Only A Sea Of Black Faces In A Homeless Shelter In Washington D.C. Partaking Of A ‘Thanksgiving’ Meal: The Whites Continued War Against American Descendants Of Slaves

Back when I was growing up, we used to visit our relatives who had moved from Virginia to Washington, DC. We would get in cars and an entire caravan of us would head to D.C. for family get-togethers. It was called, “Lynchburg Day” because many of those who once called Lynchburg home moved to Washington, D.C. Those of us who remained behind in Lynchburg were always considered to be “The country cousins.”

I remember looking around the park where the event, “Lynchburg Day” took place and I noticed that there were so many Black people having a great time, barbecuing steaks on the grill; huge steaks. I saw ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs; the whole nine yards. The adults were having fun talking while us kids had the run of the park. No one was sitting around talking about homelessness or drug addiction or prostitution or gang activity; not any of that stuff and year after year, we would get into the cars and head to D.C. for fun and laughter with family and friends.

But something changed. Something or ‘someone’ or someTHING put an end to ALL of that. I started hearing about drugs and gangs and homelessness and prostitution and then there were no more trips to Washington, D.C. for “Lynchburg Day.” Families did not behave like families anymore. Things changed and I wondered about that because though I did know that the only constant is change, I figured that family was family and we’d all continue to treat each other as family like we used to. Nope, didn’t happen.

Fast forward to the news out of Washington, D.C. today and well, things are even worse than ever.

At a homeless shelter in D.C., a special — but bittersweet — Thanksgiving meal

Marc O’Brien was panicking.

Like millions across the country, he was in charge of preparing a Thanksgiving meal. But instead of a family or party, he stood to disappoint 400 men — many of them ravenous, some who had not eaten in days. At the Central Union Mission homeless shelter in downtown D.C., this was the most important meal of the year.

D.C. has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the country.

This is truly sad, truly sad. Washington, D.C. was once known as “Chocolate City” and now it has been gentrified and those who once called “Chocolate City” home are homeless thanks to whites coming in and tearing down rental housing that Black people at one time could afford, but who are now finding that they must move on. Black people who once owned homes in Washington, D.C., are elderly and many have passed on just like those in my daddy’s family. My daddy’s aunt used to work for the Pentagon and she owned her own home. Her daughter owned a condo in Southeast D.C. When my daddy’s aunt died, her daughter and her son sold her house and her daughter also sold her condo and moved back to Lynchburg where she recently passed away.

What I have noticed is that with the passing of the ‘old guard’, the ‘new guard’ is not faring so well. It’s like the whites were waiting on just the right time when the Black folks who were once out in the streets protesting during the Civil Rights Movement and who were responsible for successfully boycotting to get things done started getting up in age and passing on, that is when they put a new plan in action and now, it is the beginning of the end.

Everyone has been dumbed down, made lazy, apathetic and complacent by all the new technology that this generation has embraced even as the older generation would never have because they would have known better.

And so we come to this!

Richard Bell, 53, said he appreciates the effort that staff puts into the event but hopes that after two years at the shelter, this will be his last Thanksgiving here.

After losing his job in 2011, Bell fell into alcoholism and stopped being able to afford his rental apartment in Charles County, Md. His wife and daughter moved in with other family, and Bell moved into a hotel, where he attempted suicide.

Black people, once seen as strong, are now attempting suicide as a way out of the despair of being descendants of slaves in a land that never accepted us, never included us in any bill of rights, constitutional documents or anything else that gave whites all the rights to freedom, justice and the pursuit of happiness. And their happiness is at the expense of millions of American descendants of slaves who are here through no fault of our own. I have stated this before and I state it again, this is ALL done by design. None of this is by accident.

If you look down through the annals of history, you can see a pattern developing. Every single time it seemed that Black people would be able to stand on their own, the whites pulled the rug from underneath us. We built our own cities. We owned our own businesses. We had our own Wall Street. We had our Movements and what happened? The whites put an end to all of that and now look where we are; sitting up in a homeless shelter partaking of a ‘Thanksgiving’ meal and getting noticed on one day out of a 365 day year. We are touted out to have a camera pointed at us and told to smile for the camera just as our slave ancestors were stood up on auction blocks and had their ‘finer points’ pointed out to potential buyers, stripped of any dignity then as we are now because some white mission owner is preparing a meal for the poor homeless Black people who cannot make it in this white man’s reclaimed swamp once known as “Chocolate City” that at one point in time had a beloved Black mayor, who was set up by the whites, Mayor Marion Barry.

