This Is How Whites Treat Their Family Members Who Are BROKE Seniors

Check the photos, whites, and see if any of YOUR broke senior relatives were left stranded in a California housing complex that housed seniors/disabled people who were left to hang out to dry since the power company(Pacific Gas and Electric), shut off the power in what they say are their attempts to stop the wildfires in California that are even now, still raging.

Does this person look familiar to any of you whites out there? Isn’t she someone’s grandmother? Mother? Daughter? Sister? Niece? Great grandmother? You don’t care about her? Obviously not?

The woman in the above photo tripped over another resident in the hallway and to this day, she still doesn’t know who she tripped over and subsequently hurt her knee. And Black folks are sitting somewhere thinking that whites will ever get up off fucking our Black asses up when they don’t even give a shit for their own elderly relatives.

What about this next woman? Any of you whites out there recognize her?

And what about ANY of these? Do you recognize these folks as your family members? Oh, that’s right! They’re too POOR to be bothered with!

Disabled California seniors in complex left behind in outage

NOVATO, Calif. (AP) — One woman in her 80s tripped over another resident who had fallen on the landing in a steep stairwell. Others got disoriented, even in their own apartments, and cried out for help.

At least 20 seniors with wheelchairs and walkers were essentially trapped, in the dark, in a low-income apartment complex in Northern California during a two-day power shut-off aimed at warding off wildfires.

Residents of the Villas at Hamilton in Novato, north of San Francisco, say they were without guidance from their property management company or the utility behind the blackout as they faced pitch-black stairwells and hallways and elevators that shut down.

Where were the families of these people who were trapped in this building when the power was shut off? You can’t get more vulnerable than 80 and in a wheelchair or pushing a walker while living in a senior/disabled low-income apartment complex. Oh I bet I know what the families of these white seniors were doing while their elderly relatives were falling all over the place in confusion in a dark low-income apartment complex, they were busy rescuing FIDO because FIDO and FLUFFY mean more to them than their own damn grandma or great grandma, sister, niece, mother; all of the aforementioned.

This shows you up for the shameless shits you really are, WHITES. You don’t even give a damn about your own elderly, feeble relatives, but you make damn sure that your dogs and cats are out of harm’s way along with your useless, worthless ass.

Not one Black person lives in that building; that is quite obvious and so this shit is not on us, this shit is on you, WHITES. You look worse and worse as each catastrophe comes down the goddamn pike and the shit that is going to go down is only going to make you look worse, but you don’t even care about that because if you did, your grandma would not be left to fend for herself during rolling blackouts especially seeing as how if you were trying to contact your elderly relative at this complex and you got no answer, then you would have known that the power was shutoff. So don’t even come up with the excuse that you had no fucking idea that grandma Becky was sitting somewhere in the damn dark, scared and some more shit. Don’t even bother trying to explain away why Aunt Sarah was tripping over some other poor elderly lady and busting her arthritic knee up while trying to make it down the hallway to find some answers as to when the power would come back on.

And people have the nerve to actually think that we have something to work with these days in that people just need a bit of nudging and that will wake them the fuck up when they don’t even care about their elderly, vulnerable family members who are left in a low-income housing complex with no electricity to fend for themselves and everyone in there is either in a wheelchair or pushing a walker around. The apartment complex management didn’t give a damn about them because they knew of the blackout and did not inform the residents that the lights would be shut off and that the elevator would stop working. How the hell were those in wheelchairs supposed to get out of that building if it too, caught on fire?

Those of you who thought we had something to “work with,” are you still of the opinion that we do after having looked at the picture  and read the content of this post? You seriously think that these worthless ass shits over here in Amerikkka, who couldn’t give two flying turds about their own family members are going to give a shit about someone with a deeper skin tone than their own? These worthless WHITE shits leave their own elderly, feeble and wheelchair bound relatives to fend for themselves during rolling blackouts and wildfires and so what does that say for WHITES? Not a goddamn thing good, that’s for damn sure!

