Youtubers Are Going Crazy Over New Youtube Rules Coming Out In 2020 Thanks To A Hefty FTC Fine Against Google/Youtube

Apparently, there was some sort of law on the books, COPPA, that was being ignored by Google, the owner of Youtube.

Google to pay $170 million for violating kids’ privacy on YouTube

Google will pay a record $170 million fine to settle a lawsuit filed by federal and state authorities that charged the internet giant with violating children’s privacy on YouTube, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said Wednesday.

The settlement requires Google and YouTube to pay $136 million to the FTC and $34 million to New York state for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, by collecting personal information from children without their parents’ consent.

Kid influencers: Companies make millions while laws protecting children fail to keep up
Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids puts kids at risk, complaint alleges
New program teaches kids how to protect their privacy online

The FTC and the New York attorney general alleged in a complaint that YouTube gathered children’s personal information by using “cookies,” or personal identifiers, that track users online. According to the suit, YouTube earned millions of dollars by using the information to deliver targeted ads to kids.

Also, it has been stated that the FTC will also fine individual Youtubers for each and every single video that they post that is in violation of COPPA, over $42,000. Ouch!

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have taken to Youtube to earn a living. If anyone can remember, I posted a blog about multiple Youtubers making videos of themselves eating copious amounts of food for a living and they also encouraged their children to participate. I wonder what is going to happen to those content creators. But I do know one thing, there are many Youtubers whose panties are in a bunch thanks to the fact that Google completely ignored COPPA for years and now that the FTC has caught up with them thanks in part to child advocacy groups, the fur is about to fly starting in January 2020 as the new rules will apply.

People, seriously! Did you honestly think that the gravy train was going to never come to a halt? People had been asking me to start a Youtube channel and speak about the issues on a Youtube channel that I have blogged about. Well, I knew better and that is why I never even thought to start a Youtube channel because I don’t live in the moment. I’m a space woman. I see waaaaaay down the goddamn road and I saw this shit coming. Hell! If people weren’t so dumbed down and stupid, it was right there in front of us all, but because most of us have our heads down, staring at a smartphone and most likely watching a Youtube video, they couldn’t see the forest or the trees.

How could ANY of you think that this technology that we have been encouraged to embrace would be for our benefit? Would better our lives? People have been encouraged not to greater heights of achievements in helping humanity, but have been encouraged to act like jackasses, fools, gluttons, game idiots and assholes. And if anyone says that thanks to Youtube, videos surfaced showcasing outright murders of American descendants of slaves has helped American descendants of slaves, then how so? Because even with video evidence of Eric Garner getting the life choked out of him, what was the outcome of that? Nothing. What happened with evidence of Mike Brown lying in the streets like a dog for hours with not even a sheet to cover him after having been shot dead by a KKKop? Nothing. What happened after video evidence of multiple whites calling the KKKops on American descendants of slaves for barbecuing, selling bottled water, swimming in a pool, doing their job of checking homes for fire code violations, sitting inside a Starbucks and the list is endless? Video evidence of this shit does not matter. It never will. Whites know what the hell they do to us and them seeing video proof of other whites doing the same thing, does not a damn thing. It has changed NOTHING. So who the fuck needs Youtube? Yes, people were making their little coins on Youtube, but as we ALL know, nothing stays the same. The only thing constant is change, so have a backup plan for the backup plan or we’re screwed. And though many of us are trying to ignore the fact, the vast majority of us are indeed, screwed.

I have not been blogging because, once again, I have gone all across America trying to find some other place to live and I am right back, once again, at square one. The shit I’ve seen would curl your toes. I even spent a night in a homeless shelter to see if my suspicions about those shelters was still on point and, yes indeed, they are.

I was in Minnesota and spent a night at The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center
1010 Currie Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 767-3100

This is what I was supposed to read and I pretended to not understand and so I was given this paper by Salvation Army staff.

This is the back of that.

All ‘guests’ must sign this form.

And if you go to the link, it sounds like the homeless hit pay dirt. Not so fast. The website states that there is a hot meal served. Nope. There was no hot meal served. The site states that this is a place to “begin the healing process.” Nope! When I saw the prison like cot that was supposed to be my bed for the night, I balked. I’m like, “Where is the disinfectant?” None was available. The ‘mattress’ was not even an inch thick. It was clearly older than the ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ and underneath it was steel. I gingerly sat down on the thing and my legs started screaming because the steel edges of that thing was biting into my legs. I had to get up and sit in my walker. I sat like that for hours until I was so tired, I decided to try and lie down on that ‘thing’. When I tell you that my body hurt everywhere from being on something so hard, it should have been illegal, I am SO fucking not kidding. By the time, I struggled to get up, the cops were coming in the room, bringing in a homeless woman who had been riding the light rail. And in the room, there was four bunk ‘beds’ and so eight people to a room. I saw young and old, Black and white and one Hispanic. I smelled odors that I’d never smelled before. I cannot post pictures because I don’t want the nice ladies who were in my room to be ogled over, but I am telling you if you don’t believe me, I dare you to go, undercover, into one of those so-called ‘christian’ otherwise known as faith-based homeless shelters and tell me that what you found was so very different and better than what I found. The next morning, my cousin came to get me and he burst out laughing because he said that never had he seen bags like those underneath my eyes. He said the bags underneath my eyes were touching my toes. I told him that the women in the shelter told me that clearly I was not cut out for living like that and wondered what I was going to do. I then came clean to them and told them that I had a home, but I couldn’t stand where I was living and was trying to see if I could tough things out and live rough if I had to. They told me to get on the fastest thing smoking back to where I came from and that is exactly what I did. I traded my apartment for a hotel room and then traded my hotel room for a homeless shelter and I am telling you that I now have much more of an appreciation for those who can live rough because I’m telling you, it ain’t easy. It ain’t easy at all.

