Democrats Have Lost It… — The Native Black American

Democrats have lost their base. African Americans are wasting away in inhumane prisons like Parchman Prison, which was built on a slave plantation, because of laws created by Joe Biden’s crime bill, yet Hakeem Jeffries, who leads the impeachment panel, hasn’t said a word about Mr. Stop and Frisk, and Jim Crow Joe being on the Democratic ticket for POTUS?

via Democrats Have Lost It… — The Native Black American

The article also goes on to say:

Joe (Jim Crow) Biden has bragged repeatedly about writing the 1994 Crime Bill, which is responsible for America’s rise to prison infamy. More Americans are imprisoned in the U.S than the rest of the world has combined.

Mike Bloomberg, who “bought” a third term as mayor of NY, and did so with little to no pushback, is allowed to run for POTUS on the Democratic ticket without so much as a peep from the Democratic establishment, although he routinely violated the civil right and liberties of Black Americans.

Below is a video of Joe Biden making the case for the 1994 Crime Bill by stating that [Black] people “have not been socialized,” are “predators that need to be taken off the streets.” Sound familiar? It should. Hillary Clinton said damn near the same thing. She said, “Black youth are super predators and they need to be brought to heel.” These are Democrats speaking and you think they are any better than the republicans? Seriously?


Now watch this message from Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


Again, these are Democrats talking about American descendants of slaves as though we are the most dangerous thugs to ever walk the streets of Amerikkka. Now, I am going to keep this one civil because I am reblogging it because you ALL know that I normally go the ‘F’ off at this time.

You tell me how did drugs get into Black inner city neighborhoods? How many Black people own planes and ships to get crack, weed and opium into this country? Who put Black people in inner city ghettos? Does HUD(Housing and Urban Development)come to mind? It should because the concerted effort by whites was to conjure up a reason to spend so much money to house Black people in certain areas and then hire racist kkkops to harass Black people for doing exactly what they were set up to do by the Democratic AND Republican establishment which is one and the same; there is no difference. Democrats are not our friends; they never have been and they never will be. They have always taken the ‘Black’ vote for granted. Well, I hope that THIS election year, Black people will refuse to allow themselves to be taken for granted by the most loathsome slugs to ever slither and crawl but yet have the gonads to stand somewhere and preach about who are ‘super predators’ and who aren’t ‘socialized’ when those white monsters like Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and ALL the other Democrats are the real ‘SUPER PREDATORS that need to be brought to heel,” are the very ones who aren’t “socialized” since they’ve done nothing but bring war, misery, suffering and death to millions all across the globe with their warmongering ways.

There is no greater SUPER PREDATOR on this planet than the white man/woman and it matters not if his or her claim is Democrat or Republican. Remember what these rabid racists have said about American descendants of slaves when you head inside a voting booth in November. Vote using your brain and make sure that it is filled with knowledge about the ‘candidates’ that you are expected to vote for.

No, we don’t want Donald Trump to continue his reign, but don’t let that decide your vote for you. The lives of millions of American descendants of slaves were ruined by the likes of Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and many democrats before them. There is not a gnat’s ass worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. Watch the videos and see the truth for yourselves. They’ve each had to backtrack on their words. Hillary Clinton, when she ran against Trump stated that “in hindsight, she should not have said that[her super predator remarks].” Too damn late. She said it and she meant it and she still does. She would have said her mama was a pit bull if it would have gotten her elected. If the whites’ lips are moving, they are lying, especially if they claim to mean you no harm because, believe me, they mean us MUCH harm. Just look around you. How is Black Amerikkka faring today? How many of us are still locked up from back when Joe Biden was standing on the Senate floor making his impassioned speech about Black people roaming the streets ready to bash his mother in the head. Seriously? Whites commit crimes against whites. Eighty four percent of crimes against whites is committed by other whites. Black people are not even rubbing shoulders with whites and so I don’t know what the hell Joe Biden was talking about. He was just playing to the racism that permeates this shithole and when his 1994 crime bill was passed and millions of Black people were locked up as a result of that, they are still locked up. Vote for Joe Biden and that’s what you are going to see more of, more of us locked behind bars because we are “not socialized.” Ain’t he some shit!!!! That was NOT a question.

Finally, I just want to touch on Michael Bloomberg. Don’t be fooled by his shenanigans either. My computer screen is filled with images of his campaign messages and he even found some Black woman to stand somewhere and claim that Michael Bloomberg helped her. I don’t have a clue what she is referring to because Michael Bloomberg’s ‘stop and frisk’ policies in New York resulted in a disproportionate number of American descendants of slaves being stopped on the streets and searched without a warrant because racist Michael Bloomberg deemed Black men to be the biggest perpetrators of crime on New York streets. His assessment was wrong and he knew it, but racists like Michael Bloomberg could care less about the fact that his ‘stop and frisk’ policing tactic was racist and only now that he is running for president as a Democrat has he issued a fake ass apology. His apology is meaningless since it is because of him that Black men were stopped and wrongfully questioned and frisked and many had their freedom taken away from them over this racist tactic and so since Bloomberg has apologized, all is well? Hell if that shit’s so!

