“Honey, Let’s Take A Vacation And While We’re At It, Let’s Check Out A ‘Live’ Volcano! Sounds Fun!”

Only dumb ass whites are going to spend the day on a live volcano that’s already hissing and sending plumes of smoke into the air and not expect ANY bad things to happen.

6 dead from New Zealand volcano as helpers describe horror

Six deaths were confirmed after Monday’s eruption of the White Island volcano. Five people died at the time of the blast or soon after, while a sixth person died Tuesday night at an Auckland hospital.

Another eight people are believed to have died, with their bodies remaining on the ash-covered island for now.

Yeah, for now because no one in their right mind is heading back to that island to retrieve dead charred bodies of dumb shits who should have known better but since we have a ‘selfie explosion’, ‘selfie explosion’ meet ‘volcanic explosion’ and see which one you prefer.

The tragedy will have an ongoing effect on the town of Whakatane, which road signs tout as the gateway to White Island.

What tragedy? The tragedy is that whites are so damn dumb that they will risk life and limb to get a photo of themselves on a live volcano that had already been deemed, dangerous due to high levels of seismic activity and this was ignored. I don’t have any sympathy for dumbasses.

Whether the island will ever host tourists again remains uncertain after the horrific tragedy that unfolded when the volcano exploded a little after 2 p.m. Monday.

Oh pish, tosh! Of course “the island will host tourists again,” especially since stupidity never goes out of style and ‘selfies’ must be taken at all cost. Don’t forget that when the volcano, Kilauea, was erupting in Hawaii, dumb as all hell whites were in a boat sightseeing that shit and trying to take close-up shots of the lava flow while the lava was spewing down a slope and into the ocean and a lava bomb crashed through the roof of the tourist boat, injuring 23 dumbasses. So is anyone surprised by this? I’m not.

Geoff Hopkins was in a boat offshore after visiting the island with his daughter, the tour a 50th birthday present for him. He told the New Zealand Herald the eruption at first looked beautiful but quickly turned menacing.

As injured people were transported onto their boat screaming in pain, Hopkins and his daughter Lillani poured fresh water onto them, cut them out of their clothes and tried to keep them calm.

He told the Herald they were “horrifically” burned on their exposed skin and faces, even under their clothes.

Oh so now the screaming begins. What’s a little ‘burn’ pain when that ‘selfie’ was so damn important that it was worth getting third degree burns for? Get your third degree burns attended to and then hop right on back in a boat and go find your ‘selfie’ stick. It’s probably unharmed.

Seriously, whites are dumber than a pile of steaming shit and no, I have no words of sympathy to express to those dumb, stupid assholes who’ve no business in New Zealand in the first place. Not one ‘victim’, if you can call them that, was a Maori, Indigenous to that region because they know better. It is always white, arrogant assholes who think that they are never going to suffer the consequences of their actions in ignoring ‘live’ volcanoes and some more shit. Well, they’re somewhere heavily sedated and looking like someone roasted them on a spit and are probably blacker than I am. I don’t want the ‘other white meat’, not even extremely well done to the point of crispness. No thank you!

So any of you whites up for another sightseeing excursion to a live volcano over in New Zealand?? The White Island Volcano is a wonderful spot to go and take a ‘selfie’. It has all the “ooohs” and “ahhhhs” factors and you can take beautiful ‘selfies’ while standing in front of steam rising up from the volcano’s crater. And if by chance, “dar she blows,” why you get to make headline news all across the world for the dumbasses you are to stand at ground zero on a live, off the charts, seismically active volcano. It doesn’t get more adventurous than that, does it? Ask those who were burned to a crisp and are still waiting on transport from the island. Ask those who are in various hospital burn units and who will not be wanting any ‘selfies’ taken of them, EVER! They’d be ghastly! Most definitely NOT ‘selfie’ worthy.

And so a word to the unwise, don’t attempt this, Mother Nature is going to win, every time!


11 thoughts on ““Honey, Let’s Take A Vacation And While We’re At It, Let’s Check Out A ‘Live’ Volcano! Sounds Fun!”

