Okay! I Get It Already! Most Black People Act Stupid!

Someone who used to ‘follow’ me and has now, ‘unfollowed’ me wanted me to speak on the fact that a Black man stabbed another Black man to death over a Popeye’s chicken sandwich. I chose not to pursue that topic because there are many posts on this blog that showcase the stupidity of Black people. I can only put it out there, it is up to Black folks whether or not they want to pick it up and many are standing somewhere in a long ass line at Popeye’s trying to get a GMO ‘chicken’ sandwich that’s going to aid in their demise.

Yes, I knew about that shit just as I know that hundreds if not thousands of Black folks descended on the Grand Opening of In-N-Out Burger chain in Houston, TX because, apparently, none of them had ever had ground up cooked cow before. It should be absolutely unnecessary for me to point out the obvious, but apparently, some people get their boxers in a bunch if I don’t blog about every asinine piece of shit article that I read about. It does NOT give me any pleasure to point out the ridiculous acts of Black people; people who look like me. Am I somewhere standing in a long ass line for what’s passing for ‘chicken’ these days? Uh…that would be a resounding, “NO!” Am I standing in a long ass line for what passes for ‘beef’ these days? Again, that would be a resounding “NO!” But what the fuck can I do about those dumb as all hell stupid Black folks who willfully forget how fucked they are just so long as they have the ability to stand in long ass lines and look dumb as all hell waiting to pay already rich pasty-assed parasites for a samich?

Police identify suspect in killing of man at Maryland Popeyes over chicken sandwich

MARYLAND (CNN) — Police have named a suspect in the fatal stabbing at a Maryland Popeyes.

Prince George’s County Police Department say they’re looking for 30-year-old Ricoh McClain.

There is now a warrant out for his arrest.

He’s facing charges of first degree murder and second degree murder.

The victim, 28-year-old Kevin Tyrell Davis was killed on Nov. 4 outside of the fast food restaurant.

Police say he apparently cut in line for the chain’s re-released chicken sandwich and argued with another man who confronted him.

Ricoh McClain was arrested and charged with the murder of Kevin Tyrell Davis, all over a Popeye’s chicken sandwich, and so what does that tell you about some Black folks? It tells me that some Black folks are just as stupid as those who donned dashikis and African head wraps to go see a movie about a fictional kingdom in Africa named “Wakanda,” and who paid Nestle and Hershey and Orville Redenbacher a mint for that killer food that has no nutritional value AT.ALL. It tells me how stupid some Black people are for making the Asians rich by buying wigs, weave hair, fake ass nails and killer Asian food from some shits that wouldn’t even spit on them if they were on fire to help put it out. It also tells me how stupid some Black people are for patronizing those Hindu and Pakistani owned ‘convenience’ stores and Asian liquor stores that are set up in Black neighborhoods for the express purpose of robbing us blind while selling us nasty, outdated, overpriced garbage and fire water that’s not seen in the gated communities of whites.

I have gone over this time and time again and so why some still don’t get that fact, I don’t fucking know. So, please, by all means, ‘unfollow’ me. It matters not to me. Go start your own blog and blog this nonsense if it means that much to you, the fact that Black people will NEVER get their act together. That is quite obvious. Many of us are not even paying attention to the shit that’s going down right before our very eyes because we would rather be entertained or standing in long lines to buy fake ass ‘food’ from shits that are fucking us up! Black folks don’t have anything REAL anymore. No real wealth, no businesses to speak of, no real estate; nothing. Most of us are rudderless and are floundering in choppy seas with no sense of direction and we are okay with that so long as we can be entertained and eat fake ass food, get high and drunk. That’s really helping us, isn’t it?

Go out and ask the younger generation of Black folks about what is really important to them and I damn well bet the answer would be, “SMARTPHONES!” “FAKEBOOK!” “TWITTER!” Everything associated with that is killing us from the 5G technology that has been thrown up so that you can stream those videos without interruption to the killer ‘foods’ you stand in long lines for. What we have embraced is to the detriment of our minds and bodies and we don’t fucking care. That is obvious. But just so you know that I’ve been paying attention, here are some pictures I saved. So enjoy!

Seriously??!! For ground ‘cooked’ cow? And many of you are going to look like a cow.

These next pictures does not make that a lie!

He SO needs another burger!

And so does this one!

Black folks will stand in line to look like this, but will never do a damn thing about the state of Black Amerikkka! For the love of !!!!!! And people wonder why I refuse to continue to blog about the obvious. What the hell for?

Do I really need to post this same shit about Popeye’s? We ALL know that the lines were long there to the point whereas someone was gutted to death; for a ‘chicken’ sandwich. And the rest of the world wants to mimic THIS shit??!! I’m done! And what’s more, so are they!