You see, if you don’t have a dime to leave WHITES, then your ass is grass! If grandma Jane was in an upscale assisted living facility, the WHITES would have been all up in there making sure that grandma Jane saw them pretending to give a shit about her just so she didn’t change her will and leave them the fuck out of it, but since it is quite obvious that these elderly people had no money to bequeath their worthless white-assed relatives, they could just fucking die already. WHITES are only going to do something for someone if there is a potential benefit for them and poor assed elderly relatives can’t do shit for them since they’ve got not a pot to piss in nor a window  to throw it out. They’re just sitting somewhere sucking oxygen with nothing to show for it. Yeah! That’s how WHITES roll and they ALL fucking know this shit! And we wonder why the planet is in the condition it is in, look at what WHITES do and how they treat their own goddamn relatives and there’s your clue!

And newsflash, WHITES! Your shit is going to continue to burn, burn and burn because isn’t that what the fuck you did to the Black Wall Street and to the Black town, Rosewood and to MOVE in Philadelphia and don’t even get me started on the “Arkansas sharecropper massacre.” Oh, you’ve got much to atone for and you ain’t even begun to atone. Word is that California is soon going to be ‘unlivable.’ Like that’s news. This entire goddamn shithole is going to be ‘unlivable’ despite how many luxury buildings you throw up. As you can see, the fires are getting ever more closer to more densely populated areas like Los Angeles. I can’t wait to hear that downtown Los Angeles is up in flames. Hallelujah! That’d be a sight to see! All of those high rise, luxury condos and office buildings in smoldering ruins. Too goddamn bad the goats they brought in to chew the weeds near Ronald ‘turning on a spit in hell’ Raygun’s library did such an excellent job that it saved that worthless, racist piece of garbage’s library. No matter, there will be another wildfire season. WHITES bringing us ‘climate change’ has seen to that!





13 thoughts on “This Is How Whites Treat Their Family Members Who Are BROKE Seniors

  1. If you are American Descendant of Slaves and this quote from this piece don’t set in with you, then you deserve all the vile evil YT will rain down on you: “Those of you who thought we had something to “work with,” are you still of the opinion that we do after having looked at the picture and read the content of this post?” Masterpiece, Shelby!

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    1. I mean, seriously??!!! This tells IT.ALL.PERIODT. How the hell can those pasty-assed shits go on and on about how humanitarian they are and about how benevolent they are when they will leave their own wheelchair bound granny to die in a building with no lights and who, at any moment, could be the next in the line of wildfires? I put NOTHING past those useless, worthless, pasty-assed parasites because as you can see, if they don’t give a damn about the shit that spawned their ass, how the hell can anyone else expect those useless slugs to give a shit about them. Whites somewhere talking about how they can “Love,” when those deranged megalomaniacs refuse to even take care of their own elderly relatives because they are too poor to leave them even a tarnished brass fork. This shit’s outrageous!

      I am SO torn between unplugging myself from this shit or continuing to put this out there for ALL the world to see! I don’t want those worthless white-assed shits to get away with anything and I sure don’t have a goddamn problem exposing them for the selfish, self-serving, filthy pieces of shit they are! And folks are sitting somewhere thinking that these rejects from who the hell knows where got a fucking heart and can “love” them? Fucking seriously??!! Look up there at their own damn grandmas and the conditions they left them in and then come talk to me about how those debased shits love! For the love of !!!! I am just too through!

      Kreb, I thank you for that spot on comment.

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      1. Shelby, there was a time where you may remember where everything negative in our community was associated with white people. From not taking care of our elders, to not wanting to bathe, to showing to much skin, to talking back to adults, to “liking” your cousin too much, etc. When we did any of those things, someone would always say, “What, you trinna be white?”

        When your domicile were cold, isolated mountains for thousands of years where you had to learn to eat every scarce morsel of animal flesh in sight to survive, one tend to become quite barbaric. Every man for himself! It has not been as long as they would like us to believe that they’ve been removed from those mountains. In fact, the whole caveman thing explains and kind of justifies much of their behaviors just as coming from the land of plenty explains and justifies much of our behaviors.

        BTW, however you decide to expose lies and reveal truths, there’s no doubt you will succeed, sista!

