To Protect CAPITALISM, Rick Santelli At CNBC Suggests That EVERYONE Be Given Coronavirus Otherwise Known As COVID-19


Whites never fail to amaze me with the shit that comes out of their piehole and if Rick Santelli thinks that everyone should be given coronavirus to stop whites losing billions of dollars on Wall Street, then why hasn’t he lined his depraved ass up at the CDC and demanded to be the first person to be injected with COVID-19 aka coronavirus? Since his clueless ass is old, then maybe he’ll be keeling over in no time flat and there would be one less dumbass white bastard we need worry about.

CNBC’s Rick Santelli suggests giving everyone coronavirus to spare the economy

“Everyone in America should be given the coronavirus so the economic impact of the outbreak can be lessened,” CNBC on-air editor Rick Santelli suggested Thursday.

But what he left unsaid was that such an approach could result in more than 11 million Americans dead.

‘I’m not a doctor … but maybe we’d be just better off if we gave it to everybody.’ — Rick Santelli

Santelli, who is widely credited with helping spark the so-called tea party movement in 2009, made the attention-grabbing COVID-19 comments in a conversation with “The Exchange” anchor Kelly Evans, who asked the volatile, Chicago-based Santelli what the catalyst had been for the recent chaos on Wall Street.






S&P 500


Crude Oil


“The catalyst? Just watch your local news. There’s your catalyst,” Santelli said, according to a transcript.

I just cannot make this shit up. Not one word is said about how many people would die not just from coronavirus but as a direct result of hospitals and medical offices overwhelmed to the point whereas even millions more would die because they would not receive the necessary care they need. Ever the thoughtful ones republican assholes are including Donald Trump who at first stated that coronavirus was a figment of the media and the Democrats imagination. He even suggested that the death toll was not accurate in order to downplay the havoc that coronavirus is wreaking not only on the U.S. economy, but also on economies, worldwide. You see, airline executives had a stony-faced meeting with Trump not too long ago because coronavirus is causing people to stop flying despite airlines screeching that they are disinfecting those planes like crazy. That won’t help because everyone is breathing the same air as long as those plane doors are closed and whomever has the virus and sneezes or coughs has exposed everyone on that plane to whatever contagion they are carrying; the same with cruise ships.

And though everyone thought that the summer months would put an end to coronavirus, the World Health Organization says, “Not so fast!”

It’s a “false hope” that COVID-19 will be seasonal and subside in the summer, like the flu, the World Health Organization said Friday.

According to the World Health Organization, this virus is not acting like any seasonal flu or virus that has been seen before and so this virus is not expected to act like previous viruses and so capitalists are foaming at the mouth over what the impact of this virus will have and the fact that no end is in sight, hence why asswipe, ignorant, disgusting troglodytes like Rick Santelli is suggesting that everyone be given coronavirus so that CAPITALISM can start humming right along as though coronavirus never reared its viral head.

This virus is most definitely interrupting business as usual for the whites all across the globe who have been hell bent on plundering and pillaging every resource this planet has to the detriment of said planet, but this planet has had enough of their shit and is fighting back. Earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and other events of the like couldn’t get the job done and so this planet upped the ante. Now you whites figure THIS shit out! Yeah! Go ahead and try giving this shit to everyone on the goddamn planet and see what becomes of YOU and CAPITALISM. Both are going to be nonexistent. So, by all means, give it a try, you clueless, deranged, megalomaniac, scum sucking bottom feeders! I wish you would because your old, tired asses are going to be the first to drop dead along with YOUR fucking capitalism. I’d dearly love to see that happen.

