Who Is “Depopulating Communities Of Color From This Country?”

Immigrants are welcome, but those whose ancestors were DRAGGED over here? Not so much!


There is an article out today about the brother of a convicted terrorist facing deportation despite his alleged American citizenship.

Brother of convicted terrorist faces deportation despite US citizenship

A New Yorker who gained US citizenship as a child is suddenly facing deportation, along with several green card-holding members of his family, after apparent targeting by the Trump administration in what the family believes is a clear case of anti-Muslim bias.

“At a time when we are seeing a white nationalist current in government and society that wants to depopulate communities of color from this country, these cases are an indication of how their tactics and attacks are evolving.” said Fahd Ahmed, executive director of the advocacy group Desis Rising Up and Moving (Drum), which has been providing support to the Ullah family.

Ahsan Ullah, 32  was born in Bangladesh and adopted by his uncle at a young age, the family said. After the uncle won a US visa through the diversity lottery program, Ahsan was granted a green card.

One of Ahsan’s brothers, Akayed, was arrested for detonating a homemade pipe bomb in a crowded New York City subway station. He was the only person injured, in what was seen as a botched attack.

So yeah, thanks to ‘chain migration, the rest of this immigrant’s family was granted citizenship here and the way to pay a country back for becoming a citizen is to “detonate a homemade pipe bomb in a crowded New York City subway station?” Who could find anything wrong with that? Uh…the people who were in the New York City subway station at the time the pipe bomb was detonated, for instance? Their only saving grace was the fact that the perpetrator of this terrorist attack didn’t know what the hell he was doing in trying to make a homemade pipe bomb go off.

But yet, immigrant homemade pipe bomb maker’s supporter, Fahd Ahmed, is sitting somewhere exclaiming that “we are seeing a white nationalist current in government and society that wants to depopulate communities of color from this country.” White nationalists? Homemade pipe bomb makers? Somali Muslim extremists? Whats the difference? You’re ALL terrorists and something needs to be done about each and every one of you. We have enough terrorist skinhead groups to worry about. We don’t need any more terrorists to be allowed to come over here and add to our woes. Are you fucking kidding?

Fahd Ahmed, wants to throw around “communities of color” like he is helping American descendants of slaves gain ground in this shithole. His only interest is seeing to it that Muslims come over here in droves and never mind if their relatives make homemade pipe bombs and detonate them in crowded subways, there is a “white nationalist current in government and society that wants to depopulate communities of color from this country aka Muslims,” and to hell with anyone with deep melanin skin.

Let me get this straight, these people dragged their asses over here, attempt to detonate pipe bombs in crowded subway stations and yet their supporters still want to screech and wail that it’s not the fault of the folks who are coming over here attempting to detonate pipe bombs in crowded subway stations, but the fault lies with those who are “white nationalists in government and society that wants to depopulate communities of color from this country,” as the reason why the brother of the guy who detonated the pipe bomb is facing deportation? It seems to me to be a case of, “you can never be too careful.” What the fuck does he mean “communities of color?” No American descendant of slaves is over here making homemade pipe bombs and attempting to detonate them in crowded New York subway stations. That’s some shit that those Muslims do who don’t even claim us or associate with us. Don’t get the shit twisted!

Shall we take a look at something else? Yes, lets.

3 Minnesota men found guilty of plotting to join ISIS

A federal jury has found three men guilty of plotting to join the terror group ISIS and commit murder overseas.

Guled Omar, 21, and Mohamed Farah, 22, were found guilty on all charges. Abdirahman Daud, 22, was found guilty on all terror counts, but not guilty of lying to a grand jury.

Family members sobbed upon hearing the verdicts. Plotting to commit murder overseas is a charge that carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The three Somali-Americans were among nine young [Somali] Minnesota men arrested since 2014 for allegedly plotting to join ISIS in Syria. Six — Abdullahi Yusuf, Zacharia Abdurahman, Hanad Musse, Abdirizak Warsame, Adnan Farah and Hamza Ahmed — pleaded guilty to conspiring to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

Well, looky, looky! Another “Ahmed” up there trying to join ISIS. I wonder if he is related to Fahd Ahmed,  the Muslim supporter of the pipe bomb maker’s brother? And so the plot thickens.

If these Muslim terrorists had been trying to commit acts of terrorism in New York, then I guess, they too, would have been supported in their terrorist endeavors by Fahd Ahmed, executive director of the advocacy group Desis Rising Up and Moving (Drum), because as long as they are Muslim terrorists, that should give them a free pass to continue to terrorize people.

