Health Care Workers On The Coronavirus Front Lines Say “This System Is Doomed!”

Nurses who are treating coronavirus patients are being advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to start using bandanas and scarves as they run out of  masks. And nurses are contracting coronavirus as a result. Capitalism at its finest! So tell me, when the nurses are laid low, who is going to treat coronavirus patients? Donald Trump? Mike Pence? Mitch McConnell?


Nothing like ‘good’ news about how capitalism and our government works for the ‘good’ of the people in times of crises, right?

‘This system is doomed’: Doctors, nurses sound off in NBC News Coronavirus study

Many reported being forced to ration or reuse supplies, including surgical and N-95 masks, for fear of running out. Many also said they were facing shortages of basic sanitary supplies, including hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

The N95 mask filters out airborne particulates and aerosols, and the Food and Drug Administration advises that neither N-95 masks, nor surgical masks, should be used more than once.

But in response to growing shortages of PPE, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has loosened its guidelines on proper use and reuse of masks. On Thursday, the agency advised that bandanas and scarves could be used by healthcare workers in place of a mask as a last resort.

Bandanas and scarves? The supposedly richest country on the planet has nurses on the front lines of coronavirus crisis using bandanas and scarves to protect themselves from the ravages of coronavirus as they take care of coronavirus patients? Seriously???!!! Capitalism at its finest. Meanwhile, the asswipes that kept this virus hush hush are still trying to protect capitalism and ONLY capitalism at the expense of the Amerikkkan people. Doesn’t this just give you a warm and cozy feeling inside to know that your lord and savior, racist-in-chief, Donald Trump is busy protecting his buddies on Wall Street along with his many ‘businesses’ and that of his family while throwing your asses under the bus; those of you who voted for him, that is? And millions upon millions of racist whites, did indeed, vote for this piece of racist filth that is making sure that this virus rages out-of-control thanks to Trump firing the entire PANDEMIC AGENCY that was put into play by his predecessor and since his predecessor was Barack Obama, well there you go!

Meanwhile, an ER nurse was exposed to coronavirus, has the symptoms, but cannot get tested. Ain’t capitalism grand?

An ER nurse told us she was exposed to the coronavirus and has symptoms but still can’t get tested , and it highlights both America’s crippling inequality and its broken health care system


  • Since the coronavirus outbreak reached the US, over a dozen nurses nationwide told Business Insider their hospitals still don’t have a clear process to protect them or their patients.Nurses who have treated coronavirus patients and developed symptoms cannot get tests.One hospital in California told a symptomatic nurse she did not qualify for a coronavirus test, despite coming into direct contact with a positive patient.Testing across the US has been messy and inconsistent due to delays from the federal government in approving and delivering materials.

So Amerikkkans, still feeling all that ‘exceptionalism’ that you bought, hook, line and sinker? How does it feel to finally get what you’ve always wanted? Unrelenting capitalism whereas those YOU elected could care less about you coming down with this virus because if they did, do you think that nurses would have to beg to be tested even AFTER they have come into contact with a coronavirus positive patient? And who the hell knows how many people are walking around with this virus since “testing across the US has been messy and inconsistent due to delays from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IN APPROVING AND DELIVERING MATERIALS?” What great logistics we have here, don’t you think?

Everyone is screeching about what’s going down in Italy and Spain while they’d better be worried about what’s going down in the CAPITALISM STATES OF AMERIKKKA because it doesn’t get any ‘better’ than this and how many of you think this shit is going to get ‘better’ with the stupid shit that’s leading the charge against coronavirus?

And many ‘experts’ claim that the CAPITALISM STATES OF AMERIKKKA is unprepared for this pandemic. What? Naw….who would have thought? The experts are comparing Italy’s health system infrastructure to that of this shithole’s and this shithole’s health system’s infrastructure is coming up appallingly short since in Italy  there are more hospital beds per 1,000 people than the United States–which could signal a lack of preparedness in the US, according to commentary published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine. “Though Italy’s health system is highly regarded and has 3.2 hospital beds per 1,000 people (as compared with 2.8 in the United States), it has been impossible to meet the needs of so many critically ill patients simultaneously,” Dr. Lisa Rosenbaum, a cardiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. But the experts are still trying to figure out why Italy’s coronavirus rates are so high. Well keep at it, you’ll eventually figure it out.

