“Kopmala” Harris Has Dropped Out Of 2020 Presidential Race. Time For ADOS To Get The Others In The Field To Do Likewise

Kamala Harris or as I like to call the witch, “Kopmala” Harris, who just recently considered herself to be a ‘ top tier’ candidate, just dropped out of the 2020 presidential race citing a lack of billionaire donor funding. Good riddance!

Kamala Harris Drops Out Of Presidential Race, To Close Baltimore Campaign Headquarters

BALTIMORE (AP/CBS) — California Senator Kamala Harris is ending her presidential bid, meaning her Baltimore campaign office will be shut down.

CBS News has also confirmed her departure from the race according to a campaign aide and a source familiar with her decision.

“Eleven months ago at the launch of our campaign in Oakland I told you all: ‘I am not perfect. But I will always speak with decency and moral clarity and treat all people with dignity and respect. I will lead with integrity. I will speak the truth.’

And those of us who are ADOS(American descendants of slaves)appreciate you speaking THIS truth!.

“No… [The LIFT Act] will directly benefit Black children, Black families, Black homeowners because the disparities are so significant,” she said. “Any policy that will benefit Black people will benefit all of society. Let’s be clear about that. Let’s really be clear about that,” she continued.

“So I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m gonna do something that’s only gonna benefit Black people. No. Because whatever benefits that Black family will benefit that community and society as a whole and the country, right?” – Kamala Harris

And if what this bitch said sounds familiar, remember what Barack Obama said?

So my general approach is that if the economy is strong, that it will lift all boats.” – Barack Obama took this quote from a deceased former president.And I’m confident that that will help the African-American community live out the American dream at the same time that it’s helping communities all across the country.”

“Benefiting all of society,” and “helping communities all across the country,” sound too much alike to merely be coincidence.

American descendants of slaves don’t need another Barack Obama and “Kopmala” Harris would have been the ‘female’ version of Barack Obama. Obama’s mother was white. His father was from Kenya. Obama was NOT an American descendant of slaves.

Kamala’s mother was from India and her father is from Jamaica. Kamala Harris is NOT an American descendant of slaves and then we wonder why neither of these two assholes would have ADOS best interests at heart. Neither were one of us. Good riddance to both and I certainly don’t know why there was this attempt to fool us twice. Yeah! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. That shit was not going to work THIS time. So, “Kopmala,” dance your ass on back to your Jew husband and cook him up some curry since you claim to like Cardi B’s music, you half-breed whore!

Kamala Harris was certainly NO friend to American descendants of slaves and I pointed this out quite well in this blog and so I don’t have to delve into that here. But suffice it to say, her ass is grass in so far as her becoming president.

Now, here comes Joe Biden’s racist ass claiming that he has no problem with Kamala Harris as his running mate. Well, Joe Biden, I have a problem with Kamala Harris as your running mate and so should millions of other ADOS. And we will show you just like we showed “Kopmala” Harris. We are not to be taken for granted. We will NOT be taken for granted and you can take that to the bank. So, you go right ahead and join up with that half-breed, lying whore, “Kopmala” Harris and watch your shit crash and burn. No one in their right mind wants your stupid, senile ass as president and so why you are considered to be the ‘front runner’ is a complete and utter mystery to me. The only reason the Democrats are propping your ass up is because they think that your association with Barack Obama gives you clout. Well, it doesn’t. We hate his ass and we will not tolerate yours.

We are not voting for Joe Biden. We are not voting for Cory Booker. We are not voting for Elizabeth Warren. We are not voting for Bernie Sanders. We are not interested in Medicare for All. We are not interested in student loan forgiveness. We are not interested in a fight for immigrants. We are NOT immigrants. We are for reparations and we will stand for nothing less. If that is not your agenda, then exit the field because you will not get the ADOS vote. We are not going to fall for your carefully chosen lame campaign slogans and speeches that are meant to appease us. We have fallen for them, times too numerous to count. But no more. The Democratic party will no longer be able to take us for granted. Too many of us are now awake. And you can tout out Barack Obama’s lame ass all you want, he holds no sway over us. We are well aware of how Black America fared under eight fucking years of Obama and we are not going to stand for any more of this shit!

