Africans Are Now Moaning And Whining That Trump Is Trying To Deport Them


First, Africans allowed other Africans to be stolen from the shores of Africa and now Africans are demanding that they be allowed to enter America and bring with them ALL family members that still reside in African countries. Some people even claim that Africans sold other Africans into slavery, but be that as it may, my Black ass is in America through no fault of my own. And it is my contention that those assholes in Africa are in many ways, responsible for that shit.

And the headlines today are…well…read it for yourselves.

‘Trump is deciding who is American’: how the new travel ban is tearing families apart

Millions of Africans now banned: ‘We are not criminals’

Trump’s January order builds on the 2017 travel ban that has continued to target five Muslim-majority countries, and significantly restricts permanent residency for nationals from Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria and Myanmar. It also blocks people from Tanzania and Sudan from obtaining green cards through the “diversity visa” lottery.

So, let me get this straight, Africans are now wailing and moaning because they claim that Donald Trump is “tearing their families apart?” Who FORCED them to bring their damn asses over here and leave their so ‘beloved’ family members in Africa? Who is that shit on? Why the hell did they not stay put on the continent of their birth? What? They figured that their holier than thou asses were better than American descendants of slavery and so, the shit that’s hitting the fan for American descendants of slavery should not be visited on their asses?

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, those Africans who drag their asses over here do indeed, believe that they are somehow better than American descendants of slavery. They believe that the shit that impacts us cannot and will not be visited on their asses. Newsflash! You obviously thought wrong because now your asses are wailing and whining that you cannot obtain visas and green cards for the rest of your family members who are waiting on word from you on when they can drag their African asses on over here. This dude says that he doesn’t know how to tell his mama that she can’t come over here.

“People are in turmoil,” said Audu Kadiri, a 43-year-old community organizer who left Nigeria in 2014. He had planned to bring his mother to the US, but the ban may make that impossible. The activist, who now lives in the Bronx, hasn’t yet told his mother about Trump’s order, because he doesn’t know how to break the news. “There is so much collateral damage, it’s hard to quantify.”

You tell your mother that her Nigerian ass has to remain in Nigeria. How hard is that? Her ass is from that region and so why should she want to come to America? Why the fuck did you come to America? What? Africa is not the ‘land of milk and honey’ that American descendants of slavery believe that it is? Of course it’s not because your stupid ass left the Chinese over in Africa to steal and abscond with shit that should be propping your poor mother up. But who is that on? Your scared shitless ass, that’s who. You won’t even fight for your own damn mother and yet these dumb as all hell American descendants of slavery want to head on over there to sit up and look stupid with the poor ass shit that’s been left to rot in Africa because of a travel ban. Fucking seriously??!!!

These descendants of slavery motherfuckers over here have paid Ghana so damn much money for some ‘2019 Year of Return’ that the shit doesn’t even make any damn sense while the Ghanians are trying to head to America and to Europe. But since American descendants of slavery, apparently, feel the need to ‘belong’ to Africa, in 2019 thousands of them flocked to Ghana for the ‘2019 Year of Return’.

China has spent years investing heavily in Ghana and other African nations. In 2016, the country offered the continent $60 billion in loans and aid to develop infrastructure, reduce poverty and improve agriculture, according to the Wharton School of Business. About $15 billion of that went to Ghana, its government said.

But Ghanaian officials want Blacks from the west to have opportunities to invest as well and see the Year of Return as a way to remind them that this invitation is open and ongoing. As much as $1.9 billion has been generated by the movement and more than 80,000 arrivals have come to the nation over the past year, reports Tourism Minister Barbara Oteng-Gyasi to Face2Face Africa.

So, what Ghana is saying to ADOS is that if you are an ADOS of means, then you are quite welcome to invest your money in Ghana, the same as the Chinese have done. China has all but taken over the entire continent of Africa along with America, France and any other country or nation that wants to steal from Africa. Why you American descendants of slavery want to drag your asses to a continent where there are African countries that are still paying France a tax for COLONIZING it, I don’t fucking know. What kind of shit is that? How fucking stupid is that? And this is what you want to feel a connection with? Are you that hard up for some African ‘feel good’ shit? Oh, that’s right, you are, hence the reason why during Black History Month 2018, you paid Disney billions of dollars to sit up and watch some fake ass shit about some fantasy kingdom in Africa called, “WAKANDA!” For the love of !!!! Ask the Africans why they are running their asses over here and are also trying to drag every single family member that remains in Africa over here as well. Ask them how like WAKANDA does Africa look since they don’t even want to remain there.

