This Is Some Straight Up BULLSHIT! The Whites Are ‘Honoring’ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With A Jail Cell


Here we fucking go AGAIN! The whites don’t intend to do shit that matters when it comes to ‘honoring’ what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., died for. This shit that they are doing now is the absofuckinglute end of enough!

An Alabama county is preserving a jail ‘cell’ where Martin Luther King Jr. was last held before his assassination

An Alabama county has passed a resolution to preserve a jail cell where civil rights icon the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is believed to have been held months before he was assassinated in 1968.

The cell, on the seventh floor of what is now the Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham, is the only one that was not removed when the building underwent renovations in 1996.

“In order for Jefferson County to truly move forward, we must first recognize our past mistakes, take corrective action, and move forward with a sincere desire to embrace people from all walks of life,” said Jefferson County Commission President Pro Tem Lashunda Scales in a press release.

Seriously????!!!!!! This is all the fuck they can think of to do to honor a man who was jailed because the whites refused to give him a permit to march, PEACEFULLY through the goddamn streets to protest Jim Crow, no rights for American descendants of slaves, slave patrols in government uniforms and some more shit of the like???!!! For the love of !!!!

You deranged, debased, rabid racist whites can take your goddamn jail cell and stick it up your wide open assholes because you ain’t about shit when this is ALL the fuck that you will do for a man who died because you racist motherfuckers ain’t even fucking human!

You will do everything, but the RIGHT thing when it comes to ‘honoring’ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and ALL those who lost their freedom and their lives for protesting the foulness and viciousness of the fucking shit you perpetrated and still do on a group of people who are here through no fault of our own! We fucking did NOT row the fuck over here and ask to be set down right smack dab in Nazi headquarters. That shit ain’t on us. That shit’s on you! And so, as usual, you will do the most vile shit that you can think of to ‘honor’ a man who was too good for you worthless debased, doughy assed whites to lick the bottom of his shoes!

You will not see to it that the man’s legacy stands for shit. His legacy in YOUR filthy, yellow eyes is a GODDAMN JAIL CELL???!!!! You think that you’re doing something by keeping a jail cell ‘hot’ for Dr. Martin Luther King JR.????!!!! What??!! You expect him to come back from the dead and walk back into that fucking cell??!!! You deranged fucks are the ABSOLUTE END OF ENOUGH!!! To have the balls of bulls and the arrogance to match is just too fucking much for me!!! I thought that I could not despise you sons-of-bitches more than I already do, but I find that I most assuredly damn well can despise, hate, loathe and detest you demonic monstrosities even more!

The people who look like Dr. King  and who are alive today are over represented in cells that look just like the one you’re claiming to ‘honor’ Dr. King with, you vile rejects from who the hell knows where. There are over two million who look just like Dr. King sitting all up in cells that look just like the one you’re holding on standby for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., you nasty, no account, debased white parasites!

“In order for Jefferson County to truly move forward, we must first recognize our past mistakes, take corrective action, and move forward with a sincere desire to embrace people from all walks of life,”

Recognize past mistakes? You didn’t make no goddamn mistakes! Your fucking white asses were hell bent on subjecting Black bodies to the atrocities that you visited on them and you still are. So if you’ve fucking recognized PAST MISTAKES, then why the hell are you still making them? Because like I’ve already stated, there are millions of Black bodies inside cells that look exactly like that one and why the fuck are they in there if you are all about recognizing past mistakes? You fucking useless, racist ass pieces of shit! Shut the fuck up! You ain’t about shit! Why the fuck you don’t burst into flames when even thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day, I don’t fucking know because you debased hypocrites should be doing that fucking shit!

“In order for Jefferson County to truly move forward, we must first recognize our past mistakes, take corrective action, and move forward with a sincere desire to embrace people from all walks of life,”

Take corrective action???!!! What fucking corrective action did you take because it would seem that I have to keep repeating myself since you clueless, dumb shits ain’t getting it? What corrective action did you take? Was it to put more who look like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in an exact replica of the jail cell that Dr. King sat in? Because that’s what you damn well did, you fucking racist, pasty-assed creatures! That’s what you consider to be corrective action???!!!! Take that and also shove it up your wide open doughy assholes!