Newsflash Fahd Ahmed, the only terrorists group that get a free pass to commit terrorist activities in the U.S. is the U.S. government’s gestapo agents otherwise known as the Klan and all associated skinhead groups. If your ass ain’t pasty or doughy, you don’t get a pass to commit terrorist activities.

But what I would like to know is why do these groups, that clearly ONLY support Muslim immigrants dare to speak on “communities of color” as though they are including American descendants of slaves when they know damn well that we had better not show up on their doorsteps claiming that we are getting fucked up by “the white nationalist current in government and society that wants to depopulate communities of color from this country.” Not one word is said by those groups that were formed for the sole purpose of aiding Muslim immigrants about the fact that American descendants of slaves are being depopulated, left and right, permanently into six feet under status by said ” white nationalist current in government and society.” Not one goddamn word is said by Muslim groups about the fact that American descendants of slaves have been “depopulated” from the general population and are now inside prisons in “general population,” by the millions.

So while I am often accused of falling for what some whites consider to be the “divide and conquer” strategy of the elites, of the different ethnic groups, why is it that nothing is ever said about the fact that these immigrants have so many agencies that are set up for the sole purpose of providing them with free ‘great’ legal help, free interpreter services, free housing and free medical care when not one of them would admit an American descendant of slaves through their agency doors and help us overcome what is being done to us by the “white nationalist current in government and society?” But not only that, the United States government also extends free housing, food stamps, free interpreters, free medical care and tax free status to immigrants as well. Nice setup if you can get it and, newsflash, American descendants of slaves have never had a setup nearly as nice as that one. Just ask Ronald “Blacks are free loading, Cadillac driving welfare queens” Raygun since he damn near decimated welfare by trying to put the blame on non-existent “Black welfare queens” when in reality, statistics clearly pointed out that whites were the ones who were sitting all up on the dole. Add to that, the ‘refugees/immigrants’ and ain’t no Black folks getting shit since our asses are out on the streets, homeless and some more shit, but we damn sure as hell are NOT sitting somewhere making homemade pipe bombs in order to detonate them in crowded New York subway stations. We are not somewhere, en mass, attempting to join overseas terror groups. And yet, Fahd Ahmed, wants to screech and wail that it is such a horrible thing to do to deport Muslims who are over here on sufferance but are not happy about it and so get to making home made pipe bombs or are attempting to join overseas terror groups.

If these so-called ‘refugees/immigrants’ don’t like what the fuck they find over here, then they can just drag their foreign asses back from whence they came, be it Bangladesh, Mozambique, Somalia, Pakistan, India and any damn where else they crawled from, I don’t fucking care. What I care about is the fact that I am damned tired of these groups screeching about “communities of color” getting fucked up when all they really mean is “communities of Muslims” getting deported for attempting to fuck shit up while they sit all up on MY fucking tax dollars. And if you don’t believe that shit, then, by all means, go back and read this blog. That’ll clue your ass in! And send a link to Fahd Ahmed at the advocacy group Desis Rising Up and Moving (Drum) because, apparently, his ass is clueless! No one is denying Muslims a goddamn thing. They are the reasons why Indians and American descendants of slaves are out on the streets, homeless because the whites are looking out for their asses. No one is thinking about the Indians or American descendants of slaves. We are on our own, but all I hear is about how some Muslims are being fucked up. To hell with them. If they are not making homemade pipe bombs, the whites ain’t even looking cross-eyed at their damn asses. If the Muslims are not attempting to go overseas and join other terror groups, the whites don’t have a problem with their asses because the whites are responsible for why they are over here since the whites are feeding them, housing them, giving them free food, a free education, free interpreters and they don’t pay taxes. What.the.fuck.else.do.they.want. American descendants of slaves can only dream of such a life! Fuck those Muslims!


12 thoughts on “Who Is “Depopulating Communities Of Color From This Country?”

  1. Anyone who is an ADOS would NEVER do any of that crap and would be imprisoned or slaughtered for far less than what those terrorists did or planned to do. It’s such a damning indictment that immigrants of all races and ethnic groups get treated better than black people who were born in America. Thanks for your write-up on that issue.

