Uh Oh! It’s Gotta Be Bad When Corporate Lawyers Are Now Losing Their Jobs! HA!

😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣 Yes, I am THAT amused by this headline!

A Second Round of Coronavirus Layoffs Has Begun. No One Is Safe.

The first people to lose their jobs worked at restaurants, malls, hotels and other places that closed to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Higher skilled work, which often didn’t require personal contact, seemed more secure.

That’s not how it’s turning out.

A second wave of job loss is hitting those who thought they were safe. Businesses that set up employees to work from home are laying them off as sales plummet. CORPORATE LAWYERS ARE SEEING JOBS DRY UP. Government workers are being furloughed as state and city budgets are squeezed. And health-care workers not involved in fighting the pandemic are suffering.

“CORPORATE LAWYERS ARE SEEING JOBS DRY UP!” Thank you coronavirus! And Michael Cockson, this is dedicated to YOU! Even though your sorry, racist ass is a partner at FAEGRE BAKER DANIELS LLP 2200 Wells Fargo Center, 90 South Seventh Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402, I hope to hell that this virus closes down that law firm after what you did to your poor clients and that included my cousin. I hope your income dries up, BIG FUCKING TIME!

But as usual, I digress!

So, those who thought that they could comfortably work from home and still receive a paycheck since they were not restaurant workers, retail clerks, hotel desk clerks or maids or bus drivers, janitors or who worked at Amazon warehouses are finding themselves to be affected by this latest round of layoffs? How does it feel to at first think that your shit didn’t stink, but you now know that it does? You ain’t hardly happy about that fact, I’m sure. But sit your ass down and from the comfort of your home, while you’re still in it, click on the link to take you to the website so that you can sign up for unemployment benefits. Order your groceries and wait for your greatly reduced unemployment check to be deposited into your account because now you’ve joined the ranks of the expendables.

April’s jobs report, which will capture late-March layoffs, will show cuts to 3.4 million business-services workers, including lawyers, architects, consultants and advertising professionals, as well 1.5 million nonessential health-care workers and 100,000 information workers, including those working in the media and telecommunications.

Get the fuck outta here! Those well educated, highly paid architects, IT consultants and even advertising professionals, along with LAWYERS and even those in the health-care field are to receive their pink slips? Looks like everybody had better hope that their dumb ass racist-in-chief Donald Trump comes through for them in their hour of need, otherwise, there are no premium spots left for cardboard boxes. They have all been taken. Also, homeless shelters are closed, for…you know…that ‘social distancing’ thing. And there you have it folks, Amerikkka, the land of opportunity, the land of milk and honey completely shut down over a virus that we cannot even see.

AGAIN, let me repeat! Those who thought that they were safe from layoffs due to this coronavirus pandemic are finding themselves just as fucked as the rest of us. Oh, you may have a bit more money to tide you over and your situation is most likely why your lord and savior Trump is speaking on the lie that he IS THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY when it comes to re-opening America, but he’s not. You see, he is NOT in control. The coronavirus is and with the news coming out that there are Thousands of health care workers sickened by COVID-19 and 27 dead, CDC report says. But there’s probably more. Oh yes, there are many, many more because another report has the number of health care workers sickened with coronavirus at 20,000. But nevertheless, with a serious lack of PPE and other necessary medical supplies for those workers, more and more health care workers are going to contract coronavirus and so Trump may as well take several seats because as soon as he claims that Amerikkka is ‘open for business’, the numbers of the infected are going to skyrocket. So go right ahead and listen to that useless bag of wind and you are going to drop in a matter of days since the sick health care workers will be bending over you taking care of your sick asses while making sure that both of you succumb to coronavirus. It will be a case of the sick caring for the sick.

Coronavirus is the PERFECT STORM to bring down this diseased whore called, “Amerikkka!” My ancestors are cheering in their graves over this! They may not have lived to see this diseased whore exposed for what she really is and brought to her damn knees, but I am damn sure glad that I have. And I am loving every goddamn minute of it!

You filthy ass whites have done nothing but drone on and on about how American descendants of slavery are the faces of coronavirus deaths and if that be the case, don’t you think for one goddamn minute that we are going to go out all by our lonesome. Your damn asses are going out with us because haven’t you heard? Domestic violence is making headline news because you motherfuckers are losing it. The wife’s nagging, the kid’s are getting on your nerves, screaming about that Disney vacation they can’t take and some more shit. Ain’t no damn ‘meat’ in the grocery store. You’ve long since lost the ability to wipe your ass because you can’t find any toilet paper and that’s itching like mad and so there you sit, squirming with your dirty ass and listening to ALL of that noise in your household that’s been on lockdown for too goddamn long and now, it’s DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TIME! I knew that shit was going to ramp up and in spades because normally, the kiddies would be in school, you’d have yourself at a game and the wife would be at the spa. And you’d not see each other until bedtime and back up at em the next day, but is that the situation? Hell fucking no! So, the wife gets clapped up side the head, she’s screaming on the phone to the cops and you’re sitting down to your second case of beer and the kiddies are beating the hell out of each other over a video game. I can just see this scenario playing out all across this godforsaken planet, but especially here in the states.

