….And Coronavirus Continues To Expose What I Already Knew…..

..in that racist whites continue to flaunt their white privilege and self declared ‘white supremacy’ in demanding that they be allowed onto beaches, into bars and that the party must restart despite the Trump Administration’s own medical expert stating otherwise. Despite the fact that Dr. Fauci stated, ‘It’s going to backfire’: Fauci says anti-quarantine protesters could prolong shutdown.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the leading experts in the White House’s response to the coronavirus, warned demonstrations happening across the country protesting the quarantine orders will prolong the shutdown period.

“If you jump the gun and go into a situation where you have a big spike, you’re gonna set yourself back,” he continued. “So as painful as it is to go by the careful guidelines of gradually phasing into a reopening, it’s going to backfire. That’s the problem.”

Meanwhile, whites took to the beaches in Florida and in South Carolina since those states have loosened ‘stay at home’ guidelines. And every picture that I have seen has been that of whites, overtaking beaches during a pandemic that is far from over and that has been extremely deadly for front line workers who have mostly been American descendants of slavery. You see, while we are standing somewhere on an Amazon warehouse floor, contracting COVID-19 to send a white asshole some goddamn nail polish, we are contracting COVID-19 and dying. While we are front line workers at hospitals, treating COVID-19 patients of ALL stripes, we are also contracting this deadly contagion and are dying while the whites are now at the beach or are protesting that THEIR rights are being infringed upon because they need to get to the beach and to their vacation homes and to the bars, concerts, ballparks and casinos.

Meanwhile, health care workers in Colorado are protesting against protesters who are protesting the lockdown. Health care workers are positioning themselves in the middle of the street to protest against the reopening of this shithole that’s filled with white lunatics with the lunatic-in-chief, Donald Trump, leading the charge.

This shithole is going off the deep end because of what this shithole contains; rabid, racist, insane white lunatics who happen to be Trump’s supporters, down to the very last one, whom he is egging on with his “LIBERATE” tweets aimed at states that had pushed back on his ‘reopening Amerikkka’ calls which when this so-called ‘reopening’ occurs, will have a disastrous effect in the form of ever increasing coronavirus related illnesses and deaths.

So, while the whites are celebrating at the beach or protesting because they don’t mind coming down with coronavirus since they feel that their civil liberties are being infringed upon, another Black family in Alabama is being showcased in the continuing saga of “The Faces of Coronavirus Deaths In America!” Nine family members tested positive for COVID-19, of which three have already died. And as if that is not bad enough, another news report is stating that Michigan’s youngest COVID-19 victim, who of course is Black, is 5-year old Skylar Herbert. Skylar died late Sunday night after being taken off a ventilator for suspected loss of brain activity since as a result of contracting COVID-19, she developed a rare form of meningitis and brain swelling.

This dead child’s parents are mourning her death even while racists are protesting that they should have the right to get a haircut, go to the beach, the bar, the nail salon, the casino, the strip club, the ballgame and everyone else is just around to clean up their goddamn mess; meaning American descendants of slavery!

Black people…..SERIOUSLY!!!! I am too through!!! That racist governor of New York even stated that American descendants of slavery are the faces of coronavirus deaths in New York because they are the front line workers; they are the hospital workers. Why oh why are we always the ones who are willing to die for no account, no good, worthless, racist ass, hating whites??!!! Why must we ALWAYS sacrifice ourselves for their no account asses? You see that they don’t give a shit about you or yours? They don’t have a heart, a soul, a conscience, empathy, compassion, morality or even humanity and yet, we are somewhere putting our lives on the line for their damn worthless asses to continue to suck air while we breathe our last. What fucking sense does that make? You are under no obligation to continue to bag groceries for some shits whose only thought is to take that shit to the goddamn beach and lie out and tan. They ain’t thinking about COVID-19 because they know that your ass is too willing to come down with that shit and die taking care of their fucked up, pasty asses as they play and drink and gamble and do whatever the fuck they want to do.

