As An American Descendant Of Slaves, I Cannot Even Get My White Quack To Write Out A Prescription For Me A New Walker

Some of you may already know that I was in a horrific car accident on May 14, 2014 and since then, I have needed to get around via a walker due to my many injuries. The accident was a four car pileup on a highway in Minnesota and some of us had to be extricated from our vehicles via ‘The Jaws of Life’.  While I was in Minnesota, I never had one problem getting a new walker when the old one fell apart. Fast forward to today and I cannot get a new walker despite having asked my white quack about it, multiple times. And he has seen with his very own eyes, the condition of my rollator otherwise known as a walker and has refused to write out a prescription for me a new one.

Also as many of you may know, I reside in Lynchburg, Virginia and since returning to this racist shithole, I have encountered nothing but problems and this is the latest in the long line of problems thanks to blatant and unapologetic racists who still view us Black folks as slaves.

For months now, every single time I go in to see the quack, I have told him to look at my walker, it is busted! The wheel covering is falling off one wheel and the other wheel coverings are starting to peel. The brakes no longer work and the handle grips have long since come off. In fact, I had to go and buy bicycle handle bar grips and put them on my walker and yet when I see whites heading into that quack’s office, they are pushing brand new walkers while I’m sitting there pushing something that belongs in a dumpster. I even called my insurance company and was told that the only thing that quack needs to do is to send in the order for a new walker for me to the medical supply store that is approved by them and they would pay for it. He has refused and so I called them two weeks ago and asked them what will it take to get me a new walker? An act of congress? I then called my insurance company, AGAIN and told them the situation. They told me to call the doctor’s office AGAIN and find out what the hold up was. I decided to call the medical supply store that the insurance company suggested the doctor call to find out if anyone from that quack’s office had called them. No one had.

I called back to my quack’s office and that is when they claimed that they would put me on hold and contact the medical supply store. I was then told by the personnel at my quack’s office that the order was put through. I then contacted the medical supply store and was told that not only had the personnel at my quack’s office not given them my telephone number, they had also not given them my address. But not only that, the medical supply store that my insurance company gave me is “out of service area.” This was told to me AFTER I gave them my address. This is ridiculous. As of now, I am still trying to get around via a walker that, well… I’ll let the pictures speak for me.

So, that quack means to tell me that he can’t see this shit??!! I have pointed it out to him, numerous times! No one should have to go around with this looking like this!

And look at this one!

This is the bicycle handle bar that I had to buy to put on my walker because the original grips have long since come off.

This is what the handle looks like when the bicycle grip slides off, which it frequently does and makes travel difficult because every single time I go somewhere, one of these is missing and I have to buy another set.

How am I supposed to grasp my walker and safely walk with the grips gone?

Unfortunately, I cannot show you that the brakes don’t work, but take my word for it, the brakes don’t work and I have fallen down while trying to be seated because the walker has slid backwards and I fell on my behind. But who the hell cares? Certainly not these  racist whites down here in this fucking hellhole where the first slaves were dragged ashore! This is why I get as much of my healthcare done in another state because if I cannot even get a walker that I sorely need, can you imagine what sort of health ‘care’ I’d get if I allowed these racist quacks free rein with my health care? You should see what the majority of these Black folks look like down here and believe me, they are not looking like death warmed over by accident. And then people have the nerve to wonder why I tried to survive in a homeless shelter in order to escape from this racist shithole that is ground zero for racism, white supremacy and experimentation on American descendants of slaves. I will continue to try and get the hell out of here and it will probably kill me, but I refuse to sit here and take this shit and fucking like it!

We fucking did NOT ask to be in this shithole and the reason we are here is NOT on us, goddamn it!

Here is a picture and online statement of the quack that refuses to see to it that one of his PATIENTS receives the medical supplies she needs.

If he needed a walker, do you think it would look like mine. That was NOT a question. Black folks, we need Black doctors and yet when I requested a Black female doctor, it was denied. Shauntell P. Kline is a FNP and she is Black and I requested her since she works out of the same practice as this white quack. At first they said that I could start seeing her and then 20 minutes later, I received a call and they said that I could not see her. No explanation was given. This is the shit that is going on in this racist shithole and these Blacks down here are scared of these racist shits to the point where they go along with the shit or face firings and evictions. I am the ONLY one who is fighting back against these sorry ass racist assholes! What the hell is wrong with Black people??!!! And that IS a question!


