“Africa is rich more than Europe, America and Asia but their problem is their leaders” – Vladimir Putin

Africa’s problem is also Africa’s people because something has got to be wrong with an entire continent of people who allow their leaders that kowtow to foreign corporations and foreign governments, to also ALLOW their citizens to starve and live in abject poverty and engage in foreign scams in order to make money since the Nigerians are famous for doing that shit. Africa’s leaders also allow foreign corporations to use Africa as a dumping ground for their toxic waste. Diamond companies that are foreign owned employ Africans for low wages and send them into dangerous diamond mines and when they die, their bodies are discarded like yesterday’s garbage. Africa’s leaders are allowing all of that, just as they allowed the colonizers to take my ancestors from those shores.

Vladimir Putin: Africa is rich more than Europe, America and Asia but their problem is their leaders

Africa will never be independent, Africans believe in Europeans, Americans, and Chinese more than themselves. “They don’t trust themselves at all, African technocrats/Engineers aren’t given the platform to practice what they studied instead they hire Chinese to construct roads for themselves.

“A white man will commit a crime in Africa but no action will be taken because the African authorities view us as Demigods, far from the truth. “A black man can be abducted in Europe get harassed and even be killed but no African authority can even question.

“Africans present themselves as weak people with no hope, especially when dealing with Europeans and Americans. “They are their own enemies. They hate each other and this gives their colonial masters the opportunity to continue exploring their resources.


And the very same can be said for the American descendants of African slaves because it is quite apparent that we inherited that ‘self hatred’ which includes hatred of each other. We are our own enemies even as we have the white man on our asses, fucking daily!

A Russian has to sit somewhere and tell you dumb asses that you are your own worst enemies? How whacked is that shit? And don’t even bother castigating me for calling both Africans and their descendants over here in the states, dumb asses because that is exactly what they are. I am so damn sorry to have to be categorized with that lot because MY thinking is not their thinking.

Those lily livered Africans sit somewhere and worship the whites that colonized their asses to the point whereas they are still paying what amounts to a colonization tax to their colonizers. Why on earth would Africans still be sending ‘colonization tax’ money to France in thanks for French motherfuckers colonizing and absconding with Africa’s treasures and wealth? I would not. But that is exactly what those damn dumb as all hell Africans are doing to this very day.

The Chinese, the Europeans and the Americans are in Africa stripping Africa bare while Africa’s people sit somewhere and moan and wail because they have no food to eat and we in Amerikkka sit somewhere and watch commercials showcasing pasty assed whites running over to Africa to feed a boatload of starving African children while the caption reads: “Send your dollars to UNICEF so that we can continue to feed starving children in Africa. For only pennies a day, we can feed half an African village.” Fuck that shit! Africans are even allowing whites to go over there and pretend to be doctors, all the while those so-called doctors are killing African babies and children and when the shit hits the fan, the only thing those lousy motherfuckers do over there is wail and moan and then shut the fuck up.

I have long since stopped wondering why my Black ass is sitting somewhere in Amerikkka dealing with my own fucked up situation. I know why. And it did not take Vladimir Putin to explain that shit to me. I just posted a blog about how the Africans will drag their dumb asses to China while allowing the Chinese to steal Africa’s riches while those Africans who are in China are treated to a big, heaping helping of racism. But no African had better lay a hand on a Chinese motherfucker over in Africa or the Chinese authorities that are over in Africa to make sure that they abscond with Africa’s shit will kill their damn ass on their on damn continent and not a goddamn thing will be done about it by the African leaders. What kind of shit is that?

And so for those of you who sit your stupid asses over here in Amerikkka and laud Africa all day and all night to the point whereas you call yourselves celebrating some damn Kwanzaa shit, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up because you look stupid. You are somewhere talking about how you are going to practice African customs by jumping brooms and donning dashikis and African garb while those stupid motherfuckers are still up to the same antics that are why your stupid asses are in Amerikkka to begin with. Africans ain’t thinking about your stupid Black Amerikkkan asses because they are too busy over in Africa kissing Chinese, European and Amerikkkan asses so long as they are either yellow or pasty. They love kissing yellow and pasty asses. They don’t want shit to do with your Black ass. They wouldn’t be happy to see you because their fucking gods are yellow and pasty. Your Black ass? Not so goddamn much and that includes those of you who believe that because you’ve got light skin, your ass would be at least acceptable to Africans. Get real!

