My Thanksgiving Post


I want to thank the Indians for giving up their land, willingly, so that I can sit down and enjoy a nice, plump turkey that was bred solely to be butchered, shipped to a grocery store near me and stuffed and cooked so that myself and those I adore can sit down to Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the dead turkey, the cranberry sauce, the green bean casserole, the mashed potatoes, the rolls and for dessert, some delicious pumpkin or sweet potato pie. We are going to wine and dine and sit back and have our pictures taken and what a Norman Rockwell version of Thanksgiving that will be.

To hell with those lies!

On Thursday, November 28th, I shall not recognize a holiday mired in hypocrisy, torture, murder, thievery and the list is endless. I will not stand in line at an airport anxiously waiting to board a flight and head to a city filled with people I despise. I will not ‘celebrate’ what the white man has shit on and to this day, continues to shit on the Indigenous peoples of this land. As bad as Black folks have it, Indians have it far worse and, no indeed, I will not participate in this fucked up farce called, a holiday. This is no goddamn holiday! This is a travesty; a murderous atrocity! Only a nation filled with ignorant degenerates can turn something so vile, obscene and foul into a ‘holiday’. Only people with no heart or soul or conscience can sit somewhere and get enjoyment on a day that has been set aside to celebrate killing people and stealing their land; rejoicing on the very graves of those who were murdered so that we can sit somewhere and gorge ourselves in our well-heated homes and claim that we are thankful, but if we were really thankful, we would be demanding that the government do more to relieve the plight of those few Indians who are left; who are living in abject hell and who are dying in the most horrible way possible while we pretend that what happened to them wasn’t real.

Because the whites gloss over everything they do that is disgusting, vicious and hateful; the ugliness that they paint with a hypocritical brush of thankfulness and goodwill, we take that shit up and we run with it knowing full well that we are complicit in ignoring what actually happened between the so-called pilgrims, better known as colonizers and the Indians. You know damn well that there was no nice, warm and cozy Thanksgiving going on between the colonizers and the Indians; you know this. And yet, there you sit on your sanctimonious, fat American ass salivating over a dead turkey and all the trimmings while secretly hoping this celebration of thankfulness will be over by 6pm when Walmart opens and out the door you go to engage in your pre-Black Friday madness shopping. Not even for one whole day can you give up your lust for all things material; shit that only Americans lust for; will break each others necks for. You ugly ass Americans are so damn ugly, your faces should refuse to reflect it in a damn mirror. It shouldn’t just crack. It should refuse to even display the loathsome creature that’s staring into it.

I will always hate this time of year because I am bombarded not with the truth, but with advertisements of how many discounted items I can shop for and where. I am not bombarded with images of entire tribes of Indians wiped out; massacred, slaughtered, oh no! Never that! I am to finger my way through an ad touting deep discounts on TVs, smartphones, smartphone plans, new SUVs, bigger washing machines and dryers, robotic vacuum cleaners; everything that a plastic card can buy and so hop to it. No, I will not hop to it! Because I am not just some brain dead shopping drone who can’t think for herself. I am well aware of what went down between the colonizers and the Indians and there ain’t a goddamn thing to celebrate! I refuse to celebrate pure and unadulterated capitalism; a culture of consumerism where most everything we buy was made in sweat shops and factories in foreign lands producing industrial pollution by the metric ton so that we can talk shit about how thankful we are while a group of people who were here first are all but wiped out! But we are fucking going shopping while also spouting useless rhetoric about our concern over global warming; climate change when if we were still living like the Indians were, none of this would have come about!

The Indians are living like shit! Entire tribes were wiped out! The children of many Indians were taken from them and indoctrinated into the white mans ways. They were discouraged from speaking their native tongue, were discouraged in continuing in their ‘heathen’ ways as determined by the white man who could not be more of a heathen if he tried. You despicable white shits to this very day are just as vicious, cold and snakelike as those who are the reason your filthy asses exist.

But did you depraved abominations stop there? Oh hell no! You’re never quite finished fucking up people or their land, are you? No, indeed! You were just getting started with the Indians. After you had either outright killed the Indians or subdued them on reservations, it was time to build up this stolen land and lo and behold, that’s where my Black ass comes into it. Those who were dragged over here kicking and screaming in the holds of stinking cargo ships are the reason I sit here and write this. They also give me reason to hate your ass with a hatred so intense, I look as though fire is trying to escape from beneath my skin. I have no need to wonder why I am often red in the goddamn face. It is because every single time I see one of you slugs; one of you parasites, I wish that you would almost instantly drop dead, but writhe and moan in sheer torment first!

