That is all I hear when I am out and about getting groceries or other essentials. Well, let me tell you something, you won’t be bored for very much longer because you’ll be dead.

Trump has decided that come May, America is reopening. And so I can just hear this shit now, “May Day! May Day! Send help, my sister can’t breathe!” But the thing is see, no one is coming, or if they do, by the time they get to you, your sister will be dead because once this shithole reopens, the very last thing you are going to have to worry about is being bored.

So, when Trump gives the “all clear!,” bust through those doors and go out and head inside a restaurant, go to Disney World, go to Six Flags, go to a nail salon, go to the wig store, go and get on a plane and head to wherever you feel that you’ll not be bored. Go ahead! And then, come on back in here and tell me what a great time you are having on a COVID-19 hospital ward somewhere. Go ahead! Head out those doors and go do whatever it is you feel won’t bore you since sitting at home with your supposed “LOVED ONES” bores you.

This “boredom” shit just goes to show that there really isn’t anything called ‘love’ going on at all because at first, you couldn’t see your loved ones much because either they were working when you weren’t and you were working when they were at home and now that all of you are at home at the same time because of a PANDEMIC, you’re now bored. It is all psychological, but you cannot understand that. You balk when someone tells you that, for your own good, you must ‘shelter in place’. That don’t set well with you. You’ve got to be the one to decide when you stay home and when you go dine out at a restaurant or see a movie or drive down the damn street or go to the gym or wherever it is that you go when you’re not at home and that gives you so much pleasure. What? Can’t sneak out to see your side piece?

If you are so damn bored, call a hospital and see if you can volunteer on the COVID-19 floor holding a dying person’s hand as they breathe their last. And if that’s not something they’ll let you do, Walmart is hiring and so you can be out working at Walmart as many hours as you please because Walmart is desperate for workers. In fact, Walmart is going to take extra precautions next week by requiring all employees to wear face masks. They have installed coughing stations at checkouts and so you should be good. Of course the Walmart employees who have already died from COVID-19 weren’t so good, but since Walmart has stepped up its game, you should be fine, and you’ll certainly not be bored, especially if they station your ass near the toilet paper or water aisle. You’ll constantly get bombarded about when the next shipment is due while someone with COVID-19 is breathing down your neck, but you will NOT be bored. Soon, you will be dead. So, which is it going to be boredom or dead? “Most Americans will take ‘dead’ for $200 Alex!”

And for those of you who think that since you’ve already been infected with COVID-19 and survived, you’re fine. Not so fast. It seems that some of you can get it AGAIN. So, do you want to spin the wheel and see if you’re one of the lucky ones? How’s your luck? And if it’s been good, do you think that’s about to change?

Since Trump thinks that America has flattened the curve, let’s just see what COVID-19 has to say about that and in case you’re wondering how other countries are faring when they thought they had beat COVID-19, just ask the Japanese how they’re faring these days. I’ll give you a hint. It’s not so great!

Come May, there’s going to be so many “May Day! May Day!” scenarios, no one will be bored because for one, you don’t even know how many people are dead and have yet to be found inside their homes or apartments. COVID-19 cases and deaths are escalating in America as I type this and yet because Trump wants business back up and running, and since you are bored anyway and since the Trump Administration has also seen to it that any assistance that was supposed to help since many are unemployed right now, has not been forth coming, that makes it all the more appealing to you to throw open your front door and head out as though the only thing that’s been keeping you at home is a hurricane.

This virus is no hurricane. It is not a tornado. It is not a wildfire. It is a virus that is highly contagious and hardly any country was prepared for it, especially NOT this one. You may think that because you’re not elderly and in a nursing home that you’ll be fine, but do some research and you’ll find that there are plenty of people under the age of 70 who are dead and who also had no underlying health conditions. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research or better yet, don’t. Just head on out the door and venture forth and enjoy yourselves because it is quite obvious that time spent with your families ain’t doing it for you because you are bored. The situation is so bad that I read an article yesterday about the fact that thanks to COVID-19, divorces are about to skyrocket. Is it really because of COVID-19 or is it because there was no love there anyway? How could spending a little over a month with your loved ones have caused spikes in domestic violence, boredom and probable high rates of divorce proceedings just as soon as the papers can be filed? This virus has brought out the worst in people or maybe it is simply that there is nothing more to people than the worst. It has shown ‘humans’ for what they really are; selfish, self-serving, self-centered, dispassionate assholes. None of you have a clue what love means because if you did, you could not be so upset to the point of whining and crying that you have to spend time with your own family members. What’s the problem? You’ve got Alexa. You’ve got Siri. You’ve got your smartphones. The lights are on since power companies have been told to cease disconnections. Your washers and dryers are still running since you’re not living in the midst of a hurricane. You’ve got all of your creature comforts at home to get you through this and yet, you are bored, but most of all, you are bored with YOUR OWN DAMN FAMILY!