And let’s not forget the suicides that are sure to follow because whites don’t and can’t do without entertainment and fantasy and since pro sports are shut down and Disney fantasy land is closed, what the hell is there for you to do but fight with whomever is in your household or suck on a gun? You’ve got so damn many, the only question is, “which one to choose?” I wonder, are the authorities going to label suicides during this pandemic as COVID-19 cases? I mean, everyone who goes to the hospital seems to die from COVID-19. No longer are heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes and aneurysms killing people. They’re all dying from COVID-19 according to coroners reports. Poor coronavirus is going to get the blame for everything from layoffs to domestic violence incidents to suicides, to heart attacks and not to mention, cannibalistic rats.

Oh, did you hear that since restaurants and some grocery stores have closed all over the country, rats are now without their daily meals? Apparently, Starving, angry and cannibalistic: America’s rats are getting desperate amid coronavirus pandemic. WOW! The article goes on to say that rats are starting to take over cities all across America and are eating their young and becoming more aggressive. There have been thousands of calls about rats from Baltimore, Md to New Orleans, LA to Washington, D.C. As if that isn’t bad enough, there are reports that the bear population in national parks has exploded now that ‘human’ visitors are on lockdown. So, I guess when Trump reopens America, we’ll be hearing of whites getting mauled to death by bears.

Folks! In case you have not noticed, Amerikkka is fucked; royally and totally fucked! Ain’t capitalism mixed with racism grand? Ain’t it nice to have such an incredibly intelligent and stalwart figure as Amerikkka’s president who takes responsibility when shit happens and acts in a timely manner to mitigate the damage? Damn! My fingers gagged on that lie!

But hey, racist Amerikkka, you voted for Donald “Grab them by the pussy” Trump because the racism from whites will always win hands down every time even over their own best interests because is it in your best interests that Trump closed down the agency that Barack Obama launched to go into effect in the event of a pandemic? Is racism going to keep you lawyers in your jobs? Is racism going to make that unemployment check look any bigger? Is racism going to keep you from contemplating suicide over the potential loss of your material possessions, WHITES? Is racism stopping you from going upside your wife’s head because you’ve got season tickets to pro sports games and yet, you’re stuck at home listening to your wife nag you about her fucked up nails and hair? If and when you whites start sucking on guns, before you do, remember, it was better to vote for racism because racism is what you voted for because you ARE Donald Trump; each and every last one of you whites. You are indeed, Donald Trump and so you know exactly what he thinks of YOUR fucked up situation. It’s not impacting him and so he doesn’t give a fuck. When you thought the shit was only going to impact people who look like me, you were fine with that, but now that you know that lawyers, architects, IT workers and AD execs are not immune to COVID-19 layoffs, it’s now time to do what? Yeah! File for unemployment and sit back and realize how fucked your racist asses are and then of course when you start losing your shit, time to suck on a gun, time to find a rope and get to swinging. It’s not just people who look like me who are impacted by layoffs. Your ass is grass, as well. I’m used to the shit. But your pasty asses? Hardly! HA! I’m loving it!

And the dude who said this, “The virus shock does not discriminate across sectors as we initially thought,” – Gregory Daco, chief U.S. economist of Oxford Economics, needs to lose his damn job because dude is dumb as hell if he thought that only those who are seen as menial laborers would be impacted by this pandemic because despite all of the rhetoric, it would appear that coronavirus does not intend to discriminate. Thank you coronavirus!

5 thoughts on “Uh Oh! It’s Gotta Be Bad When Corporate Lawyers Are Now Losing Their Jobs! HA!

  1. Well the government sent out a $1200 or more stimulus loan (check) too help people out. We all know the government doesn’t give anything out for free because you can rest for sure that $1200 or more will be paid back to the IRS when filing for next year taxes. Trump is trying to open the country back up on May 1st because he needs that $1200 or more stimulus loan (check) spent back into America’s economy..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shanequa, Trump can try reopening the country if he wants, but the frightened Amerikkkans aren’t going to do anything but stay put because this virus has them scared senseless. And even if they do venture out, the next wave will be even worse than this first one. This virus is not going anywhere anytime soon and people may as well sit back and wait it out, otherwise, they’ll be digging mass graves. Funeral homes are already turning bodies away stating that they are just too overwhelmed with bodies as it is.

