Immigrant Murders Houston KKKop Because He Did Not Want To Go To Jail For Assaulting His Girlfriend

I was wondering why I had to click on multiple articles in order to get a look at the guy who murdered a kkkop, and I said to myself, “Self, the reason why you cannot view a picture of the suspect is because the suspect is NOT Black.” And lo and behold, after clicking numerous articles, I finally found one with a picture and name of the suspect, who is in custody facing capital murder charges for killing Christopher Brewster, a cop who was responding to a 911 call about domestic violence.

I am sure that he wants to thank “Amerikkka” for allowing his family to ‘immigrate’ here and now he will sit all up on our tax dollars as he awaits the death penalty in Texas. Aren’t we ALL proud to have him as a ‘citizen’?

Houston police officer fatally shot while responding to domestic dispute; suspect in custody

A Houston police officer was killed in the line of duty Saturday night, shot multiple times while responding to a domestic violence call, authorities confirmed.

A woman reported to police that her boyfriend was assaulting her and armed with two firearms. When Sgt. Christopher Brewster, 32, found the couple three streets away from the house police had responded to, the suspect shot him as he got out of his car, police said.


Just so you know that I am not picking on this man because I merely suspect that he is Hispanic, I do my research before I start slinging words around. Where does the surname “Solis” originate?

The name Solis is derived from the city of Soler, a town where many of the original members of the Solis family history lived. That city’s name was derived from the Latin word solarium, which means ground or bottom. The first known record of a Solis listed the individual as coming from Catalonia, Spain.

The surname Solis is a Hispanic surname. It has been used by Sephardim (Jews descended from those expelled from Spain in 1492) but it has also been used by Christians.

So then, who is going to provide the defense counsel for this confessed kkkop killer? Hispanics or Jews? Who wants to claim him in the family? He has apologized. He said that he did not mean to kill that kkkop who was only 32 years old and though shot multiple times, was able to pull his gun to try and defend himself against being shot again and he was also able to call in a description of the suspect who was apprehended shortly thereafter. The suspect’s girlfriend, who called the kkkops pointed him out and said, “There he is! That is who you are looking for!” And so what originated as a domestic violence call turned into a kkkop killing. However, since whites treat those(who are not ADOS) who have killed kkkops, real gentle like, Hispanic dude was taken alive and with not a bullet hole, to show for his troubles, to anyone in prison.

Hell! MSN refused to even print this kkkop killer’s name or provide a photo of him. Now if this guy had been BLACK, “Oh my gawd!” There would have been SO damn many pictures of his previous mug shots and his arrest record would have been included and the fact that he was a junior high school dropout, and a menace to society who should have been locked away at birth and don’t we ALL fucking know this!

But what I would like to know is this, if Solis did not mean to kill that kkkop, then why shoot him multiple times? If it’s just a “My bad,” situation and I don’t really mean to kill you, then why would I keep shooting you?

Those Hispanics, Latinos or whatever they want to call themselves ain’t no fucking joke! If you’ve heard of MS-13, then you know that that Latino gang ain’t no fucking joke. That gang is worse than the bloods and the crips. And here in this burg, I remember reading a news article decades ago about a young Black woman who was dating one of those Latinos and he was mistreating her. She had a baby by him. Well, he got mad at her because she wanted nothing else to do with him. That Latino bastard chopped that Black woman up into little pieces right in front of the baby and left what was left of that woman to rot inside the home with the baby. Why she would mess with that shit was always a mystery to me because they love machetes. They’ll chop your ass up in no time flat.

Don’t believe it? Read this! And I had to search long and hard for this!

Solis has a lengthy criminal history including a charge of assault causing bodily injury.

Below are his previous charges:

  • 1/8/17- Burglary of vehicle– plead guilty- sentenced to 150 days in Harris County Jail
  • 03/01/16- Evading arrest/detention– plead guilty- sentenced to 30 days in Harris County Jail
  • 9/14/16- Harassment– guilty- sentenced 60 days in Brazoria Co Jail
  • 8/11/15- Assault family member– plead guilty- sentenced to 70 days in Harris County Jail
  • 11/10/14- Criminal mischief– guilty- sentenced to 20 Days Brazoria Co Jail

Solis can now add capital murder to the above charges. And so by all means, keep standing somewhere holding signs that “Immigrants Are Welcome Here.” By all means, keep those signs coming because we need more of them like Solis. That’s what you’re saying.

Immigrants are welcome, but those whose ancestors were DRAGGED over here? Not so damn fast!

“Families Belong Together!” Seriously? Solis was charged with assaulting a family member in 2015. He was also assaulting his girlfriend which led to a kkkop murder and so does it look as though Solis gives a shit about “Families Belonging Together?” He is about to have a new and bigger family inside prison; that is up until the state of Texas kills his ass after he spends years on death row. But since he’s confessed, they can just give him the lethal injection now and save the citizens of Texas some tax dollars.

So take your damn signs on down to Texas and protest right in front of the building that’s now housing kkkop killer, Arturo Solis. See how well that’s going to go over. And get back to me on that, willya?

7 thoughts on “Immigrant Murders Houston KKKop Because He Did Not Want To Go To Jail For Assaulting His Girlfriend

  1. Wow, his rap sheet is as long as one’s arm. What ever happened to three strikes? Before even seeing that picture I knew he wasn’t black because they’d be gunned down and smeared all of the media yesterday if it was the case. To think this cop-killing thug is still alive yet so many innocent black people have been butchered without a second thought. Blue Lives Matter isn’t going to say crap even though this killer is supposedly Latino.

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    1. Yeah! He is either a Latino or a Jew; just pick one, according to his surname.

      And yes, if the suspect had been Black, he would be full of bullets and the coroner would still be digging them out and don’t we ALL fucking know this, but for some strange ass reason, ANY and everyone else that kills a kkkops gets ‘the gentle hand of the law’ applied to their asses.

      But remember, Ospreyshire, that 3-strikes shit only applies to ADOS. That’s who that shit was written for, almost exclusively. We don’t count for shit, doncha know.

      Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      1. Fair enough. Thanks for putting in that work with the name origins. Behind the Name is a good site, too. I liked using that to come up with characters of different ethnic groups.

        I could’ve have said it better myself.

        Very true and I certainly don’t deny that at all. There are so many examples one can make especially when you look at the rap sheets of child molesters and domestic terrorists.

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  2. Once again, here goes Shelby exposing all the stuff that so many would never believe if she didn’t post it and back it up with brief cases full of receipts.

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    1. LMAO! I roared when I read, “with brief cases full of receipts.” Kreb, you a mess and that is what I love about you! AIn’t no half steppin’ going on ALL up in heah! I am going to continue to point out the obvious with these damn immigrants that’s got the whites fawning over them and talking about “Sanctuary Cities” and some more shit. Where are the “Sanctuary Cities” for American descendants of slaves? You don’t hear shit about ‘sanctuary’ for us when shit is going down on our ass thanks to skinheads and every white filthy piece of racist shit that’s slithering and crawling all over this shithole. I’ll be damned if I’ll just sit by and watch this shit unfold and not put the truth out there! Leave it up to me to get the shit exposed. I’m lifting the lid off all this shit! These motherfuckers are going to be smelling THEIR fucking racist shit…AND how!

      Kreb, thank you for that wonderful comment. I’m still laughing.

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      1. Shelby, if nothing else, I’m just glad to be on the giving end of your laughter. I know you don’t have a hell of a lot to laugh at many days with all that’s on your plate.

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