One Black lady told me that she had been in that homeless shelter for a year. I was stunned, STUNNED, I say because I could not make it to night two. She told me that she thought that she was finally going to get an apartment because a social worker had taken her to view an apartment the day before. I told her how happy I was for her and that I sincerely hope that she gets out of there. The next morning, on the loudspeaker, we were told to start packing up to leave at 8:55a.m. I saw multiple women with walkers slowing heading down the hall towards the elevator. Also, one had a leg that was obviously mutilated and it was curved outward and she was struggling to walk. I could not believe that they were putting her out of the shelter for the day to walk around like that. But the other ladies in the same room as myself had told me that it matters not what condition you are in, you are put out. And that the only way that you can stay is to get a slot on the fourth floor. We were on the 3rd floor.

The fourth floor is for those who have an income and who don’t have a problem when the Salvation Army takes 30% of their income and in exchange for really, no better conditions. The women just get to come and go as they please until curfew which I believe is at 8:00pm. They get three meals a day, but they are still sleeping eight to a room on a cot with the same type of ‘mattress’ that I had and they must also use communal bathrooms. There was one bathroom for one entire hallway and I lost count of the rooms along that hallway. There were two showers inside the bathroom with just a filthy curtain over the opening of each. One woman was washing her clothing in one of the sinks even though there were two washers and two dryers in a different area. She had no money to spend on the washers and dryers. The next time you want to put some money into those red kettles outside of Walmart and grocery stores and department stores, re-read this blog because that money is not going into helping the homeless. But don’t take my word for it. Go to one of those Salvation Army homeless shelters in a town near you, that’ll make a believer out of you!

Those places are foul as hell and are worse than prisons. And it’s not just drug addicts and drunks who are homeless. I spoke with a woman who had retired from the Minnesota school system, had a pension and was receiving Social Security and she was still homeless because senior communities claim that she was making $400 over what she could to get housed. Of course she was an American descendant of slaves and so that explains the TRUE and REAL reason why she was sitting all up in a homeless shelter. Whites will make up any excuse to keep American descendants of slaves out on the streets. That poor woman was actually saving up money so that she could afford a hotel room for a week over the holidays so that she could finally have a bathroom to herself and a decent bed. When I left that homeless shelter, I felt two inches tall because I had not been thankful for the fact that though I hate where I live, I had a home to go to and a bed that was not like that in the homeless shelter which was worse than what you’d find inside a prison hell.

And so while those who have been playing games and eating like there was no tomorrow on Youtube for a living and who are now screeching and wailing that the shit’s about to come to an abrupt end, there are people who have already bottomed out and so if you are about to bottom out when Youtube and the FTC demonitizes your channels and close you down, it will be your own fault because you refused to look up to see where you were headed, into homelessness and foul ass so-called ‘faith based’ homeless shelters. The future is now. The future is dark. And we are all fucked!

I don’t think this guy would make it in a homeless shelter. He looks too soft by far. But there he is bemoaning the fact that Youtube is on its way out and Youtube is his source of income.

And here are more who are going to be impacted.

I’d love to know what these ‘professional mukbangers’ are going to do when Youtube becomes defunct.

There are bunches of them.

Youtubers, you have until January 2020 to figure it out! That’s not that far away. Enjoy the holidays!

11 thoughts on “Youtubers Are Going Crazy Over New Youtube Rules Coming Out In 2020 Thanks To A Hefty FTC Fine Against Google/Youtube

    1. Thank you TheStormyPoet. I am working on another piece right now. I am going to try my best to keep us Black folk as informed as possible about what we are up against and the shit ain’t fucking pretty. It is horrific and that is why I included in this blog, the situation as it pertains to homelessness as well as what is going down with Youtube because there are hundreds of thousands of Black people on Youtube who have made a living off making Youtube videos and what they are facing when their channels get demonitized is what I have depicted when I was inside one of those so-called ‘faith-based’ charities homeless hells. I wouldn’t send a pet pig into that nasty, filthy, dirty homeless shelter run by the Salvation Army. And the way they treat those people in there is exactly what you would expect from those heathen, hypocritical, fake ass christian shits. Was I appalled? Hell naw! Because I know ALL about the Salvation Army and the other ‘charities’ just like them. They’re for shit! But they’ll be ALL over TV screens, screeching and howling that “Tis the season to help the homeless and so throw money into those red kettles!” Make them show you just what the fuck they do with that money and newsfuckingflash, it ain’t helping the homeless, that’s for damn sure!