People are getting sick on those petri dishes better known as cruise ships and are having to circle the goddamn ocean while waiting on test results to come back. Dumbasses, tell me, why the hell are you still taking a cruise when you know what has been happening on cruise ships? People in a nursing home are in quarantine because the workers and the patients are infected and entire families are being quarantined off from each other because of this virus and not to mention, I just read that a motel was bought for $4 million by Washington state officials to house coronavirus quarantine patients, the situation is getting so bad. School systems have been closed in Washington state and the University of Washington  is closing due to coronavirus. Mass gatherings are being frowned upon since they have the potential to spread this virus, far and wide, hence why air and sea travel are extremely dangerous. Close quarters and everyone breathing the same air is a breeding ground for this virus and the toll of the sick and dying from this virus is steadily rising, not falling.

So as you can see, the shit is hitting the fan and the only thing republicans and their mouthpieces can think about is the impact coronavirus is having on Wall Street. Ever the thoughtful, conscientious and empathetic humanitarians are the republicans, don’t you think? How do those shameless shits continuously get a microphone shoved in their faces and the public has to listen to their tripe when if it were up to them, we’d ALL be getting injected with coronavirus just to staunch the losses on Wall Street? Never mind the sick and dying, never mind the toll that this is taking on friends and families of the sick and dying. Republicans never have any thought for anyone. Their only objective is to make money and to continuously uphold this capitalist society that only benefits the uber wealthy. Everyone else can just drop dead already in order to preserve CAPITALISM and that is exactly what Rick Santelli of CNBC is advising.

And for those of you who shop on Amazon, Amazon is reporting that one of their workers has contracted coronavirus and so there’s another spread coming. Not to mention, I don’t recall the CDC or WHO commenting on just how long coronavirus can live on nonporous surfaces, do you? Two employees at Microsoft have also come down with coronavirus as well as an employee of Google and this has caused Google to cancel all international travel. Also Facebook is conducting interviews via video conferencing and all of this is having  a devastating impact on the hotel industry as well as on restaurants, taxi and uber drivers. All of this is negatively impacting capitalism and so expect a serious demand that some lab come up with a vaccine, like yesterday, to combat the coronavirus even though an estimate for a vaccine rollout date will likely take twelve to eighteen months. Capitalism cannot wait that long. Place your bets. Capitalism or coronavirus? For many Asians, they lost the bet to coronavirus. You see, even though it has been stated that your ‘Chinese’ food should be okay, what about the cook who just recently returned from China and escaped quarantine and he has a cough? He has spread coronavirus to the delivery driver who is touching your container, bags, etc. Been to your neighborhood Chinese takeout joint recently? Gone overseas to get the ‘real deal’ recently?

Vice President Pence says 21 people on the Grand Princess cruise ship off California coast have tested positive for coronavirus.

The Trump Administration is considering ways to discourage U.S. travelers from taking cruises as part of a broader Trump administration effort to limit the spread of coronavirus.

As I stated above, cruise ships are breeding grounds for coronavirus and is it any wonder seeing as how there have been so many outbreaks of the norovirus, it is become commonplace?

Also, read why the coronavirus could threaten the U.S. economy more than China’s

With shortages of everything from auto parts to generic medicines and production delays in things like iPhones and Diet Coke, a great deal of pain is coming from the closing of Chinese factories. That proliferating damage has central banks and financial analysts talking about a global recession in the coming months.

Coronavirus Kills Capitalism! One can certainly hope!

13 thoughts on “To Protect CAPITALISM, Rick Santelli At CNBC Suggests That EVERYONE Be Given Coronavirus Otherwise Known As COVID-19

  1. He’s a capitalist moron. He should start at home. Take the wife and kids to visit Rome. Its really a nice time of year and all the tourist spots are empty! They’ll have a great time. I bet the air fares to Italy are down too! Best from Florida.

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    1. Thank you toritto for a great comment. Exactly. He and his family can head to the front of the “I want to get injected with coronavirus” line. Hopefully, that would help curtail ignorance and outright insanity from spreading any further in THAT gene pool.

      The arrogance and complete disregard for humanity displayed by those ignorant, debased, criminal monsters should just astound me, but it doesn’t because they display that shit every single day and are given a platform to get to even more people.

