Individualism Is a Hoax — The Native Black American

Angered and tired of being the mules for wealthy warmongers, indentured Whites and American Descendants of Slavery (Native Black Americans) ancestors rebelled against the one percent (Bacon’s Rebellion, 1676, Jamestown, Virginia). Since then, classism has been replaced by racism in an attempt to keep Native Black Americans from consolidating resources, materially or socially, for the benefit of their collective uplift and stability. […]

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Also from the article:

While the institution of slavery sought to annihilate the humanity of American Descendants of Slavery and failed, individualism is achieving what the institution could not – divisive forms of classism has taken root within the group, plus there’s a widening blind spot among Blacks who are generation X or younger. Wealth isn’t being transferred as one generation passes and the next steps into their shoes. Instead we’re seeing generations of poverty or at the most an individual makes it up a rung only to see their fortune stolen or lost by the time the next generation is ready to assume it or some time within the next generation’s lifetime – the fortune is no more, thus, Native Black Americans are the only ethnic group poised to live a worse quality of life than their parents. This is no coincidence. There’s a reason the NBA/ADOS community who have been tricked into thinking in terms of individualism only see their wealth circulate within their community once maybe twice while others see theirs circulate dozens and dozens of times. We’ve been hoodwinked.

True, true and true!

American descendants of slavery today ARE faring worse than those of our grandparent’s generation and those of today’s generation of poverty stricken American descendants of slavery are faring worse because they have lost their collective minds. They believe that Timberland boots, wigs, weaves, fake nails, Nike products; everything has to have a designer label on it is what they should strive for. Even the poorest of the poor Black folks are walking around with smartphones worth hundreds of dollars while many of us are renting when back in the days of our grandparents, they owned their homes, they also were business owners. Entire neighborhoods were filled with Black homeowners who worked in their own businesses and came home to their own neighborhoods. I know this because I lived in such. My hairstylist owned her own home and in back of her home, she had her shop. And every Friday night, every parent of every Black child in town was headed to the Black-owned restaurants to purchase the best and tastiest foods you could ever wish for.

When I became an adult, I danced in every club that was owned and operated by Black people. The whites hated that shit and would send the cops in there to look around and inspect the club owner’s certificates, but in the end, they had to take their damn asses on up out of there even as they had lined up U-haul trucks to haul us all to jail for a “just in case scenario.” Yes, we had to put up with that shit because the whites are ferocious in their hatred of us.

Today, where do we go to eat? Panda Express. Hong Kong Take-out Joints. Chinese All The Way Take-Outs. McDonald’s. Wendy’s. Burger King. Applebee’s. Ruby Tuesday’s. Ole Country Buffet, Panera Bread, Firehouse Subs, Subway, Outback Steakhouse, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and the list of Asian or Caucasian owned restaurants that we eat at is endless. We don’t even bother trying to keep our money in our few remaining neighborhoods, nor do we try and strive to increase the number of Black neighborhoods. We simply let the Asians and Caucasians come in and run us out when at one point in time, those same neighborhoods had a majority of Black home and Black business ownership. We are steadily losing ground.

Notice how the whites burned down our cities, burned down our Black Wall Street, infiltrated and disrupted our organizations that were about building us up while at the same time, allowed those organizations that were not about shit to continue to operate to this day, namely the NAACP and the Urban League because we ALL know that if those organizations were about shit, they would have long since had their doors shuttered by the whites. But do you ever wonder why there are “Chinatowns‘ in damn near every major city? “Koreatown” is being raised in Los Angeles as I type this while American descendants of slavery are sitting up in Skid Row trying to eradicate typhus, hookworm and a myriad of other diseases and illnesses that the whites hope they drop dead over. This is exactly what The Native Black American was talking about when he said,

“We are dying because of a racist healthcare system, not because it’s inadequate, but because as individuals we can’t defend ourselves from racism. Name and consider the amount of Black celebrities who’ve complained that they’ve almost died giving birth? Don’t let liberals or conservatives fool you – everyone else is working as a collective and it’s time that we stop getting rolled.”