      T.S.P., I thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sister, I’m looking forward to reading your analyzation and to sharing it with the people.

        Admittedly, I, myself, didn’t even know about COPPA, as much as I stay on top of things,so I appreciate you lacing me with the wisdom.

        Much Respect,

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Like I stated in this blog, I’m a ‘space woman’, I look waaaaay into the future. It’s what I do or as the slang says, “what it do,” I think. LOL! I’m too old to know much slang, but I am glad that I could be of assistance to you. I try to keep folks in the loop as soon as I find out things. That is another reason why I am always traveling. I’ll be in Baltimore next month and I am sure that I’ll have some more ‘revelations’ to let loose on. GEEZUS! The shit never stops getting flung at us!


  1. “Hell! If people weren’t so dumbed down and stupid, it was right there in front of us all, but because most of us have our heads down, staring at a smartphone and most likely watching a Youtube video, they couldn’t see the forest or the trees.”

    Speak that truth, sister. I wish I could like this post a hundred times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You did me a BIG one when you re-blogged this! I cannot thank you enough! You know that I am ALL about informing people of things that others don’t want them to know or keep them too busy viewing bullshit to know what’s coming down the damn pike. If people are focused on the bouncing, hypnotizing ball, then they don’t see how fucked they’re soon going to be. That’s what the hell’s going down, but I’m trying my damn best to awaken the sheeple. Is it doing any good? That’s anyone’s guess.

      Thanks again T.S.P!


  2. I’ve certainly seen the YouTubers freaking out about this as hard as the Adpocalypse.

    The Salvation Army shelter was that bad? Wow, shame on them! At least I won’t be donating to that excuse of a charity knowing that now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Youtubers are getting attorneys and apparently, the attorneys aren’t telling them anything good. You’d think it was the apocalypse as far as Youtubers are concerned. The fact is, many earn a living from creating content on Youtube and Youtube, lately, has been trying to find ways to demonitize the channels. Well, they hit pay dirt. Youtube knew that it was breaking the law and they continued to do it because they could take a $170 million dollar fine, but what content creators can take a $42,00 fine per video and still make money? Not any, would be my guess.

      I believe that this is just another attempt to keep people from speaking the truth. It is another way to keep Hollywood relevant because dissent is to be kept in check and Youtubers were becoming more popular than that mess in Hollywood and some have made millions and actually own mansions. So a halt had to put to THAT shit! Also, people are beginning to wake up. The ‘elites’ can’t have that happening and so find a way to shut people up and from spreading the truth to counter mainstream media’s lies. There is always an agenda to EVERYTHING!

      As for the homeless shelter being THAT bad, it was even worse than what I described. I just wish I could post pictures, but people are in each one and I don’t want them to be judged. They’re having a hard enough time as it is. But I must say, I stopped giving to so-called ‘charities’ eons ago for this very reason. They are not helping in the truest sense of the word. People in those shelters are treated worse than animals in slaughterhouses and I am so NOT joking. This is why many homeless would rather sleep outside than go inside one of those shelter hells. And the staff in those places are THE worse. That so-called “faith-based” shit ain’t about shit! That’s why I hate these fake ass ‘christian’ shits. What they do to the homeless is unspeakable!

      Also, I want to thank you for your comment on that “Happy Birthday” post to my mother, I didn’t respond because I wrote that and wanted to move on from it because I just get mad if I have to go back to it because just as you say, NO ONE deserves that treatment; that abuse. And it haunts me to this day. I just didn’t want you to think that I had ignored your comment. I only posted that blog because what I said needed to be said, I needed to get it out so that I could move on. But I do appreciate your comment Ospreyshire. And thank you for this one as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That doesn’t surprise me at all with the legal aspects. So many giant companies get away with anything. Google and YouTube can afford that loss. It’s a drop in the bucket to them if you really think about it.

        Yeah, and it’s insane how rich some top YouTubers can be. I work multiple jobs and don’t make as much as the top tier “Elebrities” or whatever you call them these days. I find that agenda believable. I certainly get a bunch of my news from independent sources who are reporting for the right reasons, and they’re getting punished for it (not that they haven’t in the past).

        I certainly don’t blame you for avoiding so many charities. I’ve been learning that so many of them aren’t what they seem or get tied to bigger questionable organizations. For me, it’s getting harder to vet which ones are good or bad. I do agree with the faith based ones being some of the worst if not the worst around.

        No problem, and I totally understand about the other comment. I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on your blog, but I wanted you to know that I still check out your posts whenever I have time to. Thanks, Shelby.


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