Since The Whites Have ‘Housed’ The Africans They Do Want, Hundreds Of Descendants Of African Slaves Were Burnt Out Of A Homeless Shelter In Minneapolis On Christmas Day!

Recently, I posted a blog about a public housing high rise building in Minneapolis that caught fire the day before ‘Indian Extermination Day’. That building housed only folks from Somalia. Not one American descendant of slaves was seen exiting the building and that is because our tax dollars are being used to house those the whites WANT here in Amerikkka. Those the whites DON’T want in Amerikkka just got burned out of a homeless shelter in downtown Minneapolis on Christmas Day.

Francis Drake Hotel Fire: 3 Hospitalized, Over 200 Evacuated Following Minneapolis’ Residential Hotel Blaze

More than 200 low-income[mostly American descendants of slaves] residents were evacuated after the Francis Drake hotel in Minneapolis, which serves as temporary permanent housing for homeless people, was engulfed by fire Wednesday morning. The blaze, which sprang up in the wee hours of Christmas morning, grew into four alarms at full speed, Minneapolis fire officials said.

The fire started at around 4:00 a.m. EST Wednesday and grew enormous leaving the fire officials battle it until mid-afternoon.

Three people with minor injuries were transported to a hospital. One person among them suffered smoke inhalation and the other two sustained minor injuries while evacuating.

The building in Hennepin County was dedicated to the have-nots as a shelter. Minnesota Red Cross is currently trying to arrange temporary shelter for those evacuated.

And the governor of Minnesota had this to say.

This crisis of access to affordable housing is touching all corners of the state and a situation like this shows how precarious it is,” said Gov. Tim Walz.

“We just have to come to grips with, we are 50,000 units short in this state,” he added. “And we have to figure out a way.”

Seriously???!!! Why fly hundreds of thousands of Somalis over here, put them up in public housing high rises, hand them ALL of the housing choice vouchers while those who paid their dues here and who are descendants of slaves can just shelter, long term in a homeless shelter that they were referred into by Hennepin County Department of Social Services? If you know you don’t have an adequate number of affordable housing units and rents are skyrocketing and you have a homeless crisis, what sense does it make to head over to Somalia and fly those people here and give them the housing that those whom you had to fly over to get out of here are sitting up in a rundown hotel that’s now being used as a long term homeless shelter that’s now burned to the ground and because your goddamn state is in the news for looking like shit, you want to talk about an “affordable housing crisis?” You fucking racist ass bastard! You know exactly why there is an affordable housing crisis in Minnesota and it is ALL done by design.

You don’t drag those willing Somalis over here and put them above those who are direct descendants of people who were dragged to this shithole and then when a fire breaks out and shows you up for the shameless shit you are, then and only then do you step out of the governor’s mansion and screech about an “affordable housing crisis.” You know who that shit impacts and you don’t fucking give a shit because of who it impacts. The same can be said for that piece of shit mayor, Jacob Frey, who parroted the same tripe as the governor screeched.

So as you can see, when I posted, “These Folks Won’t Be Celebrating “Indian Extermination Day,” But Then Most Of Them Never Celebrated It Anyway!,” I fucking did NOT lie. What part was a lie? This part?

That building houses, almost exclusively, Somali so-called, ‘refugees’ as does most of the public housing high rises and other types of apartments and townhomes in Minnesota. Ninety-nine percent of ALL affordable housing in Minneapolis is occupied by those from Somalia. This is why those of us who were born here and who paid taxes in this shithole cannot get up out of homelessness because all of the affordable housing units have been given to people who boarded a plane and were brought here to sit all up on our tax dollars while our people walk the streets, homeless.


The building I referenced in the above quotes is this one.

While Somalis were being evacuated from a building that was on fire the day before ‘Thanksgiving’, that was PERMANENT housing, on Christmas Day, mostly American descendants of slaves were being evacuated from a long term homeless shelter. Notice the glaring difference? Somalis? PERMANENT HOUSING! Descendants of slaves? LONG TERM HOMELESS SHELTER LIVING!

Over 200 American descendants of slaves were living in a permanent homeless shelter and now many of them have nowhere to go while those who made this possible are pretending to scratch their heads and look good for the cameras and speak on a need to address “the affordable housing crisis,” which is a crisis of their own making against those whom they hate because we are a reminder to the world that there is nothing humanitarian or benevolent about ANY white-assed piece of shit that’s in this shithole!

