I Guess Former Governor Of Alaska, Sarah Palin, Is Vindicated Since It Would Appear That Her Infamous ‘Death Panels’ Are Here!


Since coronavirus reared its viral head in the U.S. months ago, and is causing havoc, pandemonium, bedlam and chaos, hospitals, by virtue of the federal government not providing enough funding for ALL who are going to need medical care, are going to start deciding who gets treatment and who merely receives palliative care.

It’s no different from New York: ‘Urban centers nationwide gird for catastrophic virus outbreak

Underscoring the precarious situation in Detroit, the Henry Ford Health System drafted a grim letter to patients and their families explaining the hospital’s calculations if it doesn’t have enough equipment to treat everyone.

“Some patients will be extremely sick and very unlikely to survive their illnesses even with critical treatment,” the letter explained. “Treating these patients would take away resources for patients who might survive.”

Among those who would not be eligible were those suffering severe heart, lung, kidney or liver failure, as well as those with terminal cancer. They would get palliative care, the letter said.

For those of you who don’t know what palliative care is, it is merely keeping the dying as comfortable as possible as they breathe their last.

And so, we have come to the dreaded Sarah Palin ‘death panels’; the making of decisions on who receives treatment based on their condition and if their condition is already fucked up, those patients will receive NO care if they are hospitalized with coronavirus.

Remember this little gem from what we all assumed was dizzy ass herself, Sarah Palin? She doesn’t sound so dizzy now, does she? Those ‘death panels’ of hers were considered to be a myth, but they are a ‘myth’ no more, at least in Detroit.

Death panel” is a political term that originated during the 2009 debate about federal health care legislation to cover the uninsured in the United States.[1] Sarah Palin, former Republican Governor of Alaska, coined the term when she charged that proposed legislation would create a “death panel” of bureaucrats who would decide whether Americans—such as her elderly parents, or children with Down syndrome—were “worthy of medical care”.[2] Palin’s claim has been referred to as the “death panel myth”,[3] as nothing in any proposed legislation would have led to individuals being judged to see if they were worthy of health care.[4]

Let me focus on the last sentence for a minute. “Palin’s claim has been referred to as the “death panel myth,” as nothing in any proposed legislation would have led to individuals being judged to see if they were worthy of health care.

Hmmmm..Now let’s read what’s coming out of the Henry Ford Health System again, shall we?

“Some patients will be extremely sick and very unlikely to survive their illnesses even with critical treatment,” the letter explained. “Treating these patients would take away resources for patients who might survive.” Among those who would not be eligible [to receive care for their coronavirus symptoms would be those who] were  suffering severe heart, lung, kidney or liver failure, as well as those with terminal cancer. They would get palliative care, the letter said.

Now after reading the above in italics, what would you call what is about to go down? An act of kindness? Weeding out the wheat from the chaff? Making sure that only the strong survive? “Death panels” by ‘virtue’ of a hospital’s decision as to who is too sick to receive care for their coronavirus symptoms thanks to a dearth of needed medical supplies? It would appear that ‘death panels’ wins, hands down and the other questions, get in line.

According to the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, these drastic measures must be taken since the federal government has been derelict in its duty to provide hospitals with the essential equipment they need to meet the needs of ALL sick patients regardless of their condition upon admission during this pandemic. In other words, only the strong will survive. Those who are weak as in immunocompromised or with other underlying health conditions will be allowed to die without receiving any necessary care whatsoever in attempts to cure them of coronavirus.

So to those of you out there who have any of the medical conditions that I have mentioned, remain indoors and away from any contact with persons who have been out and about and who have not heeded ‘shelter in place’ orders as you will be the first ones to be allowed to die without any attempts at any pretense of treating your coronavirus symptoms if you come down with coronavirus. This shit is serious and no amount of pretending that it isn’t is going to make this shit go away.

This government and capitalism, and that includes corporate big heads that control and run this shithole and our dependence on that which we should never have become dependent on, is going to cause the demise of millions. There will not be enough N95 masks, surgical masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes or other PPE (personal protection equipment) or ventilators to go around, despite what lying Donald Trump says to the contrary. Hospitals everywhere in Amerikkka are rationing those as I type this and there is no containment of this virus in sight. In fact, quite the opposite. So this pandemic is going to get worse, not better!

Read this and weep(some more)!

Spread of coronavirus accelerates in U.S. jails, prisons

Inmates have no access to gloves or proper masks and have only cold water to wash their hands, said Sean Hernandez, an inmate at Riker’s Island jail system who was convicted of attempted murder and has served eight years. He said inmates watched on Thursday as a guard coughed, her cheeks turned red and she collapsed to the ground.

