Americans Are Finally Taking Coronavirus Seriously Thanks To Pro Sports Shutting Down


Unfortunately, it had to take pro sports shutting down to do it since nothing else was getting it done. The WHO(World Health Organization) announcing that coronavirus was a global pandemic did not get it done, but goddamn it, not being able to go see a pro basketball game? That did it!

Tipsheet: Sports industry begins painful process of shutting down

The NBA has suspended its season. The NHL seems likely to do the same Thursday.MLB will look long and hard and delaying the start of its season after initially moving early Mariners games away from Seattle.The NCAA decided to hold its basketball tournament without fans, following the lead of some conference tournaments. It, too, may decide to just shut it down as the momentum towards social distancing gathers steam.

Uh oh! Fights are going to break out over this! Folks are going to go nuts because they cannot attend a basketball game. Oh the shame of it all. They paid big money for those tickets and now, the GAMES have been called off? What the hell??!!! Too bad this mess wasn’t called off in time to affect the Superbowl.

Americans are the dumbest shits on this planet because in their little, insulated world, nothing touches them; not war, not sanctions, not climate change, nothing. They just get into their GMC trailblazers and SUVs and ride up and down the street thinking about nothing of importance because as long as they can head to a pro sports game, a sports bar and drink until drunk, what’s a little coronavirus? Well dumbasses, it is obviously a big ass deal because now, you’re woke. You can’t attend the next pro basketball game because that shit’s been nixed. Now what are you going to do? Whine like most Americans do? Please do and then take that energy that you would have expended sitting at a basketball game and use it to fight your way around a store, why don’t you? Because that’s next, if it ain’t happening already.

The first US layoffs from the coronavirus are here

At the Port of Los Angeles, 145 drivers have been laid off and others have been sent home without pay as massive ships from China stopped arriving and work dried up. At travel agencies in Atlanta and Los Angeles, several workers lost their jobs as bookings evaporated. Christie Lites, a stage-lighting company in Orlando, laid off more than 100 of its 500 workers nationwide this past week and likely will lay off 150 more, according to chief executive Huntly Christie. Meanwhile a hotel in Seattle is closing an entire department, a former employee said, and as many as 50 people lost their jobs after the South by Southwest festival in Austin got canceled.

Uh oh! The shit is really about to hit the fan now because pretty soon, Walmart, Target and the few remaining malls are going to be empty. Americans who still have money to spend and big gas guzzlers to drive around in to get to those stores are going to be left to do…to do…what? WHINE! Never will there be a thought about those who have long since lost it ALL and have been homeless for decades. Never will there be a thought about those who were already battling a pandemic among the homeless of typhus and hookworm, not to mention diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and a host of other diseases. No one thought in their wildest dreams that something would come along and wake everyone the fuck up from their deep and endless, hypnotic slumber. As long as (white) Americans could attend pro sports games, look down at a smartphone and order shit, drive to the mall or Walmart and Target and know that whatever they want to buy, would be in those stores, all was right in their insulated worlds. Well, not anymore! And it could not happen to a more deserving nation of assholes! FINALLY! This fucking shithole is getting exactly what it deserves.

The poor have been treated like shit forever and no one thought that that shit would be visited on them. Well it is and I for one, am glad, glad I say! If the least of us is hurting and we refuse to open our eyes and see, then the rest of us are going to follow suit and we are! And you can archive this blog to your heart’s content for “I told you so’s,” because I damn well did, especially you whites who believed that your sense of ‘white supremacy’, your white privilege was going to shelter you from any unpleasantness. So tell me, you still believe that shit?! Because it is quite obvious that coronavirus is not respecting YOUR sense of supremacy or your white privilege. How does it feel to realize that you are no better than the person you look at and believe they are beneath you based on the color of their skin? Your white ass is just as much inclined to come down with coronavirus as my Black ass and you can take that to the goddamn bank. The motherfuckers that you drag over here to sit on top of us are doing better than your white filthy asses are doing and you ain’t even looking cross-eyed over that shit. Take a look at this and then tell me how smart you dumbass whites are.