We don’t want to hear that there is no money for reparations. If this shithole can find money to fund endless wars, then find the money to pay us reparations. If this shithole can find the money to build Trump’s useless border wall, then find the money to pay us reparations. If this shithole can find the money to destroy Iraq and then rebuild Iraq, then find the money to pay us reparations. If this shithole can find the money to destabilize sovereign nations, then find the money to pay us reparations. If this country can find the money to fund a useless military to the tune of billions, then find the money to pay us reparations. After all, our ancestors built this shithole and received not one thin dime for what they did and their descendants are doing just as poorly as they did since our ancestors were owned. If our ancestors were promised forty acres and a mule and that shit never materialized, then we are here to collect. #Cut.The.Check.


Reparations, yes the Jews received; the Japanese as well.

Yet, those whose skin’s like mine are told to “go to hell!”

The Holocaust was shocking; that is widely understood.

How can we break the chains of slavery? There’s no way we ever could.


Black backs were broke and lashed, and rape was just the thing.

But the Jews, for their misery received what’s due a king.

Internment camps were used to detain the Japanese,

who received compensation soon after their release.


Descendants of the slaves are whipped unto this day.

They are used and abused in every single way.

Why were they not rewarded for the slavery of the past?

But the Jews are quite rich; indeed, their wealth is vast.


Is it all because of who they are and that their skin’s not Black?

Or is it due to attitudes that slavery’s not a fact?

If you buy yourself a human, you’re a nasty piece of work.

And if you lash his back and maim him, you’re more than just a jerk.


The slaves suffered much and they had nowhere to turn.

They were three-fifths of a person; no money did they earn.

A nation took from Indians and built on slavery too.

And with each new generation, their boot will land on you.

Do not speak of recompense, as it blows into the wind.

No descendant of a slave should ever be the white man’s friend.

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

And don’t tell me that what’s done in the past should not matter. Tell that to the Jews. Tell that to the Japanese and tell that to the Indians and even though the Indians did not receive nearly what was due them for their stolen land and damn near genocide, some did receive compensation. The slaves and their progeny? Nothing at all!




11 thoughts on ““Kopmala” Harris Has Dropped Out Of 2020 Presidential Race. Time For ADOS To Get The Others In The Field To Do Likewise

  1. We are the source and the foundation of the wealth and power of America. We born into slavery after being severed from our conection to our God and Ancestors. We were in america at it’s inception. America has mistreated us from the beginning to become master of much. There would. be no wealth for anyone to obtain if the foundation was a liberated nation. Who would rellplace us on the bottom of the pyramid? Which group of immigrants would or could serve as the source from which jurisprudence and industry eg. Hollywood would find their purpose in being. The truth is White(and its honorary members) America would have no way to gauge themselves if not off of our deprived state. Nowhere in the annals of history has a people been placed in a position( free in the land and with the people [descendant s ] of the original enslavers and their original law[constitution] which they used to classify us less than all created life 3/5th of a human. Which means 40% what?) such as we. A lie as huge as that is the basis of the law of the land which is anti-God , anti-Christ in its inception.

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    1. Yele66, I don’t even think that I could add anything to what you wrote. It is nothing but TRUTH from beginning to end.

      The white man’s ‘god’ is not what ADOS should have taken up and run with because the white man’s ‘god’ is greed. The white man worships at the alter of greed. It is all he knows and it is all that keeps him going; that and killing in the name of greed which is exactly what he has done down through the centuries. What kind of spiritual awakening could occur in something that’s not even human and whites are not human. I would NEVER worship the white man’s ‘god’. And how whites can claim to be ‘religious’ is a complete mystery to me when those depraved, deranged megalomaniacs are evil personified. That is why when whites suffer a financial setback, the first thing they do is hang themselves or suck on a gun. They cannot be poor. That is a fate not to be endured. They will hock themselves to pieces to keep up the pretense for their neighbors and when they no longer can, then it’s suicide/murder time. Who in hell would want to emulate THAT mess? I sure as hell would not!

      But again, you spoke TRUTH and nothing but and I thank you for that spot on comment!


