These Folks Won’t Be Celebrating “Indian Extermination Day,” But Then Most Of Them Never Celebrated It Anyway


A high rise apartment fire yesterday morning took the lives of 5 people, most of whom were ‘refugees’/immigrants from Somalia.

5 Killed After Fire Breaks Out In Minneapolis High-Rise Building In Cedar-Riverside

The Minneapolis Fire Department says five people are dead and another three are hospitalized after fire broke out at a 24-story high rise overnight in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.

Fire crews extinguished the three-alarm fire, which happened on the 600 block of Cedar Avenue South, in approximately 30 minutes. It was reported at about 4 a.m. inside a public housing building owned by the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority. The fire broke out on the 14th floor of the 191-unit structure.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office released the names of four of the five victims early Wednesday evening, all cited as dying from smoke inhalation:

  • Amatalah Adam, 78

  • Maryan Mohamed Mohamud, 69

  • Nadifa Mohamud, 67

  • Jerome Stuart, 59

That building houses, almost exclusively, Somali so-called, ‘refugees’ as does most of the public housing high rises and other types of apartments and townhomes in Minnesota. Ninety-nine percent of ALL affordable housing in Minneapolis is occupied by those from Somalia. This is why those of us who were born here and who paid taxes in this shithole cannot get up out of homelessness because all of the affordable housing units have been given to people who boarded a plane and were brought here to sit all up on our tax dollars while our people walk the streets, homeless.

I was just in Minnesota earlier this month and I stayed at a homeless shelter for one night and so I can tell you that the only people who were sitting all up in that homeless shelter were descendants of slaves and some poor whites. There was not ONE Somali refugee/immigrant sitting all up in there enduring homelessness and some more shit. And so I would dearly love for someone to explain to me why it is that those of us who have fallen on hard times and need assistance cannot receive that assistance because our government is busy assisting, with our tax dollars, folks that the government has dragged, willingly, over to this shithole?

And so read this!

Here are the average rents and vacancy rates for various rental housing floor plan options in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. The information is provided by Marquette Advisors’ first-quarter review of rental properties, for the months January through March 2019.

Twin Cities Metro Studio 10,447 297 $1,017 2.8%
Twin Cities Metro One Bedroom 64,882 1,648 $1,086 2.5%
Twin Cities Metro One + Den 3,560 115 $1,470 3.2%
Twin Cities Metro Two Bedroom 59,328 1,471 $1,329 2.5%
Twin Cities Metro Two + Den 2,144 94 $2,063 4.4%
Twin Cities Metro Three Bedroom 7,337 180 $1,624 2.5%
Twin Cities Metro Three Den/Four+ 355 14 $2,686 3.9%
Minneapolis Studio 4,376 169 $1,059 3.9%
Minneapolis One Bedroom 14,246 472 $1,253 3.3%
Minneapolis One + Den 670 18 $1,840 2.7%
Minneapolis Two Bedroom 6,545 250 $1,847 3.8%
Minneapolis Two + Den 190 7 $4,002 3.7%
Minneapolis Three Bedroom 377 20 $2,434 5.3%
Minneapolis Three Den/Four+ 83 12 $4,871 14.5%

People working low wage jobs cannot afford those rents and many, many people in Minneapolis have to have roommates just to make ends meet. I have heard horror stories of roommates stealing everything not nailed down and leaving in the middle of the night. There are so many people who have had horrible experiences just trying to be housed, it is beyond ridiculous!

If this is the season of charity and some more shit, then charity begins at home. You cannot state that there is a homeless epidemic of monstrous proportions among natural born citizens of this shithole and then cross an ocean to drag others here and ‘house’ them while stepping over those who were born here and who are working, but who cannot afford the cost of skyrocketing rents. How does that make any goddamn sense at all?

While I was in Minnesota, I saw an Indian man try and board a city bus and the poor man was pushing a dilapidated walker up onto the bus and the walker was too short for him and at the same time, he was trying to keep his pants up, but the poor man’s pants fell down and his leg was almost completely covered in blood. He must have fallen, hurt himself and was trying to get to a hospital via a bus. Some guy was trying to help him get on the bus when from the back of the bus, a Latino yelled, “What’s the holdup?” Seriously? What’s the holdup? I yelled back at him, “The police station is right across the street, I’m going to call them and ask them to check your immigration papers, how’s that for a holdup?” He shut the fuck up!

A Black man tried to help the Indian man up on the bus and the bus driver told the Indian man to pull his pants up and asked him where he was going. The Indian man stated that he was trying to get to the hospital. The bus driver told him that he was going in the wrong direction. And so the Indian man started to get off the bus and I just wanted to cry.

