert blacks? What it was their goal?”
    Those blacks who love so much Christianity,they don’t even realise how dumb they are!

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    1. Just as you say, the Black folks of today are submissive as hell! They just shuffle along and when they get shot in the ass by the whites, why they just forgive and turn up the other ass cheek just a begging for those pasty-assed creatures to shoot them in that one as well.

      Whites have conditioned and brainwashed Black folks well. They have us hating on our skin tone, our hair, our bodies, our voices and on each other. Black women are running to the Asian nail salons, daily getting fake, long as fingernails to the point where I don’t even know how they wipe their own ass with those sharp, pointed things. Black women are sending Asian kids to the best universities by heading into those Asian-owned Black hair care product stores and coming out with weaves, wigs and extensions. The Koreans are selling us liquor because the whites gave them the go-ahead to open up liquor stores on every corner in Black neighborhoods. The whites have Starbucks and Smoothie shops on every corner in THEIR neighborhoods. They don’t have that bullshit from the Pakistanis and those Hindu motherfuckers from Indian sitting all up in their fucking neighborhoods. The whites welcome those goddamn IMMIGRANTS over here and promptly hand them the means to open up those so-called ‘convenience’ stores in our few remaining neighborhoods that rob us blind by selling us outdated, overpriced garbage. But you can bet that you’ll not see one in whites neighborhoods.

      Also, if you look at videos of homeless people, the vast majority are Black. You will only see a few whites in homeless encampments. What you won’t find sitting up in homeless tent cities are the Asians, the Pakistanis, the Russians, those motherfucking Hindus from India, nor many whites. The whites are systematically coming after us with a vengeance and all we do is sit somewhere and talk about the bible and GEEZUS and “forgive our enemies.” Our ENEMIES are fucking us up and what other group of people would just talk some so-called ‘christian’ bullshit fed to us by our enemy and then, just forget about the shit they’re doing to us? We, as a people, are not sane! It is understandable, but at the same time, dumb as hell to want to remain insane and think things are going to change by continuing to do the same things and expect different results.

      Yes, the whites are vile, depraved, deranged megalomaniacs, but still! We should not just be about forgiving those soulless pasty-assed heathens just because we have been brainwashed by those vile pale creatures that aren’t even human. Those monsters should be avoided at all cost, not embraced, sobbed, over and handed bibles as was the case with Amber Guyger’s racist ass. She got more sympathy than Botham Shem Jean, the innocent Black man she murdered in cold blood! How does that even make any sense? It shouldn’t. But to these brainwashed Black fools out here, it makes sense because they are dumb as hell and also insane. “Love your enemy,” my ass! Like hell!!!!!!

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment and I am going to post a video and in this video, this Black woman tells it like it is especially about this fake ass religion bullshit that Blacks people use to ‘forgive’ their fucking mortal foe’; the white motherfuckers!

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  2. Shelby, our great ancestor MLK said, “The two most dangerous things in the world are sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. That quote always comes to mind when I encounter YT and Sambo (essentially who you speak of in this piece). That quote keeps them relevant.

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    1. Well, you’ll never find me cooning and ‘Samboing’ for the whites! That shit will NEVER happen. And I am not falling for the whites’ bullshit; not a bit of that shit! Millions of Black people are falling for it because they want to. It suits them. For some strange reason, they must think that the whites are going to let up off them if they just shuck and jive. Ain’t gonna happen, but then they had no self-respect to begin with for ‘shucking and jiving’ and they damn sure can’t acquire any now.

      Kreb, thank you for your comment.

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      1. Absolutely never! Even King, in his last days, realized it was a huge mistake integrate with them (although he never felt that we should assimilate with them). So many of our people will never learn. SMH.

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      2. Too bad that he learned that lesson too late. We tried the ‘peaceful’ approach and where did it get us? Malcolm X was not for a ‘peaceful’ approach and so they had him assassinated for that. And the Black Panther Party and Movement was destroyed by whitey pasty ass because they were not about the business of shucking and jiving. And yet, look what’s still up and running today; the NAACP and Urban League. That tells you what those worthless shits are about; nothing!

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