Oh I am not at all surprised by that as it relates to U.S. Black folks, but what should be surprising to you dumb white shits is that you have ALLOWED and ENCOURAGED those Hindu motherfuckers from India to come over here and obtain more wealth than many of you whites have. Even the Japanese and Chinese are doing better than your asses. That just shows how truly insane you dumb fucks are. Oh, it’s a given that you want ANY and EVERYONE to crawl over here and step on us and over us and prosper because you’ve burned our cities and our institutions to the ground. You’ve even bombed our asses and yet those from India and Asia can come over here and live better than many whites live. How whacked is that shit??!!! Yeah! Look at the chart and then tell us how smart you whites are. Look at it. How smart does that make your ass look, when the Hindus and the Asians are more wealthy than many whites are here in this divided states of Amerikkka? Guess who is not applying for student loans to go to colleges and universities? Guess who is not overburdened with student loan debt. Guess who is NOT moving back in with their parents because they’ve got debt out the ass and now, no job thanks to coronavirus coming along and putting paid to THAT shit.

Baiden King lost her job at a bake shop in Omaha on Tuesday because online sales and customer traffic dried up dramatically — especially after the state’s first case of covid-19 was reported nearby. King said her manager told her when she showed up for her shift that morning she had no choice. King made $11 an hour.

“If my job’s laying off people, I can only imagine other employers are as well,” said King, who is preparing to move back in with her parents. “I’m not sure anyone will be hiring.”

Baiden King is moving back home with her parents. Do you think Chung-Ho or Qiquiang or Abnivav Dutta or Chakra Gupta are having to move back in with their parents thanks to getting laid off? If you do, are you really THAT dumb? Well if you’re dumb enough to advance their asses over yours and your children, then that would be a resounding, “YES!”

Meanwhile, fight in stores over toilet tissue, water and hand sanitizer while the Chinese have gotten a handle on coronavirus since their leadership is not dumb and dumber because that’s what we have. Trump and Pence are ill-equipped to deal with this virus that is kicking ass over here. In fact Trump axed the agency that was supposed to deal with pandemics. That is what you dumbass, racist, bigoted and prejudiced whites elected. Now go ahead and re-elect his ass. And when the next pandemic comes along, if there are any of you left standing, you won’t be.There are no massive shipments of test kits. There are no hospitals that have been built in twelve days time to take care of quarantined coronavirus patients. There are no factories up and running to produce what the stupid Amerikkkans are running helter skelter to buy before the last truck has unloaded its cargo. This shit is showing you ugly ass whites up for what you really are, STUPID! Is your pale skin going to keep you from the ravages of coronavirus? Is it going to stop you from having to frantically try to hoard up shit so that you can wipe your ass? Eat? Drink? Even down here in this dead ass burg, you whites have gone nuts! Just look at the shit you’re scrabbling for. It’s almost gone! And no trucks are going to replenish what’s gone because no massive ships are on their way from China, you know, where everything that’s over here is made!

How long before the shit that’s made in China is GONE and you can’t even wipe your ass?

Because remember, they are laying off those who unload shipments from China and you know just as well as I do that not a damn thing is made in the U.S. Everything has to be shipped here from overseas and since China has had to shut its factories, you know what that means, right? You’re going to have to figure out another way to disinfect your homes and wipe your ass! So hop to it! And don’t even bother asking the homeless how they get along, they don’t need any other pandemics, they’ve got enough to contend with. You white, lousy, worthless motherfuckers are on your own. You love guns. See if your guns can disinfect your homes and wipe your asses! HA! I’m loving it!


20 thoughts on “Americans Are Finally Taking Coronavirus Seriously Thanks To Pro Sports Shutting Down

  1. It took the WHO that long to declare coronavirus to be a pandemic despite it being in over 90 countries before they announced it? Yeah, that was stupid of them to be that late in the game.

