The Chinese Are Decrying Racism In America While Banning Africans From A McDonald’s In China! What.The.Hell.

In February, I posted a blog titled, “Due To The Coronavirus, Asians Want To Know How To Deal With Racist Attacks. Any Black Folks Out There Want To School Them?,” whereas Asians were going on an on about how they have been experiencing racism since coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China. They claim that they have no idea why people are shunning them and cursing them out and spitting on them and refusing to step foot inside their damn restaurants.

Those Chinese motherfuckers have made bank over here and now that a virus is pointing ALL eyes in their direction, they want to screech and wail about how unfair that shit is! AGAIN…you yellow, slant-eyed fucks can just cry me a river! And like I told Ms. Wuhan, China the other day in a Kroger store, “Step the fuck back away from me, you disease carrying bitch!” That yellow, slant-eyed bitch backed the fuck up, turned and flew out of the store. “Bitch, get to stepping. I don’t need my nails done and I certainly don’t wear weaves or wigs and so stay the fuck out of my face, racist dog!” I have no idea why you Black women cannot stop your asses from running inside those nail salons. What the fuck is wrong with your own nails? You have made those Asians, BILLIONAIRES! Are you a billionaire? I didn’t fucking think so!

But as usual, I digress.

It is quite well known that the Chinese have all but taken over Africa. They are all over Africa like tzetze flies on shit stealing and absconding with every single resource Africa has to offer…and then some, all the while claiming that they are helping Africa by building roads and bridges. Of course they are building roads and bridges. They are building them to haul Africa’s shit away and they are…IN DROVES while the Africans are busy running all around the world in an attempt to, eventually, drag their poor ass relatives with them. Why the fuck don’t they stay in Africa, kick those yellow motherfuckers and pasty motherfuckers out and keep their natural resources and enrich themselves with it? But no, Africans are just as stupid today as they were when they ALLOWED my ancestors to be dragged from the shores of Africa. But now, Africans are having a time of it in China, and not a good time, that’s for damn sure!

McDonald’s apologizes after China store bans Black people

US chain McDonald’s has apologised after a sign telling black people they were banned from entering a branch in southern China prompted outrage online, following reports of discriminatory treatment towards Africans in the city.

Tensions have flared between police and Africans in the southern metropolis of Guangzhou after local officials announced a cluster of COVID-19 cases in a neighbourhood with a large migrant population.

As the row escalated, posts widely shared online showed a sign at fast food chain McDonald’s saying black people were not allowed to enter the restaurant.

Now let me get this straight. The coronavirus appears to have originated in Wuhan, China and infected the Chinese, but the Chinese are banning Africans from a McDonald’s claiming that they have coronavirus? Seriously??!! Who the hell do those yellow motherfuckers think the Africans caught it from and why the hell do they think the entire planet has come down with coronavirus? Those yellow dogs are the absolute end of enough and the Africans are dumb as hell since they dragged their damn asses to China knowing that the Chinese have taken over Africa and is busy stealing their shit while at the same time, leaving their loved ones, impoverished. Nothing makes a damn bit of sense. Not to mention the fact that who should care if a McDonald’s bans their ass? What the hell is in McDonald’s that someone should get upset over not having access to? A Big Mac? Fuck that! A cheeseburger? Fuck that too!

And of course, McDonald’s is a U.S. chain and we all know the situation in the U.S. as it pertains to racism, Jim Crow, slavery, the slave patrols, the Klan, lynchings, and have I left anything out? Of course, but this blog would never get finished if I continued on in THAT vein.

Black folks in Amerikkka, I can’t speak to the Africans because I’m not originally from Africa and so I would never have stepped foot in China in the first goddamn place, but what I can say to my Black folks in Amerikkka is please stop giving your business to these Asians and I don’t care where they are from. They are no less racist than the Caucasians, as you can clearly see. That yellow, slant-eyed shit is over in Africa, taking over and yet is banning Africans from a goddamn piece of shit of a McDonald’s in China. What kind of shit is that? The Africans are allowing themselves to be misused and abused by some filthy yellow motherfuckers that are so damn nasty, virus after virus originates out of their asses, they are that damn nasty. Those disease toting dogs are worthless and yet has got everyone running inside a Chinese restaurant to eat god only knows what. They’ve got the Black folks here in Amerikkka running to those nasty ass, yellow bitches for hair extensions, weaves and wigs to the point whereas those yellow motherfuckers have locked down that industry. Black women have made those yellow, disease carrying dogs, filthy rich. And what do you have to show for your efforts? Some damn dread head weaves, wigs and extensions? What the fuck do you need that shit for? Love the hair that came with your goddamn head!