As of Friday, at least 80 staff and 103 inmates at jails across New York City had tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. The virus appears to be spreading quickly through a jail system famous for its overcrowded cell blocks. Since Sunday, jails have reported 104 staff and 146 inmates with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Now couple that with the fact that this shithole incarcerates more people than any other nation in the world, and there is your recipe for further disaster. According to the article, as of 2017, there are nearly 2.3 million mostly American descendants of slaves behind bars. What is being done to protect inmates, especially since the article also states that since some jails are letting prisoners go, they are not testing them to see if they are being released all eaten up with coronavirus? What do you think is going to happen when those prisoners are released and are standing next to you in a grocery store or in a drug store or in the few remaining businesses that are open since they have been deemed, “essential?” They are not going to just take coronavirus home to their loved ones, they are going to deposit coronavirus on buses and light rails, subways and any other means of public transportation that is still up and running. And since we ALL need food, they are going to be standing beside you and behind you in the grocery store check-out because we all know that symptoms of the virus don’t tend to show up overnight.

Folks, the writing is on the wall. You are going to be holed up for quite some time because the U.S. has put in place the “Perfect Storm” for pandemics to ravage this country, unabated since private sector businesses run this shithole and the private sector is all about profits over people. That’s capitalism for you. Every single public sector entity that was formed to aid and assist in times of horrific crises were de-funded by damn near every single Republican Administration. At least Obama created and funded an agency tasked to act in times of a pandemic crisis and along comes Donald Trump to de-fund and eliminate it right before a pandemic struck. You see, Donald Trump is a ‘private sector business’ kinda guy. Ain’t it just wonderful to have THAT in charge? This is why Sarah Palin’s ‘death panels’ are REAL. This is why there will be a rationing of care which will lead to health care workers deciding who is too sick to make it and so just let them die already. Never mind the fact that there may have been a sliver of a chance that some poor schmuck would have made it, we won’t ever know because the decision is not in our hands. Your grandmother’s life is going to become a roll of the dice. Is she a viable candidate to survive the virus with her underlying health conditions? Yes? No? Make her as comfortable as you can while she lies on that stretcher and breathes her last; palliative care. This is what we as a society has come to. We are why we have come to this and so don’t now turn around and say that you weren’t warned because even dizzy ass Sarah Palin called it when she said that ‘they’ would create a “death panel” of bureaucrats [aka health care workers in this instance] who would decide whether Americans—such as her elderly parents, or children with Down syndrome—were “worthy of medical care”.[2]

Sound familiar? Yeah, it does! Sarah Palin may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but “even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

13 thoughts on “I Guess Former Governor Of Alaska, Sarah Palin, Is Vindicated Since It Would Appear That Her Infamous ‘Death Panels’ Are Here!

  1. The blog & article reminds me of several movies I have seen. So if your immune system isn’t strong then you’re out of luck. I believe the coronavirus which is a release bio weapon is airborne because it’s spreading too fast. Rikers Island number has jump up big time from what I heard last time. It’s probably more people that are positive but aren’t showing any symptoms like others.

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    1. Shanequa, there is no way that we can know the REAL and TRUE numbers of those who are infected; that’s just not possible because despite the feds claiming that they have folks under surveillance thanks to their smartphone GPS and those damn cameras posted everywhere, in this time of severe crisis even their instruments of surveillance are not up to following the shit all the fuck around the world and not even in this fucked up shithole.

      This may be a bioweapon as you say, I don’t really care, I’m just glad it’s here and I hope that it continues to wreak havoc all across the goddamn globe. In fact, I just read that some country with a big population that has been on lockdown has finally started breathing cleaner air because no vehicles are on the goddamn roads. Coronavirus is exactly what is needed. This planet has had enough of the shit from so-called ‘humans’ that’s fucking up every other species on this planet and is showing these so-called ‘humans’ that their arrogance, conceit and lust for destruction will be met with like and THEN SOME!

      And what do people think is going to happen when the nurses and doctors start falling ill? The U.S. military is calling ALL who have quit the military back who have some experience in the medical field. I guess that’s their DRAFT. It won’t make any difference if the supplies are not there, and they’re not because the government put everything in the hands of the private sector and then expected nothing untoward to happen. Well there is plenty untoward happening and the pace is going to pick up, not wane.

      And yes, it takes, sometimes, a few weeks for symptoms to become obvious and so meanwhile coronavirus carriers are walking around giving that virus to many, many more people and some think that they can just distance themselves from this by running for the mountains, the desert and the Hamptons, but they are going to be just as out-of-luck as the rest of us because as you stated in another comment, hurricane season is almost here, tornadoes just ripped through Arkansas and probably elsewhere and pretty soon, wildfire season is going to start and California, Washington State and Arizona are going to be ablaze, AGAIN! This shit is really going to hit the fan then. Not to mention, congress is talking about how they are working on yet ANOTHER stimulus package. What good is that going to do? This virus cannot be handled by a stimulus package. These dumbass whites are still trying to throw money at this virus like that’s going to accomplish something. And furthermore, I thought that we were just so goddamn broke, but they seem to be able to pull money out of their ass when trying to jump start a fucked up economy. AGAIN, it won’t do them any good.