Vladimir Putin, a Russian, has to sit somewhere and state the goddamn truth while Blacks in Amerikkka are going on and on about some damn kings and queens in Africa and how we come from such great and noble warriors and builders and blah, blah, blah. Shut the fuck up! We come from stinking, fly covered shit because that IS Africa. Those Africans ain’t about shit! They are a bunch of namby pamby shit their pants, shitty ass motherfuckers that haven’t got the balls of gnats when going up against some damn yellow slant eyed motherfuckers or pasty assed motherfuckers. They will bow and scrape to those worthless dogs while throwing their own kinfolk under the goddamn bus and what’s more, you fucking know this but you try and ignore the obvious because you want to believe in some damn fairy tales like what’s been put out by Disney and Marvel comics about WAKANDA; a fake ass African kingdom. That shit is just as fake as your fake ass pretense of celebrating some shit that don’t even exist in Africa and what’s more, never did. Those African motherfuckers don’t want shit to do with your Black Amerikkkan ass! And as for that “Ghana Year of Return” shit? That was just to take your money and what the fuck did you get for it? Scammed, that’s the fuck what! Dumb much!

And then you have the nerve to wonder why it is so easy for these white and yellow motherfuckers to make sure that we are always the faces of the sick, the dying and the dead. Look at what the hell is going down in Africa and that same shit is what we are dealing with in the states. The only reasons Africans are dying from contagious diseases is because their borders are open to every yellow and pasty ass that’s dripping diseases and contagions. And when that shit flies over here, we already know our ass is grass because of disparities in health care as it relates to outcomes being always in the negative for Black people in this racist shithole called, “Amerikkka!” You’re sitting somewhere moaning about how Black folks are the faces of coronavirus deaths in Amerikkka when look at what we think of ourselves. We will continuously put our lives in the hands of whites and yellow motherfuckers who mean us nothing but harm because we refuse to realize that instead of spending money on fake ass shit and fantasy movies about fake kingdoms, we should have been pooling what little money we can manage to scrape up and put it towards our own institutions, but no, we won’t do that. We hate each other too goddamn much. Everyone all across this godforsaken planet is aware of that shit and the fact that we will never get our shit together, hence why no one takes our stupid asses seriously, including us. You don’t fucking like the truth, but there it is.

I know that the whites want to keep us down, but do we have to be hell bent on helping his ass? Many of you Blacks are squalling, not about how horrible the situation for Black people is in this shithole, you are squalling about the fact that your fake nails have fallen off. You’re bellyaching about how bad your goddamn weave looks. You’re whining about the fact that you can’t get inside a Popeye’s chicken joint and buy them out of chicken sandwiches. I’m done with you stupid, whining ass babies. You get exactly what you seek; a continued hard row to hoe and an urn at the end of it because many of you don’t even have life insurance so that someone can bury your stupid dead ass. Good thing for your dumb ass that there’s GOFUNDME because that’s what’s going to be paying for the burial expenses for a many of you dumb as all hell Black motherfuckers! Suck on that, you stupid Black pieces of shit!

Vladimir Putin: Africa is rich more than Europe, America and Asia but their problem is their leaders. Putin shows his concerns on Africa how they didn’t believe in themselves. Vladimir Putin has stated that Africa will never be independent because they believe in Europeans, Americans and Chinese more than themselves.

Yeah! You tell em Putin! But the thing is see, you’re wasting your goddamn time because these ignorant fools will NEVER get it. More’s the goddamn pity! A white motherfucker trying to school some dumb ass Blacks! For the love of !!!!!!! I am too damn through!

13 thoughts on ““Africa is rich more than Europe, America and Asia but their problem is their leaders” – Vladimir Putin

  1. You make some excellent points here, Shelby. It’s precisely what disappointed me about the African migrants to Australia. Totally biased against me, themselves, anyone lighter, anyone darker, anyone from this or that tribe, anyone with legs or without them… and hair. Being judged for your natural hair is beyond ridiculous.

    Anyway, the upshot is that Africa is like an abused child that cannot get out of the abuse cycle. There has been no healing, no trauma counselling, no acceptance that the patterns from the past were adopted during a struggle for survival that requires the trauma to continue in order for the pattern to maintain any kind of validity. Basically, people and nations have to heal themselves, stand up for themselves, and reclaim their natural sovereignty over body, mind, spirit, country and resources.

