Treat Your ‘Valentine’ To Rotten Dead Animals From KROGER!

As usual, I found myself screeching and wailing somewhere the other day and this particular screeching and wailing session was inside a Kroger grocery store on Wards Road in Lynchburg, Virginia.

But, let me first begin by saying that I was minding my business, when lo and behold, I came to the end of an aisle and someone said, “Miss! Miss! Could you please come here a minute?”

Now, I’m looking around because I’m wondering who the voice was calling for and she said, “Miss! Could you help me with something?” So, my eyes finally focus on a group standing by the ‘dead animal showcase’. Normally, I steer clear of that but since I was ‘invited’ over, I warily approach the ‘dead animal showcase’ and immediately got to shaking because it just makes me sick to my stomach. But as usual, I digress.

A lady was standing in front of the ‘dead animal showcase’ and she said, “I am trying to inform this man(the butcher, I presume)that this hamburger has gone bad. It is turning brown and he is trying to tell me that what I see is the ‘fat content’.”

Now, other people are standing around, but they have all, apparently, been struck dumb or were quiet zombies or comatose.

I looked at the ‘hamburger’ and there were two different types, side by side. The more expensive hamburger was red as red can be, while the hamburger next to it was turning brown. I stared down the butcher for a couple of seconds and then I let him have it. I said,

“You know goodness goddamn well that this ‘meat’ is bad. No ‘fat content is brown because if it were, then your white fat ass would have long since turned brown since it is your contention that ‘fat turns brown’. I have heard it all! Why are you lying to this woman who is about to spend her hard earned money on some damn shit that’s turned and you fucking know it??!!! I am reporting your ass, the meat department’s ass and this Kroger store to corporate, but since I know nothing is going to be done, I am posting the pictures of this shit on my blog because bad publicity is something that the Kroger Corporation doesn’t fucking need seeing as how this shit of a grocery chain has already been in the news for selling Hepatitis A in the form of frozen berry bags. Not to mention, I read an article about how Kroger sales are way down and Kroger Corporation had to capitulate to VISA and start accepting VISA credit cards again. Are you fucking serious? You’re still at it? Trying to make people sick by lying to them about what they are buying? You fucking think everyone is on some dumb ass time just because most don’t speak up for themselves? Well, you’ve more than met your match today! Get this woman some of your BEST ‘meat’ and stop standing there telling lies all day long. Miss, how many pounds of this mess do you want?” She said, “Three pounds.” I said, “Get her what she wants. Hop to it!”

I like you to know that bastard came back with two trays of the same type of hamburger that this lady was asking for and it did not look anything like what was sitting in the display case. He then weighed three pounds of the ‘fresh meat’ or as fresh as you’re going to get inside a Kroger store while the lady was thanking me profusely for coming to her aid.

When I was about to turn away, she said, “Can I ask you something?” I said, “Of course.” The lady then proceeded to tell me a bit about herself and she told me that she just could not get her landlord to fix her heat and despite numerous complaints to him about the heat and noise from other tenants, she was being driven crazy. I looked at her for a minute and this is what I said.

“Miss, the reason your landlord is treating you like shit is because people just complain and never follow through. People are either too scared to make waves, too brain dead to stand up for themselves or mostly, too damn much of a conformist. Look at what those others did who were standing around you at the ‘meat display case’. Not one of them had the balls to open their piehole and say a damn word and they were more than likely about to order the same shit for ‘meat’ as you did. That speaks volumes. That also tells corporations and governments that they can just continue to shove shit at us and we just simply nod and pick the shit up, eat it, get sick, puke and shit and repeat the cycle. I’ll be damned if I’ll include myself in that. You fucking tell your landlord that you are going to call the housing code office and report his ass and not only that, you are going to get a lawyer and sue his ass for not maintaining the property in a safe manner and not only that, you are entitled to ‘quiet, peaceful enjoyment of your home’ and that’s what the fuck you want.”

That lady thanked me, up one side and down the other and told me that she was so glad to have met me. Now, I don’t get that often, in fact, quite the opposite. Usually, someone is trying to run me out of town and that includes landlords, doctors, store owners, government offices; every damn entity that is in business to fuck us up and believe me, they are fucking us up while we take it with nary a whimper. Look at the damn pictures of the shit you’re paying good money for in these damn stores that are sending our asses to some quacks that only make the situation worse!

Take a look!

