It Took Coronavirus To Get Water Turned On For Poor Black Residents Of Detroit While Rich Whites Party

In one of my older posts, I highlighted the glaring differences in Amerikkka and how there are two Amerikkkas; one for those of us who are descendants of people who were dragged to these shores and one for those who are descendants of those who dragged us to these shores. And so this is a continuation of that blog.

Her water was shut off because of unpaid bills. Then the coronavirus hit.

DETROIT — The cold winter months were grueling for Valaria Griffin. The city of Detroit shut off her water late last fall because of unpaid bills and a broken plumbing valve that she couldn’t afford to fix. Griffin, 55, was forced to rely on donated bottled water to drink, cook and bathe. She used space heaters to warm her home; without running water, the boiler didn’t work.

But now that we have been told to wash our hands and then wash our hands some more, the City of Detroit announced a water restart plan on March 9 to cover the cost of water restoration, limit residents’ payments to $25 a month and defer old water debts until the health crisis is over. The city, the state and the local plumbers’ union are covering the cost of home repairs needed to restore water.

Valaria Griffin owns her home and was working up until she was laid off from her job of 31 years for an insurance company in 2016 and due to her age, has been having a difficult time finding work. Unfortunately, paying bills does not end when a job does because if it did, Valaria Griffin would not be in the position she is in today; unable to get necessary plumbing work done and an inability to keep the water on. Ms. Griffin goes on to say, “You wouldn’t believe this is happening in a country that’s touted as a leader of the free world.”

Unfortunately Ms. Griffin, many of us who look like you can believe it because it is happening to too many of us who look like you. We are the face of poverty and it is ALL done by design. While mostly white spring breakers were busy drinking and partying while stating that “If I get corona, I get corona,” millions of Black Amerikkkans were just trying to survive amidst a pandemic that we take seriously because we have to. We don’t have the money to call up realtors in the Hamptons and head for ‘greener’ pastures. We don’t have the money to call up realtors and head for the desert or the mountains. Whites are taking to running to their second homes or are renting homes where they believe they can hide away from the coronavirus while Black Amerikkkans must stay put, wait it out and hope for the best in third world like conditions. Ever the hopeful ones whites are that we sicken and die by the millions from this virus while they attempt to escape via parties and by distancing themselves.

And according to members of congress and the White House, people only need sit back and wait for their BIGLY, HUGELY, GIGANTIC BAILOUT in the form of $1,200 stimulus checks to be mailed out or direct deposited within a couple of weeks even though the IRS has said, “Not so fast!” You see, thanks to budget cuts, and you all know about the budget cuts that have been going around faster than the coronavirus, what with the entire agency that was supposed to kick in if a pandemic struck having its budget cut so bad that those cuts eliminated the agency in its entirety, budget cuts have also negatively impacted the IRS which has been hobbled. The IRS will most likely not get around to sending out those much needed checks for months, to those of you who have been slated to receive them, that is. You see the technology used by the IRS is from the 1960s and coupled with fewer employees thanks to budget cuts, a tax season underway and now stimulus checks to process…uh…you’re going to be waiting.

Meanwhile, millions of Amerikkkans have also filed or tried to file for unemployment to the point whereas even that call center is sporadically operating, but somehow, this is ALL good news to Wall Street. Stocks are on the rebound even though the unemployment numbers are shooting up faster than the price of stock in Purell.

And I wouldn’t look to the military to be of much use because as coronavirus spreads among the different branches of the military, the military is trying to withhold infection data. Word is that, this data would be a ‘national security threat’ since our ‘enemies’ would know if they could kick our asses over here if they were to be made aware of just how many U.S. military personnel were out on sick leave. Even the Pentagon has not escaped the ravages of coronavirus and so there ya go.

So even as Ms. Griffin struggles to wash her hands without water seeing as how she can find no water in the stores and her water is still shut off awaiting repairs, wealthy whites are finding ways to encourage other wealthy whites to keep their chin up during this time of crisis in that they cannot leave their homes and head to Country Clubs, golf courses, spas, Starbucks, gyms, upscale restaurants, Disney World and Disneyland or shop til they drop at the few remaining brick and mortar stores. Whites are going so far as to re-hang Christmas decorations to keep their spirits up while they engage in drinking spirits since, apparently, liquor stores have been deemed, ‘necessary’ entities that need to remain open. Not to mention, whites and their neighbors in their gated communities are posting pictures on their windows to send messages of ‘rainbows’ at the end of this coronavirus crisis and that skiing in Aspen is merely postponed.

