Old “Stop And Frisk” Bloomberg Is On An Apology Tour In An Effort To Become The Next President


Michael Bloomberg is sick and tired of being confronted with his racist policies of “stop and frisk” that he revved up during his tenure as mayor of New York City since he is questioned at every event he attends about his racist “stop and frisk” policy that targeted mostly male American descendants of slaves and he also targeted Hispanics. Bloomberg just wishes that everyone would forget about the fact that this showcases just how racist he is and get with the program that his inherent racism flew the coop. He figures that he has apologized for something so insignificant that it should not even be a footnote in his long and racist career in politics, let him tell it.

Bloomberg continues to confront stop and frisk legacy

Michael Bloomberg once again apologized for his long-time stop and frisk policy on Saturday night, addressing supporters at a local brewery.

“I’ve gotten a lot of grief for it lately, but I defended it for too long,” Bloomberg said of the policy, which he utilized during his long tenure as New York City mayor. “And because I didn’t fully understand the unintentional pain it caused young black and brown kids and their families, I should have acted sooner and I should have stopped it, and I didn’t, and I apologize for that.”

You see, Michael Bloomberg feels that he would not be getting grief for his past racist policies of ‘stop and frisk’ if he had not thrown his hat into the ring to run for president. He feels that everyone is just picking on him because he has decided to attempt to resurrect his relevancy by throwing his billions at an attempt to dethrone Donald Trump, who is an exact replica of Bloomberg except that Bloomberg knows he’s a billionaire and believes quite frankly, and has stated such, that Donald Trump is not. Bloomberg and Trump have been trading jabs and some are of the opinion that only Bloomberg can take on Trump and win. You see, it is known by many in Bloomberg’s circle that he is just as dirty, obnoxious, bull-headed, racist and rotten as Donald Trump and so who better to beat Donald Trump than his own likeness.

Sadly enough, Bloomberg, apparently, has found some Black folks who back him regardless of his racist ‘stop and frisk’ policies. They are giving Bloomberg a pass by saying that since he is a businessman, he will know what to do to “Make Amerikkka Great For Black Folks!”

“I really do like Mike, said Laolu Davies-Yemitan, who is Black, at the Houston Democratic Party dinner. “He did a lot of great things in New York. He’s a businessman; he made a lot of things happen, he’s a philanthropist, and I think he would bring this country together.” 

To that I say. “Who dropped your Black ass on your head?!” Donald Trump is also a businessman who has filed for bankruptcy multiple times and cost the jobs of thousands of former employees and since one of the reasons you’d vote for Bloomberg is because he too, is a businessman and you also know that he is a racist, but you can overlook his racism, then you may as well just cast your vote for Donald Trump. You mean, you think there’s a difference? And then people have the nerve to wonder why nothing ever changes in this shithole. Just look at the stupidity and outright crazy ass reasons people give for voting for a particular candidate. Because he is a racist and a businessman, that is a reason to vote for Bloomberg as opposed to voting for Trump? Really? I throw my hands up.

And next up!

At the same dinner, Duni Hebron said Bloomberg was one of his top two choices. “We understand that what we have in the White House is not sustainable,” he said. “And so Bloomberg provides an alternative that we are definitely willing to consider.”


Bloomberg and Trump are two sides of the same coin. How is either different from the other? Trump IS president while Bloomberg is attempting to become president? That is the only difference. Your Black ass is grass regardless of whether or not Trump remains in the White House or gets replaced by Bloomberg. What.the.hell. If there are millions of Black people who are registered voters and with the proper ID, head to the polls and vote based on this mess, then we are done for, completely done for. I don’t know what Black people are using for brains these days because they are clearly not using that grey matter between their ears if they can vote for one racist billionaire over another racist billionaire and expect a different result. You do know that that is the definition of insanity. If not, you know it now.

I should say that I am appalled, but given the status of Black America and how forgiving and forgetful Black people are over what their enemies are doing to them, I am not appalled, I am just resigned to the fact that those of us who are trying to get through to the rest have been fighting an uphill, losing battle because they cannot see the forest for the trees. We need our own party. We need to throw the Democrats under the bus. We need not take up with the Republicans and the ‘other’ parties are not for us either. When will we understand that we cannot look to the whites to serve any other interests but their own? When will we understand that not one president is going to do anything that benefits American descendants of slavery because by doing so, it would undermine the system that they firmly put in place to aid and abet their power over us. The system of white supremacy will forever be upheld by every white foot that steps inside the Oval Office and you can kid yourself all day and all night that one billionaire will help your ass out over another billionaire all you like, but that is never going to happen. Wake up from your dream and recognize. Your life will never matter to these whites who are in a position to fuck you up your entire life because of a system they designed and put into place to keep your Black ass in the lowest caste in America and Black folks, you know exactly what position you are in; homeless, in prison or in slums. How many banks, hospitals, school systems, cable companies, cellphone companies, studios, music production companies are owned by American descendants of slaves? Do you think that shit is by accident? If you do, get your head out of your ass!