As seriously as many Black people are taking this shit and still, we are “The Faces of Coronavirus Deaths???!!!” To hell with that shit! You need to sit your ass down and refuse to continue to put yourselves on the front lines for some shits that ain’t even worth it! What have you got to lose? We have long since been the faces of poverty, homelessness, unemployment, gentrification, health disparities and the list is endless and now, we want to continue to be “The Faces of Coronavirus Deaths???!!! HELP.ONE.ANOTHER.OUT., during this time and we won’t have to stand somewhere until we are declared, “The Faces of Coronavirus Deaths!” What will it take to get through to you? These whites ain’t fucking worth it! I cannot state that often enough! They don’t give a damn about us. Why should we give a damn about them? I’m torn all to pieces that I’ve got family in the health care field putting their lives on the line for these deranged pasty assholes because I damn sure as hell would NOT! If those filthy white bastards counted on me to try and save their filthy, debased hides, they’d be some dead motherfuckers because they’re a thankless, fucked up lot! To hell with them! Look out for yourselves in this time of a pandemic crisis that’s not going anywhere. Hell! You know what type of president this shithole has. Those whites elected his ass, but we’re the ones who are dying because we’ve always got to do the menial labor; we’ve always got to care…about whites???!!!!! Not fucking hardly! Stop doing that shit!!!! Wake the hell up before more and more of you are the headlines of various news outlets about who just died and how many in this family and that family of this COVID-19 virus that’s not fucking playing. Whites don’t have to take this shit seriously because they know that they can ALWAYS hide behind our Black asses, AND THEY DO! That’s why those worthless, no account fuckers are at the beach right now, because they know that you are going to step in and try and save their worthless, goddamn hides, WHEN, not if they come down with coronavirus. I fucking would NOT be standing there waiting for someone to drag their virus laden asses to my fucking hospital floor. Hell fucking no! Grow some damn balls and head out the door and fucking refuse to continue to be on the front lines of this pandemic since you know you don’t even have an adequate supply of masks and other safety essentials. That is goddamn madness!

I am fucking livid, enraged and some more shit that we continue to make ourselves available to be used and abused by white assed motherfuckers that mean us nothing but harm. We don’t matter to them and they sure as hell should not matter to us. I fucking spent two hours on the goddamn phone today speaking with those white assholes about getting an appointment for my cousin to see a neurologist because he can’t fucking sleep and I’m being told that ALL doctors are seeing patients via telephone call or facetime or some such nonsense and that since no one is able to go into the office, they have not even gotten around to referrals because my cousin’s primary care doctor referred him to a neurologist and they have no clue as to when referred patients are even going to receive a phone call telling them when they can get a phone call or a facetime setup with a doctor. This shit ain’t fucking funny and yet the whites are out there screeching about how they want to go to the beach, the bar and the casino while no one can even get a doctor’s appointment because they’re all terrified of contracting this virus. I even called my Endocrinologist and she is doing the same thing; either phoning patients or facetiming them. So if someone’s got a suspicious mole on their ass, too damn bad. That’s not an emergency. Wait until you can be seen in person or, I don’t know, you may be able to pull your goddamn pants down and expose the suspicious mole during that facetime shit! And some goddamn doctor at a hospital is wondering where are all the heart attack, stroke, aneurysm and cancer patients??!!! They are fucking dead, ASSHOLE because they can’t even get in to see a doctor because of this coronavirus madness and yet this dumb fuck is wondering why there are not patients of that sort in hospitals anymore. Get the fuck outta here with that foolish bullshit!

For this shithole to have been declared the richest country on the planet, a goddamn virus has rendered this shithole entirely useless! It has also exposed this shithole for the racist shithole that it has always been and always will be. There is nothing exceptional about how this pandemic is being handled over here. The only reason some people are demanding to go back to work is because they are so damn broke, they’ve overwhelmed the food banks, while at the same time, the comfortably off whites and the wealthy whites are able to ride this shit out or demand that it reopen because they are fucking bored. What kind of shit is that? On the one hand, you’ve got people lined up in numbers never seen before at food banks while on the other hand, you’ve got white assholes demanding to be allowed to go to the beach and get infected while also infecting others with a lethal virus while the president of this shithole condones the latter with fucking tweets talking about “LIBERATE!” WHAT.THE.HELL. I hope the rest of the world is taking note of this chaos, pandemonium, bedlam and stupid ass, ridiculous shit that IS AMERIKKKA! Why the hell would you try and emulate this shit???!!!!

13 thoughts on “….And Coronavirus Continues To Expose What I Already Knew…..

