Thanks To Coronavirus, It Looks Like You’re Going To Have To Go Back To The Barter System. I’d Become A Bit More ‘Neighborly’ If I Were You.

The news on coronavirus is not looking very good today. The stock market is down as I type this by almost 1,000 points. And now that  coronavirus cases have emerged in South Korea and Italy, they’re now sounding the alarm.






S&P 500


Crude Oil


Analysis: Coronavirus is fast becoming an economic pandemic

The emergence of hundreds of coronavirus cases in two major economies outside China has dashed hopes of a speedy recovery from an epidemic that has already wreaked havoc on global supply chains and hit company profits.

Uh oh! Can’t have that, now can we? The World Health Organization had already damn near declared coronavirus a pandemic for obvious reasons, but now capitalists are  sitting up and taking notice of this virus and the damage that it could potentially cause to GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS and COMPANY PROFITS.

Who cares about the sick? Well, they’d better start caring because sick people cannot stand on the assembly line and make a damn thing. Sick people are not out shopping for something that no sick person could produce and so what does that do for company profits? Puts them in the RED. Uh oh!

The number of infections in South Korea, a major producer of cars, electronics and machinery, has shot up to more than 830. Italy, which started the weekend with a handful of cases, now has nearly 220 and five confirmed deaths. With Japan already reporting hundreds of infections, four of the world’s top 12 economies — representing about 27% of global GDP — are now scrambling to contain the virus. A fifth — Germany — is teetering on the brink of recession

So what’s next folks? Because it would appear that coronavirus is going to do what floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and tornadoes couldn’t do, bring capitalism to a screeching halt. What are you going to do when Walmart, Target and Amazon are no longer able to stock their shelves and warehouses? Who is going to deliver something to you that hasn’t even been made because those who make the item you want are sick? What are you going to do when factories remain closed and the ‘goods’ in the stores start drying up? I mean, it’s not going to be like what occurs during a hurricane when the hurricane moves offshore and the cleanup efforts begin and soon the supply trucks are back in town.

The coronavirus is going to cause worldwide havoc and shutdown factories in every corner of the globe, not just in China. And those of us in America are already fucked because there is absolutely nothing made in America except our stupid asses. We’re even running out of masks and gloves and goggles because the Chinese over here have been walking around with those on hoping that people will stop looking at them cross-eyed, but that seems to only make things worse, according to them.

But the fat is in the fire since Wall Street is now finally, taking this virus seriously because before today, the stock market largely ignored news of the potential spread of this virus and the impact that could cause. Those greedy assholes that make up Wall Street truly believed that they existed in an entirely different realm from the rest of us and that nothing could impact their ability to continue to trade non-existent money and shift faux money from one faux entity to another. Well, this coronavirus may make a believer out them in that their fake shit can tank just as well as our shit has been tanking for some time.

So the scramble to contain the virus is on for real now. I guess everyone was just assuming that the virus would stick to kicking back in Asia and leave the rest of the planet alone. With air travel? With cruise ships that have been likened to a ‘petri dish’? Really? Too bad we had to go forth and invent shit that makes the world more interconnected while at the same time making us think that we have worldwide friends and helpmates while not even knowing who lives beside us. Too bad we’re not still getting around via horse and buggy because if we were, this virus could be contained because there would be no airplanes and fast ships to see to it that it arrives on every shore in record time. We would still be growing our own food and making our own garments and shoes and other items that were exchanged by those who needed something from someone who had what they needed and vice versa. We would be dependent on those who are closest to us and not on those who live in other countries that produce what has to be shipped here and there to fulfill a worldwide demand because we tossed aside community based barter systems and instead, embraced multinational corporations that have caused more harm than good.

But we’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, so we good, right? I mean, those platforms are going to come through for us when the impact of coronavirus truly begins to be felt. We can ask our ‘friend’ in Indonesia for help if we live in Omaha, Nebraska and so forth and so on, is that right? Who needs next door neighbors? In fact, who are our next door neighbors? We’ve not really cared because we’ve got so many friends in cyberspace. I mean, just scroll down your Facebook page and tell us how many ‘friends’ you have. Also tell us how many live close to you and can help you when the shit hits the fan because you see, the shit is going to hit the fan for them as well and nine times out of ten, they don’t live anywhere near you. So, who you gonna look to then? Better find out who your neighbor is and I’d I hop to it if I were you because coronavirus ain’t going nowhere no time soon. You should have listened when I told you that “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” And believe me, you haven’t. I am ever the one for the bearer of ‘good’ news, I know. Yes, this is good news to me because it would have to take something of this magnitude that has the potential to wake you all up from your deep and hypnotic slumber because otherwise, you’d just stumble on in your own little, insulated world thinking that nothing could pop your bubble and clue your ass in. Well, you can kiss ignorance and cluelessness goodbye since you will have no other choice. And though many of you will never acknowledge your role in why this is all playing out, know this, you are to blame for man has been the worst landlord of this planet and man is getting what he/she rightly deserves. Agree with it or not, but it is the truth.