    Sharing and sensible resource distribution is easy when entire populations aren’t afraid of violent repercussions from without or within. It seems so simple, but everyone is fooled into thinking that numbers (dollars) are resources, they aren’t. Dollars can only buy what is put in front of you and that is always controlled to ensure you never get exactly what you want or need, whereas the earth has everything we need already and it’s free.

    Who cares what Putin says, even when he hits on a fact, his intention is not the liberation of African countries, it is to gain or regain control over African resources. It’s time to realise that the “free world market” is a euphemism. It cannot truly be described in any positive way as it’s entire purpose is to enslave the majority of people and it depends heavily on racism and propaganda to maintain the illusion.

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    1. Believe me, I am not deluded into thinking that Putin gives two fucks about what he says is going down in Africa. Of course he has his own agenda. Russia wants in on the action over there. Hell! Everyone wants in on the action over there. Everyone wants control of that continent and the people be damned! But in all of these centuries, one would think some gains would have been made, but I see none. How can an entire continent of people remain stagnant and in awe of colonizers for centuries? It makes no sense to me because there should have come a time when the people woke up, took a look around and banded together to realize their potential and the fact that allowing ALL others to take what’s theirs was not the way to go.

      If I know that you are going to allow me to take advantage of you, that is what I am going to do. The minute you decide that you are not going to take the shit anymore, then I’ve got to regroup and while I’m regrouping, you need to put some shit in play to stop any plans that I may be making to take your shit by force. There are some smart ass people among the Africans, but they are not being let to enjoy their full potential because of who is ruling African countries and the fact that most are corrupt. Corruption abounds in Africa. And what is equally sad is that those corrupt leaders have no problem seeing their own people suffer from hunger, poverty, misuse and abuse by foreign countries because as long as those foreign countries are paying them for the privilege of treating Africa like it is their own personal gold mine, all is okay. Africa’s leaders are uber rich while their people are living in abject poverty. As a whole, the African people should not stand for that despite the fact of rampant corruption.

      I understand that the corruption is so insidious that it damn well has infected every corner of Africa; that is a sad ass shame. I don’t know if there is ANY hope for Africa. I really don’t, but it saddens me to see an entire continent of people living like they are outsiders looking in when they are the true and lawful citizens of their own countries on the African continent and that hundreds of years of conquest and colonization still continues and here we are in 2020. That is just the absolute end of enough.

      Robyn, thank you for your comment.

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  2. Even South Africa has not been spared from the insatiable greed of the white-colonialist presumption that quickly trampled on what should have been the decisive end of Apartheid in the former British colony. No such luck.

    “The rich of Johannesburg still live in the sumptuous northern suburbs, where the food at some restaurants is Michelin-star quality and house prices are eye-watering. These areas remain largely white, although that is changing at a glacial pace. The workers are in Soweto and Alexandra and other poor, crime-plagued black enclaves. It has always been this way with Johannesburg, and it remains pretty much as divided 25 years after apartheid collapsed and 29 years after Nelson Mandela walked out of prison.”

    Palestine is on the same tectonic plate as the continent of Africa, it is still located at the geographically shortest land route from Africa to Europe — in 1948, precisely as the godforsaken British Empire packed up and left, the European colonial tradition followed the lead of every white-supremacist violent heritage and offered it to Zionism on a silver plate signed by Harry Truman. The US is effectively the only country that the occupying entity has, the only one that it needs, a safe place for white supremacists to meet and greet. They may as well have a whites-only sign at every street intersection. It has the fourth-largest military and is allied with the first-largest military — the occupiers ethnically cleanse the indigenous people by any and all means possible. Yes Shelby, as you know very well, you cannot make this stuff up.

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    1. Thank you for providing that excerpt from the article you posted a link to. Only those who have been asleep for hundreds of years would be clueless as to what is going down in Africa.

      Why when Nelson Mandela exited prison, there was such a celebration, I have no clue because what did that accomplish? How are whites ruling a majority Black population to this very day? Why have the Africans continued to allow themselves to be third class citizens in their own countries on the continent of Africa? Every government around the world would have to bomb my ass into oblivion before I would let some usurpers take over and push the true and rightful population to the side as if they are of no account, as if they are there on sufferance when those who are WHITE and are not indigenous to Africa are the true usurpers.