      This country does not have a clue. These stupid shits have been fed fake ass Amerikkkan exceptionalism and believed that shit up until now. Because ain’t a goddamn thing exceptional about being #1 in coronavirus cases and coronavirus deaths. Smaller third world countries have a better handle on this pandemic than this racist shithole does. And that shit speaks volumes. Meanwhile, these stupid shits have the whores and whoremongers of Hollywood bellyaching about how they can’t stand being cooped up in their multi-million dollar mansions. Ellen Degenerate likens quarantine in her mansion to “being in jail.” Why don’t she take her lesbo ass to a jail and trade digs with a poor ass inmate in there and then come talk to us about “being in quarantine jail in a multi-million dollar mansion.” Kelly RIpa told some news outlet that she isn’t even speaking to two of her three children because they have gotten on her last nerve and actually burst into tears during the interview. Whites cannot handle this lockdown. They are not wired for this shit and so are about to go berserk. That is why Trump is dead set on reopening this shithole because he knows what’s coming, but can it be stopped? Hell fucking no!

      Ellen DeGeneres sparks backlash after joking that self-quarantine is like ‘being in jail’

      “One thing that I’ve learned from being in quarantine is that people — this is like being in jail, is what it is,” she said. “It’s mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone in here is gay.”

      Sitting inside her fifteen million dollar mansion complaining and comparing it to a prison, very tone deaf ellen,” one viewer commented on YouTube.

      And here is what Kelly Ripa had to say:

      “I’m not going to lie, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m currently not speaking to two of my three kids. I’m not talking to two of them,” Ripa confessed to viewers and her co-host, Ryan Seacrest.

      Kelly Ripa Tears Up Over Tension With Her Kids and Not Seeing Her Parents While Quarantining

      The bitch then burst into tears. Ain’t that some shit? These entitled assholes make me want to puke! People are dying out here on the front lines of this pandemic. Prison inmates are contracting this virus in ever increasing numbers and these entitled, rich white assholes are moaning and whining that they can’t stand being cooped up in multi-million dollar homes with swimming pools, bowling alleys, movie theaters and all that money can buy. If anything, this virus has really shown them up for the shameless, entitled, wastes of skin these Hollywood bitches really are!

      Shanequa, I thank you for your comment.


  2. @shelbycourtland

    Too be honest I enjoy being on this lockdown because I can still find creative things to do. I read books, exercise, critical thinking and etc but the people having an issue about the lockdown are the ones that love too go out or people who can’t be alone for too long by themselves. I have become sick of all these celebrities with there complaining.

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    1. Shanequa, I have always been a homebody. Sit me down with a book and I am fine. Books are my treasure. I don’t even watch TV because a book does it for me. And where the hell is there to go anyway? To McDonald’s? No fucking thank you! To Popeye’s? No fucking thank you! To Disney World? No fucking thank you! I have NEVER liked long lines, crowds and heat. If you could see the pictures that my mother has of me at amusement parks, you would be amused because I am so NOT amused.

      I don’t even consider myself to be on lockdown because I still go out when I want to and get what I need. I hate paying for car insurance because my vehicle sits more than it’s running for my personal use. The most use my vehicles get is when I am driving other people to their appointments, the grocery store, to church or to pick up their kids and since this pandemic, that has put paid to a lot of that.

      And I have never given a goddamn about some so-called ‘celebrities’. Fuck those whores and whoremongers. I have never watched one goddamn awards show featuring those conceited, overpaid stage props. I don’t go see movies. What the hell for? When a book does more for me than a goddamn stupid ass movie with a whole bunch of pasty assed racists running around in it while Black folks bow and scrape to their asses. I don’t even get what Black folks get out of sitting somewhere watching that mess and when they’re not doing that, they’re watching some shit whereas Black folks are depicted as gangstas, thugs, prostitutes, illiterate, uneducated fools and some more shit! To hell with all of that! Like you, I have no problem with this lockdown mess, none at all.

      Thank you for your comment.


  3. That is so true about the virus being equal opportunity. It doesn’t matter about one’s class, tax bracket, or ethnic background. The Rona can get anyone. You know things are getting crazy when those lawyers are losing their jobs. I’m not freaking out about not having a vacation (one would be nice, but it’s not the time, obviously) or feeling entitled about anything. Those corporate lawyers certainly can’t easily get a golden parachute for this case.


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