Aisha Dodwell, a campaigner for Global Justice Now, said: “There’s such a powerful narrative in western societies that Africa is poor and that it needs our help. This research shows that what African countries really need is for the rest of the world to stop systematically looting them. While the form of colonial plunder may have changed over time, its basic nature remains unchanged.”

The report points out that Africa has considerable riches. South Africa’s potential mineral wealth is estimated to be around $2.5tn, while the mineral reserves of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are thought to be worth $24tn.

However, the continent’s natural resources are owned and exploited by foreign, private corporations, the report said.

So while Africa is still being plundered by the same foreign shits that are a direct result of why my Black ass is sitting in America, Africans in Ghana are asking rich American descendants of slavery to come on over and invest in a country it knows is owned, lock, stock and barrel by foreign, private corporations. What the fuck has changed? And so I guess this is why Africans are trying, by any means necessary, to drag their asses out of Africa and bring their family members with them to the very said countries that are helping to strip Africa, bare. What sense does this shit make? Where is the backbone of these African motherfuckers? With all of those Black bodies over there allowing every pasty or yellow assed motherfucker to crawl over there and abscond with everything is just beyond the absolute end of enough while Africans sitting over here in America are wailing and moaning that Trump has instituted a travel ban and if he is not deporting their asses, he is refusing to allow their family members to come to America. The Africans who were allowed to come to America are not climbing on board planes and returning to the family members they claim to love, nor are they heading back to Africa to help rid that continent of the same colonizers and usurpers who rid that continent of her people and its natural resources, they are instead wailing and whining that not only should they be allowed to remain in America, but America should also welcome the rest of their family members.

What the hell is going on? Has everyone gone mad? The Africans who immigrated over here are hoping that Trump is replaced with some piece of political shit that’s more sympathetic to what they consider to be their plight. Are they serious? How in the world could you dumb asses rest easy even if Trump is replaced when it would only be a matter of time before another piece of shit like Trump decides to look cross-eyed at your asses and resumes the deportations and refuses to issue green cards and visas? Do you seriously think that all would be well if Trump was simply replaced? How stupidly naive could you possibly be? And no, I have no sympathy for African immigrants because you chose to come over here and just like you CHOSE to come over here, you can turn your ass around and fly out of here anytime you damn well please because in many cases, you have dual citizenship; here and from whence you came. If your damn family members are not allowed to come to America, then you do have an option. You can go back and hug them any time you damn well please. So don’t sit somewhere on your stupid African ass and complain that you can’t hug your mother because her ass is in Nigeria or Ghana while your ass sits in New York. How is that Trump’s fault? He is not stopping your stupid ass from boarding a plane and flying your ass back and into your mother’s arms. You don’t have to break any news to her. She was not born in this country. You just refuse to do what you need to do in YOUR own damn country and so what the hell do you do? Why, you leave it and then wail and moan when the rest of your family can’t leave it as well.

Here’s an idea. Grow some damn balls and get those colonizers and usurpers from stealing and absconding with YOUR shit! That’s what you do. But as usual, your asses want to take the easy way out and just complain that some white motherfucker won’t grant your family members citizenship in this shithole. Fuck you! Especially since when you bring your fucking asses over here, you pretend as though even your shit don’t stink and refuse to even associate with American descendants of slavery, like that shit’s on us. That shit’s on the likes of you since the exact same mess is going down in Africa today that is the very reason why my Black ass was born in America which is something else you hate about us AMERICAN DESCENDANTS OF SLAVERY. We don’t need a green card or a visa. Our asses were born here; something you can NEVER lay claim to and you hate that fact! Well, fucking deal with it or drag your candy ass back to Africa and deal with the shit that you continue to allow to go down over there. That shit’s on YOU! Not me! Fuck ALL you Africans. You still ain’t about shit! I hope Trump sends the lot of you packing. Now git!

