Racism: In And Against China by Margaret Kimberley, Senior Columnist At Black Agenda Report

First of all, let me start off by stating that I disagree with most of what Margaret Kimberley is saying.

Freedom Rider: Racism In and Against China

The COVID-19 pandemic has resuscitated the old “yellow peril” canard to its fullest extent, revealing deep xenophobia and racist intent against China. Black people must walk a fine line concerning any discussion of the People’s Republic of China at this juncture. The obviously racist acts carried out against African migrants in that country can’t be ignored and are rightly condemned.

Let me focus on this for a minute.

Black people must walk a fine line concerning any discussion of the People’s Republic of China at this juncture.

I would love for Margaret Kimberley to explain to me why “Black people must walk a fine line concerning any discussion of the People’s Republic of China.” Tell me, what do Black people owe the Chinese? We owe them for what? What have they done besides take our money, that we gladly give to them, for fake nails, fake weaves, wigs and extensions and fake ass food? But what are the Chinese buying from Black people? I invite Margaret Kimberley to come on up in here and explain to me why Black people must walk a fine line concerning any discussion of the People’s Republic of China over some supposed racism that the Chinese are decrying.

But while racism exists in China, American racism is being used against China. There is a long history of hatred from the days of the Chinese Exclusion Act, to the demonization of “red” China, and now president Xi Jinping labeled as an authoritarian enemy.

That long history of “American racism’ against China has absolutely NOTHING to do with Black people in America. The Chinese do not even experience racism in America if you put what they claim to experience up against what we are dealing with from the whites and from the CHINESE. Talk about that Margaret Kimberley.

Talk about this! Explain this Margaret Kimberley!

Why do Black people like Margaret Kimberley go to bat for some shits that hate our guts? What is wrong with us? Instead of Margaret Kimberley using her platform to speak on reparations, gentrification, the school-to-prison pipeline, mass incarceration, Black people and COVID-19 contractions and deaths, she wants to wax and wane about the U.S. government’s long standing racism aimed at the Chinese. Well, answer me this question. If the U.S. government is so racist towards the Chinese, then why are there so many wealthy Chinese-owned businesses in the U.S.? How are the Chinese experiencing racism? The Chinese are not the faces of poverty. The Chinese are not the faces of the homeless. The Chinese are not the faces of the incarcerated. The Chinese are not the faces of the gentrified. The Chinese are not the faces of the drug addicted. The Chinese are not the faces of the prostitutes who are prostituting their bodies due to a drug habit. The Chinese are not the faces of the school-to-prison pipeline. The Chinese are not the faces of health care disparities. The Chinese are not the face of income disparities and the list is endless. Black people are and yet, Black people are supposed to “walk a fine line concerning any discussion of the People’s Republic of China?” What the hell for? There is not a damn thing that we have done TO the Chinese. That shit’s not on us and I am seriously trying to figure out why Margaret Kimberley wrote that bullshit.

If the Chinese are having ANY problems here in America, then they know what to do. If the Chinese are experiencing ANY racism in America, how so? Because no one can drive down a goddamn street without passing by a Chinese restaurant. No one in the few remaining Black communities can NOT drive by a Chinese-owned ‘hood’ beauty supply store because they are on every corner. The Chinese have cornered the market on beauty supply products for Black women and so what the hell else are we supposed to do to help the Chinese? They’ve gotten every single damn dollar from us that didn’t go to rent or the light bill and so, AGAIN, I ask, “What the hell does Black people owe the Chinese?” Not a goddamn thing and I’m about sick and damn tired of hearing that Black people need to tread lightly over some supposed racism aimed at the Chinese when they ALL hold passports and can drag their asses out of here any time they damn well please. No one is holding them back. The thing is, they want to continue to make bank off those Chinese restaurants and beauty supply stores that cater to Black women. They want to continue to make bank off those nail salons that are owned by them and the Vietnamese. And so why did Margaret Kimberley say nothing about the fact that Black people experiencing racism in America is THE problem, not some supposed racism that the Chinese claim to be experiencing? Who was even looking cross-eyed at the Chinese before coronavirus reared its viral head? No one. Everyone was heading inside a Chinese restaurant or were getting delivery from a Chinese restaurant. Black women were heading inside those beauty supply stores in droves which meant that the Chinese were making bank. Are Black Americans making bank from the Chinese? Hell fucking no! Are ANY Chinese frequenting ANY business that is owned by Black people? Hell fucking no! And so, AGAIN….what the fuck do Black people owe the Chinese and why should we give two goddamns over what the Trump Administration has to say about China? Black Americans did NOT call the coronavirus, that “Chinese virus.” Trump did and so don’t now turn around and tell Black people that we must tread softly for fear of appearing…appearing…what? What the fuck have we done TO the Asians? Not a goddamn thing. We have done plenty FOR the Asians because our hard earned dollars also contributed to making those fuckers extremely wealthy.