Man Is The Worst Landlord!

No more thoughts run through my head
  of hospitals filled with the dying and the dead.
I have become immune to the suffering
of all the sick who aren’t recovering.
I immerse myself in fun and games
as I ignore the world as it goes up in flames.
For why should I put forth an effort
when I’d rather traverse a hot and arid desert
than think of man as he withers and dies
from all his atrocities, wars and lies?
No virus could be too severe;
no pandemic would I fear.
For man is the worst landlord.
And upon his death, this world could be restored.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

We all know that ‘man’ is the worst landlord for this planet. For what has man done but his damn best to destroy it? Would that man could destroy himself without destroying what was once a paradise that could have sustained us all. Now, we have greed, hatred, intolerance, endless, senseless wars and fake ass assertions that we are ‘good’ and seek only peace and prosperity for all when nothing could be further from the truth. We shoot each other every single day and if we are not shooting and killing each other in our own neighborhoods, we are suiting up to shoot and kill people in their neighborhoods across the sea and absconding with everything that’s not nailed down. We can’t even contain our arrogance and thirst for blood on a local level; we must spread our evil, far and wide. And so now, a new virus that has the potential to kill millions is being spread, far and wide. Coincidence? You tell me!

14 thoughts on “Thanks To Coronavirus, It Looks Like You’re Going To Have To Go Back To The Barter System. I’d Become A Bit More ‘Neighborly’ If I Were You.

  1. Oh, dang! I was expecting some of this to happen, but not as soon as I thought. It is intriguing how you said using the barter system because I saw a video from a YouTuber I follow recently about how China has been literally disinfecting and/or destroying their own cash for fear of Coronavirus infection. You really can’t make this up. That’s affecting their economy right now and people are using plastic or phone payments more often even though that’s not going to be a permanent solution.

    You did hit a target with online friends versus face-to-face friends/neighbors. While I don’t have social media anymore, I do admit that this does affect me. How sad is it that I’ve had stronger communication with bloggers (you included) than I do with my neighbors. Sure, I do spend time with offline friends whenever I can, but it’s still a sad state of affairs how everyone is so preoccupied with friends, followers, subscribers, etc even as the world is becoming more insane and infected.

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    1. Ospreyshire, something had to get us to wake up and if it takes this virus to get it done, so be it. Millions of people don’t even have a sense of community any more and it is a sad ass shame. Decades ago before the advent of this so called ‘new technology’, there weren’t as many reports of suicides and loneliness filled with days and days of online chatrooms and the like. People actually held neighborhood backyard cookouts and everyone knew everyone and contributed and was into having fun as opposed to shooting the place up. Now, all that’s gone to hell in a hand basket and we just scroll down a screen to see who we can disagree and fight with.

      Am I for millions dying? No, but at the same time, nothing else that occurred was going to get people to come up out of this damned hypnotic shit called social media and realize that there is a real world with actual people close to them existing in it. And that we are ALL impacted by the greedy ways of a few. That shit needs to be brought to a halt and so, AGAIN, if it takes this coronavirus to do it, then so be it.

      I thank you for your comment.


      1. Coronavirus certainly is a wake up call. I do agree that people don’t have a good sense off an offline community. I can remember block parties, neighborhood cookouts, or at the very least people being outside more often than not when I was a lot younger. When I was a kid, I lived in a neighborhood with other children and it was multiethnic. Sure, some of us would play video games from time to time, but we we played outside with the others on the block. You never see anyone of any age go outside as much no matter which city, town, or suburb someone is.

        Right and same here. It’s as if social media is so many peoples’ only sense of reality. Even though I’ve sworn off to tweeting my thumbs away or Facebooking my face off, I still haven’t seen as many people around unless if I’m at work.