And in case anyone has trouble reading his bio, he is located at:

Central Virginia Family Physicians, a Privia Group

2019 Tate Springs Road in Lynchburg, Virginia 24501

Telephone number: 434-846-7374

And he claims to:

“I partner with my patients and work with them to develop an individualized treatment plan based on their specific needs. My focus is patient-first, and my goal is always optimal health for my patients. I believe trust and honesty are key elements in the patient-physician relationship, and I work closely with my patients to keep them well.”

Lies! All lies! And those pictures of MY walker is proof that the above statement is a vicious pack of filthy racist lies! Don’t believe me? Take another look at my walker pictures!

How is that for a” focus is patient-first, and my goal is always optimal health for my patients?” Fucking seriously???!!!

How am I supposed to grasp my walker and safely walk with the grips gone?

How is that a “focus is patient-first, and my goal is always optimal health for my patients?”

John Williams “focus is patient-first and [his] goal is always optimal health for [his] patients who are WHITE! Black-assed patients like me? Fugitaboutit!

Black folks, we seriously need to come up off the needing to be entertained at the movies, we need to come up off the fake ass nails, fake ass hair, fake ass everything because these racist shits ain’t fucking playing with us and while we are playing around, we are getting fucked up and many of us act like weak, scared, punk ass bitches. What the fuck happened to make us so damn compliant and pliable when it comes to white supremacy and racism? We have NOTHING to lose and so why do we act as though we have everything to lose when we remain silent in the face of ALL the racist shit that’s flung our way??!! Look around you at the state of Black Amerikkkka! I can’t get it ALL done by my lonesome and gawd knows, I’m trying. What I want to know is where the hell are my true Black Panther warriors??!! Are they all dead, incarcerated or in exile and now there is nothing to work with??!!! What the hell??!!! I am a Black woman and yet, I don’t see ANY Black men doing a goddamn thing about ANY of the shit that we are facing! What.The.Fuck.


11 thoughts on “As An American Descendant Of Slaves, I Cannot Even Get My White Quack To Write Out A Prescription For Me A New Walker

  1. I would estimate that racism among physicians is at least as prevalent if not more prevalent. John Williams gets very positive reviews online. A wink and a nod to systemic white supremacism lead to thumbs up for its practitioners. Clinical studies already show an astonishing ignorance in the medical research community where thousands of studies over the centuries continue to be based on white male population statistics.
    Misogyny is rampant, misogyny aimed at Blacks is very simply far worse. Add strong women to that equation and, as you report, it’s off the charts. It’s also unforgivable, unprofessional, and RACIST.

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    1. Thank you Bill. You have said, a mouthful. As you can see, I don’t just spout off at the mouth. I back up what I say with verifiable, undeniable proof and it is usually in pictures. You have no idea how tiring it is to be in my position; to be in “fight” mode ALL.The.Damn.Time.

      I intend to continue to put the shit that these racists are up to, front and center. I will continue to expose the vicious racists that they are despite what online reviews say to the contrary. And we should ALL know who is posting those rave reviews; those who are strutting through the doors pushing brand, spanking new walkers that have been prescribed by that vicious racist piece of garbage that is denying me the same because I am not pasty-assed.

      As you can see, the gloves are off. I don’t give a damn anymore. I’m NOT for being politically correct. I am not one for shucking and jiving and damn it if I will pretend to be a ‘mammy’, a coon or a sell-out just so that whitey pasty ass doesn’t look in my direction and give me a harder time than he already has. My life has been nothing but shitty from the gitgo and so what the fuck have I got to lose? Not a goddamn thing! Whitey parasite ass has seen to that!

      Those meaningless words on a review site mean nothing next to what I experience from these white quacks who certainly don’t have MY best interests in mind; not damn it at all. And then people wonder why American descendants of slaves are loath to go to white doctors; it’s because of the history of this shithole and that history is NOT history since the same shit that went down so long ago, is still going down today. We are still being fucked up by whites. Some Black people would rather drop dead in their homes than be attended by white doctors, and they have.

      I’ve got to stop here or I’ll turn this comment into a blog, but I sincerely appreciate your comment Bill. It was SO very true, and on point, as always!