“In order for Jefferson County to truly move forward, we must first recognize our past mistakes, take corrective action, and move forward with a sincere desire to embrace people from all walks of life,”

Move forward with a sincere desire to embrace people from all walks of life? What the hell does that mean to you? Oh, I see! It means to embrace American descendants of slaves from all walks of life and incarcerate them because that is exactly what is still happening. From the abject poor Black folks to the filthy rich Black folks, we are ALL sitting up in jail cells that are exact replicas of the one Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was forced to cool his heels in for merely being unable to obtain a permit from the whites to peacefully protest racism, Jim Crow, prejudice, extreme hatred, the inability to vote and some more shit of the like because you debased pasty-assed monstrosities claim to just now get a sincere desire to embrace people from all walks of life to honor Dr. King by keeping a jail cell handy for some other poor Black schmuck to ogle who will eventually end up in one. Are you fucking serious??!!!!! Get the fuck outta here with your tired ass bullshit, WHITES!!!!

You ain’t about honoring shit because that’s what you’re doing; heaping a pile of your shit on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and pronouncing it to be your “YOUR RECOGNITION OF PAST MISTAKES, YOUR CORRECTIVE ACTION, YOUR MOVE FORWARD, YOUR SINCERE DESIRE TO EMBRACE PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF [BLACK]LIFE!” Fucking seriously???!!!! Get the fuck outta here!!!

American descendants of slaves are fucked up to this very day, fifty-two years after the assassination of Dr. King and all your whites ass can come up with to ‘celebrate’ and ‘honor’ Dr. King’s memory is to preserve a goddamn jail cell that you filthy, racist, doughy-assed motherfuckers made him sit up in because he couldn’t obtain a permit from your pasty ass to peacefully march through the streets to protest the rabid racism that you still visit on those who look like him!

How the hell are you going to honor Dr. King when the vast majority of what he was fighting against is still in existence today and you white shits have ramped that shit up. You are busy gentrifying Black neighborhoods. You saturated Black neighborhoods with crack. You locked up the Black crackheads while white heroin addicts are sent to rehab. You sent jobs overseas that used to provide decent wages for Black people. You introduced guns and more drugs into Black communities which then produced inner city gang violence and rampant prostitution and murders. You fucking let loose on Black communities, liquor stores and bad food markets otherwise known as ‘convenience’ stores that sold garbage as food to poor Black people while looking the other way when it came to zoning laws for liquor stores. You allowed the Pakistanis, Hindu cow worshipers from India and the Koreans to come over here and make a killing off killing Black people in their own neighborhoods because you damn sure as hell did NOT allow those motherfuckers to set up shop in YOUR white bread neighborhoods.

And Black folks, remember this?

Protesters Shut Down Convenience Store After Video Shows Owner Kicking Black Woman

Protesters in St. Louis gathered to shut down a convenience store and block the exits after a video emerged of the store’s owner and another employee attacking a woman, prompting people who viewed the assault on social media to actually do something about it.

Around 10 a.m. this morning, Shemika Russell recorded an employee of Gas Mart confronting a woman outside the store. As the woman and the man from the store argued, another man, alleged to be the owner of the gas station, came outside and kicked the woman to the ground.

After the first kicker goes back into the store, the other man, apparently jealous of his boss’ racist kung-fu, decides to join in on the treat-a-black-woman-worse-than-Putin-treats-Trump festivities and kicked the woman again.

“One of the workers, an Arab gentleman, kicked her in the stomach like she was a dog,” said Jermaine, one of the protesters and residents of the community. “So we’re here to shut it down. No more business for these people. They’re going to understand that we feed them. That they live off our community.”