    I’ve been hearing so many major sporting events like multiple NBA games, NFL stuff, and other sports were getting canceled or having low attendance. There have even been rumors of Wrestlemania being canceled due to the coronavirus (serves them right for the Jordan Myles racist T-shirt fiasco I talked about on my blog!). Not just in America, but you have sporting games being canceled in multiple countries with soccer being the big one overseas given how popular it is in several nations. Yeah, that’s a sad state of affairs when people care more about sports than human life or serious issues.

    I’ve been seeing more empty shelves whenever I go shopping. The toilet paper section is getting desolate. Hand sanitizer is scarce. The wipes section got wiped out. I’m fine with those things right now, but it was bizarre seeing those sections being low or empty depending on where I go. I heard one can make their own hand sanitizer using cheap ingredients that are well-stocked, so that might be something to look into.

    I wasn’t aware of the liquid and home assets when it came to the Asian and Indian communities. While the black share of these assets didn’t surprise me (unfortunately), I was shocked that they outnumbered whites when it came to those finances. Thank you for letting me know about these things.

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    1. Ospreyshire, these worthless shits over here are in the midst of their wake up call. If those back in the day did just fine without the shit that we think we need, then our asses should be fine as well. Problem is, we’ve gotten dependent on corporations that ship everything over here from overseas since we’ve got NO manufacturing base whatsoever. The shelves are going to continue emptying because once the supply of shit drys up over here, it is going to be awhile before China is back up and running and producing the shit that we take for granted on shelves in this shithole. These dumb fucks over here thought that nothing was going to come along and mess up their well planned lives what with soccer moms and spa treatments and now to find out that they soon may not even have the ability to find some damn toilet tissue to wipe their fucking asses with wasn’t part of THE PLAN. Well, they can just take their candy asses and go pound sand for all I care.

      And I wanted to highlight just how whites have made damn sure that those who look like me are underneath the goddamn economic totem pole. Those numbers don’t lie and that is why I stated that whites are some dumbass shits when they don’t even know that the foreign shit that they drag over here has become richer than many of their damn asses, but because they thought that those foreigners were just propping themselves up on our Black ass dimes, that shit was allowed to continue, unchecked. Those Hindu motherfuckers and the Asians are laughing at their pasty asses all the way to the bank…..AND how! And no wonder. The Asians ain’t whining that they’ve got to move in with their parents because the whites can’t help but help themselves to some kung pao chicken and shrimp fried rice.

      Also, I just read that Hollywood is contemplating shutting down and so that’s going to put paid to these worthless shits over here getting entertained. What the fuck are they gonna do when even the whores, sluts and motherfuckers in Hollywood can’t turn out that mindless drivel on TV for the foreseeable future? WHINE! Because that’s ALL Amerikkkans are good for. But I am damn glad that this shit is happening because it needed to happen. This depraved, racist shit is woke now because they got no fucking choice!

      Ospreyshire, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. The coronavirus really is a wake up call. There really is a dependence on corporations on different things whether directly or indirectly. Of course, they had to ship all the manufacturing jobs to China and other nations which is so counterproductive. Not going to lie, I laughed a bit at the soccer mom comment.

        Sure thing. I knew that Asian and Indian immigrants have made more money than other ethnic groups (immigrant or USA-born), but I didn’t realize it was that much until seeing the numbers.

        It’s gotten that bad with Hollywood. Okay, now I’m laughing hysterically at that possibility given my disdain for many mainstream movies and shows. If the people are whining about sports games getting canceled, then the possibility of Hollywood not churning mindless drivel will take this to another level. You know it’s going to be bad for them when they can’t get another episode of Real Housewives of Gold Digger County, Chicago Med(iocrity), or whatever Disney’s giving the live action remake treatment to.

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      2. Yeah! Like you, I am REUUUUL upset that I can’t watch Love n Hip hop or the true and bestest housewives of kaugalooga Kentucky or the Goosedown Quilt Makers of Reading, Pennsylvania. I am going to lose SO much sleep because I’ll be wailing and moaning over NOT being able to get my daily ‘reality show’ fix. But thankfully, for those stupid shits that’ll be seriously bemoaning ALL of that, coronavirus got something for them, it’s called a SERIOUS REALITY, reality check. You can’t get any more ‘real’ than that.