But go ahead. Support Bloomberg, but when your shit is still just as fucked up as it is now or made even worse, don’t say you weren’t warned since that would be a lie!



8 thoughts on “Old “Stop And Frisk” Bloomberg Is On An Apology Tour In An Effort To Become The Next President

  1. This old shitbag supported stop-and-frisk right up to a week before he launched his campaign. He was also the sitting mayor who constantly block the Exonerated Five from suing NYC for ten years. Damn, having all the money in the world is not enough for them. They have to have all the power too to make up for their lack of manliness. Old bastard.

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    1. Kreb, whites don’t like to be ‘obsolete’ and so into the ring steps Bloomberg. Having billions of dollars does not make them happy because if it did, then Bloomberg would be happily enjoying his billions in his so-called ‘golden years’ instead of engaging in an apology tour for his racist ass policies when he was mayor of New York. This is why I often state that whites are rabid in their insanity. Nothing they do makes any sense. If they are not trying to control and ruin someone’s life, then life has no meaning for them. That should be crystal clear even to a blind man that’s been planted.

      Whites can have all that money can buy and still, it does not make them happy. What gets them off is making sure that someone, somewhere is suffering untold miseries thanks to them. This is the shit that the world is at the ‘mercy’ of and this is why the people of this world, especially those who like like us are doing so damn poorly. The shit that’s going down is enough to make me want to just scream, day in and day out.

      Kreb, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. Bloomberg continued stop-and-frisk six years after it was ruled unconstitutional, shades of Trump’s second-favorite president: Andrew Jackson. The stopping and frisking mainly took place in nice white gentrified (whiteified) neighborhoods — existing while Black in neighborhoods that were formerly Black. Bloomberg was also in the office of Mayor, NYC when his blue lives arrested Kalief Browder:
    Of course, StopAndFrisk is yet the de facto policy nationwide, as is Prison for Blacks Only, as is City Neighborhoods for Whites Only, as is Rent Only Affordable by Wealthy (all-white wealthy).
    Bloomberg would also choose H. Clinton for his running mate without a single doubt.

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    1. And yet another whopper of a comment from you Bill. You are ever the one to be counted on to bring it to the table and sit everyone’s ass down and every mouth shut because they have NO argument against anything you say.

      I really appreciate my readers like you and Kreb who mention what I may have left out. You see, these days, I am trying to cover so much, that oftentimes, some things get left out, but I know that you and others will most definitely come through. I cannot thank you enough for that; both you and Kreb!

      Also, I had heard rumors of a Bloomberg/Clinton ticket and was I surprised? No! Especially seeing as how that warmongering monster who stated that Black youth are “Super predators that need to be brought to heel” cannot shut her damn mouth and stay out of this upcoming election. HilLIARy Clinton is STILL trying to maintain some semblance of relevancy even in the face of so many voters who sat the last election out rather than vote for her depraved, debased war criminal ass!

      The Democrats are making damn sure that Trump wins again. No one is truly excited by ANY Dem candidate for president. The only thing I am hearing is that so many people are so damned tired of Trump that they will vote for Kermit the frog rather than see Trump re-elected. How this (s)election is going to play out, I don’t know for sure, but if someone were to ask me right now just who I thought would be standing when the smoke clears from this upcoming election, I would have to say, “Donald Trump,” as much as it would pain me to do so.

      And so, again, I thank you for yet another spot on comment, Bill. It is much appreciated.


      1. D.martinez, I have only received three comments from you and I received them all today. I just responded to two of them. WordPress has been filtering the comments of Black bloggers. Many people have not been getting their comments, myself included. Some people have had to post the same comment over and over until it posted. Another lady that follows this blog who lives in the UK says that she is having a hard time posting a comment here. Black bloggers must be getting too hot to handle. You know the white establishment has long been on our ass. They ain’t about to let up. But I thank you for your consistency in trying to get through. It is much appreciated. And thank you for the compliment on this post.


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