‘I was wrong’: Bloomberg sorry for ‘Stop and Frisk’ in about-face apology ahead of potential presidential bid

Some say [stop and frisk] encouraged — officers to detain a person on virtually any type of vague suspicion, search that individual without a warrant and arrest the person if any kind of illegal substance or weapon was found.
The policing approach, officially called“Stop, question and frisk,” sparked a backlash from activists throughout Bloomberg’s tenure as mayor because it disproportionately affected African American and Latino men.



Bloomberg has even paid $10 million for a Superbowl ad that he says has much meaning for him. The only thing that has meaning for him is his billions and billionaires don’t become billionaires by being pushovers and having empathetic souls. They become billionaires because they are soulless, bloodless parasites and what they’ve done to enrich themselves would put a Mafia boss to the blush.

Bloomberg is not running for president because he has some deep seated notion to right any wrongs he did, he is just another useless billionaire with nothing to do and to make himself appear useful, he is using money that he knows he can’t take to the grave to try and, somehow, affect the outcome of this year’s election. If he thinks that he is going to deter the Democrats from beating Trump, that’s on him because the Democrats are already losing to Trump what with that dog and pony show called an ‘impeachment’.

American descendants of slaves, I am not trying discourage you from voting, but as you can see from the field of candidates, what is there really to vote for? And believe me, we are damned either way. Vote or not vote, it is all going to come out the same; we lose.

11 thoughts on “Democrats Have Lost It… — The Native Black American

      1. I appreciate you giving me leeway with your work even as you know my propensity for crudeness. I stopped being nice years ago. I can honestly say that when I first started blogging, I was indeed, gentle as a lamb, but when you see the shit that I have seen, it eventually gets to you and enrages you to the point whereas you just don’t give a damn about getting your point across, all nice and polite like. That just ain’t me. But I can promise that whenever I re-blog your work, I shall “bite my tongue” out of respect for you!

        Thanks again for that wonderful post and for your comment. It is much appreciated.

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  1. The ass with its head in its ass is convinced, not only that its shit has no stank, but that its excrement is so sweet that it can’t get enough of its ass. The history passed on to every generation is the same color that it has been since day one in this God-bless-the-whites society, actually, it has added ever higher wealth by stealth to the now normal multi-billionaire class. Bloomberg of New York may as well be Trump of New York, they both have the same law and order for the well-heeled, the positioned, the proper, the nasty as hell minds. Hell, Hillary moved to New York for its return on investment and political connections. Biden hails from one of the original colonies, where the colonized became the colonizers and still are. All rooted in the same godforsaken Western Civilization of ever racist Europe. Racism is cherished as a birthright. And you are absolutely correct, 99% of criminal activity is committed by whites — including the crime of imprisoning the innocent blacks, if not killed first by the fascist police that serves and protects the white-supremacist system.

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    1. Bill, once again, you have delivered yet another knock out punch! I applaud you!

      I tried to do justice with this one because like I stated earlier, I reblogged this from someone else and I wanted to forgo my usual cussing shit storm, but believe me, I am still mad as hell that any white man with enough billions can just throw his hat into the ‘presidential circus’ and it’s off to the races and of course the billionaire is white and has damn sure caused American descendants of slaves much suffering, misery, loss of freedom and loss of life. But it’s supposed to be “all good,” when they want something from us because they simply deem an apology as an acceptable form of penance. We are stepped on, stepped over and used when a vote is needed even after we were thrown under the bus by what’s trying to obtain our vote. From now on, it’s not going to work, or at least I sincerely hope that it doesn’t.

      Some have said that the baby boomer generation is the problem because they are so stuck in their ways. Well, I hope they wake the hell up and recognize if they know what’s good for their children’s children and their children. We are not heading for greener pastures, we are heading in an even worse direction as each year comes. Black Amerikkka is worse off now than we’ve been since the first slaves were dragged ashore. Individually, we have NO net worth. The few of us who do own homes, those homes have no equity; no value, because of where they are located. They have no value at all. And I know this for a fact because those who own their homes in this burg, for the most part, are located in the worst section of town. It didn’t start out that way but it’s that way now and this is all done by design. Nothing is done by accident.

