Distraction: A Racist Methodology — Whispers of a Womanist

What a time to be alive. This statement has proven most pervasive in the current moment of pandemic that inundates the globe. Large, billion dollar companies continue on their plight toward greed as many globally seek to figure out how they will survive despite lost wages and the waning supply of resources amidst increased demand.


Yet, even with the truth on full display, many espouse themselves to condemning Trump and not America as fascist. This is the belief that affords white supremacy a lethal immortality. Corona is not the virus that we as black people must overcome any more than Trump is a president that must be usurped. Eliminating both does nothing for the pervasive hegemony that rules the throne no matter who is in the seat or what is in the air. This assertion does not discount Trump and the Corona virus as bearing a toxic presence that must be overcome; rather, my contention is that they encompass symptoms not the disease.

What does it mean to “get well” and live in a white supremacist hell?[…]

via Distraction: A Racist Methodology — Whispers of a Womanist

But what I love most about this post is this next gem!

Let us be honest, if the Corona virus has solely impacted those of African descent, it would not be a national crisis. The global pandemic reflects a global effort to preserve white lives and most specifically, maintain the white majority.

DING! There you go!

And below is the comment I posted on the original blog.

The media can spin this virus any way they want to, but the reality is, more whites and those of their ilk are dying from this than we are that is a fact that cannot be disputed. And on my MSN main sign-in screen, they’ve got Idris Elba, front and center like he is the face of coronavirus when nothing could be further from the truth. This virus is targeting specifics and whites are running scared. GOOD! The other day, I was taking my daily constitutional and not once, but twice, whites approached me talking about how “we need to stick together!” Seriously? When have whites EVER talked about “sticking together” with people of African descent or ADOS? Not ever!

This virus is exactly what whites deserve, Karma is coronavirus for those pasty devils! Finally!


You pasty motherfuckers are on your way out! Come to terms with it, get your affairs in order and stick your goddamn spoon in the wall. You will NOT be missed!

The author of the original blog is right on point when she stated that “if the Corona virus has solely impacted those of African descent, it would not be a national crisis.” Goddamn right, it wouldn’t! What the fuck would be closed? Not a goddamn thing. Certainly Disney Land and Disney World would not be closed. And we ALL know who had been heading through the gates of both in droves and newsflash! They weren’t Black. The pasty assed variety and those Asians, Hindu motherfuckers from India and those goddamn Pakistanis and some Latinos, but the lines are not wrapped around Disney World showcasing American descendants of slavery, waiting in droves to enter fantasy land. Ever the ones for fantasy and fake ass shit are the whites and those whom they’ve allowed to come over here and climb over us American descendants of slavery.

Now all you motherfuckers are in lines alright, in line to get tested for coronavirus and let’s name some ‘celebrities that have tested positive for coronavirus. We have Prince Albert IIof Monaco, Daniel Dae Kim of the TV show, Lost, Sean Payton who is coach of the New Orleans Saints, Brooklyn Nets basketball star Kevin Durant, fashion influencer and designer Arielle Charnas, singer Charlotte Lawrence, Idris Elba, Frozen 2s Rachel Matthews, Quim Torra, regional leader of Spain’s Catalonia & Pere Aragones, Catalan deputy head of government, Archduke of Austria Karl von Halsberg, Game of Thrones actor Kristofer Hivju, Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, U.K. Health Minister Nadine Dorries, Begona Gomez, wife of Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko, Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, the Canadian Prime Minister’s wife Sophie Trudeau, Fabio  Wajngarten, Communications Director for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Italian soccer player, Daniele Rugani, France’s Culture Minister, Franck Riester, Utah Jazz Player, Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz Player, Donovan Mitchell, Iranian Vice President, Masoumeh Ebtekar, Vietnamese socialite, Nga Nguyen and her sister, soccer coach Mikel Artetasoc and I am sure that number is going to grow and this does not include any members of congress who have tested positive for coronavirus.

So, of all the above names, three are American descendants of slavery and one, Idris Elba is originally, a Londoner who has an African parent. But by and large, the greatest number of those who have contracted coronavirus have been non-ADOS, hence the reason why the CDC and the WHO have been silent as cat piss as to the demographics on who is being impacted by coronavirus the most.

You filthy white shits are observing who the REAL and TRUE faces of coronavirus are and you ain’t hardly happy about THAT shit! If it was just impacting those who mostly look like my Black ass? Ha! That shit would not even illicit a disdainful glance from you pasty racists.