And though Washington, D.C. has a Black female mayor, Mayor Muriel Bowser, she is quite obviously, just a figurehead for what is she doing for those Black people who refuse to leave their home, Washington, D.C. even though they can no longer afford to live there? She is doing the same nothing as her counterpart a mere few miles up the road in Baltimore, MD for his Black constituents. Make no mistake, just because you see a Black face in what you would think is a position of leadership, you couldn’t be more wrong. Just ask the recently disgraced and scandal embroiled former Mayor of Baltimore, MD, Catherine Pugh, who is awaiting sentencing for her “Healthy Holly” books shenanigans. Whites played a role in her downfall, but Pugh is the only one who is taking the fall, just as deceased former Mayor Marion Barry was set up by the whites to take a fall.

Black folks, what I am trying to say to you is that we are ALL being setup by the whites to take the fall for the shit that they have done. Our lives, from cradle to grave, is a setup. We are setup to fail especially if we are outspoken and refuse to play by the white man’s rules. If you step out of line, you are dealt with, severely. Believe me, I know. Many of us know and that is why millions of us are six feet under because we refused to take the white’s shit and act like we like it. With nothing to lose, why do we still shuffle our feet and bow our heads around the whites. No amount of shucking and jiving, no amount of “Yessum boss! Yessum massa!” is going to help our situation because the whites are depraved and insane and have always been out for our blood since the first one captured our ancestors and dragged them to these shores. They have never been our friends and they will never be our friends. This you must understand, accept and act accordingly.

Some Black people look at a few Black folks who the whites have favored with fame and fortune and they think that those people are the lucky ones. Uh…no..that is so NOT true. Look at what happens when even Black people of means, somehow draw the ire of the whites who once propped them up. They tear them down; quick, fast and in a damn hurry. Look at what they did to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Lauryn Hill, Wesley Snipes and the list is endless.

There is no man more deviant, debased and depraved than the white man and yet, what white man is sitting behind bars for what the whites claim Bill Cosby and R. Kelly has done? What happened to the #MeToo shit? Whites merely snap their finger and that shit goes away while we get put away behind bars. And whites will ‘suicide’ other whites to keep their pedophilia and sex trafficking scandals under wraps.

Like 2Pac’s lyrics say, “We ain’t meant to survive, cause it’s a set-up.” And believe me when I say this, “The whites? They ain’t never gonna let up.” Just look at the above picture. All you see is a sea of Black faces; all homeless and sitting in a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving Day, eating a donated ‘Thanksgiving’ meal with cameras surrounding them, on display for ALL to see that the white man still has to feed his “slaves.”

10 thoughts on “Only A Sea Of Black Faces In A Homeless Shelter In Washington D.C. Partaking Of A ‘Thanksgiving’ Meal: The Whites Continued War Against American Descendants Of Slaves

  1. David Dinkins (92 years old now), mayor of NYC from 1990 to 93 is still the *only* black to hold that position. He was followed by Guiliani, who has always been an archetypical lawyer — self-aggrandizing, self-whiteous tool. The cockroach is still dodging — as is Donald Bone Spurs.
    Marion Barry got demonized by white-supremacist racists (an oxymoron: all racists are white supremacist) for token infractions specifically manufactured by whites.
    Gentrification is not a token crime, but a high crime, a hate crime, deliberate social engineering designed to steal land. The word “gentry” originated as a term to distinguish the groups of landed, “gentle” people who didn’t qualify as noble because they were not from the right family. White presumption has been at the helm of Western Evilization ever since. Gentrification is another word for white supremacism. Blacks are never ever considered gentry. Is the Queen black? Does the Pope shit in the woods?

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    1. Bill, once again, I can find no fault with your comment; an absolute excellent comment and so very true and on point. We actually have a realty company here that’s named ‘Gentry’. How’s that for letting us descendants of slaves know where we stand. We can purchase a property through ‘Gentry Realty’ and get to live on Plantation Road or Confederate Avenue, for the right sum of money, that is. Truth is, the City of Lynchburg has been abandoned by the ‘old money’ whites; the whites who profited off every single Black resident of this racist ass burg and the city itself is falling into decay, hence why apartments such as mine look like they do.