Exactly! I just posted a comment on one of my blogs only yesterday about a Black woman who had gone to the ER in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and died because she had waited for hours to be seen by a doctor while having chest pains and shortness of breath. This happens ALL too frequently and it is ALL done by design. Nothing whites do is by accident. So if you think that I am going to wail and moan, whine and gnash my teeth over Asians and Caucasians dying thanks in part to their own “parasite” disease, think again. It is no coincidence that Asians and Caucasians have been doing the dying from this coronavirus.

In their endeavors to kill us, they never thought for one minute that something was going to come down the pike and put paid to their racist, filthy existence. You can bet your candy ass that this virus would be having NO impact on world markets if it was only killing American descendants of slavery or FBAs,(Foreign Born Africans) but since this shit is impacting Asians and Caucasians, it is having a disastrous impact on ALL WORLD MARKETS. And with dumb ass Donald Trump and ‘death still walking’ Pence in charge, sit back with a big, huge glass of whatever you like to drink, Black folks, and watch the shit hit the fan for Asians and Caucasians. Both are now crying “Foul” because no one wants to travel by air, ship, rail or bus. No one is eating at Asian restaurants and no one is making reservations at hotels. In fact, Tom Cruise is whining that he cannot even film his latest “Mission Impossible” dumb ass movie over in Italy because they’ve shut that shit down over there. “The Amazing Race” had to quit production because of the coronavirus until further notice and has had to send ALL participants home to self-quarantine. Even the 2020 Olympic committee is sitting somewhere on their asses chewing on their nails and wondering if Japan will still be able to host the Summer Olympics, never mind that Japan should not have been hosting any Olympics what with radiation levels still off the charts over there. Who in their right mind would drag their healthy body over there just so that it could be radiated to pieces thanks to Fukushima?

Asians and Caucasians have lost a TON of money in just a few days time and the losses are going to continue. Yes indeed, CORONAVIRUS, level the playing field. The arrogance of the Asians and Caucasians is NO match for CORONAVIRUS. Already there is chaos in Alabama because some coronavirus patients were supposed to be dumped on their doorstep and they said, “Hell no!” One dude who is a doctor even got himself up in a hazmat suit and stood on side the road to protest bringing coronavirus quarantine patients to his neck of the woods. You ain’t seen nothing yet. The chaos, pandemonium and bedlam hasn’t even begun, but it will.

Urologist Michael Kline

Dude is smiling now, but I don’t think the smiles are going to last very long. I have to continuously shake my head over the extreme arrogance and conceit displayed by whites. They will never get it until they GET IT!

Thank you Native Black American for yet another spot on post! I hope you have no problem with what I added, but knowing what these Asians and Caucasians have been doing to us for too damn long just got my goat up! Thanks again for a well thought out post! Keep them coming!

Rebuilding our family and extended family structures and working as a collective must be a priority on ADOS’ journey for restorative justice in the form of reparations for 400 years of sanctioned and legalized abuse. – Native Black American

Hear! Hear!

13 thoughts on “Individualism Is a Hoax — The Native Black American

  1. Great article. Community and group economics are certainly key. The latter has come to my attention over the past couple of years from some videos I’ve been watching and with books I’ve read. Mentioning Black Wall Street is certainly key (not to discount other similar communities like Rosewood, Slocum, etc.). When I did research after watching Hate Crimes In the Heartland (a documentary about Black Wall Street), I found out that the dollar stayed in the Greenwood district over 100 times before it went to the white people in Tulsa.

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    1. Ospreyshire, it is a sad ass shame that those of us who are descendants of people who were dragged here are treated as though that shit is on us. The hatred whites have for us is insane since they are responsible for why we are in this shithole. They want to sit on their asses and state that ADOS are trying to sit up somewhere on a nonexistent system when they have seen to it that everything we built for ourselves, they tore it down. They want us dead and they show us this every single day because we make a lie out of their claims of being benevolent, humanitarian, human, empathetic and some more shit of the like when nothing could be further from the truth.