        If this virus has shown us nothing else, it has shown us that the way we live is unsustainable and when shit hits the fan, a serious domino effect comes into play. And this shithole over here was so NOT ready for a pandemic! That much is crystal clear and Trump looks more stupid and dumb by the second. And now, the Feds are trying to throw money at this thing, like that’s going to solve a goddamn thing. This is why we are in the position we are in, everyone frowned on support systems and systems in place to handle this shit and now look. Ain’t shit being handled and there is no light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel. GOOD! These motherfuckers better go out and grab some damn leaves off a tree and get to wiping their shitty asses.

        And yeah, ain’t that something in how the wealth of the Asians and those from India has surpassed that of the whites? Indeed it is! I laughed when I was posting that. Again I say, “These shits are getting exactly what I said was coming for them.” And believe me, these shits ain’t begun to get what’s coming. This is just the beginning.

        Ospreyshire, again, I thank you for another great comment.

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      3. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I really needed that when it came to your first comment. I’m happy you got my sense of humor and for adding onto my joke with the sarcasm and the made up show names. In all seriousness though, that will be a reality check for those reality show zombies.

        Right on and it is unsustainable. There was certainly no leadership skills involved with his administration (not that I expected such) and those solutions won’t help. America might actually start sanitizing the paper money and coins like what China is doing right now! Don’t be surprised if that happens or is happening now. Good thing I stocked on some toilet paper that was from an ADOS-owned private company, interestingly enough (I have to thank Kreb for that).

        Yeah, that’s certainly mind-blowing with how it backfired on them with the wealth gap and assets.

        No problem, Shelby.

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      4. Now, they’re talking about closing down the stock market since wiping it down may not get the job done. But…but..but…the Fed just threw money at the stock market because we ALL know that the stock market is THE most important shit over here and yet, they are going to leave the floor and machines are going to do the work of ‘subhumans’. Get the fuck outta here! The claim is that New York is starting to get hit hard with coronavirus cases. In fact, all the late night talk shows are going to be performed without a LIVE audience. Ain’t that some shit! I guess with Tom Hanks announcing that he and his wife have the virus, all bets are off.

        And of course, right on cue, Trump said that his ‘big, beautiful wall’ could have kept out coronavirus. That damn fool really believes that this virus is ALL about beer from Mexico. I just cannot make this shit up! This nutcase cannot comprehend that folks in planes and folks in ships brought this shit over here. The Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans and the like are not responsible for why coronavirus landed on Amerikkka’s shores. But unfortunately, it appears that no one can fix Trump’s insanity or stupidity and they just let him continue on. Well, this is what whites voted for and this is what they get; a clueless, dumb fuck with NO answers, just lies and blame games. Also, according to Trump, “It’s Obama’s fault!” For the love of !!!! I just throw my hands up.

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      5. Wow! As if it wasn’t bad enough for them to have continual economic losses when the coronavirus ramped up. Throwing money is just a placebo at best since the US dollar isn’t backed by any kind of standard. One could argue that the Wall Street suits put blind faith in the invisible thing known as credit. In the worlds of Immortal Technique in his brutally satirical villain song “Rich Man’s World” (context: the song is from the POV of a 1 percenter): “Capitalism is who I pray to…”. Yeah, those shows are going to be awkward at best without a live audience, so whomever’s in the studio will have to play a laugh-track like a lame sitcom. I heard Ted Cruz allegedly had the virus, but I didn’t know Tom Hanks and his family got it, too. Life really is crazy like that. I’m sure he’s not feeling like some big actor and looks like he’ll be cast away in quarantine lest it sully his career.

        Nothing says virus proof like a fetishized wall, right (I’m being sarcastic)? Even a child would have better logic than that. There may be cases in some of those countries, but it’s not because of the people in Latin America themselves or even originated there. I certainly feel the same way with the rampant stupidity from those voters much less the bigoted institutionalized system of injustice, inc.