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    1. Ospreyshire, this is what I mean when I state that I know what I am talking about because I can back up what I state with verifiable, undeniable proof positive. Those so-called “refugees/immigrants” are nothing more than terrorists who are ALLOWED to come over here and do just what they do because whites are deranged, megalomaniacs who would sacrifice their own great grandma if it fit in with their agenda. They know what these “refugees/immigrants” are about when they allow them to come over here because it fits in with the agenda for the government to continue and to rev up the mass surveillance of us, “for our own good, of course,” which basically means, “for the good of the STATE.” This government has NEVER had the best interests of its citizens at heart and American descendants of slaves are not even considered to be citizens. Many of us are well aware of that. But at the same time, I am going to continue to point out the fact that politicians like Donald Trump just spout useless rhetoric about doing something about immigration when if he were really trying to do something about it, none of these “wanna be terrorists” would have made it off a plane in the first goddamn place. But true Amerikkkan citizens are spied on as though we are the problem when our government is THE problem because they knowingly let this shit in here to do their dirt because it fits in with their agenda.

      Ospreyshire, I thank you for your comment. It is right on point.

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      1. You’re definitely right about the government not having the interests of the people at heart. It’s also insane how white immigrants from Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. can come here scot-free and no one questions their citizenship even when emigration from those countries is shrinking, but I digress. By the immigrants who come over to do terrorist things, it could be the powers that shouldn’t be proving themselves right that criminals are coming into the country (I’m just adding onto your point, by the way). It’s also hypocritical that the ones who aren’t planning on doing anything wrong get denied like the Bahamanians who suffered under the hurricane this year for example. Why they would want to come to an openly racist country despite being close to the Bahamas (via Florida) is crazy, but I hope my point was clear. You’re absolutely right about ADOS not being considered citizens. I sure haven’t felt like one and I was born here. One time, some racist idiot from Jacksonville asked me if I was an American citizen when I was on tour with my college’s choir in the South, but NEVER asked the white classmate who sat next to me that same question. Gee, I wonder why? That is a point I never thought about when it came to Trump. Despite his obviously bigoted rhetoric and previous actions, he wasn’t as ironclad when it came to terrorism. He certainly won’t call white supremacists AKA his supporters that when they shoot up schools, churches, or synagogues. You would think with his fanbase and his big mouth, that he would work harder, but I guess its’ political theater.

        You’re welcome, Shelby. I appreciate it. I hope this comment made sense and was clear, too.

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      2. You are SO right. The racist whites who run this shithole welcome those from Australia and from Europe and don’t question a damn thing about a damn thing when other countries have immigration policies in place that state that no immigrant can take a job that a natural born citizen can do. All want ‘highly skilled’ migrants with impeccable work credentials and who are also sponsored by an employer or who have a fortune that they can use to open up a business that hires only locals otherwise known as natural born citizens. I posted a blog about that shit. I titled it, “NO Country Wants The Dimwitted Or The Poor! and here is an excerpt from that post.

        Moving to Russia is not a problem if you have a skill or talent Russians value and if you can obtain gainful employment where employer would vouch for you; if you open a business, which provides jobs and pays taxes; if you have certain material assets.

        See what I mean. Russia doesn’t want some dimwitted person who can only flip burgers at McDonalds. Next!

        This policy primer discusses three key questions that arise in the development of policies that aim to attract and select highly skilled migrant workers:
        1.Which criteria should be used to select and attract the ‘best and brightest’?

        Attracting highly skilled workers is a key policy objective in many high-income countries including the UK.


        If you live overseas and you’d like the opportunity to live and work in Australia, the first step is to find out more about the visa options that are available to you. See Work visas for skilled migration visa options.

        And here we have this!

        Next up! We have the five different means of entrance to New Zealand.

        1. Skilled Migrant
        2. Family
        3. Business
        4. Investor
        5. Temporary Visa

        When illegal immigration was all the rage hundreds of years ago when the ‘Pilgrims’ colonizers arrived on the shores of America, did the Indians ask if the ‘colonizers’ had good job skills or a college education? Were they allowed to send them packing if they had no outstanding qualifications? We ALL know the answer to THAT question! Especially, the Indians!

        When Botany Bay penal colony was being established in Australia, were the Aborigines asked if they had a problem with it? Were they presented with a set of credentials for all convicts that were left on their shores? Once again, we ALL know the answer to THAT question!

        But anyone can crawl over here and take jobs that people born here could do and that is why those from India come over and overstay those h1b visas because the federal government does not give a damn about checking the expiration dates on those visa. Hence many are here on expired visas.