  1. I just saw a video about the volcano yesterday with one of the news sources I follow. If I was them, I’d get out of that island as fast as possible. My life is worth more than a selfie or a smartphone video. I heard about the death count, but it doesn’t surprise me that there were no Maori fatalities. They are the original New Zealanders, and I know they would no better not to be around volcanoes or other dangerous locales in the country.

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    1. Ospreyshire, I have no sympathy for anyone in New Zealand or even visiting New Zealand except for the Maoris. They have my utmost sympathy because they, like the Indians, here have to put up with colonizers and they get no say over who can come and go in their own island country. They have NO political representation whatsoever! Those people, the Maoris, are treated like shit in their native land by shits such as what’s burned to a crisp. And so no, I offer no words of sympathy because stupidity should not be sympathized with. My sympathies lie with the COLONIZED people of New Zealand; the Maoris and them only. They have a respect for that land over there and a healthy fear of volcanoes and anything else controlled by Mother Nature. Whites don’t have that fear because they are just too arrogant for words and so they got what they got. Let ’em keep on thinking that their ‘white privilege’ is going to keep them from such as what happened and they will continue to get what’s due them.

      I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Oh, I didn’t have sympathy for the people doing all of that stupid nonsense with the volcano. The Maoris deserve all the sympathy in the context of New Zealand which I’m with you on that. I have heard about the bad things that have happened to them since their country was colonized. They certainly are knowledgeable about their land (rightfully so) and they know what to do and what not to do. White privilege certainly isn’t a shield against volcanoes let alone destructive forces of nature.

        No problem.

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      2. Ospreyshire, I knew you didn’t have any sympathy for those fools. What one would think is that they would take a cue from the natives of a particular place because they know what not to do, but then arrogance wouldn’t allow for those fools to do that.

        Thanks again!

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      3. Sure. I just wanted to be clear, but I’m glad you got that feeling in the first comment. Good call on those idiots being arrogant and thinking they are somehow invincible against the volcanoes. At least the natives had sense when it comes to that situation.

        You’re definitely welcome, Shelby!

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      4. Ospreyshire, it would seem that ALL other peoples, other than whites, had sense because no other group was hell bent on fucking up this planet other than the whites and so it is no wonder that they think that standing somewhere taking a selfie while a volcano is active behind them was a good idea. They got just what their arrogant, clueless asses deserved. And now people are to sympathize because they are still smoking and I don’t mean, cigarette smoking. Let them be a lesson to these other arrogant whites who think their asses are invincible next to a live volcano.

        Thanks for your comment.

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      5. No disagreements there when it comes to who and who doesn’t have sense at large. Did they think they can just take a selfie in front of an active exploding volcano without repercussions? There are those who die that deserve sympathy and this isn’t one of those times.

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  2. Bravo for all the very clever sarcasm in this piece, Shelby. Why do YT insist on fucking with and challenging Mother Nature so much? So glad Mother Nature always win.

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  3. Yeah, a warning was issued. They still went touristing. I hate suffering so it still made me sad. Personally, I have a very strong natural fear of volcanoes, wypo and eyelash mites. Only one of those fears is irrational.


  4. This new was everywhere about these idiots burn alive and died because of a Volcano,
    how they can be so morons?
    Did I feel sorry for them? No,at all! I just thought here we go again,another morons who tried to challenge Mother of nature!
    Wp are the most dumb being,I watched a lot videos on Youtube about them,they go in Africa taking pictures with gorillas and other African wildlife or be chasing after by a tiger in India and so on!
    How they like to keep exotic animals as pets,and than when their pets mauled them to death,they are in shock,they acted like “she/he raised their pets from when they were cubs,how this is happened?”
    Please bitches shout up they are wild animals,you can’t tame them!
    No even their white privilege can’t save them from the fury of Mather of nature!

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  5. White privilege cant always save that ass especially when it comes mother nature.She is always going to stand victorious. I like to say ignorance is bliss. And trying to take a damn selfie during an active volcano is ignorant.

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