Let me ask you something, since you are bored, have you ever given a single thought as to how the homeless are coping during this pandemic or has it been all about how bored you are? Have you ever given a thought for those who could not stay home and be with their families during this time because they’ve been on the front lines trying to save people and have themselves, died trying? Have you thought about that as you complained about how bored you are? Has it ever entered your mind that those who were deemed ‘essential workers’ wish they had had the opportunity to spend that time at home with their loved ones before many of them died? Did it ever cross your mind that while you’ve been bored, there have been people who you didn’t even acknowledge at the checkout register that rang your groceries up and they are no longer there because they contracted COVID-19 and died? Have you ever thought about that? Does it resonate with you at all? Of course not because it is all about you and how bored you are.

For those of you who claim to believe in God, please shut up! Something is trying to get through to you and as each crisis or disaster comes down the pike, you never pay attention; you never take heed. And just like COVID-19 has come along to see if there is an ounce of humanity left on this planet, so too, will another crisis come that will make COVID-19 seem like a mere case of the sniffles. And you will fail that test as well because there is no sign of humanity on this planet when all you’re doing during this crisis is wailing and moaning about how bored you are at being at home with your family; a family you supposedly love and yet you cannot wait to head out of that door and away from them. Seriously??!! How sad is that? People are fighting with one another just because they cannot stand being around one another for more than a few days. People are contemplating divorcing one another simply because they have been in each other’s company too long to suit them. People are contemplating suicide at the loss of a vehicle. It is ALL about you, isn’t it? But then, hasn’t it always been? And people have the nerve to wonder why there is so much hatred and animosity displayed towards one another while there are no signs of love to be found anywhere. I don’t wonder. I see ‘humans’ for what they really are and what I see is so damn ugly, all of you are a waste of skin, no matter the color and I sincerely mean that and none of you could prove me wrong if you tried.

20 thoughts on ““WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I Am So Bored! I AM Tired Of Sitting At Home With My Family! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

  1. ”So, when Trump gives the “all clear!,” bust through those doors and go out and head inside a restaurant, go to Disney World, go to Six Flags, go to a nail salon, go to the wig store, go and get on a plane and head to wherever you feel that you’ll not be bored. Go ahead! And then, come on back in here and tell me what a great time you are having on a COVID-19 hospital ward somewhere. Go ahead! Head out those doors and go do whatever it is you feel won’t bore you since sitting at home with your supposed “LOVED ONES” bores you.”
    Shelby I liked so much this part,you are too much! AHAHAHAHAHAH

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  2. A whiner at one of the Fascists for Freedom (my words) rallies held up a sign that read “I need a haircut” — I guess he was longing for the ‘liberty’ to inflict a hairdresser with infection if it came to that.
    For some unfathomable reason, I did not see any blacks among the revelers at any of the wide-open and proud calls to defend “your” Second Amendment, Trump may as well have decided to merge the 1st and 2nd Amendments into one — perhaps suggest that these ‘very responsible people’ might think about burning a few amendments at public squares.

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    1. Of course they’re all white; those assholes that are complaining about being bored, needing a haircut, needing to head to the beach and so forth and so on, of course would be white. And I just read an article that #moron is trending on Twitter in regards to those who were seen at some Florida beaches since the governor there opened the beaches and told people to practice ‘social distancing’. That didn’t work out so well as many were seen in intimate contact with one another as the alcoholic beverages flowed. I saw a picture of those who were at the beach and down to the very last one, they were ALL white. Go figure!