And as for what the Chinese are doing to the Africans who dragged their asses to China? What’s that shit to do with Black folks in America? That shit’s on them. The Africans need to sit their ass down in their own African countries and get them sorted out and also throw those Chinese motherfuckers out as well as ALL others that are not Black assed, that’s what the Africans need to do and they won’t have to experience racism at the hands of the Chinese in China. They’ve got no damn business over there in the first goddamn place and so I don’t even want to hear about how they are suffering racist shit aimed at them by the Chinese.

Over here in America, the Chinese are racist as all hell towards Black Americans and that shit is on display, DAILY! But what has Margaret Kimberley said about that? Crickets are chirping. The Chinese here in America have nothing but contempt and hatred for Black Americans and that is a fact. I have seen the Chinese kick a Black woman like she was a dog because she was suspected of stealing their cheap ass shit. If she was suspected of stealing their cheap ass shit, then their responsibility was to call the kkkops, not kick the woman to hell and back. That shows nothing but contempt, hatred and disrespect and yet, I’m supposed to “walk a fine line concerning any discussion of the People’s Republic of China?” Ain’t fucking happening. According to ALL reports, Black people are “The Faces of Coronavirus Deaths” and where did that shit originate? Why, China, of course. And so we have them and this fucked up government to thank for that since the Chinese boarded planes and with the consent of this fucked up government dripped coronavirus all up in this shithole. And since Black people, for the most part, work menial jobs, who did not think that we would be contracting this virus…and in spades? And yet since the flu and many viruses originate in Asian countries, why should those Asians get off so easily? Why should folks tread lightly for them? No one treads lightly for Black Americans and Margaret Kimberley, you know this. So shut the hell up about us Black folks needing to shut up about what those Chinese motherfuckers have dripped over here and the resulting firestorm. We owe the Chinese NOT a goddamn thing!

Margaret Kimberley, you need to get your head out of your ass over this one because you are clearly in the goddamn dark and so your head must be up your ass! Maybe these pictures taken from this video I posted will help you to come up out of the dark!

That Chinese bastard kicked that Black woman like she was a fucking dog! And Margaret Kimberley has yet to say a damn thing about this. What the fuck do we owe the Chinese and why the fuck should we care what these whites and the Trump Administration say about their Chinese asses? We ain’t fucking been saying shit about those motherfuckers!

And here is more evidence of why Black people don’t owe the Chinese a goddamn thing! We should not even be patronizing their restaurants and stores!

Those yellow bastards are tagteaming that Black woman for suspected shoplifting. Even if she had shoplifted, the police were being called and were supposed to take care of the situation. I don’t know why Black women continue to patronize those yellow dogs.

And again!

I guess this is what a Chinese beatdown looks like. And yet Black people, according to Margaret Kimberley over at Black Agenda Report are supposed to stand in solidarity with THIS shit??!! Not fucking happening! Not with me at least. Fuck them! I don’t care if their shit NEVER reopens! It shouldn’t.