8 thoughts on “Okay! I Get It Already! Most Black People Act Stupid!

    1. Ospreyshire, more people show up for chicken sandwiches and burgers than they do over protesting police murders of Black people. How the hell does a ‘chicken’ sandwich go viral???!! It goes viral because people are stupid and dumb as fuck and it ain’t no wonder why this shithole’s occupants are in deep fucking trouble. I just read that the outrageous statistics of serious injuries at Amazon warehouses is just being ignored. I guess there’s no one protesting the foulness of that shit because they are too busy lined up at Popeye’s and In N Out Burger. These dumb as hell morons have been brainwashed, to hell and back and it shows. We got not a goddamn thing to work with and that’s putting it mildly.

      Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      1. Yes, and that’s quite a sad state. I still wonder how those sandwiches can be viral and super popular. I apologize if I’m repeating information, but when I saw some people singing an original acapella song outside a Popeye’s about these sandwiches. At first, I thought it was a joke, but a few seconds later, I realized they were dead serious. It’s depressing how brainwashed people are and how unaware they are about serious issues.

        Thanks, Shelby.


      2. Well, those of us who are labeled, “conspiracy theorists” think that there is some foul ass shit in our food anyway. And when you see people lined up and wrapped around a fast food joint, it would seem as though that is true. But then how does that explain when a new iPhone comes out or when Disney puts a goddamn movie out and everyone is standing somewhere looking stupid as hell all over a movie and meanwhile, their fucking lives are being made more miserable by the day by the same shits that bring these fucking distractions to the populace? This shit is deliberate because if you can think back to a mere few decades ago, we weren’t dealing with this crazy shit. We had problems, sure! But not to this magnitude. You never heard of people in lines that wrapped around fast food joints for fucking burgers and chicken sandwiches. You never heard of people getting paid by Youtube to sit somewhere and stuff their faces for likes, views, subscribers and coins. You never heard of smartphones, 5G and all this shit. But dumb down each generation and make them more pliable, acquiescent, stupid, gullible, obese, diabetic and brainwashed and you’ve got a population that is easily controlled. And we are controlled. There are no safeguards in place at our jobs anymore. That shit’s being done away with for why else is Amazon always in the news over workers dropping dead on warehouse floors or are having to attempt to get on Disability because they’ve hurt themselves, permanently, trying to reach their quota. Homelessness is an epidemic as is opioid abuse and suicide and not a goddamn thing is wrong with that shit or so people pretend. As Marvin Gaye’s song goes, “This Ain’t Livin’.”

        I don’t know. Maybe some of us are immune to the processed food because we don’t eat much of it and we are immune to the brainwashing because we are WOKE, but some of us are not falling for ANY of that bullshit. Unfortunately, we are the few, as you can see. Motherfuckers singing ‘acapella’ over a chicken samich? The entire world has turned upside down and I ain’t lying!

        Ospreyshire, thank you for yet another spot on comment.

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      3. Yeah, there’s definitely truth about so much of the food out there and it can be rough finding the right foods even the ones labeled natural or organic. I know I’m not perfect because I’ve been forcing myself to cook more often. Very good points about distractions with the latest forms of entertainment and whatever. I certainly didn’t remember people going en masse to a fast food joint for the newest unhealthy frankenfood when I was a kid. This populace is certainly dumbed down which I don’t dispute. The Amazon stuff really is tragic as you brought up.

        That could certainly be a possibility with those things and then some. I know I’m certainly still learning. I would show you the video of the chicken sandwich acapella, but I’ll spare you from losing brain cells no matter how well they sang (the song is still freaking stupid nonetheless and they should save their voices for songs with more meaning).

        You’re welcome, Shelby.


  1. I beg you nasty bastards to please come over to my blog, follow me, kiss my ass, then unfollow me. I gives a damn what you degenerate rejects thinks.


    1. LMAO! Kreb, PLEASE….tell us how you really feel! LOL! I absolutely adore that comment! The piece of shit that did that was probably NSA because he had a fake ass photo that he claim was him and there were several of his comments that I just flat out ‘trashed’. Apparently, I am doing something right because the trolls have been unleashed on this blog and this shit is recent. Remember, the truth and dissent is to be kept in check. And if a Black person is so concerned about Black issues, why continuously try and post comments about ‘chicken sandwich’ fights? It is to showcase how asinine some of us act. I have blogged over and over about how some of us behave and I am not about to get caught up in posting every stupid thing we do. That is not necessary. Everyone should know by now that I don’t kowtow to shit! The Black folks who used to ‘follow’ me fled this blog and I could care less. People can’t stand the goddamn truth and that shit’s on them, not me.

      Kreb, thank you for that comment! It made me seriously laugh. In fact, I’m still laughing and that’s something that I don’t do a lot of these days.

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