      Lynchburg will soon be exclusively inhabited by poor Black folks who cannot move to the outer regions of Lynchburg like the ‘old money’ whites have done. Everything down here is falling to pieces. My mother owns her home but unfortunately, she married a man who, the very idea of renovating, appalled him and now that she is up in age, she has been struggling to fix up the place, but who she gets to fix it up only causes more damage; the same as what’s going down with where I live. The only difference being that the slumlord that owns this property is filthy rich. He is just also extremely cheap when it comes to fixing up or making repairs to ‘his’ properties.

      And you are so right, “Marion Barry got demonized,” alright and yet he was still beloved by the Black people in Washington, D.C. because he was FOR them and they knew it. That man was set up just as ALL Black people who are trying to do some good are set up by the white establishment otherwise known so affectionately in ‘white circles’ as ‘white supremacy’.

      Also, I absolutely love your two questions at the end. They speak volumes.

      Bill, again, I thank you for that spot on comment.

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      1. Mark P. Fancher’s quote, published in Aisle C, contains a description that reminds me of the vividly detailed memories recalled by witnesses of public lynchings three hundred years *after* the “Pilgrims” massacred the Pequot (1637). The narratives echo the sentiments with chilling fidelity. The same Evilization distinguishes itself with the same calculated brutality, including gratitude to their god, “who had wrought so wonderfully for them.”

        “Those that [escaped] the fire were [slain] with the sword; some hewed to [pieces], others [run] [through] with their rapiers, so as they were quickly [dispatched], and very few [escaped]. It was conceived they thus destroyed about 400 at this time. It was a fearful sight to see them thus frying in the [fire], and the streams of blood quenching the same, and horrible was the [stink] and [scent] thereof, but the victory seemed a [sweet] sacrifice, and they gave the prayers thereof to God, who had wrought so wonderfully for them, thus to [enclose] their [enemies] in their hands, and give them so speedy a victory over so proud and insulting an [enemy].”


      2. Bill, I ‘follow’ Aisle C and I saw that. I was just so torn up about it, that I just had to move on. Sometimes, the things I see, I just cannot. I just cannot because it becomes too much. When you are a caring person who has been on the receiving end of non-stop racism, bigotry, prejudice, hatred and some more shit for nothing that I’ve done, it does something to a person. And I am never far from foaming at the goddamn mouth.

        When I was in Minnesota, I went to my Endocrinologist because I have a thyroid nodule that I have to get an ultrasound done on and my blood pressure was so high because I came in the door screeching and wailing about a whole bunch of shit and they told me to calm down and had to wait several minutes to retake my blood pressure and eventually, it was normal. The only reason I have not had a stroke I believe is because I don’t eat muck and yuck and I have a system that does not allow for the buildup of plaque or what’s that shit?, cholesterol in my arteries. My doctor used to be amazed at my cholesterol numbers. She would write on the results, “Excellent!” She even stopped ordering blood lipid tests because they always came back, “Excellent!” But I am not doing myself any favors by becoming enraged to the point whereas I am almost blood red in the face and looking quite apoplectic. So, I moved on from that post on Aisle C’s site.

        However, I do appreciate you posting the link and some of the information from that site here because some of my readers may not be as prone to apoplectic fits as I am. Thank you Bill.


  2. I’m so glad that it appears that more and more Black people are not allowing whites to build them up. Too many Black people have now learned that it is a total set up.

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    1. It is a total setup Kreb. And the whites only ‘allow’ those Black people who are sellouts and “shuck and jive” negroes to advance. Those of us who refuse to play by their rules are treated like shit but that still won’t stop me from continuing to put it out there that whites are so damn evil, their doughy asses reek with the stench of their evil from here to kingdom come. They can keep “their” riches, baubles and trinkets” as far as I am concerned because I have something far more valuable than what ANY doughy assed white has amassed through slavery, theft, war and genocide; I have a conscience, heart, empathy and a soul and I have morals, principles and values and that is something that whites can’t even get next to without bursting into flames, the filthy ass shits!

      Kreb, many of us are aware of what we would have to do to get “favored” by the whites and we just ain’t fucking willing to do it.