  1. The oil stock have plunge down to the negative and gas prices are going down as well. This shit is becoming more interested each day. Japan had a earthquake of a 6.6 magnitude a couple of days ago. A couple of weeks ago the state of Ohio had a 6.6 magnitude earthquake. We are now in hurricane season. These clowns are so much in a hurry to go back too the regular lives they don’t care about what’s happen. Once everything is back open Covid-19 cases is going to be off the chain.

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    1. Shanequa, I was reading that there is now a multitude of people who are now COVID-19 positive because they showed up to vote recently. This virus is highly contagious and despite masks and shit, people are still contracting this highly contagious virus. This virus is also acting differently depending on whom it infects. But I damn sure would NOT be standing somewhere behind a small ass piece of glass at Walmart, ringing up shit. I would not be standing on an Amazon warehouse floor filling one goddamn bin with some damn finger nail polish. Fuck that! My ass would be on the front lines of not a goddamn thing because if these rabid, racist whites want to flaunt their ‘white privilege’ every goddamn where, then fine, but hell if I’ll become a statistic just to see to it that THEIR fucking lives flow smoothly while me and mine die out! What kind of sense does that shit make for Black people to continue to put their lives on the line for the likes of that shit??!! NONE!

      And the reasons why world fucked up leaders including this piece of shit, lunatic that we’ve got is opening their countries up is for the very reasons you’ve stated; the global economy is bust. Whites are losing money and we all know that those hotels/casinos in Vegas are closed and the CEOS and stockholders are screeching that they’ve not been able to relieve dumb ass gamblers of their money. Not to mention that since no one has been driving, oil is just sitting somewhere and that shit is being added to while no one has any need for it. So, they’d rather have millions die just to give uber rich whites more wealth and beaches to lie on and the ability to get a goddamn haircut while the Black folks will continue to just stand around and pick up the pieces when the shit hits the fan and we’ll continue to be “The Faces of Coronavirus Deaths!” I am just too goddamn through!

      Shanequa, thank you for your comment.


  2. @shelbycourtland

    You’re so right. This virus is effecting people in different ways look what happen to the precious 5 year old “Black” little girl that got covid-19 then end up getting meningitis and brain swelling. We don’t know whose body could be immune to this virus, carrier of these virus, someone might have the virus but not showing symptoms and etc. First they were saying people who had certain health condition would be effected the most now we have people in good health condition dying from it. If you are working at a jail, warehouse, hospital, grocery store and etc that had coworkers that tested positive for this virus and you don’t have it then your body might be immune to the virus or you’re carrier. That shit is already in air floating around in your work environment.

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    1. True! It is “floating around in your work environment,” because they are changing the script, daily. First we were supposed to disinfect or sanitize our groceries and now the so-called ‘experts’ are saying that we don’t need to do that. To hell with that! I am not going to start slacking just because the so-called ‘pandemic officials’ change the script every other day to suit some fuck’s agenda, namely the Trump Administration. And how in the world did an otherwise healthy 5-year old come down with coronavirus and then get meningitis and brain swelling? But then, some guy who tested positive for coronavirus had to have one of his legs amputated. The reason why this virus is so damn scary is because no one really knows how it is going to affect them; it could show no symptoms and then again, it could tear you all to pieces before killing a person. And yet, these dumb as all hell racists want to screech about needing to get out of their McMansions because their fucking rights are being infringed upon. That would be fine except for the fact that an ADOS is ultimately going to have to pay the price for their fucking arrogance from them breathing on them at a store some goddamn where. We’ve more than paid the price for something we did NOT buy and I am damned tired of it!


    1. That is SO true, Caleb, it ain’t even funny. However, I read the title of an article earlier today basically stating that the world is worried about the lack of leadership displayed in Amerikkka. Are they fucking serious? The only thing this piece of shit is known for is war, greed, racism, hypocrisy, death, disease, destruction, corruption, theft, slavery, Jim Crow, assassinations of decent people who were trying to make things better for those who looked like them, but never has this shithole been known for ANYTHING that was positive, good, decent, humanitarian; not a bit of that.

      The world must be truly fucked up if it is looking to this shithole for guidance, SERIOUSLY!

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. I read that headline too and rolled my eyes. When they say “the world” misses U.S. leadership who exactly are they talking about? Certainly not Cuba, which has been the victim of this so-called “leadership”, and has actually been showing true leadership in this time of crisis.

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      2. Exactly, while this shithole is trying to send missiles up everybody’s ass and sanctioning poor countries to pieces, Cuba has been sending doctors all across the planet to help with this pandemic. I don’t know why anyone would look to this shithole for leadership. There obviously is none; just partisan bickering, military spending and more havoc to be wrought on unsuspecting countries during this time of extreme crises.