And again!

So yeah, Black folks! Margaret Kimberley at Black Agenda Report wants you to continue to patronize those fuckers and to respect that they are experiencing racism from the Trump Administration because of the “CHINESE VIRUS!” What the fuck virus is it? It came from China and so what the fuck should we call it? The “WUHAN GANG VIRUS?”

And again!

Look at that shit! Was ALL of that necessary over some cheap ass junk in a ‘hood’ beauty supply store? Seriously???!!! Getting choked over what? His suspicion of her stealing some fake ass eyelashes! Ain’t worth shit in those damn stores from what I could see from the video.

And this is what the Chinese motherfucker looks like that took it upon himself to kick a Black woman like she was a dog because he suspected her of stealing that cheap shit of theirs in those ‘hood’ beauty supply stores. If he does not like Black people, and the Chinese HATE Black people, then operate those fucking stores in white communities and see how fucking long they stay in business. The whites don’t want that shit. That’s why those Chinese fuckers don’t open up those shitty stores in white neighborhoods. Where would their customer base be? Exactly!

This is the Chinese bastard that kicked that Black woman and choked her over some cheap ass shit he suspected her of stealing. If that were the case, it was a matter for the police to decide. Not him. He had no right to treat that woman in that manner and only after this happened, were there calls from the neighborhood for Black women to boycott the store this fucker owns. That shit should have been shutdown for lack of Black customers long before this incident. We don’t need those racist Chinese. They need our fucking business.

And this is another reminder of what he fucking did to that Black woman. And he’s damn sure as hell, NOT sorry! He is just sorry someone taped that shit and it went viral!

Seriously!!! And the minute those stores are open, inside them, Black women will go. You fucking NEVER learn.

Never will you learn, and more’s the goddamn pity!

Look at that bastard kicking that Black woman, AGAIN. This is what Margaret Kimberley at Black Agenda Report thinks that we as Black people, should be defending against racism. Really???!!!

The day I defend Asians against racism is the day Donald Trump admits that he is a lying, egotistical, narcissistic, misogynistic, racist, bigoted asshole. So when that happens, then I will step in and decry racism against Asians. Asians ain’t experiencing a goddamn thing they don’t want to experience because if they were, then they could take their rich Asian asses on back to their own countries, but they won’t because they have got it too good over here.

I’d like Margaret Kimberley to take a look at the faces of the hungry who are lined up at food banks all across this shithole. She will NOT find a single Asian standing somewhere with cap in hand needing all up and down on some free food from a food bank. But is that the case with those who look like Margaret Kimberley? Need I even answer that? I didn’t fucking think so. But Margaret Kimberley thinks that Black folks in America should be overly concerned about some damn Asians and what Trump calls a damn virus. FUCK.THAT.SHIT. And to prove my point, here are some pictures of lines of people trying to get free food because they’re fucking broke!

Find one Chinese motherfucker standing there. I dare you. They don’t need to stand in the ‘bread line’ because thanks to THEIR virus, they’ve got plenty of kung pao chicken and shrimp fried rice to eat in their closed down restaurants. They can ride this virus shit out for years!

Need more proof? I’m always quite happy to oblige!

I don’t see any Asians in that damn food bank line! None! Nor are they considered to be “The Faces of Coronavirus Deaths” in Amerikkka! Black people have been given that dubious distinction.
It looks like Black people are also “The Faces of Hunger” since there are many of us standing in the food bank line. I wonder has Margaret Kimberley seen this shit. But I guess even if she has, Black people are expected to feel the Asians nonexistent claims of racism against them. They can leave ANY TIME and take Margaret Kimberley’s stupid, clueless ass with them!