And on a similar note, why are you Black women also hating on your own damn nails to the point whereas you have made the Vietnamese fucking billionaires for merely doing goddamn nails?! That makes how much sense? When you are poor as shit, but enriching some damn yellow bitches that hate your fucking guts??!!

Read this shit while I weep!

Vietnamese-owned nail salons donate thousands of masks, gloves, more to hospitals

As health care professionals report shortages of personal protective equipment, Vietnamese-owned nail salons across the country, which dominate the multibillion-dollar nail industry in the U.S.

Let me highlight THIS part!


What the fuck is wrong with you people who hate your own damn nails to the point whereas you have caused some Asians to get filthy rich from just sitting somewhere with masks on putting polish and gel and glitter on some damn fake ass nails? What the fuck are you? The Housewives of Beverly fucking Hills? Who the fuck needs to sport long, fake, glittery nails every damn day to the point whereas those who paint that shit on are now multi-billionaires while your broke ass is sitting somewhere thinking that you’re all the shit because you’re on par with Kim Kartrashcan or Niki Mirage. Seriously???!!! I don’t give a damn about the whites that patronize those damn Asians, but Black women are heading into those nail salons in droves and coming out with an empty ass purse while thinking they’re sporting the latest fad in fake ass nails? What the fuck is wrong with you?

How many Black-owned nail salons do you see? How many shops do you see that are Black owned and selling hair weaves, extensions and wigs? You don’t see any because the Asians have locked that shit down with the full blessings of this racist ass government because you don’t seriously think that that shit is by accident, do you? Are you that stupid? And now the whites have put those damn Asians front and center in the battle against coronavirus; a virus attached to their fucking asses and dragged the fuck over here that we are supposed to be dying of in droves. But the whites want to go on and on with their pretend wailing that American descendants of slavery are the faces of coronavirus deaths while having dragged these diseased carrying, yellow dogs over here and set them up in shops where they have made a fortune since you believe that life would end if you didn’t get some fake ass nails, wigs, weaves and hair extensions because you hate the sight of your own goddamn body. Again! What.the.fuck.

I have NEVER and I repeat, I have never stepped foot inside a nail salon, a fake ass Asian wig/weave/extension shop or an Asian restaurant and more’s the damn pity that I seem to be the only one who can state that.

Black people are on the front lines of this pandemic driving buses, standing on Amazon warehouse floors contracting this virus. Black people are health care workers, but you don’t see any headlines detailing that shit. All you see is what the whites want you to see; some goddamn nasty ass, disease dripping Asians making some damn masks because your Black ass can’t come in and get your fucking nails done. Your Black ass can’t go inside their damn stores and come out with wigs, weaves and hair extensions. When are our Black asses ever on the news for the good that we do? Never! We are only the faces of viruses and crime while anything that’s not dark complected like we are is somewhere being touted as saviors to the rescue. Get a damn clue and stop giving those thankless racist Asians your hard earned money for some shit that you were born with. What the fuck is wrong with your own damn body parts? Not a goddamn thing! Let me fucking stop here because I am just too fucking through! Black women, get your head out of your ass and recognize that you are enriching motherfuckers that HATE your guts! While you are sitting somewhere, laid off, those Asians are just biding their time until Trump authorizes himself to re-open Amerikkka and back to gluing on fake ass nails over your own nails, those Asians will be; back to selling you fake ass hair, those Asians will be. Is that ALL you want to show for your hard earned coins? Fake shit from racist Asians? You’re doing without that shit now and has it killed you? I didn’t fucking think so! But your Black asses will be right back inside those damn salons and wig shops the minute they open. The Asians know that they can ALWAYS count on you being dumb asses!

6 thoughts on “The Chinese Are Decrying Racism In America While Banning Africans From A McDonald’s In China! What.The.Hell.