Everyone over here in America, Caucasoid cocksuckers, has every reason in the world to hate your filthy guts and believe me, many of us do! And I will not ‘celebrate’ your stinking hypocrisy; your continued genocide of entire ethnic groups including mine and like I always say, “Come on up in here with some goddamn ‘love all people’ shit and I will be more than happy to mop the goddamn cyber floor with your depraved white ass!” Every single time I hear of a mass shooting of whites by another white assed motherfucker, I laugh because there you just go on and on about “Black on Black” crime when why worry about us when your own kind is now filling your asses with bullets and they are all deemed, crazy. How can you be crazy? You are the very ones who have determined that all other groups are crazy and ‘for their own good’ of course, you’ve got them lining up to receive your poisoned psych pills, but who is running rampant over here killing children and anyone in sight for the sheer joy of it? Why you white terrorists, that’s who. Oh, but that’s what makes you think you’re filled with ‘supremacy’, right? Because you can amass a shitload of guns and get to shooting wherever and whenever you please? Go ahead! Because karma is a bitch and all that killing that you have engaged in, the world over, is coming home to bite you in the ass. Yes, indeed white folks, enjoy your Thanksgiving because some white mass murdering terrorist just might make it your last!

Oh and lest I forget, here is some ‘good’ news about the first day of hunting season in Wisconsin.

4 shot on opening weekend of deer hunting season in Wisconsin

A 38-year old white man shot himself in the foot, the same  thing happened to a 29-year old white woman. Another white ‘hunter’ shot a 19-year old white woman in the hand and another white man was shot while also deer hunting. You white shits are still at it; can’t stop shooting and killing animals OR humans. And yet, your depraved asses are going to sit around at a table on Thanksgiving Day and pray as though you have any humanity in you whatsoever when anyone with two eyes and more than two brain cells connected and working know that that is a bald faced lie! You cannot get anywhere near ‘humanity’ without bursting into flames, you vicious, vile, depraved blood thirsty shits! And even your beloved dogs are turning on your ass!

German man dies after his dog licks him

A man in Bremen, Germany, died from a very rare infection he developed after his dog licked him.  He was admitted to the intensive care unit when his organs started failing. Despite strong antibiotics and other efforts to save him, his condition declined rapidly. The man died 16 days later.

And don’t even think for a minute that this shit is only occurring over in Germany because remember this, “Dog Damn Near Licks Owner To Death,” and that occurred in this shithole, not once but twice because a white bitch had the same thing happen to her. Even FIDO is fed up with your depraved asses and rightly so! But go right ahead and sit your hypocritical murdering asses down at a “Thanksgiving” dinner table and pray. Your pasty asses are beyond prayer and even your pets are trying to kill you. Yeah, pray….for all the good it’s going to do you!

Fuck YOU and fuck YOUR Thanksgiving bullshit!


21 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving Post

    1. You are SO right Prince, it is a classic because I first wrote this a few years ago, simply changed the date of Thanksgiving, added a few more tidbits and voila! This is a ‘smoker’ and I always come out ‘smoking’ on Thanksgiving and Christmas. These shameless, worthless, hypocritical pasty-assed shits will get thrown under the bus by me at every opportunity. They make me sick with their fake assed displays of ‘goodwill’ and thankfulness when those depraved rejects from who the hell knows where are the very ones who are making everyone else’s life miserable; are causing suffering and death to billions and then want to sit somewhere and talk about “Thanksgiving.” These shameless shits have hit hypocrisy out of the ballpark, they are so goddamn blatant with it!

      Prince, I don’t know what you’ve been up to, but I sincerely thank you for your comment. Don’t be a stranger.

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      1. I recently moved into a new place. I’ve just been settling in right now. I took a month vacation. It was much needed. I needed a break from blogging and doing YouTube. I’ve put so much work into it. I needed a mental break. But I still check out your blog and others. Just to see what’s going on. I miss the great chats and debates over the years. I’ve learned a lot of others. And hopefully I inspired some people. But I’m still for truth and justice in this corrupt system. I haven’t changed at all. Some people don’t see me blogging so they might think I just gave up the good fight. Nope! I’m in it for the long haul. How have you been? How’s your family? I hope things are going well.