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      1. Shelby, this is Lisa,Bill’s partner. I don’t have the very real stacked deck a poor, black female has. I acknowledge the absolute assault w/o any retribution against your race. I live in a state that was decimated by a ruthless republican governor who was happily unseated this month. The first act against the poor on assistance with Medicaid Waiver was to file denials of all claims and program participation of anyone in it. They are such a huge cockup of it that they had to drop their cases and restore current users. If you are on disability like me, I suggest you read online info on the state site about requirements. There are hoops that must be hopped to keep your participation at peak efficiency. Meet it, even if you. Even if you need to emphasize or diminish certain aspects of your case. You were homeless recently and that is probably the default info on your case file within the state services hub. It is inefficient and unfair but I am Almost certain this is why your disconnect in med equipment continues. Log into the online portal for your program. Make all corrections to your personal information. I don’t know if you voice your racial assault truth to the Dr.s and staff members but it would serve your cause to keep that out of the communication process until you are ready to file a human rights complaint with evidence that can’t be answered by anything such as the disconnect in state personal statistics.Have you applied forMedicad waiver? You are more than eligible and if you are settled in your residency, this will not be denied you due to race, I consider with deep sadness the fate of those most vulnerable among us who do not have the experience or intellectual and mental constitution to self advocate. I have been dealing with these things since the late 90s for disability and since 2004 with durable medical equipment and caregiver assistance. With all my savvy, I lost half of my monthly income due to the caprice of a local director of housing who ultimately made the personal decision that my reasons for my legal status. Were dubious even though court documents supported my claim. The jeopardy of that escalation in my battle was not worth going to open court and having to retain legal representation. I moved on and ende up being better off w/o the assistance from that resource, allow g me recourse in other areas of support. I am blessed with the assisted living options I do have. I am completely disabled and now have cancer. Unless than a month I face a grueling and perilous surgery with a team of three at UK to remove the cancer and repair complications that have my vital organs en esned in the animal donor tissue that holds my torso together. Still, I am lucky because through all this, I have learned the ropes of an navigating the aid available for our situations in health and welfare. Please don’t despair and let anger interrupt your ability to manage your personal support system. You are your best advocate but you must make certain why your aid is not working before deciding your doctor is actually racially denying you fair treatment. This will bring about the loss of continuity in care that interrupts your access to services. The wheels of administration are slow and will hit any rock on the road to smooth care management. Ex: my brother is a schizophrenic who has fallen prey to three strikes prison confinement for felonies such as shoplifting, terroistic threats by panhandling and defending himself against all the threats of living on the streets. They switch him from lock up to lock up and it takes up to three months for him to exist in his new location on paper, During that time no assistance for commissary clark elliott reach him. I is merely belie e this is what is happening to you. Homelessness removes you from residence based requirements to receive your benefits. Manage the system instead of raging against the machine that has no soul. Good luck and keep trying. No matter what society seems to be saying, you are valuable, wanted and worth it. Lisa


      2. Lisa, I appreciate your comment and I am so very sorry to learn of that dreaded diagnosis, but your situation is not mine. I am not on Medicaid. I don’t even qualify for Medicaid, nor do I qualify for personal care attendants. My problem is where I am located; in Lynchburg, VA. If I were almost ANYWHERE else, I would NOT be having this problem. I was born here and so I know what this racist shithole is all about. I have been leaving this shithole my entire life and I shall continue to try and get the hell up out of here. My problem is that when I left and went to another state, before we could establish residency there, my cousin needed to get an injection and it would have been three months before he could have been seen to get the injection he needs due to referrals, etc. If you have read my blog, then you know that he is also seriously mentally ill. I had forgotten that he needed that injection until he told me and that is why we had to come back down here to this shithole. If I had been able to stay in Minnesota, I would have me a new walker by now. Like I stated in this blog, NEVER before have I EVER had a problem getting medical supplies until I came back to this hole. And I re-state, I will find a way to get the hell out of here even if it kills me, but being here is the problem. I don’t give a damn about the system or the wheels of administration turning slowly. What I give a damn about is the fact that only here have I ever received the shit that I have been receiving ever since I came back to ground fucking zero for racism, white supremacy and every piece of foul ass shit that goes with it.

        Once again, I was born here and so I know what I am up against here. It has nothing whatsoever to do with administrative shit and everything to do with where I am and what that means. Those people in the medical field in Minnesota had already lined me up with every doctor that I needed to see and like I’ve already stated, I would have had my walker if I had been able to stay. One thing about me, I am persistent and this is only a setback, but I am not going to just roll over and accept that I cannot get out of here. I will continue to leave until it sticks and I never have to come back here! This may be where I was born, but damn it if I want to die here!

        And, AGAIN, the problem is these racist shits here. I don’t give a damn about what the reviews say about this fucking quack. I don’t give a damn if I get a letter telling me never to come back to that office again. They’d be doing me a fucking big ass favor! But I am not going to go out like some meek little lamb, afraid to state the goddamn truth. If you are not in my shoes, then you cannot relate. I have been a fighter ALL my life and I’m not about to quit now, not for anyone or anything and if whites don’t like it, they can kiss my ass; doctors, administrators and all!