These are the pictures of who was living at the Francis Drake hotel/permanent homeless shelter and in not one picture, will you find one goddamn Somali. I fucking dare you to find one!

Do they look Somali to you?

What about in this picture?

This is one of the saddest pictures of this mess. Like he belongs in a long term homeless shelter? Seriously? You shameless white shits are the personification of evil and depravity!

I’m not finished!

Do they look Somali to you? Why are Somalis in ALL of the affordable housing stock in Minnesota while American descendants of slaves were living in a permanent homeless shelter that was nothing more than a derelict rundown hotel that should have been demolished years ago?

Explain this shit, whites!

Why are there only American descendants of slaves depicted and yet not one Somali is represented in this PERMANENT homeless shelter that has now been burned to the point whereas it needs to be demolished? Explain THAT shit!

Yeah! Keep those explanations coming!

Nope! Again, not one Somali refugee/immigrant was sitting up in that homeless shelter that just burned to the ground.

Where are the Somalis, whites?

The Somalis are in the PERMANENT HOUSING HIGH RISE APARTMENT BUILDING that had a couple of apartments burn. But they were damn sure not sitting all up in a PERMANENT homeless shelter that the whites designated for American descendants of slaves.

This here is why there are no affordable housing units for American descendants of slaves and this is ALL done by design because the whites flew over to Somalia and brought back with them those whom they knew they would place above American descendants of slavery/slaves and now they are all up on TV talking about how there is a homeless crisis here! They fucking caused the homeless crisis by dragging asses over here to take up ALL of the affordable housing units. Once again, for the dumb as all hell doughy-assed crowd, you don’t solve a problem by creating it and that is exactly what you knowingly did when you dragged hundreds of thousands of Somalis from Somalia and put them in ALL of the affordable housing units. You fucking knew what you were doing! You want ALL American descendants of slavery/slaves dead and you know this! That shit is blatantly obvious even to a blind, mute, deaf man that’s been planted!

Somalis get PERMANENT SUBSIDIZED HOUSING. And guess who is paying for that? We are because they pay nothing!

And again!

Do you see ANY American descendants of slaves in that PERMANENT AFFORDABLE PUBLIC HOUSING BUILDING? Hell fucking no! Only Somalis need apply!

And again!

I will continue to point out the blatant and outrageous shit that you whites are capable of despite all your fake ass displays of outrage over a homeless shelter burning to the ground that housed only American descendants of slavery/slaves. You couldn’t care less about those American descendants of slaves and you fucking know this, hence why these Somalis are crawling all over every single affordable housing building and voucher in Minnesota.

And again!

Somalis? WELCOME! American descendants of slaves/slavery? Fuck no!

So, once more, this is the PERMANENT home of the Somalis paid for by our tax dollars.

‘Somalis Only’ need apply! Free housing for Somalis!

And here, Hennepin County referred only American descendants of slaves/slavery and a few poor whites, but NO SOMALIS to a building that served as long-term housing as a substitute for permanent, affordable housing. And now that the shit done hit the fan, everyone’s boxers are in a bunch because they are being made to look like the shameless shits they are!

The Francis Drake Hotel/permanent homeless shelter that damn near burned to the ground on Christmas Day and now the whites think they did something by buying truckloads of diapers, formula and blankets and descended on the STILL homeless American descendants of slaves who got burned out of what was known as a PERMANENT HOMELESS SHELTER.

Any dumbass out there still unable to see the glaring difference in how these two groups are treated? Any dumbass still out there still under the assumption that no war is being waged against American descendants of slavery/slaves by dead white filth? If there are, then this blog should have disabused you of the notion that whites EVER gave a shit or will ever give a shit about a group of people who are here through no fault of their own; a group of people who are constantly treated like shit just because they are descendants of people who were owned by you pasty, doughy assed, filthy, depraved, debased parasitic creatures! You fucking hate on us because those monsters that deposited your ass on us are why we are over here in the first goddamn place! That shit’s NOT on us! That shit’s on YOU because you took up where they left off! You can drop off a  truckload of pampers all you want, but those people would not be in the position they were put in if not for the fact that whites are evil, personified and hate American descendants of slavery/slaves with a vengeance that is beyond depraved and insane, you rabid, foaming at the mouth racists!