So, it would appear that even those Black folks who claim to be ‘woke’ ain’t ‘woke’ because Margaret Kimberley is not as ‘woke’ as she thinks if she believes that some damn racism that Asians are claiming to be victims of is problematic for them since they were not dragged to America like our ancestors were. Those Asians have prospered in America like Black folks never have and never will and so why we should bite our nails and wail and moan over NO plight of theirs, I will never know because beside us, the Asians don’t have a plight. I’ll save my nail biting, wailing and moaning over the plight of people who seriously have a plight; American descendants of slavery. Don’t get the shit twisted. The sky is not falling on the fucking Asians, but the damn sky sure as hell long since has fallen on our asses…and how!

Asians are kicking our ass in their beauty supply stores as well as choking and body slamming our asses, but they are NOT the faces of racism. They are NOT the faces of hunger. They are NOT the faces of poverty. They are NOT the faces of gentrification. Hell! The Asians are aiding and abetting the whites in gentrification. The Asians are not the faces of mass incarceration. They are NOT the faces of the school-to-prison pipeline. They are NOT the faces of health care disparities. They are NOT the faces of income disparities and just what the hell racism are Asians experiencing? Those bastards are rich. They own business after business after business. They live in their own, insulated, gated communities and so what bad shit are they experiencing? Not a damn thing! I don’t have a gnat’s ass worth of feelings of pity or solidarity with Asians. They don’t have a plight. They are NOT experiencing racism. They are just complaining because a virus that originated in Wuhan, China has made its way all across this planet and now that it has been declared a pandemic, all eyes have focused on China, and in my opinion, rightly so especially since this virus is impacting those who look like me since we are frontline workers. FUCK.THE.CHINESE. They are not to be pitied and they damn sure don’t need any pity from Black people. We shouldn’t even have enough pity to go around, as it is. Who the fuck is pitying American descendants of slavery? No damn body, that’s who and Margaret Kimberley at Black Agenda Report, you fucking know this! Someone, send this over to her stupid ass!

7 thoughts on “Racism: In And Against China by Margaret Kimberley, Senior Columnist At Black Agenda Report

      1. “I love Black Agenda Report but this was quite a rebuttal.”

        I have always headed over to Black Agenda Report to read their Wednesday posts since that is the day that the new posts are up. But when I saw this one, I had to run with it especially since every other Black Agenda Report article is ALL about how American descendants of slavery are “The Faces of Coronavirus Deaths” and yet, this shit is on there as well. How Margaret Kimberley could even post what she did is a complete and utter mystery to me.

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    1. Thank you Caleb. As you can see, I back my shit up with receipts. I don’t just get on here and spout useless shit with not a shred of evidence. Margaret Kimberley is talking out of her ass on this one and needs to be called out on it. They are always over there at Black Agenda Report calling out what they call “The Black Misleadership,” but fail to call their own damn asses out. I’ll be more than happy to do that for them.

      Thanks again Caleb.

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  1. I didn’t read the original article, but this was a good rebuttal to what this Margaret Kimberley individual said. Adding onto your point, in New York (I think it’s statewide), the Asian community can call a special hotline when they are discriminated. It would be one thing if Black people got the same hotline for discrimination, police brutality, etc at the same time, but this hotline was made after Coronavirus was running rampant. Also, this piece of legislation was made by a Black politician.

    Interestingly enough, Africa is starting to make moves by kicking out Chinese people in Zimbabwe’s hospitals and Guinea threatened street justice against their Asiatic colonizers if the authorities aren’t going to do anything. I guess after the McDonald’s incident and the hotel expulsions in China, Black people worldwide are starting to wake up more and fight back.

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    1. Ospreyshire, I read about that hotline. There were a mess of articles about Asians dealing with racism. One article has some Asian woman moaning and wailing about how the whites didn’t want her to “play in any of their reindeer games” when she was going to school with them. She even went so far as to say that when she would go home from school, she would cry and stand in the mirror and look at herself and wonder why she wasn’t born ‘Caucasian’ as opposed to ‘Asian’. That’s some messed up shit right there that even though those Asians make bank thanks to the whites allowing them to come over here to the U.S. and open up Asian themed restaurant after Asian themed restaurant as well as beauty supply stores AND dry cleaners, they are still screeching about racism. How the hell are they experiencing racism when the whites along with our Black asses have made them BILLIONAIRES.