      This shit over here has castigated China for its response to this virus while this shithole is acting totally clueless. There are so many agencies over here that are not even in sync with each other and are, basically, running around in circles contradicting one another. That shit did not go on in China. Like I stated previously on another blog, when this is all said and done, in hindsight, China’s logistics in handling this virus will look damn good compared to the response from this shithole.

      Again, I thank you for your comment toritto.

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  2. Giving coronavirus to everyone just to save capitalism? WOW! Just, wow! This is beyond detached from reality. It’s pure apathetic depravity to say the least. Now if you excuse me, I have to not hit my head against a wall from the level of stupidity in Santelli’s comments.

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    1. I know, right??!!! “The level of stupidity” is right! How can anyone think these creatures are ‘human’ that can stand somewhere, and with a straight face, spout that absolute ignorant ass shit? They have no ‘humanity’ whatsoever! No one with an ounce of ‘humanity’ could sit somewhere and state that. And that scum sucking bottom feeder meant that shit! What he said didn’t boggle my mind because that is the norm for his type, but will it awaken others to the depths of depravity that Santelli and those of his ilk, sink? Time will only tell and a host of dead family members lined up at morgues awaiting burial from this virus.

      The system that is in place today is unsustainable and anyone with two eyes and more than two brain cells connected and working could have seen this coming. Hell! The signs were everywhere. These whites that ‘control’ this world truly believe that they are in total control, but they are finding out that’s not the case. Worse shit had to happen because the havoc they are wreaking all across this planet was just not going to continue forever. Their asses were going to be drawn into the fucked up situation of their making and this is only the beginning.

      Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      1. Exactly! How can any sane person let alone anyone with a shred of decency would say anything like that whether it’s on national TV or not? Yeah, Santelli really exposed himself, but also the system at large.

        It really is unsustainable and I noticed that much before I became more aware of the world. It’s quite foolish of them to say that they’re invincible. I’m sure nature would strongly disagree with that as one could see with the coronavirus let alone other aspects of the world.

        Sure thing, Shelby.

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      2. Ospreyshire, remember how we are ALL so concerned with ‘climate change’? Read this and weep!

        Airlines are burning thousands of gallons of jet fuel flying empty ‘ghost’ planes so they can keep their flight slots during the coronavirus outbreak

        Airlines are wasting thousands of gallons of jet fuel running empty ‘ghost’ planes during the Coronavirus outbreak, due to European rules forcing operators to lose their flight slots if they keep their planes on the grounds.

        Demand for flights has collapsed across the globe amid growing fears of the coronavirus pandemic. However, under existing European rules, airlines operating out of the continent must continue to run 80% of their allocated slots or risk losing them to a competitor. This has led to some operators flying empty planes in and out of European countries at huge costs, the Times of London newspaper reported.

        This is how much they insist that CAPITALISM continue despite ALL hell! They are actually flying empty planes and wasting billions of dollars in fuel contributing to climate change and there is NOT A SINGLE PASSENGER ON BOARD! That is MADNESS! This is why something had to happen in order to expose the sheer magnitude of what the world’s population is up against.

        On Thursday UK airline Flybe went into administration with one airline trade group estimating that the crisis could wipe $113 billion off the value of the industry worldwide.

        That right there, like I’ve previously stated, is what it’s all about; desperately trying to stave off an economic crisis, a CAPITALISM CRISIS that is wiping at least $113 BILLION off the value of the airline industry WORLDWIDE and damn the people! And yet, WordPress is consigning EVERYONE’S comment to the trash bin. Wonder why? I don’t. Those who run WordPress are capitalists themselves and can tank with the rest of ‘the economy’. They don’t want word to get out either. It’s not ‘good’ for business. Ospreyshire, the shit is getting deeper by the nanosecond.

        Thank you for your comment.