      I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Whites write libraries full of grand sweeping crimes, they make no apologies for the “slavery, theft, war and genocide” that just happened along the way, unavoidable “mistakes” in hindsight but that everything worked out just dandy for everyone graced by their god-forsaken empires in the name of a god who *always* gets painted in pales shades of pink. To the victors go the spoils — but never the blame. They proceed without “conscience, heart, empathy and a soul…morals, principles and values.” Advancement by any means possible is their mission statement. It’s not who you are but what you can get away with that counts. The leaders they follow are corrupt to the marrow, their established religions followed the imperial powers in quick succession to “convert” the “savages” and to make diverse cultures and civilizations malleable to their hammers, slash and burn every dwelling and every “savage” in the way. Their role models are thugs and thieves who get the job done, and whites do not care how it is done. They militarize their police forces and whitewash the lesson plans in a nested web of schools that were designed after a Prussian model. Law and order, tough on crime, three-strike laws, extrajudicial executions by cops on the beat. Why are all those serial killers white? White collars around white necks, are they not the signs of a criminal typology. Coddle white mass shooters. Their President addresses white police squads, suggesting that they not spare the arrested from a bump to the head… … …

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      2. It’s ALL summed up in two words, “collateral damage.” What’s a little collateral damage when in the grand scheme of things, whites are just bringing humanitarianism and their brand of benevolence to thankless “savages,” for their own good of course. It’s like, “See, we made those peoples lives more enjoyable for us because we gave them a purpose; tend our fields, give them a work ethic, learn to enjoy forced servitude for it builds character. Look at all that we have instilled in savages. We have made them assimilate to OUR way of life which is more than any savage can hope for and without us, where would they be?” Isn’t that how whites carried it and they still do?

        Anyone and everyone who was minding their business was fair game. No continent was safe from the ravages of the whites and to this day, that shit continues, uninterrupted. The whites’ agenda has never been truly hidden. They just try to ‘pretty it up’ some in calling it, not what it is, but what they say it is. They did not bring war, they brought their brand of ‘democracy’. They did not bring disease, they brought a new diagnosis. They did not bring death, they brought “The Rapture.” Everyone is supposed to be stupid and gullible, brainwashed and some more shit while the whites kill us all because make no mistake, none of us are immune, including whites to what other whites are doing since this entire planet has been turned into one gigantic toxin factory thanks to what the whites put into play. People who think that by consuming “organic” this and “organic” that, that they are mitigating their chances of dying in agony are kidding themselves because the same toxic water that is used on non-organic foods is being used on “organic foods.” No city’s drinking water is without toxins.

        Hell! I read many years ago that products made by 3M were found in polar bears and since polar bears are not living next door to us, what does that say about us since we are basically living at ground zero? This is the reason why so many people are dying from different cancers. The body can only absorb but so many toxins before the immune system becomes overwhelmed and cancer cells spread. This is what we ALL face if we don’t die from diabetes or heart related diseases first. What is in mass produced food, we really don’t want to know, but know this, it is killing us and nothing is being done about it. However, at this late day, there is nothing that can be done about it. And as you state, it all comes down to “corruption.” Money over the health and well being of the worlds’ peoples, plants and animals. Destroy the rain forests, fill the oceans with radiation and plastic. It’s ALL for the good of the corporate bottom line. Consume, consume and consume and drive, drive, drive because wars and coups in other countries will make sure that there are poor people turning out products for this shithole. Oil stolen from other countries will fuel our vehicles because the vicious cycle of capitalism otherwise known as consumerism must continue at ALL cost. If we are not shopping, then we are producing and this must continue. Nothing is free; not water, not housing, not clothing, not food, not even breathing. Everything we do has been criminalized from going off grid, to standing on the sidewalk to being homeless and jobless because people are jailed for not having the ability to pay fines or bail. What the white man has set in motion is so vile, fiendish, heinous and diabolical, it can only mean one thing, the whites that set this shit in motion and profit from what they set in motion cannot be human. I don’t know what they are, but human, they are not!

        Bill, again, you posted a real zinger; a gem and I thank you for it. I just had to include my take on things. Neither of us are wrong.

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      3. You know it! You see what I’m going through, but has it deterred me? Hell no! It has only emboldened me! Fuck these parasitic, depraved, filthy white shits! I don’t hold back and I never will! I don’t give a shit what they try!

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