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      6. I had heard that Tom Hanks was in a hospital in Australia. I don’t know when his quarantine situation is up, but he and his wife are over there, cooling their heels. I’d also heard that Ted Cruz was quarantining himself as well. It’s funny that several who attended the Conservative Political Action Conference are coronavirus positive. I’m just waiting for Donald Trump to announce that he’s in quarantine since he was in attendance.

        The Feds are always ready to part with our tax dollars to prop up rich white motherfuckers, ALL day and ALL night, but somehow, they benefit from our money and nothing ever trickles down to those who are losing their jobs or who have no sick days to take or any medical coverage. Gotta look out for that fake ass Wall Street at all costs and the cost is going to be higher than whatever fake ass shit they can manage to drudge up out of thin air to throw at what’s going down in attempts to counter it.

        Everyone who reads this blog know that I am SO against capitalism, it ain’t even fucking funny. I am wishing and hoping with ALL my might that the end to capitalism is near. I can but hope and I gotta say, coronavirus is certainly putting a hurting on it. And I am ever one for being thankful for what I can get.

        But of course you know Ospreyshire, everything that’s gone awry during Trump’s years in office is someone else’s fault. No matter what happens, he never takes responsibility for what he did as in axing the very agency that was put in play in case of a pandemic. And, we have a pandemic, but of course, Trump is blaming the Mexicans, Obama, the media, the Democrats, the dead fly on the wall, when he has only to look in the mirror for where the blame lies; his stupid, dumb, insane ass.

        Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      7. Oh, wow. I didn’t realize that about Tom Hanks went to Australia for recovery. Ted Cruz and potentially other politicians from the CPAC? Dang, that could mean a whole lot more. That sounds totally plausible with Trump doing such a thing.

        Exactly! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Wall Street has been hit hard and have seeing record lows. It dropped 2100 points last which beat their own record in a matter of days.

        I’m certainly aware of that and not just because of your profile pic. This could be a blessing in disguise of sorts.

        Definitely, and it shows how childish Trump is. If there’s one thing that makes me red hot, then it’s people who don’t take responsibility for their actions and this is on a whole other level. He’ll keep pushing the blame until everything closes in on him.

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  2. Interesting article, all kinds of good info, thank you. One thing I didn’t consider is the US dependence on offshore manufacturing. That’s going to really bite the whole world in the behind. Now I see what all the “defense” spending is for. Countries that have the production capabilities will be in serious jeopardy if you guys over there run out of stuff and start flexing to get it. In Australia we still have a reasonable level of local manufacturing, however all our main companies have been sold to the US. All kinds of scenarios could play out. I don’t even know what to hope for.

    All my words are coming back on me… I tell people all the time that you can’t eat money, it’s only valuable while the current system is dominant. Being rich with no products to purchase and a tiny virus on the loose that has no regard for superiority complexes… perhaps we get a world lesson in why greed is a sin, how nature will never follow man made laws, and how the white man is his own worst enemy because he still hasn’t learned that he isn’t special, he’s just another human.

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    1. Robyn, your comment is SPOT ON! No one could find fault with it. I certainly don’t, from beginning to end.

      These assholes are going crazy over here. Yesterday, some attorney was running around the store buying up cartloads of toilet tissue talking about his office told him to go out and bring back whatever would fit in the car. Some woman told me that they have shut down a company called “Genworth” because they are awaiting test results from a worker who may have coronavirus. I did not think that this little racist, hillbilly burg would go off the chain because it is most definitely NOT on anyone’s bucket list and you damn near have to board a crop duster to get out of here. However, this piece of shit shithole down here is going berserk. The screeching and wailing and moaning is ear piercing and is going to get worse because there ain’t a goddamn thing to do down here but go and shop and these nutcases speed to go shop at a fucking Walmart. The only entertainment down here is the weekly fights at the mall and restaurants, but I guess we’ll have daily fights now thanks to these worthless hillbilly shits fighting over the last remaining bulk toilet tissue package.

