Another Cop Shot And Killed Another Unarmed Man. Cops Murder About A Thousand People A Year. How Is That Shit Acceptable??!!

The man was shot for doing this!

Richard Sanchez’s relatives called the cops on him because he was brandishing a gun while intoxicated and he was saying irrational things and making threats. The cops arrive and tell Sanchez to drop the gun. He does. The cops tell Sanchez to put his hands up. He does. Sanchez then proceeds to walk towards the cops with his hands raised in the air and a cop shoots him FIVE times, of course, killing him, while his relatives scream into the night.

He dropped the gun, walked out of the house and put his hands up. Then an officer shot him five times.

Officers yelled at Richard Sanchez to drop his gun — and eventually, he did. He started to walk toward law enforcement, out of a house a relative had fled to call 911 to report Sanchez was intoxicated, making threats and saying irrational things.

Police shouted for the 27-year-old man to put his hands up. He did that, too.

“Stop!” an officer ordered. Sanchez kept walking, arms still raised.

Three seconds and two commands later, the officer opened fire. Body-camera footage now released by police in San Bernardino, Calif., captures the five shots that killed Sanchez and a woman’s screams as he fell onto the lawn.

So, a man with his hands raised and is simply walking towards the cops, who have their guns drawn, is a threat to cops? The man is completely unarmed and those scared shitless ass cops still shoot the man dead??!!! What fucking wimps there are on police forces all across this fucked up shithole!! That is not a question. That is a statement. And of course, the cop is no longer working at that particular department and no one seems to know if he was fired or simply resigned. How the fuck is that possible? He was either fired or he quit. Some damn body should know! But what I would like to know is why does it take someone to die before these wimp assed cops are either fired or quit because they are just so fucking trigger happy?

Just the other day I posted a blog about this shit what with people calling the cops on their loved ones and thinking that by calling the cops, they are doing themselves and their loved ones a fucking favor. Seriously? The shit ALWAYS gets worse. Calling the cops does NOT help a bad situation. Cops only make sure that a bad situation becomes a LETHAL situation. All Richard Sanchez’s family had to do was leave the home for a few hours, let the man calm down and he would most likely have slept his ‘drunk’ off. But now his family is saying that “Richard’s sudden passing has left a void, that cannot be filled in the lives of his family members, the family is honored and encouraged by the swift acceptance of responsibility by the leadership of the San Bernardino Police Department.” And I am quite sure that dead Richard Sanchez is equally “honored and encouraged by the swift acceptance of responsibility by the leadership of the San Bernardino Police Department,” while he lies six feet under. “Presume to speak for the deceased, much?”

Other countries are going the fuck off over the same shit that’s going down here in the states and all we do is sit somewhere and talk about how “honored and encouraged” we are that someone has filled our loved ones with enough bullets to kill an elephant. And if we are not doing that, we are hugging our loved ones murderer and telling them how much we fucking love them! Who the hell does that shit?!! Brainwashed AmeriKKKans, that’s who! No wonder shit will never go the fuck off over here because our asses have been lulled into the biggest case of apathy and complacency that I have ever seen! No fucking one and I do mean NO FUCKING ONE has got ANY goddamn balls at all! Dumb motherfuckers over here just calmly and quietly accept the status quo of getting our asses kicked and kicked royally and all we do is get “honored and encouraged” to continue to calmly acquiesce to this shit! You’re pathetic!

All AmeriKKKans are good for is taking to Twitter to hashtag some bullshit, or sit up on Youtube with all the other apathetic and complacent motherfuckers and beg for money for talking shit because that’s all the fuck we do is talk, talk and talk. All I see is “put money in my patreon account, send money to my paypal account, gi me, gi me, gi me!” For what? You ain’t doing shit! I am so goddamn glad that in a mere few days, I am getting my tired ass up out of this chair and get the hell steppin. The only reason that I am leaving this blog up is so that some of you stupid, dumb as all hell, pathetic, lazy, apathetic and complacent motherfuckers can step on up in here and read about how pitiful you losers are. The French have gone the fuck off! The people in Hong Kong have gone the fuck off! People in Ecuador have gone the fuck off! People in Iraq are going the fuck off! People in Haiti are going the fuck off and the list goes on and yet, it is fucking business as usual in this worthless ass shithole. As long as AmeriKKKans don’t actually have to DO anything, we good! We kicked up not one goddamn fuss over mass surveillance, The Patriot Act, TSA in airports feeling us up and radiating us over some government bullshit! We said not one word knowing that soon, we’ll ALL need some national ID shit. We just piss and whine about it, but go along with the program. I just read that Amazon warehouse workers are dropping like flies after having heartaches on the warehouse floor and the employees are told to just keep working while a dead employee lies a mere few feet away and that is exactly what they do, keep packing those bins. THAT SAYS IT ALL…..PERIODT.

‘Go back to work’: outcry over deaths on Amazon’s warehouse floor

Billy Foister died last month after a heart attack at work. The incident was just one in a series of recent accidents and fatalities

In September, Billy Foister, a 48-year-old Amazon warehouse worker, died after a heart attack at work. According to his brother, an Amazon human resources representative informed him at the hospital that Billy had lain on the floor for 20 minutes before receiving treatment from Amazon’s internal safety responders.

“How can you not see a 6ft 3in man laying on the ground and not help him within 20 minutes? A couple of days before, he put the wrong product in the wrong bin and within two minutes management saw it on camera and came down to talk to him about it,” Edward Foister said.

That shit right there is WHAT we are! Not WHO we are, but WHAT we are because we don’t need no robots to come for our jobs, we have become ROBOTS. And so this next shit that Nancy Pelosi is amazed at does not even faze me when we don’t even bother with walking out of a facility where a dead man is lying in protest over his fucking death!