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      2. Things are going shitty, you know, the usual. Black folks understand this or as I call us, “ADOS,” which is who we are. You can tell that I have much to be ‘thankful’ for this white man’s ‘Thanksgiving’. I’m supposed to be ‘thankful’ that his pasty ass is still around to continue to fuck us up. Yep, I’m SO fucking ‘thankful’ for THAT shit. Ain’t we all.

        And I can certainly understand needing to take a break or mentally break down, take ya pick. I’ve taken several breaks myself. And as you can see from the pictures of the outside of my dump, I’m really in ‘fine form’. Like I said, “Business as usual.” I’m still posting these racists shits shit for ALL the world to see how benevolent, kind, humanitarian and thoughtful they are. You can see all of that shit from the pictures of my apartment dump. We are down here in the belly of the racism beast and I am doing ALL that I can to get us the hell out of here because there ain’t shit to work with down here. But my cousin was all for leaving Baltimore and coming here. I was for leaving Baltimore but going someplace else, but he had to come here and even though I tried to tell him what would come of it, he had to find out for himself and he ain’t hardly liking it. I don’t know what part of “I’ve been leaving this racist, stomping ground my entire life,” did he not understand. We’re in a fine pickle now, but I’ll figure it out. I am just glad that YOUR situation sounds a lot better than mine.

        Thanks for the update and stay well, my friend!

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  1. This country will learn one day that every so-called holiday it tries to celebrate is mired in paganism or some nasty vicious racist white supremacy bullshit. You can try to make yourselves feel good about the suffrage you’ve cost so many, but: STOP WITH THE FUCKING HOLIDAYS ALREADY!

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    1. Kreb, believe it or not, but there are many people who are of our complexion who are NOT celebrating this damn bullshit! We are tired of being told when we are to celebrate some fake ass shit perpetrated by the whites. THEIR hellidays are not OURS. We’ve got nothing to ‘thank’ those depraved, debased, parasitic creatures for; not shit! Who the hell would thank their goddamn oppressors for oppressing them six ways to Sunday? Only a fool would do that shit!

      These greedy white, filthy bastards only want to celebrate shit that enriches them; buy a fucking turkey, buy the goddamn trimmings, run out the door for early door buster sales, shop until you drop on “Black Friday.” “Black Friday” is the only time ain’t shit wrong with “BLACK,” let those depraved slugs tell it. Our kind of Black ain’t shit to them, only what’s helping their fucking bottom line. I wouldn’t step foot inside a store on Black Friday if I had no toilet tissue to wipe my ass, I’d rather go outside and get some damn leaves. I just read that these damn stupid, dumb as all hell Amerikkkans are still in debt from last goddamn Black Friday door buster sales and now, they’re about to add to that shit. How fucking crazy and whacked is that? And for what? Some cheap, plastic shit that breaks in two seconds if you give it a dirty look. Fuck ALL this shit!

      Kreb, thank you for your comment.

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      1. Shelby, you are so right about the growing resentment among Blacks and these bullshit American holidays. Makes my heart beat an extra beat.

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      2. Well, I am all over the place and I can tell you for a certainty that the reasons why Youtube and these other sites are messing with peoples shit is because we are getting through to people and ‘they’ can’t have that. ‘They’ will find any way they can to shut us down because dissent is to be kept in check; an awakened populace is a dangerous one because that means that the brainwashing and the hypnotizing gadgets are not doing their job. Fuck that shit! I am WOKE and so are many and the numbers are growing. ‘They’ can’t stand that shit! That is why my shit doesn’t even show up on my own reader and dozens of comments are consigned to ‘trash’. If this shit shuts us down, we’ll find a way since “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

        Thanks Kreb!

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      3. I fought in uniform to keep my brothers out of the fucking uniform. Now I fight out of uniform to keep my brothers out of the fucking uniform.

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      4. I must never forget that Kreb. If anyone has ANY right to speak his mind, it is most definitely YOU! You fought for a country that hates your guts. You did more than I’d ever do! I understand that you gained much from that service and that’s probably why you’re doing so great now. You and many of my family members made it big by signing up. My cousin’s husband is in his early 50s and he has retired from the U.S. military and so he joins the others who have gotten out and are basically rich.

