The Hypocrisy Of Jeff Bezos And Amazon Shoppers Is Just Beyond The Pale!


Jeff Bezos has pledged $10 billion to fight climate change even as Amazon is aiding and abetting climate change thanks in part to everyone around the world suddenly becoming too damn fat and lazy to walk inside a store and pick up ANYTHING. EVERYTHING needs to be delivered and now, those who shop on Amazon are complaining that the packaging their shit comes in is just too goddamn big and how the hell can Jeff Bezos pretend concern over climate change when his company is aiding that shit along? Seriously?

Shoppers slam Amazon packaging after Bezos pledges $10 billion to fight climate change

Jeff Bezos may have pledged $10 billion to fight climate change but critics are slamming the billionaire for not making changes to closer to home first and reducing the amount of packaging used to send out Amazon parcels.

“Could he please start with his ridiculous packaging that he leaves on our doorstep??? Perhaps the amazon delivery could collect the significant waste left behind,” one Amazon shopper wrote on Twitter.

“If #Bezos wants to do something for the world, he can start with his excessive packaging. Amazon shipping is the most wasteful of any retailer out there. Is junking up the world with plastics part of #BezosEarthFund?” another wrote.

Below are pictures that Amazon shoppers took to highlight the oversized boxes that their tiny orders generated.




What the hell???!!!

How are those who shop via Amazon in ANY position to take Jeff Bezos to task when they are the very reasons why Amazon exists and why Jeff Bezos continues to rake in more and more billions? Both are flaming hypocrites; Jeff Bezos, for damn sure and those who shop via Amazon and who actually were not even ashamed to post pictures to show their fucking hypocrisy.

I can honestly say that I have NEVER purchased ANYTHING from Amazon and I never will. I would rather walk around butt ass naked before I’d purchase even so much as a sock from Amazon. But unfortunately, there is NO one else on this godforsaken planet like me. I have only two pairs of shoes; TWO and I am female and everyone knows that most females have at least 80 pairs of shoes. I am SO against capitalism, it ain’t even funny. More’s the goddamn pity that, AGAIN, I am the only one!

You hypocritical assholes sit up and yarn on and on about who is a hypocrite when you need only look in the mirror; there you’ll find the biggest hypocrite because you will take to task someone who has gained a fortune because you refuse to get up off your ass and go get your own shit. What the fuck would you be doing if the internet did not exist? You’d be doing what people actually did do before the advent of the internet. They got off their asses and actually got the shit for themselves or went without.

None of you could ever live like the original inhabitants of this land. You’d rather die than have to forage for food and live off the land. What the hell would you do if there was no Alexa or Siri or Amazon or Youtube, Facebook or Twitter? But yet, you want to pretend to wail and moan over climate change when you are not willing to forgo your Amazon Prime membership. You’d rather just post some pictures of oversized boxes that your little shit came in that you could have gotten for yourselves if you weren’t so damn lazy.

And what about the fact that people are injured and are even dying trying to process your orders? You don’t even give a damn about that, but yet you are going to call out Jeff Bezos for his hypocrisy???!!! So-called ‘humans’ are the most shameless shits on this fucked up planet.

Why didn’t you stop ordering shit from Amazon when you heard about this?

‘Go back to work’: outcry over deaths on Amazon warehouse floor

Billy Foister died last month after a heart attack at work. The incident was just one in a series of recent accidents and fatalities.

In September, Billy Foister, a 48-year-old Amazon warehouse worker, died after a heart attack at work. According to his brother, an Amazon human resources representative informed him at the hospital that Billy had lain on the floor for 20 minutes before receiving treatment from Amazon’s internal safety responders.

“How can you not see a 6ft 3in man laying on the ground and not help him within 20 minutes? A couple of days before, he put the wrong product in the wrong bin and within two minutes management saw it on camera and came down to talk to him about it,” Edward Foister said.

It really is unbelievable how Bill was laying there for 20 minutes and nobody nearby saw until an Amnesty worker with a radio came by.”