      At every economic downturn, NEVER..and I mean NEVER do you see the Asians somewhere proclaiming POVERTY status and you NEVER will. The Asians, and that includes the Chinese have nothing to complain about. And if those fuckers feel that they need a goddamn ‘racism hotline’, then they can feel free to drag their asses on back to wherever they originated from because they damn sure as hell ain’t indigenous to this shithole, nor were their ancestors dragged here.

      And for Margaret Kimberley to talk that bullshit knowing that if the Asians, at any point in time in this shithole, were subjected to racism, it was because they wanted to be because they CHOSE to come to America and put up with that shit, but they fucking got rich for their efforts. American descendants of slavery did NOT! And so the Chinese can just sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. They are not poverty stricken, hungry, homeless and incarcerated by the millions like we are. Where are the glaring examples of racism that Asians are experiencing? I don’t see ANY of that shit!

      Also, where is the goddamn hotline for American descendants of slavery to call when we are experiencing racism? The goddamn hotline would blow the fuck up or meltdown from overuse and so, AGAIN, where is the goddamn racism that Asians are experiencing since even now, the whites are opening up racism hotlines for their damn asses?

      As for the Africans finally finding some goddamn balls from somewhere and beginning to give that Asian shit their walking papers, all I can say to that is, “About damn time!” I would have long since kicked those goddamn racist ass Asians from ALL African countries and nations. They don’t mean those Africans no good over there. Those Asians want to screech about how they are helping to build roads and bridges in Africa. Of course they are. To steal Africa’s resources and haul them the fuck outta Africa while the Africans are busy running all across this planet trying to ‘better’ their lives while leaving Asians and Caucasians to steal their shit. What sense does that shit make? NONE! Again, it’s about damn time they grew some fucking balls! Let’s see how far they run with them.

      Ospreyshire, thanks for your comment.


      1. Gotcha. I wondered if you heard about the hotline story. The timing was so insane and it was only made because of the Coronavirus situation. About that women complaining about not being “Caucasian” instead of being Asian just shows how much self-hate she has, and that’s coming from me. I may have my own self-esteem issues and part of it stemmed from bigoted comments and actions towards me, but even I didn’t get to the point where I hated my ethnic background to the point of completely altering it. She really has no room to talk.

        That’s a good point, and it’s something I didn’t think about whenever there was a recession or anything like that. They have their own businesses, communities, and other financial means such as tontines for example (credit to Dr. Amos Wilson for that fact).

        It’s certainly inarguable about their immigration being totally voluntary. While I won’t deny the bad things that happened to those communities in America like the railroad worker mistreatment, Asian Expulsion Act, or the Japanese internment camps, those are minuscule compared to the ongoing plight of the ADOS community writ large.

        Exactly my point about how come there isn’t an ADOS hotline! The phones would be off the hook on a daily basis. Not only that, but if any Black person were to make a suggestion for said hotline especially after the Asian one was put in place in NY, then they would be called reverse racists for even ASKING about it. Of course, I hate that term “reverse racism” for the same reasons that you and any sane person would knowing the fallacious claim that it is.

        I know, right? Interestingly enough, before you replied to me, I found a video from one of Dr. Mumbi’s news posts that shows cell phone footage of Nigerians destroying a Chinese business. If I’m not mistaken, then I think it might be the same one where one of the bosses locked the Nigerians for days. Talk about karma if that was the same one. Even South Africa has been getting in by arresting a Chinese person doing the same thing. It’s all neo-colonialist garbage with them exploiting the resources. The roads and trains are trojan horses, if you will. If these African nations sold their minerals, oil, and resources at fair market price, then people will be making some serious Mansa Musa cheddar over there. I do hope this leads to some action towards that direction.

        Thank you.

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