And this is just unbelievable!

For the love of !!!!!

While poor Ms. Griffin in Detroit has to deal with this!

Ms. Griffin, this may be cold comfort to you, but no amount of fake money that congress and the White House throws at this virus situation is going to make a difference in the outcome in that nothing will ever be the same, and that will include those who are white as well. They can post videos of their parties, their arrogance in claiming that they “ain’t scared of no corona.” They can try hiding out at the Hamptons and in the mountains and deserts, but they cannot escape their fate. This virus is not just going to impact us. Their asses are impacted as well and that is going to continue because there was no protocol whatsoever in place to deal with this pandemic and that is becoming crystal clear. Even a blind, deaf mute that’s been planted knows that as well. Trump and the Republicans as well as the Democrats could give a rat’s ass about the plight of millions of Amerikkkans, that much should be clearly understood since all they intend to do is throw a few measly dollars at some Amerikkkans while propping up the airlines, the cruise lines, the hospitality industry and the Asians. Oh yes, they are also attempting to prop up the Asians who claim to have lost out on business at Asian restaurants, but if you’re Black and own a business, forget about it!

For all you filthy, debased whites out there, know this, your ass is grass. I don’t give a damn about your picture postings or your Christmas decorations and neither does this virus. Your lord and savior, racist-in-chief Donald Trump wants you to take your depraved asses and sit them up in churches on Easter Sunday. Please…please…do as he says and just sit back and wait for the shit to hit the fan. If you think that this shit is a pandemic now, go sit your ass up in church on Easter Sunday and believe in and pray to YOUR bullshit god that everything is gonna be alright and back to ‘YOUR normal’ in no time flat, I wish you would! And then come on back up in here and leave me a comment to let me know how ‘well’ you’re faring. I’ll be more than happy to post your comment so that others can know just how great things are for you. Yeah! Do me that favor, why doncha!

10 thoughts on “It Took Coronavirus To Get Water Turned On For Poor Black Residents Of Detroit While Rich Whites Party

  1. Those wealthy to the gourd whites (if you are wealthy to the gourd, you are white) merged and mingled at those infamously large parties in the Hamptons, got all covided up and plumped their privileged arses into planes heading to all points of the compass — including their second or ninth homes elsewhere, places where the servants huddle until those plump arses return in the summer to meet more privileged whites whom they invite from Davos, Switzerland to Beijing, China (where they can pick up some aphrodisiacs produced from rhino horns, the rhinos remain to bleed to death), or to pick up some viruses. Gilded Age 10.0 partiers. The same nice folks from Europe who drained their colonies of riches and loaded their cargo vessels with human resources from Africa. But didn’t they bring the gift of Western Civilization and missionaries of Father God to savages? Remind me to write about the curses bestowed by Saint Theresa of Calcutta, a genuine “mother” and product of European Evilization.

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    1. And Bill, the wealthy whites in Connecticut threw a party and most have come down with coronavirus. One asshole party goer flew back to South Africa and got sick on the plane and now he’s back in Africa talking about “All is good!” Those filthy, rotten white scum sucking bottom feeders make me want to fucking scream! They drag their ‘moneyed’ asses all over the world bringing with them disease, death and suffering and not giving a shit about what chaos, bedlam and tragedies that they are responsible for and then have the nerve to try and run from diseases that their asses are filled to the brim with because there was no smallpox and syphilis among those Indigenous to ANY country that was taken over by these disease carrying parasites and now they have the audacity to party and use their ill gotten gains in attempts to escape the ravages of coronavirus. May it catch up with their asses and put paid to them.That is my most fervent hope and wish.

      Africa should have banned ALL flights, but we ALL know that the real, true Africans are not in control of their countries on the entire continent of Africa. Those pasty bastards are still at it to this day. Meanwhile, those who look like me ARE living in third world conditions and yet Trump had the fucking nerve to call Haiti and African countries, “shitholes,” when that is exactly what Amerikkka is and that fact has been laid bare for ALL to see by this virus. I did not think that Trump could look any more clueless and stupid than he was already looking, but obviously, I was wrong. He is even contradicting those whom he chose from the medical field to clue our asses in. They have to do ‘damage control’ every single time he opens his fucking pie hole! This shit is insane! Trump is insane! And yet no one will DO anything about that fact. They just continue to scream about how insane he is and then prop his ass up in front of a teleprompter and off to the stupid races he goes.