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  2. Nixon and Kissinger get lauded for “opening China”, but those war criminals had been wrong with countless other geopolitical disasters — and Kissinger is still advising today’s criminals. Every such asshole moving every piece on the board is a privileged-to-hell white guy, their targets are anything but descendants of the European way. Netanyahu of Israel and Modi of India are still taking advantage of every inch of territory they can control — Palestine (1948) and The Raj (1947), respectively. Climate disaster and the Corona pandemic are two splendidly stupid moves made by the movers and shakers (not the Amish kind). Watch for them to head for their well-stocked bunkers in New Zealand, under Antarctica — anywhere but Wuhan.

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    1. Bill, again, another spot on comment. But think of this Bill, wouldn’t it be poetic justice if man was ‘done in’ by eating ‘animals’ since it has been stated that this virus jumped from animals to humans? Those of us who don’t eat meat have tried in numerous ways to awaken these zombies on the detrimental impact eating ‘animals’ would have on so-called ‘human’ bodies, but to no avail. We were oft ignored and ridiculed, but look at what is happening because of it. Hell! I just read that there are monkeys carrying herpes having a good ole time in Florida. It has been stated that the only case of monkeys giving the herpes B virus to humans was in a lab setting with 21 fatalities. There is all types of crazy shit happening.

      Herpes-carrying monkeys brought to Florida for tourism may multiply out of control

      SILVER SPRINGS, Fla. – An invasive species of herpes-carrying monkeys is growing in size, raising the possibility of confrontations with humans and expansion of the non-native primates’ range beyond an idyllic river in Florida.

      We’ve already reached the point of no return and those who have their well-stocked bunkers wherever they may be can only hold out but for so long. Nothing they put into play is infallible. Their asses will be moved and shaken right on up out of those bunkers.

      And funny you should mention the Amish because I was thinking of them when I put this post together. Living like they do is what we all should have embraced, but no, we just could not. And now, those of us who may make it through this, just may have to. Oh, the fickle finger of fate.

      Bill, I thank you for another great comment. Believe me, I make sure to check my spam and trash folders because plenty of comments end up there, sooner or later. Thanks for continuing to try and get through.

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  3. Hope my reply got picked up by your spam filter, Shelby. The same thing happened with a reply I made to KrebTalk a short while ago. Saved them this time and can try again tomorrow. Now will see if even this one gets deleted in transit. Wishing you the best.

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    1. Hello Shelby,
      This is the reply that I just could not seem to successfully upload to KrebTalk yesterday. Still doesn’t show up, so here’s trying it here:

      When I saw the word “backpack” I immediately placed this story in the context of all the Black kids who have experienced the nightmare that became infamous ten years ago this May when Kalief Browder was arrested in the Bronx. Browder originally thought it was what he had already suffered multiple times already at the hands of the Blue Lives — “stop and frisk.” The New York of Trump and Bloomberg, and certainly not only NYC or the Trump and Bloomberg twins.

      “Neither the stolen backpack in question, nor its contents, were ever recovered. There seems to be no indication that Browder ever faced his supposed accuser directly, or that this Mr. Bautista ever made so much as a single court appearance. To be frank, there seems to be NO proof that the individual who “accused” Browder of robbing him EVER EVEN EXISTED. And unless you’re looking for a Spanish tennis player, good luck finding a “Roberto Bautista” on the internet. The guards who were known to have abused and tortured Browder have never been publicly identified, and there is no indication that any of these bastards were ever punished. The same goes for the pigs who originally arrested Browder, along with his friend, back in May 2010. None of the numerous judges that Browder stood before in countless court appearances, nor the prosecutors who cynically pursued a boundless criminal case against him, have ever been forced to answer for their actions.

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    1. Kreb, sometimes, I just want to cry because I remember the ‘old days’ when life was lived much more simpler than it is now. I don’t know who I feel more sorry for, me and those of my age who can think back and picture it all or do I feel sorry for those who were born in these times and who will never know what are only memories for me now. I just know that oftentimes, I am forced to ‘force’ back tears when I think of what we tossed away for the sake of ‘progress’ which is anything but. And it is most unfortunate that things will never be any better, they’ll only get worse from here on out. Why people continue to bring babies into THIS world, I will never know for what do they have to look forward to. That was not a question as many of us already know what they will have to ‘look forward to’.

      Kreb, I thank you for your comment and for the re-blog. Both are truly appreciated.

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      1. You’re welcome. I think I feel more sorry for those born in these times. Because much of their art is full of filth, they will never get to share it with their children (if anyone is even around when they get older).

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