That shit is what I mean by whitey parasite ass deliberately allows that shit to come over here and help his white, filthy ass to fuck us up! That goddamn Arab kicked a Black woman in her stomach like she was dirt! If his ass had kicked a damn dog, he would still be in jail because whites think more of their dogs than they do of ANY American descendant of slaves and you can take that shit to the bank! So fuck those Arabs from the Middle East, those Hindu cow worshiping motherfuckers from India and those goddamn Pakistanis! If the whites want to fuck their ass up, it ain’t no skin off my Black ass! And it shouldn’t be any off yours! I don’t give a damn how many times they drone strike your damn asses! You filthy fuckers ain’t no friends of ours!

All over this blog, I have displayed countless ways that the whites are fucking us over and are using others to come over here and fuck us over and fuck us up and we as American descendants of slaves need to understand that we have NO friends! Their whitey doughy pasty asses are a given, but you damn well had better believe that NO other group is in our corner. Don’t get the shit twisted!

And so fuck you filthy white motherfuckers and fuck your Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations! They don’t mean jack shit coming from the likes of you debased, depraved, pasty, doughy-assed lunatics! Die and rot in hell motherfuckers and take your fucking Arabs, Asians, Hindu cow worshipers from India, Hispanics/Latinos and Pakistanis the fuck with you!! To hell with ALL you motherfuckers!!!!

16 thoughts on “This Is Some Straight Up BULLSHIT! The Whites Are ‘Honoring’ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With A Jail Cell

  1. Bullshit it is, Shelby. But hey, what else could be expected from a bunch of inbred, toothless, oily-haired, goobers from the plantation of alabama? I wish all these bastards would stop acting like they honor Dr. King. Great piece as usual, Shelby.

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    1. Thank you Kreb! As you can see, I did NOT hold back on this one! I’m not about to hold back. They don’t hold back on fucking us up and damn it if I give a damn for their fucking ‘feelings’. They ain’t got no feelings because you must first be HUMAN to have feelings and we should ALL know that whites ain’t fucking human. That just ain’t them! Where the hell they came from? I don’t know, but I wish they’d get to steppin’ or better yet, they can just die already! I ain’t fucking playing!

      They keep disrespecting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and some more shit and expect us to buy their so-called ‘honoring’ of him. By ‘preserving’ a JAIL CELL IN HIS HONOR???!!! For real???!!! They better get the fuck outta my face with their fake ass displays of honor and celebratory bullshit! I have had it with those pasty-assed, demonic parasites!

      Again, thank you for your comment.


  2. To say this is beyond disrespectful is a horrific understatement. MLK is rolling in his grave right now after this garbage. Like you, I also can’t stand when white people try to shame me by telling me to be like Martin Luther King. Next time someone says that to me, I’ll straight up say to them “You loved him so much you had him assassinated!”. What people forget is that during his later years, he started to lean closer to Malcolm X. The last thing he tried was that project with poor people. Since this would involve uniting both black and white people in the underclass against the 1%, that’s one of the main reasons why it’s easy to surmise that was one of the reasons why he was killed. I swear they didn’t want a 20th century Bacon’s Rebellion which sadly enough was also one of the tipping points how the powers that shouldn’t be “invented” whiteness as a racial and sociopolitical construct which still permeates to this day. If people want to honor MLK with a holiday, statues, or naming places, that’s one thing, but a jail cell? No way. They wouldn’t dare try that with someone who’s white!

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    1. Unfortunately, Ospreyshire, whites made sure that the only thing that remains of Dr. King’s legacy is a jail cell for what did all of the marching and protesting and speechifying accomplish? Nothing.

      And it is my opinion that Dr. King waited too late to get with the program that marching up to Klan headquarters and begging for a seat at the table was not going to get the job done. The Black Panther Party and Movement knew what the fuck was what and was all about doing things to uplift poor Black people by providing free lunches to children and free meals to others. But they were also aware that nothing would be accomplished by merely doing what Dr. King and his crew were all about. Yes, he may have understood later what was needed, but by then, it was too late since we all know what happened to him. I cannot believe that he completely underestimated his mortal enemy;the whites. No American descendant of slaves should ever be under the stupid assumption that the whites are going to stop being what they are if we simply march to them and supplicate ourselves to them. They don’t understand a goddamn thing, but firepower since war is how they’ve managed to steal everything they claim to own. They fucking stole us. They stole the land from the Indians and they went all across this planet doing the same. How the hell can you expect to obtain something, peacefully, from a bunch of depraved, blood thirsty, warmongering lunatics???!! You can’t! And that should have been understood by Dr. King.

