Lawsuits Have Been Filed Over Trump Cutting Food Stamp Benefits….AGAIN!


I am pretty sure that those lawsuits are from agencies that help feed the poor and hungry and who are most terribly upset that the poor and hungry are going to starve thanks to Donald Trump’s latest round of food stamp benefit cuts. And as we can see, before Trump is finished, the piddling little safety net that was still in place is going to be gone! So let’s now take a look at who is suing the Trump Administration over food stamp benefit cuts and why.

Slashing Food Stamps Hurts The Poor And Their Supermarkets

A coalition of 14 states, New York City and the District of Columbia, have filed a lawsuit challenging the rule. The lawsuit notes that cuts to the $61 billion food stamp program will have a ripple effect on grocery stores.

WHAT????!!!! The lawsuits were not filed on behalf of the millions who may be impacted by Trump’s cuts to the food stamp program, the lawsuits were filed because of the “ripple effect on grocery stores?” Damn the hungry people; children and all, the focus must be on protecting capitalism and in order to do that, keep those food stamps coming because the corporate bottom line is going to suffer. Children suffering from hunger pangs? Who cares? Mothers needing food to eat in order to go out and work to keep a roof over their children’s head? Who cares? The concern is only for the supermarkets that will take a hit over the loss of those food stamp benefits.

Folks, this is the world we live in today and I for one, don’t mind if the world ends today because I have had it with this shit! People can just starve to death! Never mind that, but the corporate bottom line must be protected at all costs.

I have known hunger and may do so again. I have had to go to work with my stomach growling and I was walking to work with the soles of my $2 sneakers all but gone and one toe had pushed its way up out of the top and yet, there I was, walking to work with just a thin jacket on in the dead of winter and I knew that when I got back home, there was no need to open the freezer or the fridge or even the cupboard as there would be nothing in either one for me to eat and I would have to get up the next day and trudge along. And unfortunately, this is the plight for many, even those who don’t live in America.

I just read a blog about hunger and this lady does not even live in America and she has been hungry for some time. Hunger is no laughing matter! Have you seen the price of ‘food’ lately? This is not the time to be cutting food stamp benefits. People are dying for lack of food. If there are so many charities out there, then why are people still so food insecure? One of the reasons is that in order to access food from food shelves, food pantries and the like, one must first fill out applications and get approved. Did you read that? People must get approved before they can take food home. These charities must process applications to make sure that people are poor enough to make use of their food pantries and food banks in order to take food home. I’m not saying that ALL of them are requiring that people fill out applications, but quite a few insist that people go through an approval process before they can take food with them. There is an all out war being waged against the poor and that war is being ramped up with each Administration serving the rich at the expense of the poor. Donald Trump just recently handed a windfall to already wealthy, rich whites in the form of tax cuts and to pay for those tax cuts for the filthy rich, the abject poor must take another hit.

Why don’t you look up from those damn phones and take a look around at what is happening ALL around the world? Everything is going to hell in a hand basket while you sit there and scroll down a damn smartphone screen that’s taken the place of your brains. We don’t need a plague to turn our asses into zombies. We already are zombies, only we are such dumb zombies that we are not stumbling around trying to chomp on brains because no one has any.  And the reason why we have no brains is because for those of us who can afford to put food on the table, that food is poison. It is toxic to our bodies. Even the soil we use, for those of us who are lucky enough to grow our own food, is toxic because the white man has seen to it that no blade of grass, no soil on any continent is worth a damn. We are ALL walking toxin factories thanks to what whites have set in motion that has caused this planet to become a toxic waste dump as opposed to what it was originally, paradise. Everything that we needed to be strong and healthy was right on this planet but because whites were sent here to destroy us and it, this is the result; a toxic waste dump. Look at who is causing ALL the suffering ALL across this planet. Take a good look! And yet, we want to live by their example. Seriously???!!! The rest of us need not have taken up their sorry ass habits. We should have fought back against them with all that we had. And now, it’s damn late to be attempting to reverse the damage that whites have wrought all across this planet on the Innocent.

Everything with whites is ALWAYS all about the bottom line and to hell with anyone and everyone who is not rich and pasty. Who are ALL the billionaires? Who are the ones who can afford to use their billions to launch a presidential campaign just because they long for relevancy and want to derail the outcome of an election? Who is ALWAYS gutting social programs that help those who have been touted as the beneficiaries of those programs when the whites make more use of those programs than anyone else because they make damn sure that we don’t qualify? And yet we are put on display by the whites as the face of social programs when nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t care how brain dead you are, even your brain dead stupid ass should be able to see what the hell’s going down. And for those of you who still claim not to see this shit, the only thing I can do is “Heave A Sigh!”


I Heave A Sigh!

I heave a sigh for the hungry children,
who will go without a meal tonight.
I heave a sigh for the sick, old man,
who’ll be dead before morning’s light.

I heave a sigh for those who are jobless.
And for the ones who are out on the street.
I heave a sigh for those who are in cages
and for whom the word freedom, is obsolete.

I heave a sigh for a world in distress
because the needs of the many aren’t met.
I heave a sigh for the broken and forgotten
and for the homeless Vietnam vet.

I heave a sigh because my pen runs dry.
My voice is silenced by a deafening snore.
I heave a sigh because I don’t understand
why we cannot help the weak and the poor.