A 48-year old man died of a heart attack from being worked to death at an Amazon warehouse while trying to process your fingernail polish order and all you fat, lazy fuckers can find to complain about is some oversized boxes containing shit you ordered instead of going out and getting it for yourselves while Jeff Bezos grandstands about contributing $10 billion dollars to “fight climate change” that he is guilty as hell of helping to cause! And people are sitting up somewhere wondering why this world is going to hell in a hand basket? Seriously? Read this shit! Truth is, quite actually, stranger than fiction because I just cannot make this shit up! A dead man lay on an Amazon warehouse floor for at least 20 minutes as people walked back and forth around him instead of walking out in solidarity with injured and dying workers while Amazon shoppers sit at home and post pictures of oversized boxes that peelers and nail polish came in. This is ALL just too damn ludicrous for words!

Some useless motherfuckers want to post some shit about some big ass boxes containing one nail polish bottle that they could have gotten up off their lazy ass to go out and get and yet, Jeff Bezos is the problem??!!! AGAIN, for the dumb as all hell ‘humans’, there would be NO Amazon boxes if not for your goddamn extreme laziness in simply wanting to pick up a smartphone and place an order instead of riding a bike to the store and picking up one damn bottle of nail polish for your goddamn self. How the hell can you proudly post that shit and complain that it’s Jeff Bezos who is at fault when it came to YOUR fucking door, dumbass because you fucking ordered it?

My arthritic mother, who also has heart failure, will get up off her ass and go to Lowe’s and order her a stove, but she will NOT purchase a ‘smartphone’ and order one from Amazon and if she can go and look over stoves and purchase one and have Lowe’s deliver it, then you can certainly damn well go out and bring back one goddamn bottle of fingernail polish. This shit is just too damn ridiculous for words! And yet, you want someone to believe that your dumb, stupid, lazy ass is concerned about climate change? Are you for real? Shut the fuck up and stop posting shit showing you up for the shameless, dumb as all hell, lazy piece of shit you really are! Jeff Bezos ain’t the problem, you’re the goddamn problem; you and every damn one of you who orders shit on Amazon. You own climate change disasters and so claim it. You own the fact of Billy Foister’s death, so claim it. You own the fact that those oversized boxes were shipped to YOUR door thanks to YOU placing an order and so own YOUR SHIT! And shut the hell up about climate change because your ass will be floating out in the middle of the ocean during a goddamn Category 5 hurricane while still trying to order some shit on Amazon and don’t you fucking know it!


13 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy Of Jeff Bezos And Amazon Shoppers Is Just Beyond The Pale!

  1. Wow, Jeff Bezos is totally a hypocrite in this situation. Those oversized boxes are completely ridiculous and even the things I bought from Amazon didn’t have that much excess cardboard. Yes, I’ve bought things from that site before, but I stopped after finding out about those stories of the maltreatment of their workers last year from another blogger. I got to hand it to you for not being so reliant on buying things compared to most people. Even I had to change my mentality on what and where I buy from. Some aspects were easy to avoid, but others have been really rough for me to change habits. Most of my shopping is done at a real store with me driving there and walking around. I hope whatever hypocrisy I have in regards to being a consumer has been curbed as much as possible even in this shopping-happy society.

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    1. Well at least you did stop buying shit on Amazon. I buy used shit whenever possible, but mostly I don’t shop. I cannot tell you the last time I went shopping for clothing, shoes, handbags or shit of the like. I wear my shit until it literally falls off my ass, I am THAT determined to NOT participate in being an overzealous consumer. I abhor this capitalist society that we have been forced to take part in and I make my footprint in it as small as possible. Corporations HATE my ass because I don’t spend a goddamn dime if I don’t have to. But it just fills me with rage when some think that they have done something constructive just because they took Jeff Bezos to task for having Amazon workers send them oversized boxes for their piddling little shit when that’s on them. Like I said, there would be NO Amazon if it were not for those very same people ordering shit on Amazon. People really are some dumb, hypocritical fucks!

      Ospreyshire, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Yeah, I really wasn’t aware until I saw some blog posts about that issue. I felt bad for being complicit and not knowing about it even though I wasn’t a hardcore Amazon shopper. That’s good how you get used things instead of always getting something new. I’ve been doing my best to downsize because I used to have a lot of things, so I have been donating to thrift shops and clothing drives to name a few (I also feel relieved not to have donated to The Salvation Army especially after you did that one post about that organization). Sure, I’m not perfect when it comes to consuming, but I have been far less materialistic than what I was when I was in my teens. It’s been such a learning experience even still. Bezos being called out for the oversized boxes is just like putting a band-aid on the sinking Titanic (I’m referring to the shallow shoppers, not you, obviously) since more clearly needs to be done like with how the workers are treated like garbage or how he also owns a major newspaper company with The Washington Post not that I read it anyway.