      We have absolutely NO manufacturing base in Amerikkka, whatsoever. We couldn’t produce so much as toilet tissue if we had to because ALL factories that produced shit have long since been shuttered. Buildings that used to house factories are either derelict or been torn down and production was shipped to overseas and so, we are where we are; fighting over the last roll of toilet tissue. And with Trump and Pence at the helm spouting lies and the Feds throwing money around like crazy, that shit still hasn’t made a dent in the bedlam, chaos and pandemonium that’s spreading. And wait til these shits can’t be entertained AT ALL because you know that’s what Amerikkkans depend on, entertainment. The fur is gonna fly then. And with everyone strapped, it ain’t gonna be pretty. Oh, and expect to hear of suicide spikes because Amerikkkans can’t do tough times and pandemics very well. I’m just sitting back watching it all play out.

      Robyn, I sincerely thank you for, AGAIN, that spot on comment.

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      1. I have just been to the supermarket. Hilarious! Store opened at 8:30am, loo paper gone by 8:35am. Fights and all. I told many so jokes while waiting in the queue to keep the tempers and fears down, but oh my goodness…. people!

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      2. Robyn, I gotta explain ‘loo’ to these dumbass Amerikkkans over here. “For the dumb ass Amerikkkans, ‘loo’ is the bathroom, you know, where the toilet is and where soon, you won’t be able to wipe your ass because there’ll be no toilet tissue. Wipe your ass with your gun. You sleep with em and so clean your ass with em. I hear tell that shit on a gun produces a nice sheen, on the gun, that is.”

        Robyn, shit like this brings out the worst in people. It’s bad enough that we think we’ve seen the worst in people, but they can and do get worse when their creature comforts are drying up like a dead carcass in Death Valley, California. Oh, you ain’t seen nothing yet. You just wait until the stock is completely gone and since nothing is coming out of China, I don’t know the situation with you guys having the ability to strut around strapped, but over here, this is going to become the “Wild, wild west.” These assholes over here are going to be shooting someone over the last toothbrush. Thankfully, where I am, a toothbrush is the last thing anyone uses or needs besides me and one other person, so I’m good.

        Robyn, thank you for your comment. That made me laugh!

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  3. The Federal Reserve plans to transfer $5.5 trillion into “the market” during the next 30 days. The odd-ass term they use is “repo operations.” The 5.5 trill comes from tax revenues — gathered from those among us who are not billionaires, and all billionaires are white — including trillionaire Jeff Bezos who pays a negative income tax. Amazon stiffs its workers and has already eclipsed that Arkansas business that does the same damn thing. The merchandise that isn’t sold out by mega-marketeers gets delivered to the doors of “Prime” customers. The Prime-mobiles that you see all over the place (globally) also find cheaper gas prices working to their favor. Russia and Saudi Arabia have Trump in their palms, Donald wants to help out by soaking the poor (including his dumb-ass base) with ever more tax deals to accrue to the white-supremacist systemic racists — the ones who are also wholly responsible for the climate disaster that will only come earlier than expected.

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    1. Bill, your comment is one for the record books as well. Despite the Feds throwing money at Wall Street, that hasn’t stopped the bleeding. The Fed throwing OUR money around can do nothing to stop coronavirus. Coronavirus cannot be bought. It cannot be bribed. It is not in awe of the Fed throwing money around to shore up “the market.” That fake shit is as fake as Trump’s claims that everything is under control and he’d better be taking his orange ass somewhere and getting tested since he’s shaken hands with at least two known coronavirus victims. If they quarantined his ass, who would miss him; not even Melania.

      And Bill, like I have already stated, I have never purchased a goddamn thing from Amazon and I never will even if I have to walk around, but ass naked. I did NOT contribute to Jeff Bezos trillionaire status and I never will, but, alas, I am in the minority as always. More’s the goddamn pity. Not one of those so-called ‘prime members’ gives a goddamn for the plight of the worker bees at Amazon and coronavirus is not going to give a damn about their ‘Amazon prime’ status. Just sit back and watch this all unfold.