Finally, let me be clear! I don’t give a damn about Africa, Africans or what the fuck is going down in Africa. That shit does NOT concern me. I was born in America and I consider myself to be an American descendant of slavery/slaves. That’s what the fuck I am. I did NOT crawl into a boat and row the fuck over here. Don’t get the shit twisted. These African immigrants, did indeed, crawl aboard a plane or on a ship and WILLINGLY came to the shores of America with the expectation that they could then have their entire families flown or shipped here. Who the fuck were they kidding? You African immigrangs are only here through sufferance. You have got to hope and pray that whomever is sitting their debased, white ass inside the Oval Office is not about to look cross-eyed at your African immigrant ass. And if they do, then all you need do is take the same form of transport that got your ass to these shores back from whence you came. I don’t have that option because I am a citizen of no other country or continent other than this one. And though this shithole views me as less than what it does whites and makes my life a living hell, there is still no way in heaven or hell that I would have attempted some ‘2019 Year of Return’ to Ghana or anywhere else over in Africa for that matter. Better the devil I know than the devil I don’t. And what’s to stop your African asses from stealing what I invested in Africa? I have no army to stop you from stealing my shit. You can’t even stop the Chinese, the French, the Americans and who the hell knows who else from stealing your shit just as you didn’t stop them from stealing my ancestors. So I don’t owe you worthless assholes a goddamn thing. I hope they send ALL your African asses back. That’s where you need to be since it is quite obvious that you want to take the easy way out which is to come over here as opposed to fighting for your own down country that’s located on YOUR continent. What kind of shit is that? No, it is no wonder that my ass is sitting here in America with the type of useless, namby pamby shit that Africa is still breeding. Why these ADOS over here think highly of Africa, I will never know. But believe me, I am not among them!


10 thoughts on “Africans Are Now Moaning And Whining That Trump Is Trying To Deport Them

  1. Africans and Haitians are the “others” who voted for Trump at 30% or more along with Asians and Hispanics but all you see is ppl begging American descendants of slavery to vote to save the Democrats, not a word to these other groups. They all getting what they asked for. #letitburn

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    1. The Native Black American, these whites have those assholes on lockdown. They know that their asses are ALL here on sufferance. If the white man looks in their direction, they almost jump out of their damn skin because they don’t want their ‘walking papers’. They know that their shit can get jacked at any time and that is another reason why they ALL hate Native Black Americans or as I say American descendants of slavery/slaves. We don’t need green cards or visas or to be afraid of deportation. We have those birth certificates to prove just where the hell we were born.

      And I have no problem throwing them ALL under the goddamn bus because that is where they ALL belong. Not a one of those groups is in our corner. They have never been in our corner and they never will be in our corner and I say, “To hell with them ALL!”

      They are our mortal enemy as well. They try and fuck us over as much as they can and they do. I have NO love for ANY of them. I have NO sympathy for ANY of them. What the fuck do I care about some southern border illegals sitting up in facilities when those who look like me are locked up in even worse facilities by the millions. They are called PRISONS. Are any of those filthy assed illegals and their kin screeching and yelling that that shit ain’t right? Fuck no! Neither are the Haitians or the Asians. And I hope that the coronavirus closes every goddamn Asian takeout joint DOWN! Close that shit down! Every chance I get, I’m somewhere telling people to, “Yeah, take your ass on up in that Chinese restaurant and come on out with some coronavirus.” That’s stopped a many of folks from going all up in those joints. The Chinese restaurants here are damn near empty. HA! I’m fucking glad! They only look out for themselves and I’m looking out for ADOS otherwise known as Native Black Americans. As you can see, I don’t play. I call it the way it is and damn the consequences. I ain’t playing with these shits!

      I sincerely thank you for your comment.


      1. I see you’re not playing. I don’t want to throw all Black immigrants under the bus but there are real issues we need to straighten out before we can move forward in any capacity. It can’t be business as usual. We have to demand something from them for them to receive our allegiance here on out

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      2. You don’t have to throw any of them under the bus, I’ll be more than happy to accomplish that because I reiterate, NONE of those bastards are friends to American descendants of slavery; bar none! They’ll get no hand wringing and gnashing of teeth over their deportation and loss of green cards and visas from me. Those motherfuckers hate our guts and they show us in every possible way. I have been around that lot and I know what the fuck I’m talking about. Take your ass to Minnesota and see how you’ll be treated by the Somalis. Those puss head motherfuckers ALL believe that ADOS are beneath them. They have said, and in no uncertain terms, that we are mutts because our blood is not pure as theirs. How the fuck can those half French motherfuckers, who damn well speak Somali AND FRENCH talk about whose fucking blood is not pure?! They fucking can’t because they are mixed with every goddamn thing as well, but that fact just gets dismissed by them. Not to mention that American descendants of slaves are all walking the streets, homeless in Minnesota while those puss head Somalis are living off our tax dollars since the whites have given them all the vouchers and Section 8 based housing. You, apparently, don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, but I don’t mind schooling motherfuckers up in here. Fuck em!