      American descendants of slaves cannot afford to be that goddamn arrogant as whites are because we have already been deemed, “The faces of coronavirus deaths” while whites get to party at the beach, the Hamptons, in the mountains, the desert and on yachts and in underground bunkers. But the whites can know this, their arrogance will be their undoing since their asses are just as susceptible to this virus as ours are. The only reasons we are coming down with this is due to what jobs we hold and the fact of racism in the goddamn medical field, but since they cannot sit still in their McMansions, etc., since their boredom and arrogance cannot be contained, ADOS are going to have a lot of company when it comes to those who are diagnosed and who die from COVID-19.

      I thank you for your comment Bill. One thing I do know, none of those assholes out on a beach now or wanting to sit up in a barber’s chair are going to be worrying about boredom or haircuts when they find themselves on a COVID-19 hospital ward.

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      1. Whites can clamor on and on about how much they are “learning” from isolation, that their suffering is somehow unbearable and an epoch in the making — the echoes of an upside-down world they could never have imagined, that they suffer from “having” to watch more TV than ever, that keep on ordering from Ama-zoned-out for all the necessities of life through this great desert experience that is such a trial. Speaking of trials, they vote for every white judge on the ballot who proclaims the only three words they want to hear: “Tough on Crime.” Gearing up to make the economy safe for those who are protected by a government that caters to whites — “White Only Sign” not required when the system is gamed.

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  3. Well said. Sure, I may have had moments of anger and frustration in this time, but I certainly wasn’t bored. I’ve been working a ton at my essential job, got my other job back even though I’m teaching online (still getting used to that), participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, reading a lot of books, learning languages, made a DIY mask, and I got to talk to friends or family on here. It’s amazingly bad how non-constructive society can be or currently is.

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    1. Speaking of languages, I had been taking an intensive Arab-language course at the local mosque when COVID did a kibosh on that. However, the instructor has now set up a Zoom meeting so that we can take up where we left off. Isolation time finds me watching the same amount of TV as always: nearly none. So I am glad to read that you continue to learn languages. It beats the crap out of living a vicarious existence does it not?

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      1. That’s a bummer how the class was canceled at first, but I’m glad you’re able to continue learning online. Good on you for not watching TV. Even I haven’t been watching as many movies as I usually do (film review blog or not). I’m not fluent in what I’ve been learning yet, but it’s still been fun learning new languages in general.


    2. Good for you Ospreyshire. There are tons that people can do at home that are productive, relaxing, calming and healing. No one has to consistently be entertained at ballgames, casinos, parades, beaches, bars and strip clubs. I don’t go to those places anyway and so not being able to do so is nothing to me. Give me a library of books and I wouldn’t have to peep my head up for years. TV is something that I don’t even watch and believe me, I do not feel as though I am missing out on a damn thing.

      But I do believe that I made my point in that people are so shallow and self-serving since they don’t even care for their own damn family; that is obvious and so why do we expect society as a whole to benefit from people who have that mindset? We shouldn’t because what is going down now speaks volumes as to what we are dealing with when so-called ‘humans’ are sick of being in households with those they supposedly love. This pandemic has certainly shown us what ‘human nature’ is really about.

      I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Thanks, Shelby! I’ve certainly been appreciating that more often. I certainly don’t gave any interests in those places. A beach would be nice, but I’m from the Midwest, so we don’t have a ton of those and a bunch of them are far away. However, I’m not going to be a covidiot and just pop up at one while ignoring social distancing like those dolts in Florida or the Carolinas. I’ve certainly been checking out a bunch of books I have around including ones I never read in a long time. It’s great that you’ve been reading. Any good books you read recently?

        Oh, yeah. I have no disagreements there. This so-called rugged individualism isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. People should be more compassionate to others, but I’m asking too much here. I’ve noticed how CV has revealed the worst in humanity in several places.

        No problem.