      But Amerikkka deserves this. Amerikkka voted for this. Amerikkka wanted this. And Amerikkka got this. I am just sorry that those like Ms. Valaria Griffin here have to suffer since she and those who look like her are the innocent ones. I don’t give a shit about what happens to whites and that is a fact that I don’t have a problem stating because whites caused this shit and we are the ones who they are damn well making suffer for the shit they put into play. Goddamn them all to hell!

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. Behind every great fortune lies a great white crime — and the law is there to protect those white criminals. This is true wherever the curse of the West has plundered and enslaved, from the plantations that “needed” (as depicted in American classroom history texts) slaves to keep up with that god-forsaken cotton gin that created an insatiable market for the cloth — I’ll call them “men of the cloth” — to every other great white crime committed against every ADOS. And how many great white criminals do find incarcerated in the prison pipeline?

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      2. Bill, We ALL know who the prisons are reserved for; those who look like me, hence why there are over 2 million of those who look like me sitting all up in them while the true criminals and thugs that incarcerate us, go scot free. This virus is an equal opportunity killer. It is no respecter of persons. Prime Ministers, aides to Prime Ministers, congressmen and even heirs to the throne in England are being visited by coronavirus and they should be. The whites are in an uproar over this virus, claiming that “The virus is in charge.” Damn right it is and I hope that it continues to charge, everywhere and never let up. This virus was needed and I longed for something that would wipe this shit on up out of here and I finally got my wish. I am just sorry that those in my family devoted their lives to saving white asses and so are on the front lines battling to save racists that shouldn’t be saved. Those goddamn racist shits had better be glad that my ass ain’t ‘taking care’ of them. And that’s for damn sure!

        Bill again, I thank you for your comment.


  2. We descendant of slaverys worked for free to build the Americas for them but did we have any recognition?
    No,hell no!
    Our ancestors gave free wealthy for them,wp are so damn ignorant and racist that how much their racism blind them that they can’t even think about that they aren’t rich no because they worked hard to get it’s becsuse they stolen!
    They have the nerves to say” how or why blacks are poor? Why the third world countries are poor? Why are they living like this? Always why and why”
    For fuck sake!
    When I see picture like this one or I read story like of this lady here,it always makes me remember how evil wp are!
    The sitution of blacks in US today
    it reminded me when Malcom X and Martin Luther King were alive,even before Malcom X started to preach and educate the black folks!
    After the the tragedy of the black Wall street,black people lived again in segregated and terror conditions!
    They were pushed to the edge of the abyss of social exclusion and pushed to live in ghettos with no water or
    If with black Wall street blacks were capable of being autonomous and talented,
    they didn’t need to beg for jobs,but after that blacks went back at the same condition of slavery era!
    But you Shelby know better than me,but our situation of today it didn’t change at all even we are in the twentieth century and as if we are living and feel the same experiences as our ancestors!

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    1. Everything you say is true, qnubian. But know this, the whites are caterwauling all over the place about this virus because it is killing their damn asses in droves. It is clearing out nursing homes and most of those nursing homes contain pasty asses. New York has been taken over by those pasty asses and so you can just guess who is dropping like flies in New York. The whites took over New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina roared in and so now, they are starting to reap the shit they sowed when they shot those Black people who couldn’t leave New Orleans, not to mention the fact that Mardi Gras also opened the door to coronavirus and there’s “The Perfect Storm” of opportunity for coronavirus to spread to every corner.

      Some of us will be taken out, unfortunately, but the vast majority of who will be impacted by this are whites. They need to be impacted and those who don’t sicken and die from this virus will likely end up as suicide statistics because whites can’t do fucked up shit well at all. At the first sign of economic troubles, time to suck on a gun, time to find a rope, time to jump off a bridge. And I fucking don’t give a flying fart for those pasty fucktards.