      Stay safe Bill.

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      1. Thanks for the kind reply, Shelby. The less Trump takes responsibility for, the more the adrenaline-dopamine rush among his supporters. He is a distillation of the white-supremacism/systemic racism that is *always* just below the surface. Take a glance at the captains of industry standing behind him at today’s declaration of imminent martial law (national emergency) and see if there are any common characteristics in that support team.

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  4. Shelby, I’m on a short hiatus from blogging often until around the middle of May due to a project I am working on. But I had to let you know that I am one who remembers how you called it towards me end of last year that 2020 would be a very catastrophic year. Your insight is impeccable.

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    1. Thank you Kreb! I also thank you for reminding these assholes that I saw this shit coming and told them that it was coming. There are those of us who have some sort of gift for seeing down the goddamn road and I guess I have it. No, I’m not yet ready to get out the crystal ball, drape myself in rags and get to giving out psychic readings, but because I am so empathetic, I can sense when shit is going to happen. And I also believe that this virus is going to impact Asians and Caucasians more than it is going to impact us. Something has to get rid of them and something is trying to get rid of them. I also told them that and they can take THAT to the bank. None of their money, none of their riches, none of their credit cards, white privilege or white supremacy shit is going to make any difference. They cannot run from it, they cannot hide from it and no amount of hand sanitizer or Lysol disinfectant spray is going to save them. They will not be saved because they had multiple warnings that the shit they do was horrific, criminal, barbaric, monstrous and heinous and they ignored it because they are arrogant and conceited. They created suffering ALL across this planet for the truly innocent and now it is THEIR turn to pay the price and pay it they will. And they can come back on up in here, if they are able and get schooled on what’s coming for their ass, next. Just like I called what’s going down now, I’ll be more than happy to call the next crisis that is going to hit their damn no account, pasty asses; the few that’s going to be left standing from this current one.

      Again, I thank you for your comment and though you will be missed in the blog world, do what you gotta do. I got it covered while you’re gone.

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  5. You know Shelby sometimes is nice to see wp acting more crazy,they are already crazy,
    but when this Apocalypses situations happening they show the best of themselves!
    Here in UK the toilet papers are gone whenever you go everything are gone,it seems like they eaten whole supermarkets shelves!
    Today I was in supermarket and I was waiting in queue,one WW behind me,she saw a couple who have a bunch of toilet papers in front of me,she said ” what’s wrong with them,they are afraid that they will all have diarrhea?”
    Another WW was complaining with one customer service,that the cashier a black lady ”she was so rude with her,and she didn’t want to help her privilege ass!” What this privilege WW wanted from the black cashier,it was that she was supposed to leave her job and go with her around and help her to find her shopping!
    She didn’t care that supermarket it was close to closing, and everywhere you looked there were queues and the staff were tired because they are doing overtime!
    But you know very well wp,they don’t give shit,as long as is about them the rest can go fuck themselves!


    1. Qnubian, the whites are arrogant as we very well know. They think everyone was put here to wait on them, hand and foot. They are about to start to get what’s been coming for their ass. It is inescapable. This shit over here is about to be put on lockdown. Martial Law is going to be the law of the land. These whites over here don’t like being told what to do and they are going to get sick and tired of sitting at home with their damn loud ass brats since schools have closed for the foreseeable future and so they cannot drop them off on some poor hapless teacher and take themselves to the spa or to the Country Club. They cannot take a cruise or go on a nice, relaxing island vacation and so what do you think is going to happen when whites get fed up with sitting at home with their brats? They are going to lose it. This forced inactivity and the closing of ALL fantasy parks; Disney Land and Disney World is going to be too much for them to deal with. Just sit back and wait for the shit to hit the fan, qnubian. You won’t have too long to wait because whites definitely need their entertainment and when they don’t get it, all hell is gonna break loose because these white shits over here are locked and loaded.

      Qnubian, I thank you for your comment.


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