American descendants of slaves are not somewhere trying to join terror groups and join ISIS to fuck this shithole up and yet you filthy assed whites brought over here, motherfuckers that want your white asses dead and here they are!

These Somali motherfuckers that you dragged over here, willingly, wanted your white asses dead and so tried to join ISIS to fuck this shit up over here!

This is the thanks you hate-filled whites get for giving these Somalis free housing, free food, free medical care, free interpreters, free clothing and free every goddamn thing else including access to free lawyers.

Three Minnesota Men Found Guilty Of Plotting To Join ISIS

A federal jury has found three men guilty of plotting to join the terror group ISIS and commit murder overseas.

Guled Omar, 21, and Mohamed Farah, 22, were found guilty on all charges. Abdirahman Daud, 22, was found guilty on all terror counts, but not guilty of lying to a grand jury.

Family members sobbed upon hearing the verdicts. Plotting to commit murder overseas is a charge that carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The three Somali-Americans were among nine young [Somali] Minnesota men arrested since 2014 for allegedly plotting to join ISIS in Syria. Six — Abdullahi Yusuf, Zacharia Abdurahman, Hanad Musse, Abdirizak Warsame, Adnan Farah and Hamza Ahmed — pleaded guilty to conspiring to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

How many American descendants of slavery/slaves are attempting to join ISIS and yet we have to live in decrepit hotels that have been  turned into PERMANENT HOMELESS SHELTERS, that is, until they burn to the fucking ground while you give PERMANENT AFFORDABLE/SUBSIDIZED HOUSING to fuckers that are terrorists from Somalia?

I fucking promise you filthy assed whites that YOUR day is coming! I fucking promise you because not one of us who are descendants of slavery/slaves owe you a goddamn thing, nor have we did a goddamn thing to you filthy, debased whites and yet you make damn sure that our lives are a living hell while at the same time, making sure that every asshole that comes over here crawls over us, on us and starts fucking us up alongside your depraved, debased asses. The day will come when you’ll ALL get what’s due you!

Just ask this fucker!

California redwood tree falls, kills hiker at national park

A Minnesota man was killed during a Christmas Eve visit to a national park in California when an enormous redwood tree fell on him, authorities said Thursday.

Subhradeep Dutta, 28, of Edina, Minn., was walking on a marked trail just after 4:35 p.m. Tuesday at the Muir Woods National Monument Park, north of San Francisco, when he became pinned by the trunk of a 200-foot-tall tree.

What are the odds of that? A 200-foot-tall  tree suddenly falls on that Hindu cow worshiping bastard. And where does the surname, “Dutta” come from? And those Hindu cow worshipers are just as welcome over here as those goddamn Somalis because they are used to fuck us up as well, what with their ‘convenience stores’ placed squarely in the few remaining Black neighborhoods where they sell outdated, overpriced garbage and treat those whom they make their living off of like stinking, maggot coated shit! I’ll shed not one goddamn tear for that dead goddamn cow worshiping Hindu asshole! One less ‘convenience store’ owner for us to have to deal with, is how I see it!

Dutta, also spelled Datta, Dutt and Datt, is an Indian family name and middle name that is found primarily among Bengali Kayastha, Mohyals of Punjab, also present among Assamese, Haryanvi and other Hindu comnunities of North India.

Every damn body  that you whites WANT over here are going to get the same thing as you filthy assed whites because they treat American descendants of slavery/slaves no different than you vile, doughy assed creatures treat us!

But this little child does not deserve what the whites are making sure that he got, a long term stay in a derelict homeless shelter that damn near burned to the ground with him in it while the whites lied that the Francis Drake Hotel had a sprinkler system. A Black firefighter spoke up and said that the Francis Drake Hotel/homeless shelter did NOT have a sprinkler system. Like I have always stated, if the whites’ lips are moving, they are LYING!

Again, what did this child do to deserve the shit that he gets from you filthy assed whites?

This is one of the saddest pictures of this mess. Like he belongs in a long term homeless shelter? Seriously? You shameless white shits are the personification of evil and depravity!

What the fuck did this child do to deserve a hatred so intense, so demonic, the white motherfuckers that are visiting that shit on him, shouldn’t even exist?