And no, it should not matter if the hamburger is ground sirloin or ground chuck, neither should be turning brown while still in the display case.

And yet another one.

And since I’d already gotten started, I took some pictures of some more shit that should not have been sitting somewhere waiting to be sold to the public because it was already rotting!

Look at this mess!

And again!

Look at what Kroger is trying to get away with selling! Just look at THAT shit!

Y’all meat eaters don’t really care about yourselves. That is quite obvious if you can eat that shit on display there!

No thank you! Kroger can keep that shit even if I was a ‘meat’ eater. USDA choice? Yeah! You’ve got a ‘choice’ alright. Choose NOT to eat SHIT! That’s the choice you should make.

I’m not fucking finished.

You think that shit looks appealing? Seriously??!!!

I don’t want to hear no shit about the ‘lighting’. I was there. I saw this shit up close and personal and believe me, the ‘lighting’ had nothing to do with this shit going bad. I have showcased meat on this blog before and you can find that here and here and so, that is more proof of the shit you’re actually paying good money for and dragging it out of the store, cooking it and eating it and then wondering why you’re fucked up. Keep eating this shit and you’ll soon be underground. Mass food production was the absolute worse goddamn thing that could have been put in to play. That shit is a great way to kill millions of people and believe me, it is.

So folks, enjoy your Valentine’s Day. Go out and get a huge T-bone steak that’s filled with chemicals; growth hormones and antibiotics and who the fuck knows what else. Enjoy some ‘seafood’ that’s  been ‘farm raised’ and get the dubious ‘benefits’ from that as you share it with someone you obviously DON’T love because if you did, you most definitely would NOT feed them that shit!

And another thing. Expect the shit that’s being served to you to continue because you don’t say shit about what you see when you are in these stores. You just stand there and stare at the shit as if it is going to tell you that it’s some damn good. The shit is dead. The shit is shit and yet, you don’t say shit. You just buy it and eat it and go back for more. You wonder why you are depressed. You are depressed because you are brain dead and comatose and terrified to make a sound. I am the ONLY one out there screeching and yelling and getting shit done. But goddamn it! I cannot do it alone. The majority of you just take this shit and as long as you are going to take it, they are going to dish it out! You mean, you can’t figure that out for yourselves? Seriously???!!! Your fucking life does not have to be lived this way but because you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone and make waves, this is why your life is fucked up and about to get worse. I see blog after blog of folks moaning and whining about Trump and fascism and about the stupidity of the Dems and the detestable, loathsome Repubs. They are fucking over us all! Maybe it hasn’t gotten around to you yet, but it will.

You don’t have a goddamn thing to celebrate today. Valentine’s Day don’t mean shit when everything is going to hell in a hand basket. But yet, they want your ass to go out and consume, consume and consume because ‘they’ say it’s Valentine’s Day and so buy some flowers, candy, lingerie and eat some surf n turf. Yeah! Go on out like the good little sheeple you are and do exactly as you are told. Go to the car wash and get the ride all nice and clean and then head for the nearest steakhouse or Kroger and purchase some dead shit or even some sea creature that’s still kicking and boil the poor sucker. It’s all for a good cause, ain’t it? To make your wife and your side piece happy so that you can get some carnal satisfaction? How long is that going to last? And for you ladies, I guess you want some more jewelry, another fur coat, an expensive purse, shoes and another credit card. You’re pathetic! Selling your wares for materialistic junk! No fucking thank you!

Yeah! Happy Valentine’s Day suckers!


9 thoughts on “Treat Your ‘Valentine’ To Rotten Dead Animals From KROGER!

  1. “Dead Animal Showcase” Hahaha! I should use that term whenever I’m at a supermarket since I have no reason to be in that part of those grocery stores. That’s accurate as well as morbidly funny.

    Now, I’m going to switch to being serious given the subject matter. That meat looks nasty regardless of the lighting or not. It’s one of those reasons why I haven’t eaten meat since I was a freshman in high school which was a long time ago. This is just bush-league as well as it’s dangerous. Any other butcher shop with any decency would discard the meat right away and replace the displays with new ones. That is all kinds of janky and I’m glad you called out those Kroger Ogres for their fatal laziness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ospreyshire, you are SO right. That shit should be discarded, but it won’t because corporations will still try and make money even when the shit’s rotten. They don’t give a damn about their customers despite their lies to the contrary. They will tout, “fresh” this and “fresh” that ALL day and ALL night while knowing full well that ain’t a goddamn thing “fresh” about much of anything in those damn markets. I have enough trouble in the produce section because I am always calling for the ‘produce person’ to get his shit together and put some fresh shit out. As high as grocery prices are, we should NOT be taking home shit that’s rotten and that should have been thrown out.