      I write the truth up in here and I don’t give a damn who don’t like seeing the truth in their face, we don’t like the shit that whites visit on us when they are responsible for why our asses are over here in the first damn place. I will NOT continue to be their victim. I will NOT continue to take the blame for what they should be ashamed of but instead of showing shame, they exhibit hatred and prop themselves even higher at our expense just so they can claim “supremacy.” Ain’t a goddamn thing supremacy like about those rabid, insane, vile and disgusting loathsome, pale, parasitic slugs!

      I appreciate your comment.

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      1. It truly is and it’s victim blaming on a massive scale. I can’t stand the lies about ADOS being lazy or even entitled. Projection on their part, much?

        I can see that and even you’ve influenced me to be more upfront when I drop some uncomfortable truths. I’m sick of being a victim given all that I’ve been through in my life. Even though people call it “supremacy”, I’ve also heard it as “fragility” (and that term came from a white woman Robin DiAngelo who calls out such racist behavior). After being blamed for things out of my control or being falsely accused, I can’t internalize my anger and be silent anymore.

        Thank you, Shelby.


      2. How could whites call ANYONE lazy when their appalling LAZINESS is why my Black ass is sitting over here. Those lazy assed slugs did not even want to build a country THEY stole from the Indians, hence why they dragged their asses back into ships and sailed the goddamn globe in search of slaves to drag here and do the goddamn work FOR them while they sat back on the porch, just a rocking and some more shit while sipping rum punch and when not doing that, were whipping the backs of Black slaves for not working fast enough. Seriously???!!! That shit is what’s determining who is lazy??!! Whites better get the fuck outta my face with that blatant, outrageous bullshit, not to mention their fucking vicious, flaming lies!!

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      3. I feel that same amount of rage not just on principle, Shelby. I may have my own flaws, but laziness sure isn’t one of them. Most of my working life, I’ve worked multiple jobs at a time and worked harder than anyone in my past and present jobs. I would see my white peers be lazy and they rarely ever got in trouble for their sloth. What makes me furious is that some of them (mainly people I know in college) get nicer jobs than me despite having less experience if it’s something I’ve done and applied for. I could be the most qualified person in the room, do a good job in an interview, and STILL not get hired.

        Okay, sorry for sounding a bit selfish. I was venting a bit, but none of that was towards you at all.

        You’re absolutely right about how ADOS building this country and doing everything, yet never getting the credit for their blood, sweat, tears, and lives. That’s not even just limited to America with that mindset. After WWII when England was razed by the Axis powers, the UK were getting a ton of people from Anglophone Caribbean nations (Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, etc.) on the Windrush to rebuild the cities because most of the white people didn’t want to do it. Decades later, their government deported the Carribean Brits who lived there most of their lives. Like you said, black people (especially ADOS) don’t deserve to be called lazy.

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      4. Whites have ALWAYS been the laziest people on ANY job I’ve ever held. They do NOTHING and then go home and talk about how hard they work. They work hard at hardly working. It is still the Black folks who do ALL the work while the whites sit somewhere talking about how they are managers and supervisors and many wouldn’t even know how to do the work of which they claim to be the managers and supervisors of. I have worked two jobs, never saw my bed and would have to stay longer at one job because the whites wouldn’t come in when they were supposed to. One white guy where I worked told us that he was stealing the place, blind and yet they were firing all the Black cashiers who weren’t stealing a damn thing. The whites came up with excuses to fire the Black workers while the white workers were bragging about stealing. This is the shit we have to deal with and yet, we’re the problem???!!! Hell if that’s so!

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      5. I know that feeling when it comes to certain managers I have and had. There have been times where I thought “How is it that THIS person got to be a manager (or some kind of authority figure) and not me?”. One manager in one job was actually a former trainee of mine which was super awkward especially since I was older and had more work experience at the same place. I could relate to that same situation with putting in that work more often.

        WHAT?!?! Ooh, that would make my blood boil if that happened to any of my past and present jobs. The nerve of them for scapegoating the black workers! Those cashiers could have a legitimate wrongful termination suit against that company if they wanted to do so. If I was a manager, I’d rehire the cashiers (and give them raises or promotions) and fire those thieving idiots.