      Ospreyshire, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. You make some good points about the marching and protesting. While most people would say that the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts happened which I won’t argue with, my counterargument to them is that those aren’t ironclad laws or rules and get voted on every so many years. Now, both of them are gutted. Just look at the rampant voter suppression with Cross-check and bogus voter ID laws since 2016.

        I never thought about Dr. King being “too late” until your comment and certainly got me thinking. The Black Panthers and MOVE did great things with the free lunch program, having their own schools/teach-ins, and self-defense. While I can’t blame him for trying to get equal rights, in hindsight I wonder if he was “too nice” so to speak. That’s something I feared with myself in my interactions with anyone since I still have a semblance of kindness in me even with all of my internalized rage. It’s arduous to be peaceful in such a war-fetish society, to say the least.

        Thank you, Shelby.

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      2. One thing that I have learned, Ospreyshire, is to NOT internalize your anger or rage. Express it! Don’t hold it in, not even if you think that people will perceive you to be crazy, a nut or whatever. You see how I am on this blog. That is the same way I am in my day to day dealings. I don’t give a damn what people think. I speak my mind and every single white motherfucker that I come across knows exactly what I think of them. They are left in NO doubt. Am I crass, crude, obnoxious and vitriolic? Damn straight! And I intend to continue. If motherfuckers don’t like it, they can get to stepping, but what they see is what they will get and I ain’t making no bones about it.

        And, again, Dr. King and all that marching and dreaming and speechifying accomplished nothing because Jim Crow is still very much in evidence today because we’d better not take our Black asses into some places talking about how we’re going to sit down and drink a glass of water. We’d be locked up for that shit in no time flat. Hence why there are so many ‘gated communities’ flying up. What the fuck’s changed? It’s only gotten worse. So, what the whites are celebrating, I don’t know because they’ve made damn sure that there ain’t a gnat’s ass worth of shit to celebrate and Black folks ought to know better.

        Thank you for your comment Ospreyshire.

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      3. I certainly agree. I’ve been doing my best to express some of my angriest moments on my blogs whenever possible. It has showed up more last year with some of my poems, recordings, discovering the Preying Missionaries documentary, various news stories, or even when I did that huge anti-Lion King rant where I called out the plagiarism, racist implications, and trademark controversy to name a few. Not going to lie, I struggled with caring (too much) about what other people think and this is with everyone I meet offline or online. I did my best to make sure I knew what I was talking about to prove I was worthy of being heard. I do need to fight against these internal hindrances. If people don’t like what I have to say, they can get to stepping as you say, and I need to be more overt about it.

        That is certainly true and it’s not wonder I’ve heard people call this system Jim Crow 2.0. It’s certainly worse and equality was an illusion or lip service if that makes sense. I’ve noticed those gated communities popping up whenever I drive pass some of the suburbs near me when I have to go to work. Racism is something that always has a refinement stage to look different to quote Neely Fuller Jr.

        No problem. I do have to work on being more open whenever I am angry about certain issues. It’s certainly there, but I shouldn’t hold everything back.

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    1. Oh, there is no way that we can forget the prison cells seeing as how millions of us are sitting up in ’em. If whitey is going to make sure of one thing, it is that there is a cell waiting for us ADOS. To me, that is still blatant and outrageous disrespect to Dr. King. The whites had better be glad that I am damn near crippled from car accidents because I’d be trying to take up where the Black Panther Party and Movement left off. I am not about no ‘peaceful marching’ since that accomplished what? Not a damn thing. Give me Malcolm X.

      Thanks for your comment.

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