…..I heave a sigh!!!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Food stamps are being cut AGAIN! The hunger problem in America is about to get even worse as food shelves are already stretched. The programs that help those in need, including children, are being gutted every year and it does not matter if there is a republican or a democrat at the helm of this lopsided, sinking Titanic. The military budget is more important because killing will always remain America’s top priority. And for those who are caught up in a never ending struggle for survival amidst all the lavishness and decadence displayed by the ‘powerful’, who grin at your plight and spit in your face, I heave a sigh and my pen is drained from bemoaning your fate!

…..I heave a sigh!!!

8 thoughts on “Lawsuits Have Been Filed Over Trump Cutting Food Stamp Benefits….AGAIN!

  1. The “ripple effect” is absolutely the only reason that matters to the ones who suck up all those ripples and send them flowing into the coffers of the rich. the rich who also get ripples from the “shithole” countries that are client states of the empire that installs puppet regimes to keep the profits flowing to the same coffers of the few but mighty. Those few are 100% (rounded up from 99.999%) white for some reason, and it’s not a coincidence. It’s entirely deliberate and carefully calculated. Productivity gains should accrue to the persons working the longest and the hardest, but those enormous gains flow rather to the self-same coffers of the few and mighty. For a capitalist, “creating wealth” is like taking candy from a baby — something that only a sociopath would do. No one with a soul would do so. To the sociopath 99.99%, it’s only the ripples that matter.

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    1. Again, Bill, you have hit it out the ballpark. You can forever be counted on for doing just that. This blog is a direct result of reading a fellow blogger’s situation over in Australia. She is food insecure and weak from going without food. The same shit that’s kicking people down and then stepping on their necks over here is also visiting that shit on others all across this planet. The world’s white billionaires are NOT human and that is a fact. And the sad truth is that the shit is only going to get worse, but it is going to get worse for everyone because pretty soon, the shelves in ALL the stores are going to be empty and I mean, EMPTY because the shit that’s in those stores and the shit that we buy online is from China. There ain’t nothing ‘Made in America’ but our asses and now that the coronavirus has shut shit down over in China expect the shit to start unraveling.

      China Reports New Cases, Deaths As Virus Declared Emergency [By The World Health Organization]

      BEIJING (AP) — The World Health Organization declared the outbreak sparked by a new virus in China that has spread to more than a dozen countries a global emergency after the number of cases spiked more than tenfold in a week, including the record number of deaths in 24 hours reported Friday.

      China counted 9,692 confirmed cases with a death toll of 213, including 43 new fatalities. The vast majority of the cases have been in Hubei province and its provincial capital, Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. No deaths have been reported outside China.

      The U.N. health agency defines an international emergency as an “extraordinary event” that constitutes a risk to other countries and requires a coordinated international response.

      Those Wall Street thugs are even now still pretending that this Titanic is not going to sink even faster thanks to this latest to come down the pike. They are ever the ones to pretend that the shit isn’t getting deeper and deeper because they don’t play with tangibles. Those thugs play with pretend money that just gets shifted from one entity to another but when the actual GOODS start to dry up and no one can purchase a goddamn thing because the factories in China are closed, the shit is going to hit the fan then. Even if they are not downplaying the shit that’s going down in China, it is still going to have a ‘ripple’ effect of another kind soon enough.

      This shithole is going to sink like a stone because there are no factories up and running to produce a goddamn thing because they’ve all been shuttered decades ago and left to rot. So trying to open up factories and bring production back to the U.S. is a thing of the past or will take too long to accomplish. The shit is about to hit the fan and ain’t nobody’s day going to be sunny when that happens.

      Bill, I thank you again for that spot on comment!

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  2. Another great piece and poem, Shelby! To be a fake ass billionaire, that clown in the white house has no idea how the f’ed up system of capitalism works. If he ever succeed in cutting these programs, he and all his cronies will regret it. Dumb bastards.

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    1. Kreb, he’ll be killing off his own base. They are the ones who stupidly vote against their own interest because they are too rabid in their hatred of us. They are the ones who lack dental insurance, are food insecure, lack medical coverage and work in mines that are closing. They are also not very well educated and depend on jobs in America that Trump and his fellow cronies have outsourced. But because he stands for exactly what they do, they will continue to support him even as it is the most idiotic and stupid thing they could do. They’ll also suffer for it. But that won’t cause me any anguish.

      And that is exactly why he is a “fake ass billionaire,” because he is clueless. Look at how many bankruptcies he’s had. And why won’t he show his tax returns? What is he afraid of people finding out? But let a Black person refuse to release their tax returns. Yeah, right. Like that could even happen. They are ALL going to get theirs Kreb. Believe that!

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  3. Wow, I wasn’t aware about the lawsuit even though I wasn’t surprised about the food stamp cuts. I agree that it should’ve been the people instead of the supermarkets and chain stores leading the charge. You’re right that hunger is no laughing matter and how food prices have been going up. When I was unemployed for 6 months a few years ago, I really suffered and things became clearer for me in that regard. Thanks for telling it like it is, Shelby.

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    1. Thank you for your comment Ospreyshire. I apologize AGAIN for the tardiness of my response. I have just been too down. No one should go hungry, NO ONE. And that dog and pony show of an impeachment circus just helped Trump get re-elected. The Democrats are so ridiculous, it ain’t even funny and meanwhile, more people will learn what hunger feels like, will experience deeper poverty, homelessness and some more shit while those who control the nation’s purse strings grapple for power and play at politics. This is ALL just sickening!

      But I do sincerely thank you for your comment.

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      1. No problem. There’s no need to apologize too much. I have to tell myself that as well since it’s a bad habit of mine.

        Exactly! NO ONE should go hungry! I totally agree how the impeachment stuff was just political theater, smokescreen, or whatever metaphor you want to throw. It really is sickening.

        You’re welcome.

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