      Also from the article:

      “Yet Johannesburg’s fortunes are intricately intertwined with South Africa’s – and the country has gone through a turbulent 10 years under the leadership of ousted former president Jacob Zuma. Now led by former trade unionist and businessman Cyril Ramaphosa, the country is battling to deal with the corruption that thrived under Zuma. Ramaphosa says all the right things, as he did in London this week, but internal ANC politics stop him from introducing vigorous economic reforms to kickstart the economy in a country where unemployment is now just under 30% and government finances are deteriorating rapidly.”

      Just as I’ve said, corruption, corruption, corruption. The leaders of African cities ALL have that in common and the true citizens; those who belong in Africa and who are being kept out of any economic advancements are stuck in limbo, tired of voting for corrupt leaders, tired of being economically disadvantaged and tired of being outcasts in their own countries.

      Whites have dragged their damn racist asses over there and built for themselves, gated communities to keep the Black Africans out even as they are in those peoples’ countries. What fucking sense does that make that the shit is allowed to go on, unabated. Those Africans who have to look upon that shit should have long since tired of it and an uprising should have been ongoing and those white, filthy racists thrown out of Africa; banned for good or imprisoned. That’s what needs to happen.

      I am tired of others making excuses for what’s going down in Africa when those Africans have had plenty of time in all these hundreds of years to throw the yoke of white oppression off and never let it weigh them down again. They are the majority, not the minority like we are over in this shithole. That fact for the Africans should have made a world of difference and yet, it has not. More’s the goddamn pity.

      Bill, again, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. The Chinese government’s idea of “building” the infrastructure in Africa is to construct a single highway that runs from a port to a mine — a road strong enough to take heavy mining equipment, presumably with no exits unless they are foreign-corporately owned. In a word, full-bore capitalism. As I understand, racism in China is brutal. And the Chinese know how full-bore capitalism functions. Yellow supremacism also equals racism.

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      2. …and that is why I went in on those funky breath yellow motherfuckers on another blog post because I am not about to hear those yellow fucks squealing about how they are being subjected to racism over here because of coronavirus. Those filthy fuckers got stinking rich in this shithole and if they don’t like the shit that they claim is going down, then they can just pack their little hefty bags, put em in a rickshaw and head to the goddamn airport and good fucking riddance! And don’t let the door hit them on their funky yellow asses on the way out! But they won’t do that because they’ve got it TOO good over here! No one was bothering those racist yellow dogs until coronavirus, but plenty of them AND the whites were and still are bothering ADOS. I have actually seen a video of an Asian motherfucker kick a Black woman because he accused her of shoplifting. They had the Black woman on the floor, wrestling with her; both the Asian motherfucker and his wife. That was not their job. If they suspected her of shoplifting, then all they had to do was call the kkkops and let them take it from there, but no, they had to show the fucking blatant disrespect and contempt that have for us ADOS and yet, no whites are running inside their fucking wig/weave/extensions shops. Black women are keeping their damn asses in business and that’s the fucking thanks we get? Hell if I would give those yellow dogs one thin dime. If it were up to me, they’d be the ones, homeless and some more shit, but Black women are stupid as hell for patronizing those racist yellow dogs.

        And of course, those yellow dogs are over in Africa building roads and bridges to move the shit they’re stealing from Africa while the Africans sit back and allow that shit even as their fucking people starve. I’m fucking done because I’m about to goddamn explode!

        Thank you for your comment.

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  3. African people have a deep Stockholm syndrome name white Jesus!
    I worked side by side with them and most of them are Christians and sick to the core!
    The way they talk about Jesus Christ and their speech I just want to throw out, they always go to the church and give money to the church,like the church and white Jesus will help them out!
    The way they act and their behaviour is insane!
    Most of them are ignorant and they are proud to be,they have a deep problem with African diaspora people, how I said once they don’t see us as blacks like them,they believe to be the only blacks victims of racism and abuse by wp and only them have right to be pity!
    When comes to us Diaspora,they don’t want to have nothing to do with us,most of them like to be with themselves or kiss white asses and smile to them and be subservient,they don’t have problems to teach wp African songs or traditional African dance!
    If you are a Diaspora person with light skinned they will hate you so badly,just because you are lighter than them,most of them are self hated and they hate their own skin colours and feature!
    Look at Nigeria,Kenya and other African countries have problems with bleaching creams and other stuff,
    they have so many problems that they don’t want even realise that all these problems and diseases it wasn’t fault of African diaspora people but their beloved white masters!
    When they come to Europe or USA how you said Shelby they will go with open arms to wp alias ”their saviours” the same people who destroyed and murder their Continent,rape their women and children and poisoning their culture!
    Wp and non black people don’t love them but they can’t get the message!