      I saw this shit coming and I was glad that it was coming. It needed to come and now everyone’s world has been upended, ESPECIALLY THE WHITES because though they have ALL the money, what good is it doing them? They’ve got to sit their debased, pasty asses down and go into quarantine the same as my Black ass and since I’ve always been in quarantine like conditions thanks to their pasty asses, what’s this shit to me? Not a goddamn thing! I prefer to be left alone with a goddamn book anyway. Fuck the whores and whoremongers of Hollywood, that shit don’t interest me. I don’t fawn after those nasty bitches and bastards that strut around in next to nothing. What the fuck are they doing now? Sitting their depraved, useless asses down some goddamn where while still trying to remain relevant. They’ve never been relevant and they damn sure as hell won’t be relevant anymore. I wish they would get back up and into kissing and slobbing one another down in some no account movie. Idris Elba claims he contracted coronavirus from another actor, GOOD! He can just sit his sick ass down and think on what he did to contract the virus. Fuck his ass! He ain’t ADOS! I don’t give a damn about him or about any of that shit in Hollywood or in the halls of congress or the White House. They can ALL drop dead for all I fucking care.

      The whites don’t mean shit to me and I make that extremely clear ALL over this blog! But they can know this, WE ARE NOT IN THIS SHIT TOGETHER! So, those whites out there who are going on and on about THAT shit can just shove it! You know this shit is after your ass and I know it too. Fucking deal! We’ve had to deal with YOUR shit for centuries. Now it’s YOUR fucking turn, whites!

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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  3. Yeah you are 100% right and I agree with you!
    Here the medical staff are posting pictures of themselves how they are risking their life,how they are working hard,how they are so exhausted,how they have bruises on their faces!
    Do you think I am touched by all this?
    No,absolutely not! I don’t care!
    Precisely in these apocalyptic situations that you realize that everything always revolves around them,only them matter or are suffering in the world!
    I worked in hospital and wp who working in hospitals are a bunch of racist and they segregate you if you are not part of their own social group!
    They think,I will get jealous how much they earn per years,the fancy clothes and their moneys!
    Only a dumb black or person of colour can
    fall to their hypocritical narrative! No,me!
    I don’t give a damn about them,I don’t want to be associate with them!
    One thing I learned that they are desperate attention seeker,they live from the oxygen that you give them!
    They don’t know how to be happy,for this is reason they attach themselves to material things!

    Shelby do you know what happened to Kushite prince blog?
    I was trying to search on internet but it has been canceled or been changed as private profile?
    Mmm I am not convinced,for sure they blocked his blog because I can’t explain myself otherwise!

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    1. qnubian, Prince’s blog was up last week. He posted a few things from it even though he had taken a hiatus. I don’t know if he has taken another hiatus or what. I’ve seen nothing posted by him this week. Maybe he’ll turn up again soon.

      But yeah! Over here, all you see on the news are whites in nurses uniforms and shit as if Black nurses are not putting their lives on the line for these worthless white shits over here who are coronavirus sick. I’ve got people in the medical field in my family and they are on the front lines taking care of those patients, but they have yet to have a camera shoved in their face and ‘thanked’ for their help in this crisis. Ever the ones to hog the spotlight and pat themselves on their goddamn nasty, hypocritical backs are the whites.

      The ‘care’ that Black people get in this racist shithole is horrible. Many who get sick refuse to even go to a doctor because they know that the racist motherfucker is only going to make the shit worse. I cannot tell you how many people just dropped dead because they were too afraid to go to one of these racists and I for one, don’t blame them. American descendants of slaves still know about ALL the experiments these depraved demons have subjected us to and god only knows the ones we don’t know about because it is NOT by accident that our health is always worse off than that of whites. It ain’t about no diet and exercise because we watch our weight and what we eat and yet our mortality rates are still high. Go fucking figure! But yet I’m supposed to wail and moan over the demise of some filthy racists who stuck their fucking spoon in the wall over coronavirus? Not fucking ever!

      And qnubian, they can’t spend their money now. So, that’s doing them no good. They’re on lockdown same as my Black ass and I ain’t hardly upset about this shit because those of us who are Black over here have ALWAYS been on lockdown from birth. This ain’t shit to us! But these whites will be going the fuck off soon enough. Just watch for it. They can’t handle this shit! And I for one, can’t wait until they can’t fucking take it anymore.

      qnubian, again, thank you for your comment.


  4. Reblogged this on United States Hypocrisy and commented:
    “Millions of Amerikkkans have filed or tried to file for unemployment to the point where even that call center is sporadically operating, but somehow, this is ALL good news to Wall Street. Stocks are on the rebound even though the unemployment numbers are shooting up faster than the price of stock in Purell.”

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