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    1. I am actually quite sorry that you sent this to me because as angry as I was, I am waaaaaaaaay past that point now. I will showcase this on a blog when I can get myself together and put more than two coherent sentences together. But right now, I am damn near seeing nothing but RED!


  3. Wp life matter and are more precious than black life!
    I am not surprise that majority worker are blacks and they don’t have other choice to go out to
    and face the risk to be infect,while racist wp are sit somewhere working from home or doing what they can do the best go out and do their shit because they can’t cope to stay indoor!
    If a black person is infect and goes to any hospital they will make sure that black person or any blacks
    If a wp goes in hospital or any wp go,they will do all the best to save their life, if they recover from the sickness,they will speak on the news or if they passed away,they will write a memorial about them or write every single craps on newspaper about their story ”how good people they were,how they worked so hard blablablabla and all craps”
    YEAH Shelby wp and their constant titled importance about themselves is boring!
    Wp are boring and I don’t give any shit and any attention to them!
    The way a I see this a a scheduled game who wins or who loses, like the lottery game, you have to choose the right numbers!
    It’s like the stronger will live and the weak will dead,wp think to be ”GOD” because how they always say
    ”in this world there too many people” what in reality they want to say that because in the world there are too many blacks and coloured people and this is the real reason why they want to get rid of us!
    They always come out with new diseases or excuses,they make sure that blacks are poor and they can’t have easy access to medical care or assistance,so when they spread the diseases black will dead easily!
    Don’t forget motherfuckers one thing KARMA IS BITCH and doesn’t give a fuck about your entitle white skin,you are trying to drag more people with you in hell but KARMA WILL ALL TAKE ALL YOUR
    I don’t feel sorry for you at all,my only wish I have,I hope to stay alive in 50 years because I want
    to be witness how your number it will shrink like your ass hole and you will be expose somewhere
    in history museum as an extinct species!

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    1. qnubian, the only reasons Black people are dying from this is #1 whites and Asians dragged this disease to Amerikkka and now, both get to run from it due to their fucking privilege and #2 Black people are being turned away at hospitals when they go in and state that they have COVID-19. There are so many Black people who knew they were ill and went to the hospital, only to be turned away and told that they just had a little cold and so go home and rest. They went home and died.

      Whites are still trying to place the blame for the deaths of Black people on underlying health conditions; that is a bald faced lie! Whites are sitting somewhere filled with underlying health conditions, but they are being treated for this COVID-19 virus while Black people are urged to take aspirin and call NO doctor in the morning; just die in bed already. And that is what is happening.

      And for the Black people who are kept in the hospital, they are not receiving the proper treatment because whites are always going to make sure that other whites get whatever medical equipment is available.

      For instance, if there is a Black patient and a white patient needing a ventilator, who do you think is going to get the ventilator? We both know the answer to that; it is THAT obvious.

      So don’t believe the lies put out by lamestream media about how Black people are so damn bad off, health wise and that is why they are dying of COVID-19. Again, THAT IS A LIE! These white, filthy, racist motherfuckers are making sure that Black people don’t survive this virus. It is ALL deliberate and that is why many Black people are refusing to even go to a hospital. And don’t even get me started on these quack doctors over here because you cannot even go see a doctor. They are telling us that they will ‘facetime’ us or call us on the phone as an appointment. What the hell good does that do? NONE! But they damn sure as hell are still going to bill insurance as though we came in for an office visit. If these damn racist, white, filthy fucks decided to enter the medical field, then they should not get to pick and choose what they get to do when there is a medical crisis. Their damn asses need to do their job and shut the fuck up because THEY CHOSE TO GO INTO THE MEDICAL FIELD. And yet, at the first sign of a virus, they fucking run scared. What kind of shit is that! These whites are crazy as hell! They still want to get paid, but ain’t fucking seeing no patient. No, it don’t work like that. You don’t see the patient IN THE OFFICE, you don’t get paid for a doctor visit. Virtual shit don’t fucking count. A phone call don’t fucking count. Facetiming a patient don’t fucking count. These motherfuckers have taken bullshit to a whole other level.

      The shit is crazy than a motherfucker over here qnubian. I ain’t never seen the like.

      Thank you for your comment.

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