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    1. I will admit that I made the mistake of dating a Nigerian when I lived in Minnesota and I gotta tell you, that was the mistake of my life. That tree climbing African bastard took me to some sort of pre-wedding ceremony whereas the bride’s family wants some valuables from the groom’s family and they haggle over the shit. Well, when I entered the home of those Africans, they were all standing around drinking Guinness beer and Heineken beer and the next thing I know, I am led to a different room from the rest of those assholes and was told that someone would be bringing me a plate of food. Some African bitch came in with a glass of water and a plate with burnt rice on it and in the middle of the plate of rice, had plunked down a big ole piece of some sort of fat from some meat. That Nigerian knew that I did not eat meat and who in the world gets served burnt rice? I don’t eat rice either!

      I was fuming! I jumped up, got my purse, went past those assholes and got in my rental car(I had flown to a different state to attend this shit with him) and I drove the hell on back to my hotel. That Nigerian bastard had already given me his cellphone to put in the trunk of the car along with a change of clothes because we were expected to change into African attire. He did not even know that I had gone. That bastard finally arrived at the hotel at 3 in the morning and when he got in, he knew better than to say a goddamn word to me. The host called the next day to apologize for the mistreatment of me stating that the bitch was fresh out of Africa and did not know the customs over here in Amerikkka. That was no fucking excuse. Suffice it to say, when we got back to Minnesota, that motherfucker was given his walking papers and his parting shot to me was, “If you were in Africa, you’d be in a hut as a sex slave and you’d never see the light of day again.” I fucking kid you not! I learned MY lesson and I would never even blink at one of those filthy assed motherfuckers EVER again! Let my lesson be a lesson to ANY ADOS who think that they can fuck with those nasty assed, filthy no account Africans!

      qnubian, the U.S. government sets those Africans up, real nice and good when they come over here. I was even told by one of those Africans that the U.S. government tells them not to fuck with us ADOS because we’ve got nasty attitudes and can’t get along with anyone. But be that as it may, no one is going to tell me who to fuck with. I am going to find out for myself if the shit I’m told is true or not.

      Those African motherfuckers like to date American descendants of slavery because many of us are lighter than those who come from Africa. I had attended a birthday party with that African bastard and at the party, I was the lightest woman there and the African men showered me with money as I was dancing. That was supposed to be some sort of custom whereas they go around to different women on the dance floor and shower them with money. Well, at the end of the dance, at my feet lay a pool of money. I didn’t know what to do and my Nigerian date had to tell me to pick the money up, that it was a gift. I told him that I was not going to get on my knees and pick up money. I left the shit on the floor and of course, I was told that I had offended the host. I just fucking left the party altogether, I was so disgusted.

      Their fucked up customs are pure DE SHIT! And for American descendants of that shit to try and take up some of their customs is just the absolute end of enough. Those African motherfuckers really hate our guts. They are also jealous of us because we don’t need no visas or green cards. They are over here on sufferance. If the government looks at them cross-eyed, then they can be sent the fuck back to Africa, with bells on. That can’t happen with us because of our birth certificates which they have none.

      And I already knew they hated the color of their own skin because a many of them do indeed, use bleaching creams and lotions. What the hell for? If they go ANYWHERE outside of Africa, they will still be considered, “Niggers!” by ALL groups. Hell! The yellow and pasty motherfuckers that are in Africa taking it the fuck over are more than likely calling them that in their own damn countries. It wouldn’t surprise me none. And yet, they don’t hate those yellow and pasty motherfuckers that’s fucking them up and stealing everything that belongs to the TRUE Africans, they hate American descendants of their asses. How whacked is that shit??!!! It’s more whacked than a motherfucker. Not a goddamn thing makes sense anymore; not at all.