Yeah! We are observing this shit too! And so we know why you debased whites are, all of a sudden, talking about how we “need to stick together.” As far as I am concerned, dig your goddamn holes, already and throw yourselves the fuck in. The harm that you have done and is still doing to those who look like me have got you worthless, shameless shits finally paying for some of THAT shit and you ain’t done paying! You’re just getting started.

What the hell you gonna do? Shoot the virus out of your face? Bribe it out of your face? Bomb it out of your face? Drone strike it out of your face? Go ahead! See what good it does you! I wish you would! So buy up your damn water, toilet tissue and hand sanitizer and wait for it to crawl up your damn nose, in your eyes and in your mouth. You weren’t sanitizing shit before coronavirus came along. You weren’t even washing your damn hands. Hell! Half of you pale assed fuckers had to go out and purchase some soap or order it online and I know this for a fact because I’ve seen pasty ass female after pasty ass female leave the restroom stall and head straight for the door WITHOUT washing their nasty ass hands. So don’t now come along and act like you nasty ass whites been practicing good hygiene. You’re no different from those nasty Asians. Asians, CauASIANS, what’s the difference? There is none. You’ve got mostly the same DNA sequence and so what’s affected those yellow motherfuckers is affecting you. The only reason coronavirus will impact some of us is because we have your filthy sludge coursing through our veins, but that shit’s not on us. That shit’s on you! We didn’t drag ourselves here. Your fucking pasty ass ancestors did that shit and you’ve done nothing but continue to fuck us up and so this is what your pasty asses get for that shit!

Life as you pasty devils knew it is over! Get used to it! Get used to the fact that you cannot throw money and credit cards at a virus and get it out of your face so that you can go on a cruise or to Disney World. Get used to the fact that no amount of money thrown at the military is going to get this virus out of your damn nose, mouth and eyes and out of your damn worthless ass lungs. Once again, try bombing, drone striking and sanctioning coronavirus and see what good it does you. Go ahead! I can’t wait to see the results, you pack of filthy, racist pieces of pale assed shits!

Your life has been upended like never before. Never have you seen the like. Well, you’re seeing it now. And this is just the beginning. If coronavirus doesn’t take your ass out, then I’ve got you motherfuckers committing suicide in record numbers because none of you are cut out for living like you’ve forced me and those who look like me to live. This virus is not coming for us, it’s coming for you. We’re already suffering from typhus and hookworm thanks to being so damn impoverished, we were made homeless since you whites burned down our shit and bombed us as well, and so what’s coronavirus to us?

Tell Alexa to get rid of coronavirus. Tell Siri to get rid of coronavirus. You’ve got ‘smart homes’ now. Tell your ‘smart home’ devices that while it’s turning on your lights, to also get rid of coronavirus. Tell me how well that works out for you. Use that smartphone that you cannot do without and get rid of coronavirus that way. Try it! Hop up in that massive truck you’ve got and roll over and kill coronavirus and if that doesn’t get it done, back up over it.

I don’t give a damn about any of you pasty or swarthy assed motherfuckers because you are getting your just desserts; your due. Continue throwing YOUR money at coronavirus, please do because this virus ain’t thinking about your white privilege and it damn sure as hell ain’t thinking about your self entitlement issues and your fucked up sense of ‘white supremacy’. But now you’re telling me that we “need to stick together.” Are you useless, worthless fucks for real? When you live in gated communities to make sure that we don’t “stick together?” Those who look like me are camping out on sidewalks and in parks while you harass them and lock them up all because they don’t have a home, but all of a sudden coronavirus comes along and it’s now time to “stick together?” Hold your goddamn breath waiting for me to “stick together” with you loathsome parasites and you’ll be dead even before your pasty asses are ravaged by coronavirus!

Let’s take a look at something, shall we?

coronavirus world map

Ha! That map is very telling of where coronavirus is taking up residence. Hint. Look at Amerikkka. Where you gonna run, whites? It is ALL over Amerikkka, whites! So, just sit back and wait YOUR turn. You won’t have long to worry about being housebound and bored. You betcha!