      So, just stay safe Shanequa and thank you for another great comment.


      1. @shelbycourtland

        When this pandemic gets out of control especially when the stock market crash. Our people will be seeing in your face racism from “Non Black People” at a alarming rate. We all know when white people lose greed & power they’ll go into attack mode in which we already know “Black Africans” will be there main targets.

        During a time of a crisis we all know that each race depend on their own in the time of need. With this being said all these black men & women who are swirling are in for a rude awakening not only them but these biracial’s & multiracial’s as well. It’s going to come a time when authentic black men & women will not be taking these swirling black men & women back into our communities nor will we be accepting theses hybrids as our own. When the truth gets out an be told too the world they will not be able too handle it.

        In this time when this pandemic gets out of control it’s going to be up too “Black African Men” to liberate our race not “Black African Women” because she’s not built to go too war & lead the community it’s the men’s job.

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      2. The stock market is going to eventually crash regardless of how many tricks are up the sleeves of the feds. They are up against something that money cannot control or hold back or keep from getting worse. You see that Amerikkka was ill prepared for a pandemic despite being the so-called ‘richest nation’ on the planet. What has that done for anyone who is in the grips of this virus? Hardly anything seeing as how nurses are dying and doctors are sickening and soon, there won’t be anyone to even take care of the virus struck. I just read that Amazon warehouse workers are finally going on strike to protest their fucked up working conditions. Those who work at Amazon’s Whole Foods Markets are going on strike as well, and for the same reasons. Instacart workers are joining them despite the owners of Instacart giving into some of the demands of their employees. The employees are saying, “Too little, too late.”

        All of this has finally emboldened ordinary, poor people who have been on the bottom rung of the ladder to finally stand up for themselves because they know for a fact that the corporate bigwigs now need them more than their workers need them. Hence why the filthy rich are about to head to their underground bunkers. They see the writing on the wall and so are preparing to take flight because soon, even their goon squads aka the kkkops will not be able to protect them because they’ll ALL be sick too. This is indeed, “The Perfect Storm.” And as even members of congress come down with this virus, hopefully, there soon will be no one at the head of this sinking Titanic anyways and so look for some shit to pop off resembling “The Wild, Wild West.”

        Also, I heard from Kushite Prince and he wanted me to let you and qnubian know that he is doing well. He shut his blog down and he also wanted me to tell you both that he hopes you are prepared for what’s going to come. He has a bad feeling about ALL of this and is taking what he deems to be, necessary precautions.

        And yes, those of us who make up the ADOS community here in Amerikkka are going to need each other like never before! And I for one, share your thoughts on those half breeds or ‘hybrids’ as you say. I have them in my own family and I’ve not been speaking to them and I’m not about to start now. My own son cannot let go of those pasty faced cows and so he is a lost cause as far as I am concerned and the shit is seriously about to hit the fan where I live.

        Shanequa, all I can suggest is that you get as prepared as you possibly can because the shit don’t look good. They can talk about how this week will be a turning point all they want, but the weeks are going to turn into months and even longer and before anyone knows it, they are going to look around at utter destruction; the end. That’s what’s coming.

        Take care Shanequa, and thank you for your comment.


  2. & ShelbyCourtland

    Thanks for the information on Kushite Prince.

    P.S. for the past several days I have been dreaming about the coronavirus. In my dream it’s no one I know that has it but I’m always around someone that’s sick from the virus or hearing stories of someone that has the virus. On top of that I sometimes I have dreams of a family member or close family friend that dies. But in the dream it doesn’t be the exact person I dream of that dies it be somebody else. I hate having dreams like these because it always tell me someone I know is going to die.


    1. Shanequa, I sincerely hope that in this instance those dreams of yours are just that, dreams and not premonitions of what’s to come because I certainly don’t want any harm to come to any of your family members or to you, for that matter. Try not to take those dreams to heart. Try to think that it may just be that you are overwhelmed by the constant barrage of coronavirus news. It is constant and damn near inescapable. We are all exhausted from it and about at our wit’s end because though we as ADOS have it bad over here, we are still not used to pandemics and lockdown status and all that comes with it.

      Just try to remain calm. Stay strong and keep in touch with your family members to make sure that they are all taking the necessary precautions. That is all that you can do. And always remember to take care of YOU as well.