Even Nancy Pelosi said, “I Don’t Even Know Why There Aren’t Uprisings All Over The Country” Over Migrant Child Separation.

I don’t give a damn about that shit because those people chose to come to AmeriKKKa to deal with this shit and if they don’t like it, then they can just go the hell back to where they came! What about the fact of a homeless crisis that is of epic proportions? What about the fact of mass incarceration of American descendants of slaves that is also of epic proportions since many are saying that there are more descendants of slaves enslaved today than there were actual slaves dragged to this shithole? What about out-of-control income inequality? The school-to-prison pipeline? Horrific statistics that speak of a hunger crisis among school age children and the fact that many children go to school each day, hungry? What about the statistics that tell of a crisis of poverty stricken working people who cannot afford to eat and buy their medications? What about the ongoing crisis that is occurring with our senior citizens having to choose food over medicine? Why is there no uprising over police brutality and murder of unarmed people? Oh, that’s right! Most of them have been American descendants of slaves. Well RICHARD SANCHEZ was NOT Black. Let me see where the surname, Sanchez originates.

The prestigious surname Sanchez originated in Spain. The earliest forms of hereditary surnames in Spain were the patronymic surnames, which are derived from the father’s given name, and metronymic surnames, which are derived from the mother’s given name.

In other words, Richard Sanchez identified as white and look what it got him. DEAD! So, yeah! Come on over here from across the border claiming your ass is white and see how fast you make it onto a coroner’s slab because everyone over here is brain dead, stupid, drunk, high, ignorant, apathetic and complacent. We are ALL waiting on THE RAPTURE! Yeah! That’s what the fuck we’re ALL waiting on! Fuck this shit!!!

10 thoughts on “Another Cop Shot And Killed Another Unarmed Man. Cops Murder About A Thousand People A Year. How Is That Shit Acceptable??!!

  1. Shelby, this piece and the one you published before this one should hit so many Hispanics directly in the gut. The sad part is- even powerful works like this will have very little effect on them.

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    1. Kreb, the Hispanics, Latinos or whatever they want to be called are going to continue to shut the fuck up because they don’t want those Mayonnaise Monsters to look their way and check their papers. They are scared shitless that ICE is going to come after them. But these cottage cheese curd looking motherfuckers over here don’t give a damn about those Hispanics considering themselves to be white because when those Mayonnaise Monsters get around to laying their eyes on them, they are shot up or so-called placed in ‘detention centers’ and told to “drink out of the toilet.” Yeah! That’ll show them! Just like I said in this blog, every goddamn body is on some apathetic and complacent, “I don’t want Mayonnaise Monster Parasite Ass on MY back!”

      We got nothing to work with and we’ll never have anything to work with. Just look around at what the hell’s going on and what’s being done about it? Nothing! Those who can’t take the shit commit suicide while the rest of us just continue on as though nothing untoward is happening. I’m SO fucking tired of saying the same things over and over, I’m fucking outta here!

      Thanks for your comment.

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  2. I didn’t won’t to comment on this: “I am so goddamn glad that in a mere few days, I am getting my tired ass up out of this chair and get the hell steppin.” And I won’t. However, for whatever it’s worth, I just wan’t you to know that I support and respect your decision. I also know that whatever your platform, you will be changing the world for the better.

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    1. Believe me, I am not going to have another platform when I am done with this one in just a few days. I’m tired of screaming into a void. I am tired of seeing shit that does nothing but turn me beet fucking red in the goddamn face because most are nothing more than useless, mindless, pathetic drones. Once again, there is just absofuckinglutely NOTHING to work with and I am So done, stick a fork in me. I am done!

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      1. Fully understand. I should have been more clear when I mentioned “platform”. I actually mean just in your everyday life. Others will benefit by listening to you whatever the subject. Again, I do understand.

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      2. Oh, you’ll more than likely be hearing of one “lone wolf” who is kicking up a fuss and you’ll soon find out where I’ll be kicking up a fuss because kick up a fuss, I aim to do!

        Sorry for the mix up!

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  3. Communities of colour should know by now that you never call the overseer to your home because 9 times out of 10 a person of colour is gonna lose their life over petty bullshit and then the excuse as always i feared for my life. Truth be told i fear for my life anytime one of them racist fuck is around me and i haven’t nothing wrong. I got my first ass whippin from the pigs when i was 10 years and on a few occasions they have taken off their badge and gun stepped to me and all i can do is laugh cause it aint nothing but a test.I also caught my 1st assault & battery charge that day at 10 years old, Keep up the blaktastic works fam.

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    1. I don’t even know what to say, I am that damn furious over what has happened and, I am quite sure, is still happening to you based solely on the color of your skin. We did NOT ask to come to this godforsaken shithole! And yet, we are to be punished for something these debased mayonnaise monsters put into play hundreds of years ago and to this very day, we are still THE most hated of ALL groups and for what? Not a goddamn thing we did! I sometimes wish that we were just as depraved, blood thirsty, savage, debased and beyond redemption as whites are! But no, that’s not who we are!

      What we are doing is NOT living. We are existing in the white man’s MAN MADE HELL! Everything is toxic, everything has been tainted by those flimsy fleshed creatures and all we do is keep taking the shit they dish out and, apparently, hope that the most monstrous megalomaniacs to ever slither among us is going to get hit with an epiphany and change. That shit’s NOT going to happen, but AGAIN, apparently, everyone is waiting around for that shit to happen. I’m not. I’m done.

      I thank you for your comment.

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