Ask The Folks In California If Technology Is Really Helping Them

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times, “Technology is NOT our friend.” And the people who are in the path of wildfires in California are finding this out, firsthand.

Blackouts complicate evacuation efforts across California

California has built much of its emergency response system around the premise that alerts and evacuation orders will be received by residents with cellphones or landlines. But landline technology has changed, and telecommunications companies are increasingly relying on internet technology, which is subject to power outages, to serve households with voice calls.

Go ahead and re-read the above paragraph, especially the part that states, “but landline technology has changed, and telecommunications companies are increasingly relying on internet technology, which is subject to power outages, to serve households with voice calls(to evacuate because a fire is crawling up their ass).

I remember back in the 80s, we experienced a tornado that damn near decimated the town I lived in. There was a total blackout. But the only thing that worked even though no one had electricity, was the telephone; the landline phone. I was amazed when I picked up the phone and there was a dial tone. Thankfully, our house only suffered minor damage to some roof shingles, but many, many homes were seriously damaged and some even had a huge tree sitting smack dab in the middle of them. But we could still communicate because landline phones were working.

Fast forward to today and not only has our dependence on this newfangled technology hurt us, it is killing us since those in California, thanks to blackouts, cannot receive notifications to leave their homes ahead of wildfires approaching. People are literally going to die in their beds because we have embraced that which we should have spit on and refused to take up but because we are so stupid that we will just accept anything and everything that is put before us as an improvement to our lives, this is the result. We have no one but ourselves to thank for why we have enthusiastically embraced the cause of our demise and so don’t now turn around to look for someone or some entity to blame for our stupidity and failure to look ahead. Those people who have already died in those California wildfires and who will die in those California wildfires have no one but themselves to blame for why they are charred corpses or soon to be, charred corpses.

People sit somewhere and stare down at some smartphone as if it were their very lifeline when in fact, it will assist in their death because once that battery in that smartphone dies, there will be no phone calls, no apps to make sure food gets delivered via ‘Uber Eats’ and some more shit. Even when a phone has been turned off by the cellphone company for lack of payment, emergency calls can still be placed, but what good is that going to do when the phone is dead and there is no way to charge it?

Some of you are probably saying, “Well, why didn’t they charge their phones in their cars?” Seriously? How many people do you think are going to remember to head out to their cars, start them up just to charge a phone? And even if they did that, how soon do you think they’d run out of gas? See where I’m going with this? Of course you don’t because you’re stupid. You cannot see past what some commercial has told you that you need. You couldn’t even figure out that if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is and smartphones and personal assistants are all very well and good as long as the electricity is working, but the minute that shit’s been shut down, Alexa and Siri can’t tell you a goddamn thing. They can’t make any suggestions to you as to what to do about the shit you’ve gotten yourselves into. That shit shouldn’t even exist but because you so enthusiastically embraced what is going to aid and abet your goddamn demise, you are now sitting somewhere looking stupid as hell.

Folks would look at me like I was crazy when I would tell them that that smartphone is one of the worse things they could have embraced. Now, there is 5G technology out there that is rapidly killing us because of the massive amounts of radiation it takes to stream your movies and shit over those goddamn smartphones, but even 5G cannot help you when the power is out. Now, how great is that? We fucking deserve everything that is coming down the goddamn pike because we not only begged for this shit, we insisted that it become faster and replace everything we had ever known and could rely on. We cannot rely on this shit that relies on a fucked up infrastructure that Mother Nature is destroying by the hour.

Folks in California and other places soon to be visited by catastrophes are going to die because of ‘new technology’ that replaced what was more reliable since we kicked up not one goddamn fuss about this bullshit that we embraced with such fervor. And now that this ‘new technology’ is failing us, we are looking around for someone else to blame. Look in the mirror. You asked for it and you got it and so now deal with the consequences. This entire planet is fucked up and is giving back what we gave it and as each year passes, the shit is going to get more and more lethal for us. And more and more of us are going to be impacted by it. So, don’t sit somewhere on your stupid ass and laugh at what’s going down in California as though catastrophes are going to stop with California. All of us are next. Count on it! I have actually seen comments whereas assholes are stating that “those liberals in California deserve those wildfires.” The shits that masquerade as ‘humans’ these days make me want to puke with how depraved they are! To some stank shits, even catastrophes are okay so long as they happen in a so-called ‘blue’ state as opposed to a ‘red’ state. What the fuck does that say about us?!! Not a goddamn thing good. That’s for damn sure! You filthy shits sicken me and I cannot wait to unplug myself from this mess because I am becoming tainted by your vileness!