The Black man who had helped him stated that “he was just a bum.” I said, “Seriously? That man is a human being. He is someone’s father, son, brother, uncle and you sit there and say that when you know what we go through. Are you serious?” He then hemmed and hawed and shut the fuck up. But even still, when he got up to exit the bus, I thanked him for helping the Indian man off the bus and the bus driver did as well.

What the hell is wrong with us when we see nothing wrong with whites dragging others asses over here and put them above those whose land they stole in the first place, and will also put them over those whose ancestors were dragged over here, kicking and screaming?

If anyone should be housed by the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority, it should be the Indians and American descendants of slaves. If there are any available affordable housing units left, then the whites can drag whomever they want to drag over to this shithole, but you take care of your own first. You don’t grab someone from a foreign land, put them on a plane and then put them in public housing while passing by homeless Indians and American descendants of slaves. And believe me, the only people who are in homeless shelters are American descendants of slaves and a few poor whites who have been deemed worthless by other whites. That is all I saw in the homeless shelter I stayed in for one night.

So, if you think that those who burned to death in that high rise apartment fire were just, coincidentally, mostly Somali, think again. The majority of those housed by our tax dollars are Somali. American descendants of slaves and Indians need not apply. Last year, an Indian woman, Pamela Rivera died because she was in a homeless encampment in Minneapolis. Why wasn’t she in this fucking building? This land was hers. Why did Somalis take precedence over a woman whose land was stolen from her by whitey pasty-ass? Did you read that? Pamela Rivera, an Indian; an Indigenous woman died in a homeless encampment because no one could find housing for her and yet as you can see, whites dragged willing Somalis over here and put them in affordable housing high rises while Pamela Rivera, an INDIAN, was somewhere struggling to get through homelessness and she didn’t make it. What fucking sense does this make???? But you are sitting somewhere on your ass eating a dead bird and talking about how we should ALL be thankful???!!!! Fucking get the fuck outta here with THAT bullshit! Yeah! Tell that fucking shit to Pamela Rivera about how she should be thankful that this land that her people owned was stolen by the likes of you pasty-assed fuckers and how she should be so thankful that she is now six feet under thanks to said pasty-assed fuckers dragging goddamn Somalis over here and housing them while leaving the Pamela Riveras to make it or NOT and she did NOT!

And so no, I do not weep for those dead Somalis because they had no goddamn business over here when we have a homeless crisis of the magnitude that we have. But don’t take my word for who is homeless, just look at videos of interviews of the homeless and that will clue you in and newsflash, you will NEVER see someone interviewing one of those ‘refugees’ from Somalia. But Trump’s base is sitting somewhere listening to his lies about how he is cracking down on those who are let into this country. If that were the case, he’d be sending those who are here, packing. That would help to at least put a dent in the wait list for affordable housing units because refugees are given preferential treatment and so they get the affordable housing slots that are paid for by our tax dollars.

Again, it makes no sense to know that we have a homeless epidemic, but this country is dragging ‘refugees’ over here and giving them the few remaining affordable housing units while moaning and whining that they don’t know what to do about the issue of mass homelessness all across this country. Seriously? Stop dragging people from other countries over here, feeding them, housing them, clothing them, giving them access to free health care and free housing that’s paid for by those of us who are now homeless and some more shit. For starters, that’s what the fuck you can do!

And you can call me an insensitive asshole until the cows come home, go back out and come back home again, I don’t fucking care! Someone has to say what needs saying and I am damn well going to be that someone. I am tired of this shit! Those news reporters who reported on this story know the goddamn truth, but do they ever report the truth? Hell fucking no! Only people like me try and get the truth out there while the ‘powers that be’ consistently try and shut us down, push what we say to the side because the truth of what’s going down is ugly as maggot coated shit!

Homelessness ain’t no fucking joke! Believe me, I tried it and it ain’t a fucking picnic or a cake walk. And if things don’t start getting better, which they’re not, many of us are headed in that direction and, AGAIN, believe me, you really don’t want to go there!

As you can see, I did not lie when I stated that the majority of those who are represented in that high rise are Somalis. How many ADOS do you see? Keep looking.

Are there any ADOS in this next picture?

Nope! No ADOS there!

What about here?

No ADOS there either. You see, this is why ADOS are heavily represented in homeless shelters and are in there being treated like shit!

What about this next picture. Any ADOS in this one?

Nope, No ADOS in this one either. Somalis only need apply. ADOS report to homeless shelters.

And this shit continues!

More Somalis and they are about all you’re going to see standing in the building, coming out of the building or going into the building. AGAIN, as you can see, no American descendants of slaves need apply and believe me, Minneapolis has a serious homelessness epidemic but the Somalis are not caught up in homelessness. How is this right? They take preference over those who were BORN here!

And again!

Really? I will continue to expose this shit for what it is, preferential treatment for those who were flown over here as opposed to those whose ancestors were dragged over here, kicking and screaming. Whites want American descendants of slaves fucked up and some more shit and I re-state, I will continue to put this shit out there, front and center, goddamn it!