      People are getting sick from this shit and these corporations don’t give two flying fucks about that. I am not the one to fucking play with. If I see the shit, I’m going the fuck off and my cousin could tell you, I went the fuck off in that Kroger store the other day. I am usually going the fuck off whenever I go out because the shit I see would curl your toes. But do you think anyone else is saying a goddamn word? Hell fucking no and more’s the goddamn pity!

      Ospreyshire, I thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, yeah. I certainly notice that even if they don’t always have the rotting meat on display. “Fresh” can be such a marketing buzzword that can even go to doublespeak parameters from time to time. Okay, something could be fresh on the spot or fresh enough to safely consume. At the same time, something can be fresh at one time and that time can be historic which these same companies don’t care about as you say. Like you, I’m more likely to call out the produce person if they aren’t doing there job because I want to get healthy things and increase my cooking/meal-making acumen. I shouldn’t have to deal with wilted greens or moldy fruit when I’m shopping! Thankfully, it’s been a while since I had to do so, but I still keep my head on a swivel with that kind of food.

        All too true. Let those grocery workers have it when you see food in bad condition. You had every right in the world to give them the riot act even though you don’t eat meat. If anything, that should make Kroger or any grocery store be put on notice that if a vegetarian or vegan is calling BS on one’s meat section, then you know something is very very wrong! I applaud you for standing up to them even though I know it’s part of your personality.

        Sure thing, and I’m glad to add to this discussion.


      2. Ospreyshire, I am just biding my time until I get out of this shithole down here. We have few options and I’m not kidding. There are no decent markets to shop at. We only have Kroger and Walmart and some place called “Fresh Market” and that’s laughable, but not really when you factor in the prices in that joke of a market. And I would never go grocery shopping at Target. They’ve been deemed one of the worst places to purchase groceries. I cannot even eat the produce from Walmart, hence why the only time I step inside a Walmart is when I am taking a client there. And I have no problem telling them why I refuse to shop there. That mess in Walmart, I wouldn’t feed to my worst enemy. But we are so screwed because we watched other grocery chains close when Walmart came in and shut them down with their “low price leader” bullshit. Now, look where we are when many times, Walmart is the only game in town. We fucking did this to ourselves and now many aren’t liking it. Well, too bad, so sad. Many tried to warn people, but no heed was paid to us.

        And I am ever the one screeching in the produce section. I even go in the restroom and see if it’s clean and I have actually wailed and screeched about the lack of soap in there. How the hell can those workers keep shit sanitary when they go to use the restroom and there is no soap to clean their hands? Hell hath no fury when I get going.

        Thanks for another great comment Ospreyshire.

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      3. Totally understandable. I certainly avoid shopping at Wal-Mart and I can’t remember the last time I bought something from that store. Funny enough, there’s a place called Fresh Market a couple of towns away from me that I’ve never shopped at before. Going back to Wal-Mart, that makes too much sense. It reminds me of a documentary I saw in my late teens called Wal-Mart nation where there was one section where so many businesses would go out of business whenever one of their stores would pop up. That and I never realized how many towns actually protested (successfully even now) to prevent a Wal-Mart built in their areas. One of the towns mentioned which I still remember was a place just half an hour away from me in Illinois and there still isn’t anything from that chain for example. I’ve been to towns (at one point living in one place years ago) where the Walden’s monstrosity was the only game there for grocery shopping or any kind of shopping for that matter.

        Oof! Having bad produce is terrible enough, but no soap in the bathrooms? That just screams contamination city on the store’s part! WOW! That could tick anyone off.

        No problem, Shelby!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Gospel Isosceles, I am absolutely floored by that most wonderful compliment, especially seeing as how I am usually referred to by every foul word someone can come up with.

      It is always a pleasure to see you in here because then I know that I have definitely done something right. Bless your kind heart and I sincerely hope that all is well with you and your family. Thank you again! And folks, check out her blog. The most beautiful and inspiring poetry, you will most definitely find there! Believe me! She is SO talented, I am envious.

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