12 thoughts on “Since The Whites Have ‘Housed’ The Africans They Do Want, Hundreds Of Descendants Of African Slaves Were Burnt Out Of A Homeless Shelter In Minneapolis On Christmas Day!

  1. Non-ADOS blacks benefit from geostrategic political deals, deals that allow the American Empire full sway anywhere on this planet — every square inch is subject to American imperial interests. Somalia is located at a valuable strategic passageway for oil tankers. Being non-ADOS has advantages that you list in full measure, Shelby. White supremacism is an evil that seeks to justify crimes of genocide, slavery, and what I call self-whiteousness. Asking its victims to forgive and forget, to suddenly declare that it’s all even now, unilaterally declaring an equal playing field, that the *only* race is the *human* race and all the crap that such empty metaphors carry — that field has become a burial ground for ADOS that contains the remains of countless innocent victims of white hegemony: past, present, and now going into 2020. American Descendants of Slavery are the only ones who have been the victims of absolutely all the follies, all the crimes committed in the name of a god whose name gets written into the histories of European imperial hegemony — written by whites for whites. Western Civilization is a plundering system writ large to justify holy white supremacy über alles.

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    1. Thanks Bill! What you say is true! Even the Nigerians and those from Ghana are treated better than we are. And the Black people who are from island nations are treated better as well. Like I’ve already stated, ANY and EVERYONE is welcome to come over here and aid and abet whitey doughy ass in fucking us up! The Pakistanis and those Hindu motherfuckers from India come over here and are able to promptly open up convenience stores in mostly Black communities and make a killing off selling us their overpriced, outdated shit! The Asians do the same because they, somehow, magically, obtain liquor licenses and open up liquor stores on damn near every corner and next door to that is some falling down Chinese take-out joint and next to that is a Black hair care product shop. Hell! Baltimore, MD is knee deep in that shit. In fact, the shit’s so bad, the Freddie Gray riots brought out the fact that the Koreans were operating illegal liquor stores because the liquor stores were in areas not zoned for liquor stores and the city officials of Baltimore claimed ignorance of that shit. How the hell could they claim ignorance when liquor stores have to be fucking licensed? This shit is fucking done deliberately!

      I will continue to call this blatant and outrageous shit out and I don’t give a goddamn who don’t fucking like it. They can fucking kiss my ass! We don’t fucking like the hand we are dealt especially since we are the ONLY group of people who are not descended from immigrants. Our ancestors were DRAGGED over here, just a kicking and a screaming. And for that, we are hated?!! Just shows how truly savage, debased, depraved and psychopathic whites really are!

      Again, thank you for your comment.

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      1. Whites are pathological liars and identity thieves, both character defects that get stuffed behind their masks and disguises. “History lessons” taught in American schools are blatant lies memorized by students over many generations, then “remembered” by everyone, the propaganda behind the Big Lie gets stamped as rock-solid as Mount Rushmore. Truth gets whitewashed in 10,000 fractured ways and then fit together into 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzles. Immigrants have their own buckets of whitewash, it’s all part of the brokered agreement that gets cut by those countries who negotiate Faustian deals with the American Empire. A lifeline that is never offered to ADOS, but dealing with the devil is never a good idea — as you once mentioned, ADOS still own their souls. ADOS know the unwhitewashed truths but get cast as troublemakers and delusional people by the usual faux-patriotic pundits who rely on the belief that what they think must anchor to Plymouth Rock and every other illusion that white-supremacist apologists keep spewing.

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      2. Whites have ALWAYS re-wrote history to suit their own fucked up agenda. Whites cannot withstand scrutiny because then their blatant and outrageous lies of them being benevolent and humanitarian become quite apparent. There is NO greater threat to American descendants of slaves on this planet than the pasty, doughy assed whites! Whites are our mortal foe and how we can take up with those creatures, lie down with them and call them, “friend” is a complete and utter mystery to me. I call NO whites, “friend,” because I fucking know better. I would not turn my back on a rattlesnake and whites are more deadly to us than rattlesnakes and so hell fucking no, I most definitely would NOT turn my back on whites because I’d get shot in it just for breathing and we ALL know that American descendants of slavery/slaves have been shot for breathing.