Meanwhile, even Russia is doing better than this shithole in mitigating the number of coronavirus cases. In fact, Russia has a handle on their coronavirus cases and the numbers of infected are dwindling daily while the numbers here in the states are accelerating at an even greater pace, but then Russia began to take proactive steps as early as January while this shithole’s leaders were busy trying to attack Iran instead of testing those who were coming to this shithole carrying coronavirus. It is just appalling that in a time of crisis, this shithole was still trying to go to war with Iran simply because Iran’s defenses are low as they battle coronavirus with little to no aid thanks to sanctions put into play against them by this shithole. If there is any consolation to what Iran’s people are dealing with, then it is the fact that this shithole’s population is not faring any better than those in Iran. So to any Iranians out there, at least know that while this shithole was trying to attack and bomb you into last century, these shits over here were about to get bombarded with coronavirus as well, and they have.

And you stupid Amerikkkan shits are sitting somewhere wondering why there is no coordinated response for this virus coming from those who are in charge? Are you serious? They are still trying to wage war and protect CAPITALISM. When will you stupid, racist Amerikkkans ever get it through your thick, brainless skulls that your so-called, ‘leaders’, don’t give a shit about any of us because if they did, wouldn’t it show? But does it? Yes indeed, you ALL know the answer to that and while they try and hash out some trillion dollar stimulus package, your rent is about to become due for next month and yet, you have to sit at home alongside your children since you cannot head to your jobs nor can the kiddies go to daycare because this shithole was concentrating on starting a war against Iran and was not even thinking about implementing coronavirus protocols that could have mitigated its impact on this shithole. You think about that shit while you’re sitting at home listening to some shit that you’ve got Alexa playing to keep you distracted from the reality of how fucked you are, stimulus package or not because that stimulus package is going to aid corporations, not our broke asses.

You wanted CAPITALISM. You got it! How well is that working out for you? Get back to me on that. Rome is burning and I for one, am glad!

And As Rome Did Fall From Grace!

Steeped in melancholia
and adorned in robes of sorrow,
I walk among the wretched.
They will be dead before tomorrow.

Bleached bones lie in the sand,
stripped bare of any flesh
as they prepare to turn to dust
and are blown away like ash.

Alone, I stand and look
upon the dry and barren plains.
And I shrug and walk away
from what used to be fruited plains.

An empire meets its fate
just like in days of old
And as Rome did fall from grace,
America’s future was foretold.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

But yet Americans still cannot come to terms with the fact that their Disney vacations have been cut short. This is just how stupid and entitled the WHITE Amerikkkans in this shithole are to sit somewhere and post a video of them acting out a Disney vacation. I just throw my goddamn hands up!

Even as all hell breaks loose, the fun and games MUST continue. Fun and games and fake ass fantasy, that is the essence of Amerikkka. For the love of !!!!!!!




14 thoughts on “Health Care Workers On The Coronavirus Front Lines Say “This System Is Doomed!”

  1. Capitalism’s solution — transfer a trillion dollars a day into the white-supremacist banking system. Trump is the perfect stage dummy, a cardboard cutout, a meme that distracts and diverts the most decadent among us. Those who are not already homeless are encouraged to become so, the most exploited persons stand exposed at the service level where they must interact with the public in hospitals and retail outlets frequented by mindless hoarders. It’s not surprising that the nursing profession was already overloaded before Covid arrived. As you mention, those on the front lines were trying to prevent an otherwise inevitable planet-wide pandemic. Discarded so that more revenue could be transferred to the already most decadent.
    Capitalism gets equated with patriotism from sea to fetid sea, capitalism and fascism are two sides of the same coin of the realm. All a part of the American Empire, a white-supremacist brand accepted by tyrants the world over.

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    1. And Bill, this shit over here needs to be brought to an abrupt end. Sens. Richard Burr and Kelly Loeffler, Republicans from North Carolina and Georgia, sold stocks before the stock-market crash when they had access to nonpublic information about the severity of the pandemic and are now under scrutiny because they had inside information about the fact that a pandemic was going to be declared and yet even now, officials are trying to figure out if this constitutes as ‘insider trading’. Regardless of whether or not it is considered to be insider trading or not, there should be a law against what they did. Even Jeffrey Sprecher, the New York Stock Exchange boss sold $19 million in stock when he received ‘inside’ information that a pandemic was going to be declared. Whites will ALWAYS make out and make use of a nationwide crisis that is going to impact almost everyone and in a most lasting and horrid manner. That should be criminal in and of itself.