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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  4. You did the best decision to stay away from African men,I had a bad experiences with them as well!
    I don’t have respect for people who don’t have self respect and absolutely no proud for what you are,
    but they go around like acting as victim kiss the ass of other because you hate yourself!
    This kind behaviour I find repugnant,when you know that in reality what every single wp think,say and they do to people that look like you!
    I don’t try anymore to explain myself with African people,when you tell them wp are racist,their answer ”no they aren’t racist,they are nasty!” what fuck answer is this?
    An African American man on Youtube said ”why Africa didn’t rescue Diaspora people?”
    No only because Africa was dealing with colonialism and their own problems,
    but because they didn’t give a damn about us,some of them were selling our ancestors on slavery market,why we should care so much?
    I am also light skinned woman,and I had problems with African men at work because of my skin colour.
    I was the only lighter there and they treated me like a fetish toy,even they knew I was married woman and I didn’t have any intention to have extra marriage relationship,they were keeping ask me to go out with them! When they understood what kind woman I was,they showed their nasty sides of course!
    I don’t want start with African women,they hated me because I was lighter,most them think that all light skinned people hate people with dark skinned,we think to be better than them or we are immune of racism because of our skin colour!
    This hell is crazy really!
    They don’t wonder the reason why they are in Europe and USA? How you said if Africa is so rich why
    all over of the African continent are full of wp and non white people there? Please I don’t hear bullshit about humanitarian help and charity my ass!
    Such hypocrite they are,they think to be better than us Diaspora people because of our history,
    what about them? What fuck Europeans were doing in the past in their Continent they were having holiday? SELF HATRED IS A DEMON!

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    1. Self hatred is indeed, a demon and I see plenty of that in ADOS, not to mention, the Africans. The African females that I encountered when I was dating that Nigerian bastard were all hateful towards me. I hadn’t done anything to them. And I was hardly even around them except for that one party and then that pre-wedding ceremony disaster. I didn’t give a damn about them. I don’t care about skin color. My own mother treated us differently according to our skin color. My baby sister was the lightest and I was next and so she showered my baby sister with shit that I didn’t get and Lord help my middle sister who took after, I don’t know whom, because she is dark and my mother really let her have it. This colorism shit is a real problem among us Black folk.

      I don’t know why Black men think that the lighter the woman, the better she is. That is not true. I used to be called ‘yellow’ by Black men. One Black man said, “You’re not even Black.” Another one asked me, “What is your nationality?” What the hell difference does it make? To the whites, I am still a “N” to them.

      But going back to what’s going down in Africa as it relates to what’s taking over and why the Africans are doing nothing about it, is because of who is taking over. Africans have always been in awe of those pasty assed whites and yellow assed Asians; Asians, Caucasians, makes no difference, they look at them as though they are gods. The Africans don’t give a shit about the fact that those two groups are fucking them up, BIG time! How in the world do you let motherfuckers come in and steal you blind and you aid and abet them in that shit while your family members die because they don’t have any damn food and are sitting somewhere in falling down shacks? I could understand that shit happening here in the states because we are in the belly of the beast, but those Africans are allowing that shit to occur in their own damn countries. It makes no damn sense at all.

      And the Africans who come to America, they think the whites’ shit don’t even stink. They will have more to do with them than they will us except for the fact that the whites don’t want them living around them either. They’ll bring their African asses over here, set them up, but they don’t want them living beside them. And yet the Africans worship these white assholes over here as though they are gods.

      I don’t give a damn about Africa or Africans and I don’t even consider myself to be an African. I am an American descendant of slavery. My ancestors were either sold into slavery or at the very least, ALLOWED to be stolen from the shores Africa and the Africans didn’t put up much of a fight to stop that shit; that is for damn sure or so many of us would not be here as proof of that shit. And so no, I would never look on Africa as ‘The Motherland’, what the hell for? It’s done nothing FOR me. I don’t speak any of the dialects there. I don’t know anyone over there and so how could that be some type of ‘Motherland’ to me? It couldn’t. I owe Africa not a goddamn thing! Fuck those ignorant assholes over there and may the Chinese, the Europeans and the Amerikkkans continue to fuck their shit up over there. It’s nothing to me! They’re letting that shit happen, not me.

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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    1. Yeah! I hear you. Putin is woke only in this instance because his shit ain’t exactly a shining example of what to strive for. But what he said here is right on point. And I’ll give the devil his due.

      Thanks Caleb!

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