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      2. Yep! Them being ‘cave dwellers’ would explain why they are such savage, cold, filthy beasts who’ve done nothing but dripped diseases to the world’s peoples. How is it that no other group had syphilis or any other sexually transmitted disease besides those ‘pale-assed cave dwellers’. That was not a question. No other group was somewhere itching, scratching and peeling off pus bumps from their genitals besides those scurvy mouthed parasites. Those debased, monstrous creatures gave everyone else their foul ass diseases and now want to screech and wail about some Ebola and shit in Africa. Nothing those Africans dealt with was anything like the shit those pasty-assed cave dwellers were dripping to all and sundry. The whites dripped AIDS and every damn thing else over to Africa in an attempt to annihilate them and those rejects from who the hell knows where are still at it to this very day; trying to destroy the true humans of this planet who didn’t crawl out of caves smelling like skunk mixed with pus, shit, diseased genitals and dog hair. No wonder many state that whites are part pig, part dog, part rat and part cat. They are ALL of that and so much worse.

        And you are so right, back in the day, if we did any of that shit, our elders would indeed, say that. They knew the score. Our problem is that we have such short memories and attention spans. We should have continued to listen to our elders because maybe if we had, we would be farther along than we are today. Because we are going backwards since we are following the worst shit to have ever crawled out of caves; the pasty-assed whites!

        Kreb, that comment was SPOT ON! I thank you for it!

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      3. No doubt, Shelby. Every “true” white HIStorian knows that what your saying is the absolute truth.

        I wish we would channel our ancestors so much more than we do today. So many of us are indeed following them down a rabbit hole outside of a cave that we will never have no idea how to navigate. Makes me mad as hell.

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  2. White-on-white conversations are all about pecking-order niceties, where every conversation consists of ticking off the checkbox qualities that whites guise as family values. The first checkbox ticked is RACE, it’s always pinned at the top of each checkbox-list, as a non-negotiable given.
    Ancestral history traced back to Europe. The land white forefathers stole to make destiny manifest from 13 original colonial states up to number 50, stolen from native Hawaiians…
    Do you own property?
    Did you attend the right schools?
    Did your children attend proper schools?
    Do you have an inheritance?
    Do you own stocks, bonds, and other instruments known as wealth-management systems?
    Do you live in the white part of town?
    Do you have a plan in place to get your parents out of your personal goals?
    Do you have an expansive network of well-positioned contacts?
    thousands and thousands more.
    Inbred evil passed on over millennia.

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    1. Where is their ‘HUMANITY’ Bill? Where the fuck is that? Because grandma could use some when she’s crying out in the dark for some assistance to the toilet in her pitch black, low-income apartment complex located in a state that’s on fire. And shall we ask the 85 people who died last year in the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA if they “still own property, attended the right schools, passed down an inheritance of stocks, bonds and other instruments known as wealth-management systems?” Shall we ask them if they were in the “white part of Paradise, CA” before it basically burned the fuck to the ground? Shall we ask them if they had a “plan in place to get their parents out of their personal goals,” and about “an expansive network of well-positioned contacts?” They can’t speak on that shit now because they’re burnt to a crisp. And so ALL of THAT shit is irrelevant to them at this moment.

      It is crystal clear what’s on the minds of whites and nothing could be clearer than that the plight of whites own family members is not on their minds. But whites want us ALL to understand that they are humanitarian and benevolent. Uh..huh, yeah, right. Hell if I’m buying that bullshit! The only reason people have a plight is because of some fucked up shit the whites have done to them, including their own damn elderly, penniless relatives.

      Like I stated in this post, if grandma ain’t fucking rich with that ‘portfolio’ you were hinting at, then whites ain’t gone give a shit about grandma. Grandma is on her damn own and she had better recognize and act accordingly. FIDO will get saved first as well as FIFI and FLUFFY. But broke assed grandma? Not so goddamn fast!

      That’s the only thing that makes whites tick; assets, assets and assets. But the thing is see, that shit don’t even make whites happy for if it did, what need have they to continue to make the lives of innocent people, miserable as hell? With all of those stocks and bonds and other INHERITED WEALTH, you’d think they’d be happy as pigs in slop. But no fucking doing. They are still somewhere hell bent on sending a bomb up some poor schmuck’s ass and steal what’s theirs. Whites have destroyed this entire planet thanks to their rabid greed, hatred and parasitic ways! No other group and I do mean, NO OTHER group has EVER been more destructive than whites and I dare anyone to name another group that is more blood thirsty, depraved, vile, demonic, savage, debased and evil than whites! Name one!

      Bill, I thank you as well for your spot on comment. As you can see, I went off AGAIN! Why I have not been a victim of spontaneous combustion, AGAIN, is a complete and utter mystery to me.