        And believe me, I do understand about the racist shit that’s been flung your way. ALL of us who have melanin in our skin and who are in some way, descended from slaves know exactly what you go through. For what it’s worth, Ospreyshire, stay strong and keep your head up! And thank you for your comment.

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  2. Thanks for bringing up those guidelines with other countries with their immigration policies. I figured several nations on principle would have laws like that, but it’s good to see visible evidence that these nations do so. The Australia and New Zealand policies are hypocritical in hindsight because I’m sure the Aborigines and Maori respectively weren’t asked those questions when they became British colonies. Shoot, there’s no one on this earth that can claim to be of Tasmanian descent if we’re looking at Australia! There’s also that idiotic stereotype that all black people in the world are stupid, yet you have African nations like Nigeria for example having a higher percentage of those with degrees and certification than most other communities, yet they don’t get taken as seriously for example. Trust me, I’m quite annoyed about the expired visa issues and gentrification aspects or how tough it is for those who are ADOS to start their own businesses in this country.

    Thank you, Shelby. I know we’ve had disagreements and misunderstandings before, but I’m very thankful that you still want to encourage me. By the time you made this comment, I was dealing with a ton of internalized anger and wondering if I was weak in some way. That actually helped when I read it.

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    1. Ospreyshire, you are not weak. We ALL deal with internalized anger and with good reason. Look at what we have to deal with and put up with, daily! That shit ain’t a fucking cake walk. We are in “Defense” mode ALL the fucking time because we have to ‘defend’ ourselves from constant attacks from racists, EVERYWHERE and without let up. That would wear anyone down whose got a heart, empathy, soul, feelings of any kind and we are human. Whites are not human; that is obvious. You cannot be human and visit this much pain and suffering on people who have done nothing to warrant it. Whites go beyond being merely insane. They are waaaaay past that fucking diagnosis!

      Ospreyshire, you are stronger than you think, believe me because you are still here and have not hung yourself or sucked on a gun. And don’t even think about doing that. That’s what they want you to do. As long as there is breath in your body, keep on keeping on. Keep pushing back against these parasitic monstrosities. Their days are numbered and they know that, hence why they have revved the shit up to a whole new level. We don’t have much time, but they’ve got even less time and all the riches that they’ve stolen is not going to help them. I just read that Warren Buffet’s depraved ass has started hoarding actual cash as opposed to stock portfolios and shit and people are wondering why. His stash of cash is not going to be of any use to him because what’s coming for his ass ain’t thinking about his cash stash. Mark my words. And you just keep your head up and don’t mind my spurts of anger, I’m barely able to see straight these days because I am so enraged, I am often beet fucking red in the face and foaming at the mouth. I know in my heart, Ospreyshire, that you are a wonderful human being and I do owe you an apology for calling you a half breed. It is not on you who your parents are and people who are in your position have it rough as well. But you just stay strong. You’ve got a heart, compassion, a soul, empathy and you are not like these filthy ass, debased parasites out here because you are not fucking people over and bringing suffering and misery to the masses.

      And know this, I do appreciate your comments on here. They bring much to the table. Just keep doing you. You have no reason to try and change or to wonder about yourself. You are fine just as you are!

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      1. Thank you and a defense mode is a very accurate statement because I’ve felt that way for w long time and even more so ever since I’ve been researching so many things by myself. Blogging has been therapeutic for me over the past couple of years by letting my voice be known whether it’s for my spoken word projects, fiction, music, film reviews, or serious issues. I know I would never even be capable of that kind of damage and cruelty to anyone.

        That’s a convicting thing to say to me because I actually attempted suicide my freshman year of college, and I’m so glad I didn’t go through with it. I almost did it because of being bullied and the compounded stress from other things that happened in my life then. Thanks for telling me to keep on living even though I haven’t been as depressed as I was back at that point of my life. You’re right with cash not being a be-all end all solution. I could also add to the point that the US dollar isn’t backed by something tangible like gold or silver, so that could falter at any time. I’ve been dealing with so much internalized anger and even I’m surprised that I haven’t lashed out at more people already.