And so no, I don’t give a damn for these motherfuckers! I don’t give a damn for the whites who put this shit into play because they want to make sure that American descendants of slaves are out on the mean streets of these shitty ass cities, dying and some more shit! This is ALL done by design as you can plainly see.

Those shits in the above pictures had absofuckinglutely NOTHING when they boarded a plane in Somalia and were flown over here and so you tell me how they ended up taking over high rise apartment buildings, you tell me how they ended up owning and operating not one, but two malls in Minneapolis. You tell me how they own their own medical facilities. You tell me how they have been able to own and operate multiple restaurants. White pasty ass is behind THAT shit! Thousands of them still don’t even speak English and so you tell me how this was done! They are allowed to take the driving exam in THEIR language. Ain’t no goddamn road signs in Somali. American descendants of slaves are standing in the cold waiting on a bus while those pus head Somalis drive by them, splashing them and some more shit in minivans and SUVs; motherfuckers that came over here with not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out, who can’t even speak the language and yet, they are doing better than millions of American descendants of slaves.  And they will continue to do so because it is what whitey pasty ass wants. Every other motherfucker on this planet is quite welcome to step on us, step over us while we are treated like shit, day in and day out. I am paying market rate rent. I am not on Section 8 or living in subsidized housing and look at what my fucking apartment looks like.

The government is not helping me pay for that and yet Somalis are sitting all up in high rise apartments when those slugs only had to crawl down out of a tree, hop on a plane and get housed. They’d probably never even heard of a toilet before getting on a goddamn plane. Hell! That goddamn building they live in, on fire, looks better than what I live in and the white slumlord even went up on the rent in the middle of my lease and I had to take his ass to court, but as you can see, the whites are fighting for those Somali motherfuckers, but American descendants of slaves? Fucking hell no! We are fighting every goddamn day just to exist in this shithole that our ancestors were dragged to. We are the ones who are the first to get fired and the last to get hired; the first to lose health insurance while our tax dollars are paying for some refugee/immigrants health care. What.the.fuck. Yeah! We got so goddamn much to be thankful for and if you believe that, then I’ve got some great beach front property for sale in Death Valley!

10 thoughts on “These Folks Won’t Be Celebrating “Indian Extermination Day,” But Then Most Of Them Never Celebrated It Anyway

  1. Those statistics illuminate your argument precisely, Shelby. Geopolitical power brokers behind closed doors move their pieces on a strategy board with something of a Dr. Strangelove madness. Ordnance and populations get reassigned, pockets get lined with cash and job offers for white friends and family — the very people who are *already* monied, propertied, and influential. *All* “nice” white people.
    Somalia is located at a geographically significant piece of real estate along the Gulf of Aden and across from Yemen (where AmeriKKKan drones drop on the innocent only). Saudia Arabia is still controlled by a single family (presently led by Mohammad bone-saw Salman) The members of that family are not known for their ruth. Fossil fuels still explain the inexplicable, and they move in lockstep with the climate catastrophe that they are directly causing.
    Thank you for those observations on ADOS and what they share with the indigenous peoples who are still on the receiving end of a caustic racist mania that IS the white-supremacist system that rapes and plunders the entire planet — all borders designed to serve the white descendants of Europe, racist to the marrow.

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    1. Bill, in April of this year, I posted a blog that explains why the whites are flying those Somalis over here in droves and setting them up, real nice and fine. The whites are only going to do something for someone if there is something in it for them, just as you also stated.

      In this blog, “Former Somali-American Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor Found Guilty Of 3rd Degree Murder And 2nd Degree Manslaughter In The Death Of Justine Damond,” I included this as an example:

      “Somalis have been flown to America and relocated mostly in the Midwest because Somalia is strategic to America for some reason and that reason being that Somalia’s northern coast borders the Gulf of Aden, which leads to Bab el-Mandeb, a narrow chokepoint through which all maritime traffic from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean must pass. Avoiding this strait would take all goods from the Persian Gulf – including oil – around the entire African continent to reach European and American markets. It is also a valuable staging ground for navies to project power on to the Arabian Peninsula.”

      So yes indeed, this is one of the reasons why these Somalis get the red carpet treatment because of this western whore called, “Amerikkka,” taking shit from that region of the world. Since American descendants of slaves are already on lockdown and since automation is here and so are the Hispanics to pick the veggies and act as maids, roofers and do the dirty work, our asses are being left to hang out to dry and it is SO goddamn obvious, it ain’t even funny. I see this everywhere I go from here in this hick burg to Baltimore, MD to Minneapolis, MN. American descendants of slaves are systematically being wiped out by these pasty-assed devils that have been our enemy since day one. We don’t have NO goddamn friends and just because someone is Black-assed like those damn Somalis means nothing to me because they don’t associate with us and neither do any of the other Africans who row over here or fly over here. I don’t give a damn about them! But what is SO goddamn obvious is the fact that those of us who are here through no fault of our own are the continued victims of ‘white supremacy’; a system so insidious and vile that many of us are seriously losing ground, as in going under the ground, dead…and this shit’s not funny.