      All along, every step that the Trump Administration has taken over this virus has been to protect rich white billionaires from losing money. That is why they kept mum about the seriousness of this virus until they could take their ill gotten gains and head for the hills leaving those of us with no such options to lose our homes and our minds.

      I just read this in the Washington Post!

      In hard-hit areas, testing restricted to health care workers, hospital patients

      Health officials in New York, California and other hard-hit parts of the country are restricting coronavirus testing to health care workers and the severely ill, saying the battle to contain the virus is lost and the country is moving into a new phase of the pandemic response.

      As cases spike sharply in those places, they are bracing for an onslaught and directing scarce resources where they are needed most to save people’s lives. Instead of encouraging broad testing of the public, they’re focused on conserving masks, ventilators and intensive care beds — and on getting still-limited tests to health-care workers and the most vulnerable. The shift is further evidence that rising levels of infection and illness have begun to overwhelm the health care system.

      This shit is ridiculous! How on earth do these people sleep at night who have made sure that this pandemic is spiraling out-of-control and is now so bad, that the “battle to contain the virus is lost?” WTF!!!
      And yet, Amerikkkans are whining that they want to go to Disney World and to a bar and kick back. This shithole is sinking like a stone and yet the Trump Administration was more focused on kicking Iran while Iran was down and out fighting coronavirus when this shithole was ill prepared for this virus. Look at the dumb and clueless, stupid shit that’s at the helm of this Titanic and then people have the nerve to wonder why the virus is out-of-control here in the states while some other countries have gotten a handle on their coronavirus cases, namely China and Russia. You see Trump didn’t say that he was going to attack China or Russia even though he is still claiming that China’s lack of disclosure about coronavirus is why the U.S. is loaded down with it. NOT TRUE! Trump’s inept, fumbling cluelessness and blatant disregard for the wellbeing of Amerikkkans as well as his desire to pump up Wall Street by lying and claiming that coronavirus was a hoax drummed up by the media and the Democrats in order to steer the spotlight from his clueless, inept ass is why this shithole is loaded down with cases of coronavirus.

      Anyone who cannot see that the current leaders in Washington need to go, has their head stuck so far up their ass that they don’t even know about coronavirus.The ’emperor’ fiddles while Rome burns!

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.


  2. It’s not a health system, it’s a profit system that kind of consumes people but also needs them to perpetuate itself. Total madness. I saw a note somewhere that the funds released by the government to help respond in this situation are not really subject to usual market forces, eg. instead of providing the most cost effective goods and services, these businesses can basically charge the government (consumers) whatever they like to deliver such and such an item or service. The whole thing stinks. It’s bad enough here, we are short on testing and medical supplies already, I really feel for you all in the US.

    Anyway, the thing I am noticing is the daily anxiety about who or what is coming because people can be horrid; that feeling I have lived with all my life with all the racists I seem to attract like bees to flowers, is now in the lives of the average white person. They have no experience at it whatsoever and probably feel quite afronted that they should be affected by such fears and discomfort on a daily basis. Suck it up and get on with it. You made it, sleep in it. Or adjust. Adapt. It’s just another version of the everyday for me and millions of people like me.

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    1. “the thing I am noticing is the daily anxiety about who or what is coming because people can be horrid; that feeling I have lived with all my life with all the racists I seem to attract like bees to flowers, is now in the lives of the average white person. They have no experience at it whatsoever and probably feel quite afronted that they should be affected by such fears and discomfort on a daily basis. Suck it up and get on with it. You made it, sleep in it. Or adjust. Adapt. It’s just another version of the everyday for me and millions of people like me.”

      Hear! Hear! You said it Robyn! The whites cannot deal with this and that is why they are still somewhere trying to live in fantasy land because nothing should be allowed to enter their little insulated Disney World lives and tear it asunder. Who the fuck does this coronavirus think it is? Why isn’t it respecting ‘white privilege and ‘white supremacy’? Hell, rich whites are running to the suburbs in the Hamptons in an attempt to escape coronavirus.

      Chic Hamptons food stores ransacked by the wealthy amid coronavirus pandemic

      Wealthy people who have flocked to the Hamptons to escape the coronavirus are ransacking grocery stores in epic shopping sprees that are costing thousands of dollars a pop.