  2. Kopmala? Hahaha! That’s a funny, yet true nickname. Good one, Shelby!

    Okay, I’m going to switch to being serious now. I’m glad she stepped out of the race. I saw the crap with the Cardi B dancing and the “rising tide” quote on the Breakfast Club, or that interview where she explicitly said she didn’t have a black agenda. She even hyped up her Indian heritage more so than her Jamaican side. If she talked about being of both ethnic groups equally, that would be one thing, but denying her black side in general made me shake my head especially since I know I wouldn’t do that. Her work as the attorney general was spotty (understatement) when she had no problem locking up black men whether they were innocent or not. Like you, I’m also sick of politicians being so scared about giving reparations. That isn’t a handout. That’s a human freaking right!

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    1. Ospreyshire, a ‘rising tide’ also sinks boats. And ADOS have been doing nothing but sinking in this shithole. We are the first to go down when this Titanic finishes sinking.

      And “Kopmala” would of course only embrace, so fervently, her Indian side because her mother belonged in the highest caste in India and purportedly was castigated for marrying someone who was considered to be so beneath her in status, it is unreal and that is another reason why “Kopmala” damn near refuses to mention her Jamaican daddy who had to call her out on her lies about “weed smoking Jamaicans,” among other things. That whore is something else, but I never thought for one second that that whore would be president and whoever told her to throw her hat in the ring was crazy. She couldn’t even keep the infighting going on in her campaign from getting out of control and so who the hell thought that the whore could run a country? Seriously??!! Only someone who had been dropped on their damn head numerous times.

      Reparations are our right! And the time for excuses is over. They need to put up or shut up and Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden stated that they are NOT for reparations and so ADOS are NOT for them! They can kiss our asses and our votes “GOODBYE!”

      Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      1. THANK YOU! This is basic science metaphor or not! I’m not even from a coastal area or waterside town and even I know that when it comes to tides. Good point about ADOS being the first to sink in these situations.

        I knew it was on her maternal side that she was Indian, but I didn’t know that about which caste she was a part of. That really makes perfect sense now. Thanks for the info. I almost forgot about the “weed smoking Jamaicans” line. If she was white, she would’ve been blasted as being a racist. That line was so embarrassing on so many levels. I’m pretty sure most Jamaicans around the world collectively facepalmed when they heard about that.

        EXACTLY! #CutTheCheck #NoTangiblesNoVote

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  3. Her career history and shady comments were always going to catch up to her. I know one thing, ADOS are tired as hell of all these so-called “Blacks” who won’t own their “Blackness”.

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    1. Kreb, that tired ass whore, “Kopmala” could barely even pretend to be ADOS. That lame ass mess she did was laughable. She couldn’t even ‘act’ or pretend that she knew a damn thing about ADOS. Her history is NOT our history and so she could not carry it off and hell! She didn’t really try. She’s got too much of her Hindu mother in her for that to have happened. I know those Hindu cow worshipers and I would not trust them as far as I could throw them and I wish they’d ALL get deported because most of them are here on expired h1b visas. Those bastards are the ones who treat ADOS like shit because they own and operate ALL ‘convenience’ stores in our few remaining communities and when not beating us down, they are robbing us blind and selling us outdated, overpriced garbage. Those worthless cow worshiping shits think they are THE SHIT! Fuck ’em and to hell with ’em.

      That lame ass whore “Kopmala” can either take her depraved ass on back to India or head on over to Jamaica and get a Jamaican beat down to end all beat downs since she threw them under the fucking bus. To hell with that whore and her Jew husband!

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      1. Yep. I go out of my way to not give them a cent of my money. And if Kamala didn’t know, now she knows that it is pretty much impossible to pretend to know and feel the unique struggle of the ADOS.

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    1. That depraved Hindu whore had the unmitigated gall to think that ADOS had forgotten her time as top KKKop in California? She has to have lost her damn mind. And to try and play us like she did with the fake ass dancing and stupid ‘weed’ jokes was just beyond the end of enough. These Democratic candidates seriously think that we are too stupid for words. I have been watching and listening to what’s going down and ADOS are waking up and demanding reparations and if the Dems ain’t on board with that, then we ain’t on board with the Dems. They are NOT going to continue to take us for granted. That is NOT going to keep happening. And Joe Biden’s ass needs to learn his lesson. He ain’t about shit and no ADOS should vote for his ass either. And neither should Bernie Sanders get our vote and there ain’t a need to even speak on Cory Booker since we ALL know he’s going nowhere.

      I hate to say this but I do believe that Trump is going to finish what he started in that this shithole is most definitely going to crash and burn during his next term.

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