2 thoughts on “Distraction: A Racist Methodology — Whispers of a Womanist

  1. Well said lioness..i cant say that shit betta myself..i said this before and i will say this again…for what you whites poor and rich have done as a collective to the most high gods chosen people US there will be so much hell to pay that we cannot even format it into words!! The most highs #1 assasin Killah Karma is on da hunt and she is armed with disease bombs aks ar’s and all types of tornados and intergalactic shit for your pale asses..and be warned children of the most god aados if u lay wit em align yourself wit em and take there wealth and sell out your people like many of them do then u will feel the wrath of killah karma as she goes on her hunt for there ass as she is now…the most high god is getting pissed hell he had been pissed and retribution time is going into beast mode..this shit is real and we aados the children of the most high god of israel had betta listen…we are not apart of there shit aint no lets stick together more like go get fucked and get the fuck away from me and my people like u been doin unless it suits your agenda which then and only then is when u deal wit us bc u need us….foh…as killa karma amps up her speed in her mission to kill the kkkrackas and there alliies i want people to notice how the whites rich and poor will cling to us. They no deep down were the chosen people of yhe most high god and they gona be on us like a muthafucka…if i see dat ima swat there ass like the diseased dog filth they are and tell em go get da fuck outta here cause yall have gots to go!!! Fuck em..they all need to go them and there allies and even us who align thenlmselves with them against there own people. Even the most high god commanded us to basilcly stay da fuck away from em especially breeding with there 6000 known desease carrying asses!! Like wtf does it take to listen aados children of the most high god! Cause if u dont listen u will perish…those arent my words there from the most high god himself…well done again lioness. Watch em drop while eatin popcorn anf shit….d.martinez

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    1. Thank you for your comment, d. martinez. Oh, I’m watching them drop. I’m watching them still trying to act relevant even as they are being relegated to obscurity. This system of CAPITALISM is what they wanted and this is what they get. How’s that CAPITALISM shit working out for THEM? They didn’t mind gutting social programs thinking that shit would kill us off when it only made us stronger. They have been trying to eradicate us for centuries and yet, look at the map that I just added to this post, Africa is mostly untouched while this shithole called AMERIKKKA is fully loaded with coronavirus! GOOD! That points out the obvious like nothing else can. This shit ain’t after ADOS, this shit is after every pasty assed and swarthy assed motherfucker on this planet. These whites and their allies that they have used against us seriously thought that the shit they put into play to use against us was going to continue in perpetuity. Well, this virus is showing their ass.

      And it waited to hit when they elected the most uneducated and clueless fool to ever step foot inside the Oval Office who promptly snuffed out the agency that dealt with pandemics. HA! Donald Trump is actually helping coronavirus to whoop their pasty asses! You go Donald Trump! He is even calling this the “Chinese Virus” and he ain’t budging from that because Trump said that this virus originated in China and that’s what the hell he is going to call it. I don’t give a damn what he calls it, I’m just damn glad that it is here..and in spades!!! I won’t be satisfied until our mortal enemy is dead, dead and dead. That’s what the fuck they want for us. But now, all of a sudden, they want us to “stick together?” They can take that “stick together” bullshit and shove it up their pasty asses because I’m glad coronavirus is fucking them and their shit up! What’s their credit cards doing for them? Not a goddamn thing. I hear tell that the rich whites are running for the suburbs. WHAT? Didn’t they want to GENTRIFY ALL THE CITIES and run us Black folks out? And now, they’re running back to the suburbs in an effort to wait coronavirus out. Don’t they know that coronavirus is going to follow their asses? They cannot escape from this anymore than they can shoot coronavirus away!

      Once again, for the dumb as all hell whites, I am GLAD that coronavirus has emerged, GLAD because ADOS don’t have shit to lose, you made that OUR reality. Now, welcome to OUR world, ain’t it great? You whites having fun yet? This is now YOUR DISNEYLAND. This is now YOUR DISNEY WORLD. Line up now, motherfuckers and take a heaping helping of KARMA bitches! It’s YOUR TURN! Sitting somewhere whining about how you can’t take a flight to see your folks. Fuck you and your folks! Yeah! Take your ass to see your folks and then kiss their asses goodbye! And thanks to your rabid racism, bigotry and hatred for us, you picked the RIGHT motherfucker to put inside the White House just when this virus was about to come down the pike and fuck you up! HA! I call that PERFECT TIMING; THE PERFECT STORM. I’m loving it!

      d.martinez, again I thank you for another spot on comment.


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