  3. Yikes. Who would’ve know this wack job Palin’s prediction would come true?! Even after this crisis is over this greedy nation will still say we don’t need to have Medicare for All like most sensible countries do because it sounds “socialist”… or whatever. Even as people are losing their jobs and with it their health insurance, shitbag Biden is saying we need to keep this rotten system in place. I believe that very soon the U.S. will have more COVID-19 than all the rest of the world combined, and even then we’ll find a way to blame the Chinese government.

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    1. Exactly Caleb, who knew? Even dizzy ass Sarah Palin probably didn’t know. I am sure this was all quite by accident.

      Biden is being shoved down our throats whether we like it or not by the Democrats just as Hillary Clinton was shoved down our throats. No one in their right mind should want Biden’s ass, but stupid southern Black folks, are as usual, towing the party line and uplifting Biden’s racist ass. And they should know that they’re going to be the worst ones to be impacted by a lack of healthcare because the south is well known for having the worst health care in this shithole and that is ALL done by design because there are more Black people in the south than anywhere else in this shithole.

      They are already playing the blame game. That Pompeo bastard is already accusing China of misinformation and some more shit even as they seek to get shit from China to battle this virus. Even now, a plane from Russia is supposed to be headed over here with supplies. The worthless shits in this shithole make absolutely no sense whatsoever. And we are going to have the most cases of coronavirus because this shithole has always been for profits over people, hence why we have so many monopolies when at first, monopolies were frowned upon, but that is all that is in existence today. Look around you at how few companies produce our foods. We are being systematically killed off because with automation, who is going to need a bunch of people who need healthcare, housing, food and clothing? Amerikkka has always been all about the business of business and to hell with her citizens. Look what ALWAYS gets bailed out to the tune of billions while Amerikkkans get peanuts. They never even pretend to change the script because who over here has been paying attention? They gave the sheeple their devices of distraction and Amazon to sit somewhere and order shit everyday and the sheeple ate that shit up and even now, with coronavirus rearing up everywhere, the sheeple are still on Amazon ordering stupid shit. I fucking throw my hands up!

      Caleb, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Biden’s only solution to every problem is “Barack Obama.” His solution to health care? “Expand Obamacare.” I have this Obamacare and the premiums are shit and I can’t find a doctor anywhere who even accepts it. You go to the emergency room. They hit you with a big ass bill. Then if they write you a prescription you take it to Walgreens and they tell you, “Sorry. Your insurance doesn’t cover this.” Like what even is the point of having insurance if nobody has to accept it?


      2. Wow! That is some messed up shit! Caleb, this is why I have been going on and on about the need for us to take action, like NOW. It is seriously NOW or never! Things cannot go on like this. I do realize that people are dying from this virus, but at the same time, their deaths should not be in vain. We need to do more than we are to fight back against the powerful who laugh at our plight and do everything in their power to make us have an even bigger plight. Like I stated on your blog, rents don’t have to be this high while wages remain stagnant. These rich assholes want to see how far they can push us, this should be the tipping point. If people have refused to pay their rent, they should continue to refuse and see us all in rent court. I’d love to see the line wrapped around the courthouse buildings ALL over this shithole and where the hell would they find people to rent those outrageously priced apartments if they can’t even get the current tenants evicted. We should have long since been engaging in rent strikes, the only problem is that people were still able to go to their little 9 to 5 and just about manage to drudge up the rent payment. Now, they can no longer do that and so it is just dawning on them to act collectively and go on a rent strike. And so once again, I reiterate, that needs to continue until it forces these asshole corporations to either lower rents or increase wages to keep pace with rising rents. Congress is not going to do a damn thing for us, this fucked up stimulus package showed us that much. It only helps corporations, as usual. We have got to take this bull by the horns and fuck shit up!

        I thank you for your comment Caleb!

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      3. On top of rent, we have crappy health insurance to pay for, electricity, water, vehicle insurance, the list goes on and on. Now that I think of it, this country was made to crumble!

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      4. Don’t even get me started on crappy health care and the premiums, copays and for substandard care. Most industrialized countries have national health care and it is certainly better than what we have.

        You are SO right, “this country was made to crumble.” Hopefully, it’s about to do so in a most final way. I am tired of being able to do nothing, but just shake my head over the obscene injustices that are perpetrated daily against innocent people ALL across this shithole. That has needed to cease for so damn long now, it ain’t even funny! Too many people are barely hanging on and now this? It is TOO much!

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  4. Talk about being right for totally wrong reasons on her part. I remember those death panel talking points not long after Obama got elected from so many right-wingers who freaked out. Now that it’s actually happening, but under a GOP administration, no one wants to admit this unintentionally prophetic douchey self-projection from Palin herself. Of course those chicken littles have no shame for making those claims back in the day. I’m not trying to make Obama a saint, but the fact that it’s happening in another party (saying nothing about the system being a masquerade of a bipartisan state) is so ironic.


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