The Hallucinated Nation: Living in a Fever Dream — Chris Floyd – Empire Burlesque — Aisle C

One reason why it’s so hard to get a handle on American politics, to say anything sensible about it, is that it takes place almost entirely in a hallucination. The country that most Americans feel they are living in does not actually exist. In this, as in so many other ways, Trump’s reign has been a powerful – I would even say unprecedented – rending of the veils. […]

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Also from the article.

“Human kind cannot bear very much reality,” as that old Missouri tomcat, T.S. Eliot, once said. But Americans now seem unable to bear any reality at all. Witness the earnest liberals of today, those who tout their “complex” – even “dark” – view of American society. They “know” that the nation was built wholly on the hideous evils of slavery and genocide, sustained over centuries. They “know” that these foundational American systems of rapine and domination have been extended across the face of the earth. They “know” our military has committed (and enabled) sickening atrocities and mass murder throughout the whole of our history, right down to this very hour. They “know” our “intelligence community” (one of the more sick-making expressions in the American lexicon) engage in surveillance, subversion, coups, assassinations – skullduggeries of every imaginable stripe. (And no doubt some that we proles have not yet imagined.)

This bears repeating.

“Human kind cannot bear very much reality.”

Well, you’d better start bearing it because it’s about to get even uglier. You’ll soon have no choice but to wake up from your dreamlike stupor because the reality of your fucked situation is about to slap the shit out of you!

Just yesterday, some American bigshot just announced that the coronavirus would be good for America since it would bring back jobs to American soil. He has lost his mind. With China about to lose millions of her citizens and stores are closing left and right and the Chinese government is even now flying in supplies because the grocery stores are running out of food, not to mention, Russia has closed her border with China, the situation ain’t looking so good. Airline pilots and flight attendants are demanding that flights to China, cease because they are too afraid of contracting the coronavirus. Many countries have stopped flights from arriving from China and just what do you think that means? It means that all the ‘goods’ that are on the shelves in Walmart and Target and the other few retail stores that are open are going to start emptying out. Your online orders will also be affected and even if it’s not, do you trust what’s coming from China through the mail? Do you know exactly how long the coronavirus can live on a non-porous surface? Do you even know all the facts on how this virus is spread? And what about that Chinese food that’s being delivered via Uber Eats? Did a worker in the Chinese restaurant manage to leave China before the quarantine started? Because it has been estimated that at least five million left the infected city before the quarantine and I am quite sure that you have seen at least one video that has exposed the fact that the Chinese will eat anything.

But Mr. American bigshot wants to spout off at the mouth that this virus is going to be a good thing for Americans because it will bring jobs back. How many factories are up and running and ready to produce all the ‘goods’  that have been shipped from China for decades now? The factories that used to produce what we consumed were shuttered aeons ago. They have all rotted. This fool thinks that someone can just open the factory doors and escort the dumb Americans inside to produce what? Americans have been dumbed down so much that they wouldn’t even begin to know what to do. Better hope those robots hurry up and come down the pike. And lord help us if the robots are being made in China because if they are, then we are royally fucked.

So, are you still in your dreamlike stupor? Are you still living in a Utopian fantasy world? Well if you are, you are about to receive your wake up call. Welcome to hell!

5 thoughts on “The Hallucinated Nation: Living in a Fever Dream — Chris Floyd – Empire Burlesque — Aisle C

    1. Exactly Kreb! Did I not tell you to just sit back and wait for the shit to hit the fan and that you hadn’t seen nothing yet? And we haven’t. These slimy, cocooned whites who have been living in their nice, little insulated world are going to get what’s coming for them and how! There will be no shit for them to spend their ill gotten gains on because all the shit that they buy comes from China and now along with the shit they buy from China, the coronavirus is going to be attached to it. They sit back and order Chinese food and along with their order will also be a big, heaping helping of coronavirus. And who the hell knows what’s next to come slithering out of China.

      These dumb as all hell whites have never head the saying, “Don’t put ALL your eggs in one basket.” Well, they did just that when they decided to close shop over here and and have everything and I do mean EVERYTHING made in China. You cannot come out of a store without everything in your shopping cart “MADE IN CHINA.” Who the hell thought that was a great fucking idea? Because look at where we are now. Those parasites over there haven’t the first concept of hygiene and will eat anything and I do mean, ANYTHING that walks, crawls, slithers, floats, slides and grunts. Numerous prescriptions have been recalled due to the fact that they contained toxins and were manufactured in China. I am just surprised that it took this long for the shit to hit the fan, but it was only going to be a matter of time.

      I am SO damn glad this shit is happening, I can barely contain myself. I knew that if we just sat back and waited, the shit would soon unravel and it is.

      All I can add Kreb is this, stay tuned.

      I thank you for your comment.


    1. Thank you The Native Black American. The guy who I re-blogged this from is taking me to task for misinterpreting the original piece. I did not misinterpret it. I know what the blog was about but I had to make this addition because it is a necessary add-on, in my opinion.

      Not one word here is untrue because one only has to take a look around. The Wall Street players are furiously trying to play on what with fits and starts coming from the stock market. One day they’re all concerned and the market is down, the next, it’s back up. They can ignore the obvious but for just so long and the obvious is that they are fucked; just as fucked as most of us have been for so damn long now. It was only going to be a matter of time before the shit moved on up the food chain. We ADOS or Native Black Americans are ALWAYS the first ones to be impacted by any and every shitstorm, but that shitstorm is growing in strength and like a tsunami, the waves that are coming are getting even higher to affect more than just those of us who are already at the bottom. Like I told Kreb, just sit back and stay tuned. It won’t be long now. I’m loving it!

      Again, I thank you for your comment.

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