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      1. Here is how I would summarize the catastrophe:
        Greco-Roman heritage is the name given to one of the monotheistic religions (Abrahamic) that took advantage of existing infrastructure and institutions to set up governing authorities at the former capital city by Peter (who had never convincingly ever been to Rome and Paul (actual creator). The descendants of the Rome sackers opened the doors to Northern Europe and brought Paul’s words with them. Paul’s words went beyond Harian’s Wall, the empires that derived from that mix took advantage of imagined grace from God to sack, plunder and conquer as ordained by their Book. Missionaries followed in the wake of each conquering juggernaut based in Europe to share the word by “saving” them from deeply rooted cultures that formed a tapestry on each of the continents the Europeans by killing each taproot. Europe then imposed borders to imprison differing cultures that once controlled their own borders and their own fate.
        American Descendants of Slavery are the only ones who have been the victims of absolutely all the follies, all the crimes committed in the name of a god whose name gets written into the histories of European imperial hegemony — written by the criminals, for the criminals to this day. Today is celebrated by many converts to thank all the saints who contributed to cutting indigenous cultures at each of their taproots. Western Civilization is a plundering system writ large to justify holy white supremacy in perpetuity.

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      2. Bill, it is almost poetic that this comment appears on the very day the movie “Harriet” is due to hit movie theaters everywhere. And it is my understanding that American descendants of slaves are already pissed the fuck off about this movie because previews and pre-releases abound. I would no more go see that work of fiction about a REAL slave than I would go skydiving. Whites continuously put forth totally false, fake ass shit about OUR heritage and we are expected to pay them for the dubious ‘pleasure’ for them doing so. They can keep that garbage and shove it up their pale wide open assholes. I am having none of it. And any ADOS who goes and sits up and watches that fake ass fiasco is stupid and dumb as hell. I don’t want to see some shit about “I just went to see it because I wanted to review it.” Everybody knows that ain’t a goddamn thing about that fucked up movie true besides the name “Harriet.” No one alive today has any idea of any conversation that took place between Harriet Tubman and any damn body she met and it is my understanding that the movie portrays “Harriet” as being LOVED by the filthy diseased riddled white bastard that owned her. There was no love going down between slave and slave owner. They are doing to Harriet Tubman exactly what they did to Sally Hemings with that Thomas Jefferson ‘love’ bullshit! I am fed up with this shit!

        And you are so right, they intend this shit to go on into ‘perpetuity’ and with each piece of racist flotsam that comes down the pike, they reinforce that white supremacy shit and try and mask it as OUR story. I am about to burst into flames and so I’ve got to stop here!

        I thank you for your comment.

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      3. Thank you for the helpful comments, Shelby. I am looking to expand my explanation for the catastrophe that white supremacism has left in its scorched Earth system of domination in ‘perpetuity.’ Thought I would get your remarks on my theory — and also to include some of the points you have just made on Harriet Tubman et al. And there are not many writers who would risk spontaneous human combustion. 🙂

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      4. Bill, many Black people are almost ready to risk spontaneous human combustion. I was watching a video on someone’s take on the movie, “Harriet,” and they are just as enraged as I am that white supremacy continues to tell OUR stories while trying to make themselves look good and folks who were dragged here, look bad. For instance, according to the person in the video, in the movie, “Harriet,” once again the WHITE supremacist who enslaves Black folks is supposed to be “in love” with a slave and in the end, when she has a chance to shoot his ass stone cold dead, she just turns away and rides off into the sunset, leaving him alive and well and very able to rape, lash, mutilate and murder many more who look like her. There is a BLACK bounty hunter in the movie that is said to be chasing after “Harriet” who murders a woman who has taught “Harriet” how to live as a free Black woman. This is a made-up story line that is beyond ridiculous! And again I state, I would no more go and sit somewhere and watch this mess than I would place my hand on a red hot stove burner and anyone who is paying one thin dime to see this fucking shit be placed on psych meds because they are damned crazy.

        The shit just never stops! And what’s worse, Black women are the number one folks who went to see this fucking bullshit go down. What the fuck is wrong with us??!!! I am at a total loss to explain it and thus far, everyone is also scratching their heads over this shit! For the love of !!!!

        There I go again, about to combust. Bill, again, I thank you for your comment.


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