        Thank you for your comment.


  2. This is so sad. But it doesn’t make me sad, it makes me mad. Shelby, much of our problems and weaknesses are directly related to how we channel our emotions. It is why I’m mad at your situation versus being sad. We need to stop being so “sad” and “scared” about shit and get mad and get up and DO SHIT!

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    1. Exactly Kreb! But we don’t DO SHIT! And as you can see from the comment from “Lisa,” whites continuously turn shit around to be all about them. Fuck MY problems. I’m supposed to ‘feel’ empathy for those who look like “Lisa.” I am supposed to express unrelenting sympathy and some mo shit for someone who looks just like the pasty-assed parasites who are fucking ME up. I’m supposed to find some sympathy and get out the violins because those who look like “Lisa” are also fucking her up. Those are ‘her’ kind of folks. They ain’t mine. My beef is with the lot of em. What? They mean, there’s a difference amongst them? They’re ALL cut from the same cloth.

      And as you can also see, it was ASSUMED that I was sitting ALL up on Medicaid and so if that was the case, I was also sitting ALL up on food stamps and General Assistance welfare. Newsfuckingflash! I don’t qualify for NONE of that shit! Ask the whites, the Somalis and the other so-called ‘refugees’ about THAT shit because that’s what’s sitting ALL up on our tax dollars. I couldn’t even get Medicaid and food stamps if I tried and so why the fuck bother. That was NOT a question.

      I am the only one going the fuck off, EVERYWHERE while ALL others just stand around and stare at me. I should be able to say that I cannot believe this shit, but I can because everyone is on some “I need to smoke somebody over a Popeye’s chicken sandwich.” Yeah! That’s what gets us Black folks into FIGHT mode, Popeye’s chicken sandwiches! I fucking throw my hands up!

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      1. Sadly, our people are the reason Lisa feels the way she does. You and I don’t give two fucks about her pain or despair. In fact, we spit on it. Too many people who looks like us are one step behind us to clean up that spit to make Lisa feel comfortable. Gotdammit

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      2. Exactly! Kreb, I gotta tell you, when I first started this blog, the comments were flowing and everyone was “uh-huhing” every poem I wrote that was about sunshine and flowers and sunbeams, but the minute I started telling hard core truths about Blacks and whites, that shit ceased. Don’t none of these motherfuckers want to see the truth. They want to ‘feel good’ about some goddamn non-existent sunbeamns, moonbeams and pesticide sprayed flowers. Well ain’t none of THAT shit going on all up in here and if I talk to my goddamn self, so fucking be it. But I refuse to sit somewhere and remain ignorant of the stupid shit that I see, remain ignorant of the dumb ass Black folks that I see, remain ignorant of the out-of-control racism, bigotry, prejudice and some more shit of the like that I see from these pasty-assed no account whites. I’m calling that shit out and don’t NOBODY like it. Fuck em and to hell with em. Because the truth ain’t fucking pretty. It ain’t fucking rosy and it damn sure as hell ain’t fucking going to get better if people simply bury their goddamn heads in the fucking sand! The shit I saw when leaving this hellhole recently, like I stated on that blog I posted, would curl your toes. And that shit’s coming for the rest of us, but folks don’t want to see or hear about what’s coming. They want to wait until it’s THEIR turn; all up in their fucking grill. And it soon will be! They can count on it.

        Kreb, again I thank you for having the audacity to not want to remain asleep, unlike the rest of these comatose, hypnotized, brain dead motherfuckers; both Black and white!

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  3. You are so right. But when the time comes, these fuckers better not look my way for help and all of sudden want to “woke”. I’m prepared and I know you are. These fuckers who just want feel good stories to make it through their desperate, sad lives, deserves every bit of white rage and sickness coming to them.

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    1. Blkpride, the only way that I am going to stop “Speaking truth to power” is when I die. They ALWAYS fuck with me and I try as hard as I can to push back and that is why every single time I get some goddamn foul ass, vicious dirt on these white skanks, I post it for ALL the world to see. I get views from many, many different countries, not just this fucking central headquarters for fucking racism, prejudice, hate and bigotry. The whole world gets clued in on why the whole world is fucked up; not that they need much eye opening articles because many of the world’s people are well aware of why they are fucked up in their own fucking countries. It is because of this rabid, diseased whore called, “Amerikkka!” May this whore die already! Seriously!!!!!

      I thank you for your comment.

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