        That was very kind of you calling me a wonderful human being. I also forgive you for the “half breed” comment a while back. I appreciate you understanding where I was coming from regardless of my parentage and ethnic background. Racism infuriates me so much as I’ve dealt with it firsthand, too. While I may not have the worst life in the world, I know where I’m at is lower than where I should be even with all of my hard work. It’s very touching that you would see the heart, compassion, kindness, and empathy in me. I know I’ve had very furious and depressing thoughts for years, but I’m thankful I can still have humanity and to treat others with respect. Maybe this was an unknown strength since my default position is to be kind instead of insulting. Even when I talk about uncomfortable subjects with others, I still do my best to make my point across without trying to disparage others. Hopefully, you’ve seen that with my comments or my blog posts.

        Will do, Shelby. I’m beyond thankful that there are bloggers who are willing to encourage me to keep being me even when I don’t have the most popular opinions.


  3. Stories like these are just reminders of how much white people in America absolutely hate and despise ADOS. Our presence alone constantly reminds them of their most heinous sins and because of us, they can never claim, with any validity, that America is truly a “shining city” on a hill. These “Black” Somalis are literally getting away with murder. It ain’t about Blackness to white people.

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  4. Exactly Kreb! And that is why they fly those Africans over here and set them up all nice and fine because then they can say that those Africans, WILLINGLY, boarded planes and came over here. That cannot be said about us despite how many times they try and re-write the history books or stand somewhere and say that “African slaves were merely immigrants.” That shit won’t fucking fly!

    They want us gone because we are a constant reminder that ALL of that ‘humanitarian and benevolent’ bullshit they spout is just that, BULLSHIT, because ain’t a goddamn thing ‘humanitarian and benevolent’ about enslaving people, raping them, lashing their backs, breaking up families, experimenting on them, depriving them of their humanity and dignity and some more shit of the like. That is why we will NEVER find those parasitic slugs doing anything but what they are doing to us and they know we hate their ass with a passion that burns through our bodies. They expect us to fuck them up the same way they have and still are fucking us up. The problem is, we ain’t debased, depraved, deranged, psychopathic monsters like those pasty, doughy assed parasites are! May they ALL fucking drop dead!

    Thank you for your comment Kreb!


  5. I am also a descendent of ADOS from Brazil,and it’s true that wp hate so much people of descendent
    of slaves and our presents in public offended them in every single damn of their life!
    Because they don’t want take responsibility,they don’t want get involve with black matters,
    we are a nuisance they want to get rid of us,and they know deep down,that us descendent of slaves
    we detest them with core!
    It’s funny that all these blacks or people of colour minorities who come to live in USA and Europe,
    they are also descendent of people who their countries and cultures have been stolen by wp!
    But wp mange to survived until today because of their white supremacy,you can clear see from their behaviour like the three little monkeys “I don’t see,I don’t talk and I don’t hear!”,they know damn well that white supremacy exist and they are benefit from that,what keep them alive is their racism they feed on!
    They did conducted statistics here in the UK,that the majority of white British people said that “British Empire was a good thing and they regret that it no longer exists!”
    What I have noticed that they don’t want to admit but they like very much to dominate,control and oppress other!

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  6. Yeah, qnubian, we offend the whites because when they see us, they can’t go on and on about how humanitarian and benevolent they are and some more bullshit of the like because we make that shit, a lie! Those debased monstrosities are evil, personified. We didn’t do shit to them, they did the shit to us American descendants of slaves and they know that we would be well within our right to try and get rid of as many of them as possible, but the thing is see, we ain’t depraved, debased, twisted and lacking humanity; something (humanity) the whites can lay NO claim to.

    Those parasitic slugs, even the devil would have nothing to do with. Where the fuck they cam from, I wish they’d fucking go back because they are the enemy of this entire fucked up planet that they fucked up and now want to holler and screech about ‘climate change’. Those deranged fucks need to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down because it’s a bit late to screech about that shit now since they brought all of this shit about.

    And or course, the British want their ’empire’ because even they want to continue to ‘lord’ it over every dark-skinned person on this planet just as they have been doing and when the fuck did they stop? Because the shit that crawled over here to the U.S. is from over there, the same with the shit that slithered to Australia and New Zealand and that colonized Hawaii. Those pasty-assed shits have taken over every other peoples land and told them where the fuck to get off. And those Muslims are over there in their land getting fucked up by whitey parasite ass and yet, hate on American descendants of slaves while loving all up and down on what is their enemy as well as ours. But for some strange ass reason, they revere the hell out of the whites. It fair boggles the mind, it does.

    qnubian, I thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated.

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