  2. It’s a damn shame what native Africans are allowing to happen on that continent, Shelby. And yes, like with everyone else on the planet, Africans will never understand the plight of the ADOS.

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    1. Kreb, they don’t care about our plight enough to even begin to try and understand it because they are too busy adding to our plight. The whites invite their asses over here and then when the shit hits the fan because whites are insane and try and have them deported, they want to cry, “Foul!” Too fucking bad. Why would ANY Black assed motherfucker put their faith in the white man in the first goddamn place? We ought to know they ain’t about shit and will lie before they will ever tell the truth. I cannot count how many times I have told these bastards that if the whites lips are moving, they are fucking lying.

      Those Africans will NEVER get their shit together and that is quite obvious. No wonder we can’t get our shit together because look at where our origins are; with the most lame ass, namby pamby motherfuckers to ever whimper and cry when going up against the whites and the Asians and any damn body else. If those Africans were about shit, they wouldn’t be running all across the planet in search of a better life, they’d send that shit packing from their countries and harvest their own natural resources that are boundless. But no, they leave that to rich corporations to plunder while begging some white motherfucker over here to let them stay and to allow their family members to come here. What fucking sense does that make when those stupid Black motherfuckers over there do NOT have to live hand to mouth with the riches that Africa contains? I’m so fucking fed up with this nonsense, my head is about to fly into space because it is all just so goddamn senseless!

      Kreb, thank you for your comment.

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  3. African people see themselves the only blacks in this Planet who are victims of racist and oppress,
    respect African diaspora people!
    I always heard them say that ”everybody in the world have problem with them or hate them,whites,
    Asians and others are against to them”,”we welcome whites,Asians and other people colour in our lands,but when we want go to their countries they all want kick us out!”
    I don’t know why they are so desperate to have validation from other people who already told them in their face what they think about them?
    When they see some racist staff or behaviour,they are always brush off,
    we African diaspora people,we are the only one who are insane who are living of imagination!
    They are so ready to unroll the carpet when wp walk in their countries,steal,poison their foods,spread mortal diseases,inject black babies and pregnant African women!
    How they can’t see what is going in their Continent?
    It’s funny how they are so hostile and wary when they see African diaspora people,they look and stare at you like ” you ain’t black for them or you aren’t enough black because we have been mixed!”
    They have problems,the majority of them are self-hatred and lot African countries have a rampant epidemic of using bleaching creams.
    At work I saw a lot these clowns especially African women,how they destroy their beautiful dark and chocolate skins to look like pasty ghost female!
    It’s crazy Shelby how can someone walk like this in public?
    Don’t let me start with religious how much they are so devote to Christianity? A racist religious who enslaved them and us,Europeans goals were to corrupt our souls and minds!
    African people the majority believe that only African diaspora people were enslaved not them!
    Because they don’t understand that COLONIALISM IS = SLAVERY!

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    1. Qnubian, your comment is absolute TRUTH!

      Africans should be throwing every goddamn body OUT of their countries. They should not have every foreign corporation or government stealing and absconding with the riches that Africa contains. Why the hell would you board a plane and leave a land that is your home and has the vast natural resources to sustain every single Black body on it, but yet they leave their own countries in Africa to the white man and to the yellow man and then come over here and beg another white man to let their other family members come here? What fucking kind of shit is that?! It is too ludicrous for words. And then we wonder why our Black asses are sitting up over here? After seeing this shit, it is NO wonder. Those Africans STILL can’t get it together. They are just as clueless and stupid now as they were when they were allowing our ancestors to be stolen from Africa. What the fuck has changed? Not a goddamn thing! And yet, they have the audacity; the unmitigated gall to think that their stupid, dumb as all hell African asses are better than we are when the entire world watches as they let ALL others steal their shit and they simply leave and get treated like shit in Russia, China, the Netherlands, Amerikkka and everywhere else they take their damn asses.

      And yes, I know they hate their Black skin because I have read articles that state that the majority of people who use skin bleaching cremes and lotions are Africans. That shit is some sick shit! It is bad enough that we ADOS have a colorism problem and some use those products, but the Africans outnumber those here in record numbers. The self hatred and self loathing is palpable. It is no wonder that African people are so disrespected and mistreated by the entire world; their ignorance, stupidity and self hatred is there for ALL to see.

      Qnubian, I thank you for your comment.


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