  2. It’s never going to be an all-white world no matter how hard they try. Nature is not interested in white-supremacist theories, you can’t cut a deal with it, it operates independently of such twaddle. Arranging ourselves into classes to accommodate those theories only harms us. Whatever stands in the way of rebuilding family and community is what must be overcome first. I think a lot of that power would be already in our hands if we were to unequivocally support each other.

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    1. True Robyn, we don’t support each other. We tear each other down and the whites see us doing that shit and it gets them off because it is bad enough that we got them on our ass, but at the same time, we are contributing to our own downfall.

      Also, whites help set that shit in motion when they got into our heads about colorism, classim, and their fake ass religious bullshit. Churches are NOT doing a damn thing but taking up the white man’s agenda in making sure that the upscale Black folks look down on those who are not in their class. Back when I used to attend church, aeons ago, so-called, ‘Black’ churches would put people out if they were too poor to pay their tithes. That’s some shit whites would do. And so why would I sit up and pay attention and follow what I know is wrong? And yet millions of Black folks are sitting up in churches ALL across this shithole doing exactly that.

      We have turned our backs on each other and we refuse to see that when we had each other’s back, we were a force to be reckoned with. Now, we are just a splintered group of people who are rudderless in trying to maneuver this storm of white supremacy that’s been unleashed on our asses. We refuse to acknowledge that we need to reach down a hand and help pick our brothers and our sisters up, instead of tearing them down. We refuse to realize that we are ALL in the same boat. And so long as we refuse to acknowledge that we stand to gain when we help one another, we will continue to lose ground until there is absolutely nothing left. But also, as you say, “Nature is not interested in white-supremacist theories, you can’t cut a deal with it, it.” That may be our only saving grace.

      Robyn, I thank you for yet another spot on comment.

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  3. Whites use multi-pronged techniques and forked tongues to marginalize Blacks. The Black Wall Street in Tulsa would not have been gone for 99 years, nor the markets that would have linked to each other — exactly the “independent” spirit the self-whiteous platitude speakers proclaim, unless you happen to be an independent-spirited *Black* person. Small businesses consolidate into the control of the 0.1% who are 100% white. Speaking of 100%, 100% (rounded up from 99.9999%) of major crimes are perpetrated by whites — how many of those are in prison?

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    1. Oh yes! The Indians know only too well that “white man speak with forked tongue” seeing as how their numbers have been decimated and ever since, it’s been OUR turn.

      We had to deal with Reagan and his filthy, racist garbage about nonexistent “Black, Cadillac driving welfare queens” simply because he knew that stating that racist shit would bring foam to the lips of rabid racists whom he was trying to stir up. That dog should’ve croaked long before he did.

      And it is a sad ass shame that people who were dragged over here have had their skin color criminalized to the point whereas the color of their skin is the reason why they are incarcerated by the millions while the real criminals enrich themselves and are as corrupt and crooked as they come. How the hell do we stand a chance in this shithole when those who make up the laws don’t make them up for them, they make them up to be used against us and that is exactly what they are doing.

      Also, why were FICO scores and credit reports and background checks introduced? To make damn sure that ADOS were left out of any meaningful advancements since whites made sure that they burned our shit to the ground so that we would have to come to them for loans, housing, jobs and every damn thing else and that would give them an (il)legitimate excuse to deny us that shit especially since we are the first fired and the last to be hired and incarcerated, thus giving us a criminal record. All of that shit was set in motion to keep the whites’ boot on our necks, hence why gentrification was so easy to take root. Everything whites do benefit them at the expense of us and they intend to keep the status quo alive by any means necessary because they benefit from the system of white supremacy. But hopefully, something has come along to destabilize that shit and if not, something else will because what has been going down is unsustainable.

      Bill, I thank you for another great comment.

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    1. You’ll get no argument from me there! Thank you for not minding my addition. You know how I am. I gotta go HARD! But you hit it out the ballpark! You did the damn thing!

      Standing ovation you got from me on this one!

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