      There is not a damn thing that we have done to these pasty-assed parasites over here and yet we are being systematically destroyed; hated on as though we are the perpetrators of genocide, theft, wars against innocent Indigenous populations and some more shit when whites are so evil, the stench of death follows them everywhere because they are everywhere killing people and taking what’s not theirs to take, as in us! I don’t give a damn who don’t like what I write because what I write is the goddamn truth and it should be THAT obvious for ALL to see!

      Bill, I gotta stop here before I blow a gasket, but I do sincerely want to thank you for your comment. I’m just never far from going off the deep end in damn near foaming at the mouth. Your comment was much appreciated.


  2. I did wonder why there would be a huge Somali population in the Twin Cities area. I know you’ve talked about your experiences of them being arrogant towards you. Apologies for sounding conspiratorial, but I wonder if the Somalis are used as race buffers of sorts for the people running the immigration department to say “See! We don’t hate black people!” even though it’s an obvious strawman. It is insane how so many groups are treated better than ADOS. This has to be a ploy to keep so many of us divided by nationality and ethnicity. I’m also sorry to hear about the story of that injured Indigenous man. No one should have to suffer like that.


    1. Ospreyshire, I have not just picked on the Somalis. I have thrown the Asians, the Pakistanis, those Hindu motherfuckers, the Russians and the Hispanics under the bus because they are ALL welcome to come over here and step on us and over us and they ALL do. They know what’s what. They are told not to fuck with us the minute their asses either land here or cross the goddamn border. They aid and abet whitey pasty ass in helping to fuck us up.

      How many Asian liquor stores do you think were set up in ‘white communities?” Yeah! It won’t take you long to recall the statistics on that shit. How many Hindu and Pakistani owned ‘convenience’ stores are located in white areas? Again, the statistics won’t be enough for you to become breathless from speaking on them. How many Asian takeout joints with Asian owned liquor stores are back to back in white neighborhoods? That fucking list ain’t long either. How many Asian ‘white’ hair product stores are located in WHITE communities, gated communities or neighborhoods? The number is ZERO. Those yellow motherfuckers set up their fucking fake nail shops and weave and wig shops in Black neighborhoods and you know this!

      People are always talking about how the different ethnic groups are being pitted against each other. I am not being pitted against shit! I am being systematically eliminated with the help of these other ethnic groups that have been brought over here for that express purpose and who put that shit into play? Whitey parasite ass, that’s who and only half breeds and whites continuously try and point out that tired ass lame shit about “the different ethnic groups are pitted against each other.” Ain’t no other ‘ethnic’ group doing anywhere near as bad as American descendants of slaves are doing and you know this. I have multiple examples on this fucking blog! I am not responsible for why those other ‘ethnic’ groups are sitting over here helping whitey parasite ass fuck us up, so why put the emphasis not on what whitey parasite ass is up to, but on me, supposedly, falling for the whites’ ploy to get us all hating on one another. Those immigrants/refugees that the whites bring over here are told to fuck us up and that is a fact since many who have crawled over here have actually stated that they are told that American descendants of slaves are some horrible shits and should not be cosied up to. Even my cousin told me that an African told him that same shit. So who is that shit on? It’s certainly NOT on me or on ANY American descendant of slaves.

      You should seriously get your facts straight before you come up in here because when I write something, it is from MY experience and I know what the fuck I’m talking about.

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      1. I was only using Somalis as an example because they were the focus of that particular post. I know you’ve mentioned other ethnic groups as well on different posts, so I know you’re thoughts on those issues. Shelby, I wasn’t putting any blame on you with my previous comments. If I came across as confrontational or condescending, then I do apologize. I wasn’t trying to downplay your experiences and I’m totally aware how immigrant groups are told to stay away from ADOS as shameful as it is when it comes to the immigration industrial complex in America. It’s not your fault about that issue.

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      2. Thank you for your comment Ospreyshire and for the clarification. I do realize that words on a screen can often come across in a way not intended due to the fact that people are not speaking face to face and so cannot see facial expressions and other things of relevancy when actually talking. So I apologize if I misconstrued your comment.

        Once again, I thank you for taking the time to comment. ALL comments are much appreciated by me.

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      3. You’re welcome, Shelby. I do agree about online comments vs. face to face or even phone conversations to a lesser extent. Your apology is accepted.

        That’s fine. I’m glad to have some dialogue on the matter for this and other posts.

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