LOS ANGELES – Mary and Charles Lindsey went to sleep to the glow of the Tick fire, but they had seen wildfires before and their two-story home in the Santa Clarita foothills seemed safe enough. All Thursday, they hadn’t gotten a reverse-911 alert, or an emergency email, or a phone call. All had seemed quiet since 11 a.m., when Southern California Edison shut off their power.

Mary and Charles Lindsey were two of the lucky ones, for now, since they escaped with their lives even though they received no emergency alert to evacuate immediately since their smartphone was dead. Next time, they may not be so lucky and many, many folks won’t be so lucky as Mary and Charles Lindsey. I usually say that this is something to think about, but the fact is, it’s too late to think about this shit now, because we are in the midst of it and the shit’s only going to get worse. So instead, think about how fucked we ALL are!

8 thoughts on “Ask The Folks In California If Technology Is Really Helping Them

  1. That’s a scathing yet informative write-up. I’ve heard about the California blackouts going on and potential wildfire threats which has been insane. I have some friends out in that state and I’m glad they’re okay. While technology can be useful, I do agree with you that people nowadays have this over-reliance on technology to the point of people being childlike or even like iSheep (patent pending if you pardon my pun). In all seriousness, people need to come up with good emergency and backup plans if their hometowns get affected by some disaster or abnormality.


    1. Well, I for one, do not in any way, think that ‘technology’ is useful to us. Even in the medical field, technology has not been proven useful to us because more people are dying now who need not have died because of ‘new technology’ screwups. Our medical charts are in the hands of who the hell knows who thanks to this ‘new technology’ of electronic medical records as opposed to a paper file. We are now victims of identity theft thanks to this ‘new technology’ that we embraced. We are spied on like never before thanks to this ‘new technology’ that we embraced. None of that shit has been for our good or has done us any good because people lived simpler mere decades ago and were more healthy for it and were not brainwashed by all the nonsense that is on this ‘new technology’. Children are morbidly obese because they would rather play with this ‘new technology’ in the form of video games than go outside and play. How has this helped us in ANY way? I actually feel sorry for those of us who have to put up with this sorry ass shit regardless of whether we like it or not. Those who died before this worthless ass killer shit could come down the pike were the lucky ones.


      1. Those are legit points with the negative aspect of technological dualism. I wouldn’t want to dismiss the older forms of technology either like having paper or external backups for information. I totally agree with you about the spying thing because that REALLY did no one good. People certainly have traded health and common sense for overusing technology. I have to tell myself this, too, so I don’t want to come off as holier than thou.


  2. Great piece as always, Shelby. This is the other aspect of “big brother” people weren’t thinking about as they demanding more and more technological advancements. They better be scared. Very scared.

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    1. Kreb, I saw this coming and tried to warn people, but people just want to remain blind, dumb and stupid and they still are and this is what they get for it. I am not one bit surprised by ALL of this surveillance that was touted as “For our benefit” when it was installed to make sure that our every move was watched since there are more of ‘us’ than there are of ‘them’; meaning the reptilian shits that control our so-called politicians and even our presidents aka dictators. There is no ‘up’ side to this shit technology; none. And thank you for recognizing that!

      I appreciate your comment, as always!

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      1. Yeah, and I bet all those yahoos who submitted their DNA to these genealogy for-profit companies are regretting the hell out of that decision.

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      2. Kreb, sadly, many are still sending in their DNA. I just saw a video whereas a Black woman is so thrilled to have received her results. She is purportedly from the Congo as well other areas in Africa as well as Ireland. She was just over the moon and I could only look at her and shake my head. These fools will NEVER get it! They just jump on the bandwagon like mindless drones led to slaughter.

        They don’t even care that those DNA companies are sending their DNA straight to the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the CIA and some more shit. They have started up a database whereas they are looking to lock as many of us up as possible based on DNA that is gathered from these sites. This is why the shit’s getting deeper and deeper by the nanosecond. We got nothing to work with. More’s the goddamn pity.

        But your comment is spot on!


  3. They are using Advertising Posters that say “TECHNOLOGY WILL SAVE US!”
    These people really they are something else,I could agree if technology it was using only for communicate by phone and computer,but now they are going beyond the human understanding!
    They are not stop here,years by years more shit we will see!


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