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      3. SERIOUSLY?! This is even more stupid and wasteful with what these companies are doing. Anyone with a functioning brain could see why flying a bunch of commercial passenger planes around without any passengers is a waste of time, money, fuel, and a big increase of a carbon footprint. I cannot believe how idiotic people can be. How is it that I only have a Bachelor’s Degree compared to CEOs holding multiple degrees (hey, at least I earned mine), yet even I know that’s a bad decision on so many levels?

        Thank you for opening my eyes to that particular case as it really adds to your point and indirectly proved me right about certain corporations.

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      4. I knew you would be just as appalled as I am. This is why I post as much information as I can because the proof is right there in what I have been saying all along. We are being fucked up by these assholes who claim to be so damn smart and all they are doing is adding to our woes and they don’t fucking care. And that they can get away with doing this is just beyond the pale. If they can waste fuel and personnel while flying empty planes, then why do we have to pay so much for tickets, fees and baggage? Does that make a damn bit of sense? Hell no! Flying these planes just to keep their slots open? That shit should have been a ‘cease and desist’ situation given the circumstances, but no, they’ve got to protect their rights to ‘slots’ in the sky. I’m beyond just merely shaking my head over this outrageous shit!

        Thanks for your comment Ospreyshire. I’m about ready to stand somewhere and just bang my head up against a wall, over and over again.

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      5. Yeah, I had no idea this was going on with the ghost planes. It’s great that you research and post a ton of information on various subjects. This really is an example of obvious evidence with the rampant destruction all in the name of the alleged almighty dollar. If they’re going to keep doing that, then they should seriously cut back the prices on tickets, fees, etc. I understand the concept of airspace, but this is taking it way too far with these imaginary slots.

        You’re welcome and I feel the same way hearing about this story.

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  3. Global stock markets have flushed $9 trillion in Monopoly money in 9 days. Santelli says what other capitalists, fascists, and other racist nihilists were already thinking — when they were not too busy researching stocks that perform well when non-stock holders don’t fare so well, as they profit off the corpses of those on the front lines of this battle. Kindness is a word that they’ve deleted from the vocabularies. Of course, all of this lack-of-sentiment for anyone not of their sick ilk does not mean 9 cents to these captains of industry. Captains with a fleet of helicopter located just over the horizon, just in case things get dicey.

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    1. “Global stock markets have flushed $9 trillion in Monopoly money in 9 days.”

      Ding! Ding! Go to the head of the class because you are absolutely spot on especially with “Monopoly” money. That fake ass shit that IS Wall Street is meaningless to the average rank and file working stiff because unlike those bastards who ‘trade’ smoke and mirrors, we deal in reality; the reality of low wage jobs, food insecurity, no medical coverage, no sick pay and a host of real, serious shit!

      Sure, Google and Facebook can tell their employees to work from home, but not everyone is so fortunate. With daycare facilities closing and schools closing, this is putting a burden on the every day working stiffs who don’t have the luxury of teleconferences. The bus driver can’t work from home, neither can the janitor, hotel maids, doctors, nurses, prison guards, retail clerks, flight attendants, pilots, cruise ship personnel and the list is endless. And all of those people are at risk for contracting this while shameless shits like Santelli spout bullshit about how we ALL need to be GIVEN coronavirus. Why hasn’t someone dragged his insane ass away and locked him up in an asylum? Because that’s where he needs to be, but instead, we are listening to the stupid shit that’s backed up by CNBC and Fox News dumbasses as well as the lunatic-in-chief, Donald Trump.

      And Bill, they’d better rev up the engines of those helicopters and still, they will not be ‘immune’ from getting this virus. They can run, but they cannot hide. This virus is mutating.

      Bill, I thank you for yet another spot on comment. It is much appreciated.

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    1. …and so it is NOT surprising that something sounding this deranged would come out of his piehole. Some things we should be shocked and awed by, but with the continuous insanity that we are subjected to daily by these reptiles, it’s like ho hum, just another day in hell.

      Caleb, thank you for your comment.

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