        No problem, Shelby.

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      2. Ospreyshire, I have never been materialistic. Even in my much younger days, I was never into designer this and designer that. Those things just never interested me. I was never into keeping up with the latest fad and needing to wear some shit that some ‘celebrity’ was sporting. Unfortunately, most people are ‘followers’ and not individual thinkers. They must forever follow a ‘trend’, jump on the bandwagon of what’s all the rage for the day and tomorrow, it’s something else, hence why each and every Thanksgiving and Christmas, they dutifully line up and fight for what they have been told is the latest gadget that they NEED. They don’t need it, but because of the herd mentality, they go along with the flow of the rest of the herd seeking the same stupid shit that does not make them happy for if it did, they wouldn’t be filling themselves with alcohol, crystal meth, crack, heroin and other drugs to dull the senses of a fucked up existence. Then there is Hollywood to entertain them and give them glitz and glamor to clamor for. “Oh look at Kylie Jenner!” “Oh look at Justin Beiber!” What the hell are they doing for the masses that hang on to every word they say and who can even get the masses to go out and spend money they don’t have to buy clothing and lipstick made in overseas sweatshops because it’s “Kylie Jenner’s brand!” This shit just sickens me!

        Hardly anyone thinks for themselves anymore, hence why everyone is sitting up somewhere staring down at a smartphone loaded with apps to purchase this and hail rides and just repeat, repeat and repeat without a single thought of their own in their brainwashed, clueless heads. This shit just takes the piss!

        Once again Ospreyshire, I thank you for your comment.

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      3. That’s great how you never succumbed to materialism. For me then, it wasn’t about the fanciest or most notable things. My materialism then was about turning my nose up against those who were only getting mainstream things when I was getting the trendiest indie things (mainly CDs, DVDs, and band shirts during my high school and early college years). I was so hypocritical because at least half the things I bought were distributed from major companies and what I did was the same thing, just at a different angle. Trust me, I learned my lesson after doing research then. Even I followed trends without realizing it which was so stupid. It does annoy me that people have done the same things by replacing the Jenners and Beibers with “hipster icons”, if that makes sense. I really wished I wasn’t idiotic then.

        With that said, you’re totally right about how no one thinks for themselves. I’ve been doing what I can to educate myself and others with different things whether it’s with real independent media, history, harsh realities, etc. I’m still learning regardless.

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  2. I have been an anti-capitalist iconoclast since the 1960s, an opponent of the stock market since the DJIA was about 800, observing J.E. Hoover and R.M. Nixon as they formed the foundations for the prison-industrial complex and the destruction of the Black Panther movement, an environmental wacko, a McGovern voter, a supporter of the Chicago 8, an opponent of the American Empire’s war on Black and Brown then *and* now. The basics have not changed. The celebration of white-supremacist ignorance has been going on here since the 15th Century.
    Jeff Bezos is the de facto image on the coin of the realm from A to Z. His is the face of the body politic, a face to place on a status quo that rewards the white-supremacist system in every facet of a society that has not changed the essential nature of its vaunted falsehoods since the founding patriarchal slavers learned how imperialism rewards the plunderers. They learned well from the successful spawners of imperialism — those who had already perfected the art of Western Civilization. The founders of The Amerikkkan Empire would be proud of Jeff Bezos — capitalism abhors anyone who abhors waste, whether it be billions of passenger pigeons, millions of bison, millions of human *resources* sourced from Africa, or the fossil fuels from the biomass of an earlier extinction event. Capitalism abhors iconoclasm.

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    1. Bill, I am once again, thunderstruck by your comment, it is so precise and on point, as always! You get it in every single time! I got to hand it to you.

      I am proud to be an iconoclast; damned proud, I say. And this reminds me of a poem I wrote a few years ago, I think extremely apropos in this instance.

      I’m Just Too Stubborn To Conform!

      Place the noose around my neck.
      Leave me for the birds to peck.
      Drown me in a sea of blood.
      I’ll be washed away in that crimson flood.

      Do not think to quench my thirst.
      I broke the rules, I’m now accursed.
      Throw me in the lion’s den.
      I’ll never make it out again.

      Douse me good with gasoline.
      Sit back and watch the fiery scene.
      Beat me until my bones do break.
      Then toss me in with a rattlesnake.