      And yes “99% of criminal activity is committed by whites.” Black people commit crimes in inner city ghettos because the whites put that shit into play by making sure that good paying jobs were outsourced to overseas sweatshops and what did that leave for Black people? Oh the whites had an answer for that. Saturate Black areas with drugs and guns and sit back and wait for the mass arrests to start and that is exactly what happened, hence the 1994 crime bill, hence whites throwing around words like “super predators” and “have not been socialized” to garner support from rabid racists who didn’t need any encouragement to put those laws on the books. Oh, the whites knew what they were doing alright because they do nothing by accident. And now they want our vote. Now they want to apologize. If they were about shit, they’d open those prison cells and let those people out who have been thrown inside those hells due to racist tactics and policies put in place to mass incarcerate American descendants of slaves. Talk is cheap. If you’re a billionaire, put your money where your mouth is and use that money to right the wrongs you’ve done, but they won’t do that because they are 1000% racist and that is never going to change! They can take their too little, too late apologies and stick them up their ass!

      Bill, I thank you for yet another spot on comment. It is much appreciated.

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      1. I live less than 10 miles away from Covington Catholic in the godforsaken State of Kentucky, a racist red State. I just learned today that Nick Sandmann, the smirking white kid stood in the path of an indigenous American marcher — Nathan Phillips, who held a permit for that march, Sandmann and his fellow red MAGA hat wearers stood next to the smirking white kid and whooped it up with tomahawk chops and battle cries. The Sandmann family has connections to Mitch McConnell’s legal connections. So the well connected quickly filed suits against CNN, Washington Post, HBO and others for a billion dollars in total. The suit with CNN was just settled for an untold number of millions of dollars. The Catholic church is nearly devoid of black parishioners, I wonder how that impacts their experience outside their gated communities. Do a Google search for “news” and you will find screen after screen of far-white media sources. A solid step into the American brand of fascism that may now be identified as Trumpism. The fact that Nathan Phillips was holding a valid permit is never mentioned, the Black Hebrew Israelites are, of course, dismissed entirely. Black voices mean nothing to whites who feel that indigenous peoples and abducted blacks from Africa are already too “uppity.” Today, Sandmann showed up to be uppity in Washington DC for the neverending March for Life, as white a bastion of nice conservative privileged folks. Nick stood at the exact location where he demonstrated his “heroism” and conducted interviews with a fawning crowd of white reporters. Poor little Nick is finally getting some peace and justice, peace and justice that has been denied to his white community for an entire year now. What a trial that guy has had in this last year, can you believe how mean everybody was to him? Sniff, sniff, sniff. Now maybe he can make something of his life as he tries to get a job on his own without being judged, without all the prejudice that nearly overwhelmed him over these trying months. Meanwhile, please consider contributing as much as you can afford to erect a statue with a mighty smirk — at the exact spot where he became an American hero.

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      2. Unfortunately, I can well believe that that arrogant, smirking prick has walked away with millions and for what? Why didn’t the Indian man walk away with millions? Oh we ALL know the answer to that. His life ain’t worth shit just as ours isn’t according to the whites. I almost wish you hadn’t divulged that information because now I am even more enraged than I was when I typed my previous comment to you. Like I always say, “Why the top of my head has not completely blown off and is in outer space somewhere, I don’t know.” And even though I am Black, quite frankly, I stay red in the goddamn face to the point whereas I look quite apoplectic.

        Who the hell did anything to that smirking piece of racist garbage? Oh, but that’s right, he has ties to Mitch McConnell. I am wondering what is wrong with the people of Kentucky. I do realize the usual stereotypes of the inbred hillbillies apply, bar you of course, but even that does not explain why Mitch McConnell continues to keep his Senate seat, year after year after year especially when I know that there are many poor whites living in Kentucky who certainly couldn’t even get anywhere near Mitch McConnell to smell one of his farts and yet will vote against their own interests, time and time again. Racism is a beast and I guess those racists in Kentucky feed their ‘kids’ off that bloated racism beast. It must be pretty filling seeing as how food stamps have been cut again by their other lord and racist savior, Donald J. Trump.

        It really should amaze me how whites will give up their teeth, their health and their sanity just because they believe that social programs that were put in place to help them, may actually help someone whose skin is darker than their own and so will vote for someone who promptly dismantles social programs, but I am not amazed because this is just par for the course. Those who continue to vote for Mitch McConnell are nothing more than rabid dogs since they have not the intellect to know that by continuing to vote for the likes of Mitch McConnell and Trump, they are in essence, digging their own graves.

        As for the ‘hero’ in that standoff, my pick is of course, the Indian man. But one thing I do know, we have not heard the last of smirking prick and believe me, what we will be hearing about him will not be good.

        Bill, again, I thank you for another great contribution.


  2. Thank you for putting the dems on blast. As much as people bash Republicans for overt bigotry which they have every right to do, we shouldn’t be giving the left a free pass. They’ve done a ton of racist stuff for a long time.

    Also: No reparations, No vote!

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