The Continuing Woes Of Apartment Living

This blog is going to be short because it will basically be a ‘picture’ story.

I had phoned the Lynchburg city housing code enforcement officials over a year ago about the state of the balcony above my apartment. An official came out, took a picture, told me to stay out of first floor apartments and went on his merry way.

Fast forward to a month ago and at the apartment door, we were receiving notifications that maintenance was coming into the apartment to check for a “running toilet.” This continued for weeks and I got tired of it and contacted a lawyer because there was no “running toilet.” Then, there came a notice stating that contractors had been hired to do some pipe work. The ‘contractors’ were digging holes for one day and then they never came back. Well, now I know why. The ‘contractors’ saw the condition of the balconies and refused to take a hit with their insurance in case one of their workers was seriously injured if a balcony fell down on them and so they refused to continue working until the balconies were fixed. This is what I had originally called a Lynchburg city inspector about, but who cares if I’m lying underneath thousands of pounds of concrete? Certainly NOT these racists shits in Lynchburg, VA.

Like I stated in a previous blog, landlords get away with so much shit, it should be beyond the realm of comprehension because usually, people are always going on and on about what tenants are doing wrong. Well, these next pictures should clue your ass in on how bad slumlords are and unfortunately, that is is all that exists here in Lynchburg Virginia. This property is owned and operated by:

Deal Properties The same Deal Properties that decided to go up on the rent in the middle of a lease.

And now, this is the condition right outside my apartment.

This is what happened when the ‘contractor’ tore the balcony away from the upper apartment wall. That’s my AC unit. You can almost see inside my living room. I have never seen shit like that!

And it gets worse!

This is what it looks like right in front of my apartment when you look up. Wasn’t it nice of them to put a stick across the door to keep someone from opening their door and falling on my head as I exit and enter my apartment?

And it gets worse! I betcha didn’t think so.

This is the AC/heating unit that was damaged when the balcony came crashing down. Someone is without heat. But I bet the rent had better be paid.

Anyone want to live here? Deal Properties has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for rent.  Just pick which size bedroom dump you need. And expect Robert Deal, the owner, to go up on your rent in the middle of your lease because, just look at the above ‘amenities’, who wouldn’t want to pay more for that?


I can’t make this shit up! And a picture speaks a thousand words. And people have the nerve to wonder why I am always trying to get my ass out of here. Whites, how many of you have EVER lived like this? The man who owns this apartment complex is filthy rich and yet, look at the shitty ‘contractors’ he got to tear down balconies because if he had contracted professionals to do the job, this shit would not be looking like this. But he does not have to live like this. He is not going to be the one who goes without heat. And the housing inspectors couldn’t care less because of who this shit is impacting.

And if you think that I am embarrassed to post this shit, think again! I am Black assed and refusing to play by the white parasites rules and so that right there makes sure that they fuck with me. But one thing they just don’t understand, I have had nothing to lose my entire life and so this is just business as usual for me. Should it be? Hell no! Does exposing this ever shame whites? Hell no! Because they must first have feelings in order to experience shame and that just ain’t them! But I will continue to expose them for the hypocritical and fake ass, worthless shits they are who go on and on about how humanitarian they are while having people live like this, while dropping bombs on innocent people in foreign lands, for treating people like shit just because of the color of their skin and the goddamn list of the like is endless. Whites ain’t no fucking joke and they should ALL have been banned from this godforsaken planet! Look at that shit! That is indicative of what this entire shithole is eventually going to look like! I’m already down and so where the fuck can I go from here?

3 thoughts on “The Continuing Woes Of Apartment Living

    1. I am trying Kreb. Believe me, I am trying, but it is hard when you have someone with as many issues as my cousin has. If it were just me, I would have long since been gone, but I have to think about him and his mental stability. The only reason I kept this place when we left for Minnesota is because I did not know if we would establish residency before he needed serious medical attention and since I had been dealing with multiple issues, I had quite forgotten the injection he needs. And since everyone, apparently, is mentally ill, he would have needed to see a primary doctor in Minnesota and then been referred to a psychiatrist and they told us that it would take 3 months for him to be seen. He cannot wait that long and so the next time that I am ready to get out of here, I will make sure that he has received everything he needs since we now know about the delays in mental health treatment.

      But what is SO shameful about this also is the fact that I had called the Lynchburg housing inspectors here about this shit and they did absolutely NOTHING. What’s also a sad ass shameful fact is that this fucker, Robert Deal, the owner of multiple apartment complexes is such a flat out scum/slumlord that he does not want that government money, Section 8, because he refuses to keep up his communities. If you saw the laundry room, you’d scream. These are not even Section 8 apartments, so that should tell you something.

      These racist bastards down here in Hillbilly Hollow otherwise known as Lynchburg, Virginia get away with EVERYTHING! The housing inspectors do nothing when you call them. State oversight agencies do nothing when you file substantiated and valid complaints against those in the medical field. I have never seen anything like this, ANYWHERE else but here! And that’s saying something because you can tell from this blog, that it ain’t much that I ain’t fucking seen! We have got to get out of here! And so once again, I am trying to get my cousin’s situation straightened out so that we don’t have to come back. I’ve already found out that we cannot stay in homeless shelters. I wrote about that on another blog. He stayed in the hotel while I got a feel for living foul and rough and even I can’t take it and so I would not have that shit visited on him. But I’ll figure something out.

      And lastly, this is where that Falwell ‘christian’ conservative, moral majority bullshit is headquartered; Donald Trump’s friends, and so you see how far THAT shit goes! And people have the nerve to wonder why I despise fake assed so-called ‘christians’. They better get the fuck out of my face with their fake ass, hypocritical ‘christian’ bullshit!

      Thanks for your comment Kreb.

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      1. Your commitment to your cousin is beyond reproach. Thanks for reminding me that that is where that piece of shit conservative university is located. Like you did, I’ll save the name of that racist fake as university.

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