        Unfortunately, it destroyed their humanity. They have nothing to do with me because I tend to lean towards helping others and so in turn, I end up coming in last. No one wants to be around people like me. I am an embarrassment to my family, or so they say. Fuck em and to hell with em.

        I’m just glad that you’re not like that.

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      5. Thank you Kreb and that is also what you fought for; to give me the right to have an opinion and be able to express it. You know the reason why I have such a low opinion of the military; it’s because of what it turned my dad into. Although I do realize that it may not have been totally the military’s fault. I don’t think it helped.

        Again, thank you for your comment and for understanding my position on this issue.

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  2. I am giving thanks for posts like this gem, Shelby. Thanksgiving is a coast-to-coast belchathon that thanks every crime from the hipocrisy of “The Pilgrims” to the latest holy tweets by the most powerful racist on the planet. Today, 45 sought to demonize the critics (traitors) who find *anything* to criticize in this holiday — even connected them to the loathsome “Happy Holidays” wishers — in the course of the madly predictable, phony, and laugh-inducing turkey-pardon proceedings. T-Day is a celebration of this empire’s unlimited ability to waste in all ways, including the traditional metaphor for the American “art” of war that is football, playing on in the background-TV. Today also marks ever loftier numbers of celebrants busting the gates at airports to consume record levels of fossil fuels — denial is a sacrament of the church of capitalism, a system that may never ever, ever, ever be questioned under penalty of the white-supremacist law that is the death blood of its body politic. Keep denial under close guard, thank a bloated military for every breath you breathe, thank every bribed official and politician for every resource-rich independent nation that does not yield to a system that seeks to extract those resources by any means possible, planetwide. Venezuelan oil and Bolivian rare-Earth elements cry for the freedom to flow empireward, to sate this year’s Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving with sufficient jet-fuel stocks, to sate each consumer’s demand for Evil Friday’s incredible bargains and Cyber Monday electronics that suck many rare-Earth elements.

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    1. Bill, I am thankful for your comment because, as usual, it is on point. I love how you make your point. Yeah! Let’s ALL do something to mitigate climate change by heading to the airport so those jet engines can rev up and get us where we need to go; quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry. Hurry so that these motherfuckers, who are already morbidly obese, can sit down and gorge themselves on a dead bird that was bred for a helliday mired in hypocrisy, crimes against humanity, land theft, murder, rape, assimilation, genocide, slavery and some more shit!

      And these shameless shits don’t give a damn where that fossil fuel comes from so long as it does not affect or impact them, personally. They don’t give a shit about who has died because they have what we have been programmed to need, need and need; the means to move our bloated asses from point A to point B so that we can sit somewhere and pretend to pray about how ‘thankful’ we are. If the ‘christians’ hell was real, it would still be too good for the likes of those worthless assed heathens. Yeah! “THE Nile” ain’t just a river in Egypt, these shameless shits are SO fucking in denial, it ain’t even funny.

      Bill, again, I thank you for your commen.

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  3. What we can expect from these kinds who don’t have any single crumbs of humanity their dead bodies?
    How ruthless they are of course they had the chance to create festivity holiday on Indians genocide,
    but for sure if they got a chance to exterminate all of us blacks,they would have done the same thing!

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  4. Exactly qnubian. We can expect exactly what we see. As you know, whites don’t even care for their own kind and so Black people would be stupid to think that those depraved parasites could ever give a damn about us. Whites have no fucking heart or soul; the callous, arrogant bastards. What’s “festive” to them is an atrocity to someone else. How can it be “festive” to celebrate rape, genocide, land theft, assimilation, slavery, beatings, whippings, pedophilia; the whole nine yards? Only a country full of ignorant, racist, murdering degenerates would celebrate that shit and so count me the fuck out!

    And they are indeed, trying to exterminate us American descendants of slaves every single day hence why the Ku Klux Klan makes up the police force all across this racist shithole, hence why the whites drag refugees over here and put them into affordable housing knowing full well that American descendants of slaves have been displaced by gentrification and low wage jobs and who are dying on these mean streets because they are homeless. Healthcare among Black people is non-existent. And the mortality rate for Black women given birth is skyrocketing. We are being systematically eliminated by whitey pasty ass, but we are supposed to act like we like it. Fuck those pasty assed parasites because before I go out, I intend to continue to put it out there for the world to see just what the fuck these monstrosities are doing.

    qnubian, I thank you for your comment.


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