    1. Shanequa, that ship has already sailed in so far as the United States going down. There is NO bouncing back from this shit! Like I stated in another post, even the front line health care workers are dropping like flies from this virus and so who will be left to care for the virus stricken if and when Trump claims that Amerikkka is reopened? You see, the damage is so extensive that he is not even thinking of the fact that this virus is nowhere near to being contained. Even state governors are claiming that he has no authority to reopen their states because many of them know that this virus is nowhere near to being eradicated. Hotspots that have not even popped up are about to while that fool believes himself to be some sort of emperor since he has even told the Treasury to put his name on the stimulus checks for those who actually get one because I don’t believe a goddamn thing any government official is spouting. Nine times out of ten, those millions who are supposedly slated to receive those checks won’t get them and I for one, wouldn’t want to see a goddamn thing with Trump’s name on it. $1,200 wouldn’t do shit for me and I won’t be receiving one anyway and so I could care less.

      But know this Shanequa, even if Trump declares that the U.S. is open for business, Amerikkkans are going to regret it because the shit is going to hit the fan even worse than it is now because this virus is far from doing what it was sent to do. Rural Amerikkka, which is Trump’s stupid base is about to get hit hard especially since tornadoes have touched down in multiple red states and many don’t even have homes anymore and are told to ‘shelter in place’ when the shelter was lifted by the tornado and deposited in multiple counties.

      You read my previous blog and so you know that even the higher income bracket white motherfuckers are being laid off and that is why Trump is going on and on about reopening this shithole. The losses are astounding and soon, the whites will be sucking on guns and swinging from the rafters. Trump knows this. He knows that whites can’t do poverty. You see domestic violence calls to 911 are off the charts. And I’ve even heard that suicides are starting to spike.

      Shanequa, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Stay tuned. As more and more shit hits the fan, I will be most gleefully posting it right here.

      I thank you for your comment.


      1. @shelbycourtland

        Trump plan is to have the schools & churches open by May 1st. We both know what the outcome of this will be. Furthermore they haven’t even invented a vaccine for covid-19, and over in China or Korea are already getting there second wave of covid-19.

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      2. Let him open everything up! Let him go ahead and finish off this diseased whore more quickly that way. It’s going to happen anyway, so he may as well speed the process up. This shithole is done for. These stupid, racist fucks over here seriously think that, all of a sudden, the white privilege and ‘white supremacy’ they put into play was going to continue into perpetuity. Well they are about to get their ‘wake up’ call, and in SPADES! Trump knows this. He’s supposed to be a ‘businessman’ ain’t he and so he knows that without business, there’s going to be bankruptcies, suicides/murders and chaos, bedlam and pandemonium. I can’t wait for the shit to really and truly hit the fan. These racist ass whites that are sitting at home, biting what’s left of their fucking nails are about ready to crash and burn. They’ve never been though anything like this. They can’t take the shit! This blog has been seeing plenty of traffic from their asses and ain’t a damn one of them had shit to say about it because they recognize the goddamn truth in what I’ve written. It is now time for them to do what they ALWAYS do when they hit rock bottom. So whites, get to it already!

        You won’t hear of me blowing my goddamn head off over losing shit because I don’t have shit to lose. You worthless, no account, racist fuckers have seen to that. Lose your goddamn shirt and then do what you are going to do. Go ahead and get it over with now. It’s only going to be a matter of time before your do it anyway. Better now than later.

        And Shanequa, there isn’t going to be a vaccine for this virus because there isn’t even a decent vaccine for your average garden variety flu. Hell! I know people who got a flu shot and still got the flu. This one guy told his wife that she was coming with him to get a flu shot because he wanted her to get a flu shot as well. When they got to the doc’s office, he got his flu shot, but she refused. She got sick with the flu and so did he. So, what I want to know is, since dude got a flu shot, why the hell did he get the flu since the flu shot is supposed to protect you from getting the flu?