        And you are right, “ADOS know the unwhitewashed truths but get cast as troublemakers and delusional people by the usual faux-patriotic pundits…” Case in point. My cousin just suffered a heart attack and guess what brought on the heart attack? His antipsychotic medication. These quacks are even stating that they intend to continue to give him that shit that caused him to have a heart attack and I told them, “Over MY dead body!” This is the shit that we have to deal with. This is exactly why we KNOW that the whites are a pack of no-good, lying, debased, monstrous creatures that have no soul and never had a heart to begin with. We know they are out to reduce our numbers to that of the Indians and we ALL know that there are so few Indians left that you don’t even hear of any politician going for the “Indian vote.” What the hell for? There ain’t but 45 or so of them left.

        I am recuperating from falling down the goddamn steps of the apartment complex where I live because the steps are mildewed and when the Fire Department arrived with the ambulance to take me to the hospital, one of the firemen almost slipped up and landed on top of me. This shit is fucking whacked! This is why I have not been blogging. What with my cousin suffering a heart attack and my fall down some damn stairs and I’m already pushing a walker, what the fucking hell??!!! And my quack’s office had the nerve to send me a letter stating that I missed a December appointment and failed to cancel it and so if I miss one more appointment, I will be thrown out of that office. I was in the hospital screeching and wailing over injuries I sustained in the fall. They can kiss my ass and take that damn paper and shove it up their pale, doughy assholes!

        The shit we go through would be unbefuckingbelievable to anyone but us because we are always on the receiving end of the whites’ shit!

        Bill, thank you for your comment.


  2. Shelby, when I saw this in the news, I immediately thought about your brilliant pieces on this. I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: It ain’t so much that american whites hates Black people, but they sure as hell hate ADOS. Thanks for updating and reminding us on this topic, Shelby.

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    1. No problem Kreb. When I saw this, I had to point out the glaring obviousness of this shit! It is in “our face and what are we going to do about it?” We are under attack ALL across this shithole! The whites are rabid in their efforts to annihilate us, that is quite obvious because the attacks are more bold, frequent and lethal. Hell! I’ve pointed out many in this blog and the shit is going to continue.

      The sad part is that many ADOS are sitting somewhere acting like they are unaware of anything untoward going down. But soon, the whites’ shit is going to get around to impacting them and make them just as aware as many of us already are. There is NO other group on this fucking planet that the whites have fucked up that could go through what we go through and still get up to take on this shit for another day; no one! The reason why I post this is because the world comes all up in here; folks from Finland, Iraq, Afghanistan, the UK, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Hungary, The European Union, Italy, Russia, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany and the list is endless. I’m not really writing for this useless ass shit over here; they’re a given. But the rest of the world is at the dubious mercy of this filthy diseased whore called, “Amerikkka” and I am pretty sure that they ain’t hardly happy about that shit. But can they just imagine being at ground zero like we are? For real?

      Kreb, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Whites are thieves who rob from the ADOS and give to their various mafias or any other name that skims every chunk of plunder they can get away with, and that amounts to many trillions of dollars. Productivity gains accrue to the least productive and they are all white. Hollywood and history are self-aggrandizement schemes that slap a white face on every hero and role model. The more blatant the theft the better does the con game succeed. ADOS contribute pounds of flesh. Non-ADOS build “wealth management plans” through investment managers who buy and sell those pounds of flesh. Their thievery allow them advancement across every sector of the economy. And that is just the current financial scene. How many enormous fortunes have derived fat bottom lines since 1519? How many ways?

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      2. Bill, there would be no ‘inherited wealth’ of the whites if it were not for MY ancestors and that of every single one of us who are American descendants of slaves. Lincoln did the slaves NO goddamn favors when he so-called “freed” them without giving them a means to survive. He knew what would become of them and he did not give a damn. Not one of those paled-assed creatures cared what happened to a group of people who were stolen from their place of birth, dragged over here, made to slave away from dawn til dusk, were kept ignorant and were then clueless when they were told that they were no longer ‘slaves’. They were still slaves because how the hell were they free? We are still slaves because how the hell are we free especially since it has been said that there are more ADOS locked up in prisons today than there were original slaves? So how the hell are we free? If we are not locked up in ‘For Profit Prisons’ continuing to work for free, we are sitting up in homeless shelters, we are politically powerless since there has been nothing but sell-outs who were given the go ahead by the whites to attain a so-called ‘political position’ that was meaningless. But through it all, millions of us managed to somehow eke out a living, own a house, build ‘The Black Wall Street’, have our own towns and neighborhoods and what did the whites do? Take our land, burn our homes and businesses to the ground and even bomb our shit! They then planted crack into the neighborhoods that they had forced us into by way of Housing and Urban Development(HUD) that was really the next biggest setup of us in history. It was real easy to introduce drugs and guns when you’ve rounded a group of people up and put them all in high rise projects because then you’ve got them right where you want them and there’s no means of escape.