      Since COVID-19 hit Long Island’s tony beach towns last week, its residents have been lining up for groceries and other essentials as they prepare to hunker down at home. But unlike in other parts of the country, Hamptonites are dropping massive amounts of money as they clean up on high-end goods, like salmon, steaks and rare bottles of wine, sources said.

      “I had one customer spend $8,000,” said Joe Gurrera, founder of upscale supermarket chain Citarella. “You know when you see someone with a full shopping cart? Now they have five.”

      Also, of course Hampton liquor stores are making bank as well while the rest of the whites who don’t have it so good are looking cross-eyed at empty toilet tissue shelves, empty water shelves and empty pasta and bean shelves and so forth and so on.

      But please DON’T feel sorry for US Robyn because these racist whites brought this shit on themselves and the rest of us, but you see, I’m not upset about any of this except for the fact that I’ve got health care workers in my family who are on the front lines trying to save some white asses. It is my opinion that they should let them rot, that’s what I’d do, but they ain’t me, more’s the damn pity!

      But as far as everything else goes, this shithole is finally getting what it deserves and those rich whites are also going to be in for a rude awakening because this ain’t it as far as what is going to go down. This is only the first phase. I wish they would breathe a sigh of relief because believe me, they’ll wish they hadn’t. These worthless, rotten shits over here got more dues to pay and they ain’t even begun to pay them yet!

      Robyn, I thank you for yet another spot on comment.

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      1. $8000 at the grocery store! Look, I might be able to understand if they are feeding the entire community, but no, probably just a few people. Reminds me of an old snoopy cartoon where Lucy is at math class and the question starts with going to the store and buying 60 cantaloupes, and she replies; “60 cantaloupes…? What the hell is wrong with you?!!”

        I want to know where all this liquid cash is coming from… next there will be rations on dollars 😉 oh wait, maybe that already happened. People who supply credit must be rubbing their hands with glee… the consequences are limitless if people don’t get their heads sorted. “Your money or your life?” lol

        Shelby, thanks for the informative articles. I laugh, I cry, I hope I don’t die, but if I do, I don’t want my last acts to be those of a maniacal lunatic… she died with a house full of toilet paper, salmon and wine, hehe… which nobody can use because it’s all infected… this Hamptons place sounds like a bad reality sitcom horror show. OMG, I just had a scary thought. I hope they don’t make a reality show from the virus…

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      2. “OMG, I just had a scary thought. I hope they don’t make a reality show from the virus…”

        Robyn, I would not be a bit surprised. These rich whites got rich off the backs of MY ancestors. They have ‘generational wealth’, wealth handed down from generation to generation. They did NOT earn that wealth by the sweat of THEIR brow, but by the sweat of the brows of MY ancestors and that is one reason why they are going to pay dearly for every piece of salmon, filet mignon and expensive bottle of wine that they purchase. The coronavirus will not be limited to just certain areas of the states, it will eventually encompass ALL of the states and that includes the Hamptons and so those shameless, shiftless white shits had better party it up because their turn is coming. Mark my words. Those are the same shameless shits that put gentrification into play and moved American descendants of slaves from the cities and then they came in and took the cities over because they wanted city life. Now that the shit has gotten too hot to handle in cities, those filthy parasites have fled to the Hamptoms. It won’t do them any good. All across the world, male and female parasites in leadership positions have been infected with coronavirus and many have died and so if those who fled to the Hamptoms think that they’re safe, they are, again, in for a rather rude awakening.

        Also, try not to worry too much about coronavirus Robyn because those of us who are innocent are mostly going to be spared. This virus is essentially targeting a certain segment of the population and if you look at the world map I posted on a previous blog, you will get an indication of who the targets are, for the most part. Unfortunately, for those of us who have parasite sludge coursing through our veins, some of us will come down with this virus, but whites? They can just about hang it up, especially white male parasites since it has been found that male parasites are far more likely to come down with coronavirus and die from it than females. And so I am certainly hopeful that coronavirus finds its way spreading through the halls of congress and the White House. Oh what a joyful day that would be!

        Robyn, I thank you for yet ANOTHER spot on comment.


    1. WOW Gospel Isosceles, that is high praise indeed coming from the reigning queen of poetry! Thank you SO much for that most enthusiastic response to this little poem of mine. I so appreciate it! And thanks for stopping in. I encourage ALL to head on over to her most excellent blog, you will NOT be disappointed, I promise you!