        You see Shanequa, the so-called, ‘vaccine’ that they’ll claim to come up with will be just as useless as a flu shot is because no one will know if that shot is going to work for them or not and so, AGAIN, this virus ain’t going nowhere. This IS the new norm. And since here in the states, we haven’t gotten over the first wave yet, we are certainly going to get hit with a second wave. But more Amerikkkans will be taken out than what’s going to be taken out any damn where else because look at what Amerikkka has done to our people, the Indians and to the rest of the world. So is it any wonder that coronavirus is coming for this shihole and in spades? Hell no!

        Thank you for your comment.

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  1. I don’t see how the “racism” is worth complaining about for Asians in comparison to actual systemic, institutionalised racism that exists for black folk, ADOS in particular. The kind that erases the past and severely restricts any possibility of a better future. Casual racism is irrational, often temporary and induced by this or that event or popular idea, in this case, a deadly virus being unleashed on humans across the globe. It’s no excuse for anyone to behave badly, however it is at least somewhat understandable that some people will take out their frustrations on all Asians for this pandemic. I don’t. But then, I try not to randomly take out my frustrations on anyone as it messes up my own integrity.

    I think if we remember to put ourselves first, not above others, but our personal wellbeing as first priority a whole lot of acts and activities become pointless including casual racism. I suppose Asians thought they were gloved in a fictional protective bubble. This is the era of behaving badly, I am not sure of any country that could point to a good person as their leader today, elected or otherwise. It makes sense that people think they should mimic these leaders in order to assure their own success. Whatever. It’s only success at being a terrible person.

    To the Asians, I say, suck it up, let it make you more aware of your own behaviour and know that claiming superiority makes you neither superior nor immune to other people’s opinions. Now is the time to understand that the whitefella and his global system is not your ally, they cannot protect you, only use you in the same way they use every human. If Asians want casual racism to diminish, they only need make themselves very compliant and useful to the white western system again. I am sure someone somewhere is working on the propaganda and messaging for that right now. Lots of Asian health professionals exist already. Expect a community announcement, lol. Or just harden up and get yourself right. Who cares who goes into McDonalds anywhere in the world? It’s not even food, just a down-payment on this or that chronic disease.


    1. ” however it is at least somewhat understandable that some people will take out their frustrations on all Asians for this pandemic. I don’t. But then, I try not to randomly take out my frustrations on anyone as it messes up my own integrity.”

      Integrity be damned! This is a goddamn pandemic brought to us by special delivery from those goddamn yellow-assed Asians! I can certainly understand why some people will take out their frustrations on them because I certainly have NO problem taking out my frustrations on them because if not for them and systematic racism over here, Black people, according to all reports, would not be the faces of coronavirus deaths.

      The Asians can just close up shop until this virus blows over and they won’t lose a goddamn thing, but Black people over here who are the first ones to lose their jobs or to have to keep working menial jobs in Amazon warehouses are also on the front lines of this pandemic and because of it, they are losing their lives. We are not the ones who are flying all over this goddamn planet dripping diseases all over the goddamn place, but when the shit hits the fan, we are always the faces of death from whatever disease that’s dripped over here.

      We are innocent people, just trying to go on about our business and earn a living to make it from one day to the next and yet, the rug is always pulled from underneath us by some goddamn shit that we have no control over. Everyone knows that multiple viruses like the flu and shit come from Asia and yet those yellow dogs drip that shit on planes and drag it every goddamn where and the next thing you know, AGAIN, Black people are touted as the faces of coronavirus deaths. So, yeah, I will indeed take my frustrations out on those disease toting, yellow, racist motherfuckers! I don’t give a damn about some integrity when it comes to pandemics brought to us by virtue of those yellow, filthy motherfuckers!

      I have people in my family who are health care workers and they have small children and that could wipe out many members of my family and you think that I am going to tread lightly for fear of hurting some yellow, slant-eyed motherfuckers feelings? Ain’t fucking happening. My mother is 78 years old and has every goddamn underlying health condition that is associated with people who drop dead after contracting this goddamn virus and even though my mother and I are not speaking, I still don’t want her to die like that. Not being able to breathe ain’t a fucking pretty sight and I’m supposed to worry about those racist, yellow dogs’ feelings that dripped that virus over here? AGAIN! Not fucking hardly! You sit up and tread lightly and worry about some damn ‘INTEGRITY’ while I worry about how many people in MY family are going to come down with this shit and die!

      Bitch! Stay off my blog!

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