        Our ancestors built this country and got not one goddamn dime for doing so. This shit would not be what it is today if not for our ancestors slaving away at building wealth over here for every damn body else but us. And what is the thanks their descendants get? You know the answer to that. We ALL know the answer to that! And yet, they’re building ‘Koreatown’ in Los Angeles in the shadows of Skid Row that mostly contains Black bodies that have been abandoned by this shithole, with malice aforethought because the new ‘guard’ has been installed. The whites knew what would happen when manufacturing jobs went overseas. There would be countless ADOS without good paying jobs and when the jobs started drying up, there went the wealth that had ADOS had accumulated because I remember in my early years, every Black person that lived near me owned their own home. They even owned restaurants, barbershops, hair salons and we even went to Black dentists and Black doctors. And now that the ‘old guard’ has died out or is dying out, what’s come after them has been dumped on to the point whereas they are useless and clueless. We got nothing to work with because those who are out here now are asleep and/or hypnotized and brain dead thanks to the technology that came down the pike to make them so.

        We can only put it out there, Bill. It is up to those whom we are trying to reach to pick it up. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is going to happen. “How many ways?” indeed!

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      3. ADOS have been enchained and exploited by every means possible and with full deliberation by the actual factual criminals who brass-coat their historical mementos to polish every damned day and ten times on holy history holidays, another day another lobotomy. The less you know about the high crimes and misdemeanors the more a mindless patriotic blob you become. The United Racist States of Lobotomy is the state of the union. Tough on Crime is a slogan that means “fuck ADOS” and “power to the police state. ADOS breed “super predators” was the Clinton way to stoke the Nixonian “war on drugs.” Propaganda screams, truth-cancelling earphones silence.


      4. “ADOS breed “super predators” was the Clinton way to stoke the Nixonian “war on drugs.” Propaganda screams, truth-cancelling earphones silence.”

        And that is why I refused to hold my nose and vote for that racist, lying, corrupt, warmongering skank ass bitch, Hillary Clinton. I posted several blogs about her blatant racist shit; and that of her piece of lying filth she fucking married, Bill Clinton. Yes, indeed I know about her calling Black people, “super predators that needed to be brought to heel.” Like we are dogs, actually, less than dogs because dogs are treated better than we are. This is one of the blogs I posted about that shit she spewed and then wanted us to vote for her racist, skank ass. It wasn’t going to happen, not with me! “Black People Are Super Predators, Bring Them To Heel!” Said Hillary Clinton and I posted another one here and here. Fuck that racist bitch! Did I want Trump’s racist, bigoted ass inside the Oval Office? Hell fucking no, and I didn’t vote for his sorry ass either. There was not a goddamn thing to vote FOR and with what we’re supposed to choose from THIS year, there still ain’t a goddamn thing to vote FOR.

        We have to fight every goddamn day in this racist shithole and we are fucking TIRED! And that is why I do believe that many ADOS have just gotten to the point where they don’t want to know what’s going down because they just don’t want to deal with the shit anymore and so pretend ignorance of it or just seek entertainment. I cannot do that! Am I suffering for not being able to tune the shit out? Of course, but at the same time, I cannot just sit somewhere and play on social media or stay drunk and high just to get through another day. The shit we deal with is foul as hell and we asked for NONE of this shit because we did not, willingly, jump into a boat and row the fuck over here! I am damn tired of being the whites’ scapegoat! I am damn tired of being made to pay for something the whites did. This shit’s on them and yet, we are being made to pay for what we did not initiate. And yet, we are perceived as “super predators” and “crazy?” We should be suffering from all types of mental illness for having to deal with what we deal with, and the whites are hell bent on making sure that we ALL believe that we are just mentally ill and that they are going to solve that shit for us when all they are doing is what they’ve ALWAYS been doing, going about the business of annihilating us.

        Bill, again, your comment is right on point. Thank you.

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