      Bury me while I’m still alive.
      Place a bet that I won’t survive.
      Shove me off the train platform.
      I’m just too stubborn to conform.

      I would much rather stand alone,
      than kneel before the emperor’s throne,
      nor suffer fools that stand in line,
      and feed at the trough of elitist swine.

      Written by,
      Shelby I. Courtland
      ©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

      I wrote this poem for all who dare to question, who will not just accept, but will ask the tough questions, seek their own answers, dare to take a stand, even if you stand alone! I will not follow the crowd, nor will I conform to the dictates of a fucked up society that can no longer discern the innocent from the guilty and quite actually believe that the innocent are the guilty and the guilty are innocent. You choose ignorance and obedience. I choose truth and justice and that is why I have no problem standing alone!

      Bill, the above was accompanied with that poem when I originally wrote it and I am quite glad to say that with you, I am in great company because we are most definitely two non-conformists, rebels, malcontents, dissenters and every synonym of the aforementioned. Why oh why are there not more people like us? For if there were, there would be no need for me to write such as this. There would be no need for my intense anger at the stupidity and blind obedience of the sheeple who simply do as they are told without a single thought of their own in their brainwashed heads. Comatose and brainwashed, I could never even pretend to be and neither could you.

      What also saddens me from your comment is the fact that all the TRUE revolutionaries are either still locked up, dead or in exile and we have nothing to work with.Stupid, lazy, easily manipulated zombies are why we are in the predicament we are in today and sadly enough, they don’t even believe that they are in a predicament. How seriously sad is that! It was not a question, merely a statement of fact. I have never seen people who will so willingly embrace their downfall. I have never seen people make a headlong dash for the cliff, but that is what they are doing when they simply pick up everything that’s put down before them. There are no critical thinkers in the building. More’s the goddamn pity.

      Bill, again, I cannot thank you enough for yet another top notch, spot on comment. If only what you wrote did not fall on eyes that refuse to see!

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      1. You reveal truth like a manifesto in that poem, Shelby. Each stanza rings with integrity, each stanza cuts right through each spew from each white-supremacist apologist who blanches every independent voice that dare question the conventional wisdom.
        I lived in West Germany ’71 – ’73 and got to meet Iranian students who shared experiences with the secret police (Savak) under the Shah puppet regime installed by the US and Israel. Israel is a white-supremacist European presence, a racist theocracy, a former colony of the British Empire, another imperial Arab-despising hegemon. English and German are both giddy with Western-Civilizational “values” that make them feel exceptional and super-special. The Arabic language is a respite from knee-jerk Western Evilizational propagandists. I am presently enjoying intensive language classes at a local mosque (masjid) — the only “white man” in the room. Speaking of white-supremacists, ccording to the Israeli troll who visits my blog, mosques are all training camps for terrorists.

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      2. Bill, WOW! Thank you for that most generous compliment on my poem. Sometimes, thing don’t need to be complex in order to make a point and by simply making my point in the simplest way possible, I believe I did indeed, accomplish that.

        It would appear that you have had the opportunity to move about this third rock from the sun, I can only wish to say, “likewise,” but I cannot. And some people claim that because Amerikkkans are cut off from the rest of the world by geographical location, be that as it may, so few of us tend to wander beyond these shores, not to mention that when we do venture beyond these shores, we take Amerikkkan ‘exceptionalism’ with us since we have had that drummed into us that “Americans have that exceptionalism” thing going on. What a crock of shit! It just means that when Amerikkkans travel, “World meet arrogance” and that is why I believe so much is said about “The Ugly American.”

        Down here in Hillbilly Hollow, you would not find a mosque(masjid) because this is supposedly ‘christian central’ and so that hypocrite religion is the only one up and running down here. Everyone is walking around holding a Bible and talking about how ‘God’ speaks to them and a more bunch of evil, degenerate hypocrites, you’ll never encounter. Of course this is also ‘white supremacist’ headquarters and so there you have it. We’ve got such a wonderful flock of shameless, racist shits to sit down with on Sunday mornings and listen to the ‘white supremacy’ word being spread around this burg. I mean, it can’t get much better than that. And the sheeple sit up and listen, nod their heads, caress their guns, spit tobaccy on the floor, hoist the confederate flag, don a sheet and hood and traipse back to their homes, only to repeat the process the next Sunday. What a grand burg to live in, doesn’t it sound like it! That was not a question.

        Once again, I’d like to thank you for another great comment.


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