      1. Again, I am quite taken aback by this comment as well. And believe me, you would NOT like to hear my voice. I have too much of a southern, hillbilly twang. I can’t even stand the sound of my own voice especially since I have been back in my hillbilly hometown and talk just like the local yokels. LOL! But thanks again, Gospel Isosceles and believe me, I envy YOUR talent.


      2. Bless your heart! I used to live in Baltimore, but I’m originally from a small town in Virginia and I am back there now and since Amerikkka is on lockdown, so am I. LMAO! I also used to live in Minnesota as well, but the stix is where I’m from originally and believe me, it does not take long for the accent to come back.


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  3. Now they are committing suicide because they can’t cope to stay isolate!
    They can’t live without their alcoholic parties,pubs,their luxury vacations,they can’t have anymore their Asian nannies who look after their cry brats!
    Because of this coronavirus now they are forced to look after their cry brats!
    No more nail salon,no more beauty salon,no more nothing,and all these are driving them crazy!
    The few times I go out to buy foods,the only people I see walking around it’s them!
    They are with their children walking around, they go for a run or do outdoor exercises!
    I can see how much they are so nauseating and irritated the mere idea of ​​sitting at home listening to the screams of their unruly children,they can’t cope!
    They are making memes how much they are so frustrated because they can’t go to the pubs!
    The weather here in UK is getting better so the first thing also they are doing it’s
    they are taking sun bath lying on the grass!
    It even took the polices to force their asses back to their homes!
    I do believe they’ll get the army off the streets because these morons think they’re on vacation!
    Wp with their brain to the size equal to their asshole they can’t elaborate that what is going around the world isn’t a bad dream that when they will wake up tomorrow morning and everything will go as normal!
    No,as long as this motherfucker virus is walking around it will not be normal life for a while! But not for them!
    Everyday is holiday for them,you are right about they are living in Wonderland or Disney World,they can’t face the reality in front of them,the only thing they are good is to run away from the problems, commit suicide or kill off all their family members!

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    1. qnubian, I am GLAD this virus is here, “GLAD!” I say because that is exactly what was needed to wake these brainless, hypnotized shits the fuck up! And whites thought that this shit would only be impacting poor Black folks. Oh hell naw! Look at the face of coronavirus! Hell! The ‘future’ king of England, hoity toity, whoremonger Prince Charles has the goddamn virus. I thought he had the virus years ago seeing as how flushed his face usually is. Well now it’s flushed for a different reason; the bastard is sick. Even the goddamn Prime Minister has the virus. Heads of state ALL over the world has this virus. Mother Nature ain’t playing with their asses.

      And all of a sudden, the whites are screeching about how “We are ALL in in this together!” FUCK THAT SHIT! We ain’t in shit together when those pasty assed shits have moved themselves into GATED COMMUNITIES to make sure that we ain’t fucking together, but now they’re going on and on about how we’re in this shit together. FUCK THEM! If they wait on me to save their goddamn pasty asses, they may as well drop dead now because that shit ain’t never gonna happen. They gentrified our neighborhoods and moved us the fuck up out of them and moved themselves in. They’ve raised the rents so that we cannot even afford to live indoors and now, all of a sudden, we are in this shit together? Those crazy, racist, insane, rabid, pasty monstrosities better stay the fuck out of my face!

      These fucking ‘privileged’ whites over here are going to go damn crazy having to be cooped up with those hellions they call ‘kids’. No one should have to put up with their entitled brats, NO ONE! And yet, there they sit having to deal with their screaming tantrums ALL day, everyday because those little entitled pieces of shit can’t go to fucking Disney World. GOOD! While Black folks are sitting somewhere in tents on sidewalks, homeless and some more shit, these worthless pasty assed motherfuckers are whining about how they just cannot believe that their asses are on lockdown. They just cannot believe that their little insulated worlds have been invaded by coronavirus. Again, GOOD! Moan and whine and piss your pants WHITES because this virus ain’t going away no time soon. So, either deal with it or do like you ALWAYS do when you can’t fucking deal with harsh realities, grab your fucking guns.

      qnubian, there soon will be mass suicides over here because whites can’t do fucked up shit well at all. They cannot comprehend that the reason why millions of us are NOT going to be impacted by this virus is because HARDSHIP is all we know thanks to THEIR depraved white asses. Those filthy, debased motherfuckers can all drop dead for all I care and all I’d say is “Good fucking riddance white trash!”

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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