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      2. Well Ospreyshire, I lived in the Midwest for years and so I understand about a lack of beaches, but there were plenty of lakes to hang out at. You would not like the books I read because they are mostly “who done its’.” I just love locked room mysteries or books about Scotland Yard detectives that are sent to investigate the most unusual murder. I’m reading “In The Cold Dark Ground” by Stuart Macbride. I just finished reading “No Shred Of Evidence” by Charles Todd and before that I read “Murder In Time” by Veronica Heley. So no, you would not like the books I read and I should be ashamed at what I read since I am not reading about the heroes in the fight for Civil Rights or about the leaders of the Black Panther Party and Movement or about famous Black poets and inventors. I am a lover of fiction since reality can be depressing at times and reading about the plight of all the Black heroes is truly depressing because I already know the outcome. I see examples of the outcome daily. And so I go into a whole different world with my choice of books.

        And yes, COVID-19 is really showing so-called ‘humans’ up for what they’re really all about and not a bit of it is good.

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      3. Of course. I don’t know too many lakes near me unless I want to drive all the way to Chi-town for Lake Michigan. There are a few nature preserves near me which is fine. I didn’t expect you being into mysteries, but that’s totally fine. I haven’t delved too much into fiction besides re-reading the volumes of Hikaru no Go (a manga series) partially to prepare myself for reviewing the animated version. At least that series is about a strategy board game instead of stupid martial arts action and doesn’t feel like a commercial. I can understand the frustration about not reading about Black heroes, revolutionaries, and historical figures. I know the feeling about escapism in fiction. Weirdly enough, I write more fiction than I read it. It can be fun coming up with my own stories since I write things I know I won’t see in mainstream media.

        Oh, definitely. I can really see the worst elements show up in different ways like acts of covidiocy, the Michigan protests, and the people flooding the beaches in the South.

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    1. Shanequa, Trump knows how to ‘play’ his base. He knows exactly what they are and so he plays them like a fiddle. He doesn’t give a damn for those dumb as all hell racists. And when their damn asses contract this virus and puts paid to their asses, all the more better for the rest of us because we’ll not have that lot to deal with. And so Trump is actually doing us a favor when he encourages his racist supporters to continue to gather and protest. Let them protest. Let them all give this virus to each other and then they’ll be dropping like flies and turning to soup in their homes because no one is going to come for them since they will have spread this virus to too many goddamn racists for paramedics to keep up with the calls. There’ll be no one to scoop the soup.

      Anyone with two eyes in their head saw this shit coming. These racist entitled whites were not going to sit still for long because they are WHITE and entitled and arrogant and conceited and are going to get their way. Who the fuck does anyone think they are who will get in the way of whites doing what the hell they want to do? But their arrogance and racism and hatred will be their undoing. Just wait for it.

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. @shelbycourtland

        Greed, power, lust, selflessness & entitlement stands in white people ways. When you have been taking free shit all your life you don’t demand shit you take it follow behind violence. They are protesting now but that will eventually leads to violence.
        Like we both stated on the other post once the hospitals & jails becoming over crowed & the staff, patients and inmates become sick. Then the employees will be quitting without a 2 week notice. The same goes for grocery store worker, warehouse workers, police officer and other essential jobs.

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      2. Shanequa, the lies are already out in full force. I just read that New York City is saying that ALL 2,200 kkkops that came down with COVID-19 have ALL recovered and are ALL back on the job. Who in the world believes that big ass lie??!! This shit over here is running scared and that is why you can expect the outrageous lies to get even more outrageous. Kkkops have been calling in sick and have also been told not to arrest people, to just stay away from them, in many cases unless shots are fired. They are even letting some inmates out of jails in some states because the jail officials are coming down with coronavirus and are calling in sick. Ain’t nobody with more than two brain cells connected and working believing the lies about how all is well, all of a sudden because the claim is that coronavirus cases are falling. That’s a BIG, HUGE ass lie as well that they are putting out to try and make everyone believe that things are getting better and that’s why they are hell bent on reopening this shithole. I’m not going out and buy a goddamn thing, nor would I step foot inside a fucking job. They can lie until the cows come home, go back out and come home, AGAIN! I’m not buying the bullshit!

        And yes, violence is on the way. In the next few weeks, gunfire is going to be a constant. These whites are going insane. I guess Trump will just declare himself EMPEROR come November if this shithole is still standing by then since I hardly doubt there’ll be an election.

        This shithole is done for and I for one, am fucking glad!


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