Nurse Caught Stealing Dead COVID-19 Patient’s Credit Card

Anybody want to say, “Thank You??!! to Danielle Conti”

Nurse arrested in theft of credit card from dying COVID-19 patient, police say

A nurse at a New York City hospital was arrested Thursday after police say she stole a credit card from a patient who later died of COVID-19.

Danielle Conti, 43, took a credit card from a 70-year-old patient while he was being treated at Staten Island University Hospital, the NYPD said. Conti is facing charges of grand larceny, petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property, police said.

The hospital released a statement to local media Thursday saying that Conti, who was hired in 2007, has been temporarily suspended and faces termination over the felony charges.

WOW! Let’s send some more ‘thank you’ notes and free meals to nurses and more than likely other health care professionals who are murdering our loved ones while at the same time, stealing their shit. Ain’t that some shit!

A man who was in his death throes and was in mortal agony as he tried to gasp for air was being ignored as he lay dying while a nurse was rummaging through the dying man’s pockets to steal whatever was in them. The article goes on to state that the dead man’s relatives “went to pick up [their] father’s things, several items were missing, including his cellphone, eyeglasses, two cellphone chargers, money and a buzzer.”

So, the nurse stole not only a dead man’s credit card, but even stole his eyeglasses, cellphone chargers, money AND a buzzer??!!! Those in the medical profession are ALL heart! How in the world do those skanks sleep at night knowing that they don’t give a damn about the patients who are not there to get their nails and hair done, but are in a hospital because they need to be taken care of since they are mortally ill? What sort of creature does that to the most vulnerable? People who are in no state to object over their mistreatment and theft of their belongings because they are desperately trying to breathe while heavily sedated? And so if anyone is still wondering why so many Black people have died as a result of contracting COVID-19, this would be another reason why. With racism as the law of the land and then factor in those creatures that will steal from the dead and think nothing of it, well, there you go. And with Black peoples’ pockets already empty when they head inside a hospital, they’re going to get even less treatment since there is nothing to steal from them anyway and so who the fuck cares whether they live or die? Black people are seen as inferior to whites and add in the fact that they are poverty stricken and the nurses and doctors can’t even steal shit they ain’t got, and, AGAIN, there you go.

I just cannot make this shit up! Here you all are, since I’m NOT including myself, bending over backwards to show love to so-called ‘frontline’ workers at hospitals when those same workers that you are giving shout outs and free meals to are sending your loved one to meet his/her maker while at the same time, stealing their shit. Nine times out of ten, they’ve been doing this and the grief stricken loved ones of the deceased just never remembered that their loved ones items were missing. They more than likely assumed that the missing items were lost or misplaced because never in their wildest dreams could they conjure up thieving nurses and other hospital personnel taking their loved ones shit as they lay dying most horribly.

And then some have the nerve to wonder why the U.S. leads the world in COVID-19 cases? Really???!! Here is one of the explanations because with thieves and liars working in hospitals, there is no trust factor whatsoever since they are busy turning the pockets of their patients out with a gleam in their eye when they see something of value that they can steal. This shit over here could care less about their patients and don’t even think that Black people are getting the care that they should receive. We already know our ass is grass inside a hospital, a primary doctor’s office and a psych quack’s office. We don’t fucking stand a chance and yet we are expected to WANT to head inside a hospital and have a thieving Nazi bend over us and expect to get better. Like hell that shit’s going to happen.

No, I do NOT thank those thieving, lying, self-serving Nazis for a goddamn thing. What the hell for? No one really knows the true extent of this thieving shit done by those criminals who should be in jail. And the dead man’s daughter said that the very last thing she needs is to have to deal with the criminal prosecution of a thief who stole from her dead father; dead from COVID-19 or was it from neglect? Since it would seem that the nurses were more interested in what was inside the patient’s pockets.

Black folks, I don’t care if they lift every single restriction on this shithole, don’t fall for the whites shit because as you can see, the shit that you are going to be subjected to is not going to be for your benefit when those thieves and liars inside hospitals cannot even keep their thieving hands off of the personal belongings of dying patients. You don’t have shit to begin with and so you should already know that you are going to be left to rot. Hell! You’d better not even have some gold plated teeth in your mouth because they’d probably grab those and try and pawn them. I put nothing past whites and neither should you. This is just some sick ass shit. So hell no! I don’t ‘thank’ those criminals for a goddamn thing because I know that if I came down with COVID-19, I can just hang it up because I am damn sure NOT heading inside one of those Nazi facilities fronting as hospitals. Fuck THAT shit!

14 thoughts on “Nurse Caught Stealing Dead COVID-19 Patient’s Credit Card

  1. The Amerikkkan propaganda relations agencies, the traditional news outlets for Another White Century, encourage “patriotic” icons that frame everything in terms of the heroes (all white unless fashioned to glorify the great white way) and the knee-jerk reaction that keep the attention on the sleight of hand — it doesn’t hurt to have a lifelong con artist in the Oval Office.
    I have been in enough hospitals to know how the white-supremacist system makes the Amerikkkan health-care delivery look like something that it decidedly is not. All the true believers hang out the windows to clang pots and pans for hospital workers cast in the same die (including those who “die” in plain sight). Don’t trust your own eyes if murderers “operate” without compunction. And follow the futures market for human organs.

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    1. Bill, again, you’ve said a mouthful.

      Those thieves and liars and organ traffickers are being lauded as though they are heroes and some more shit when they are just stinking shit! They are not the torch bearers of health, human decency, morality, respect for the sick and dying and nor are they the tireless warriors that go to battle for their patients. They are a patient’s worse nightmare. This is why the health care system here in the states is NOT on par with ANY OTHER industrialized nation’s health care system. People who can, go outside of the U.S. to get procedures done and not only just because it’s cheaper, but because they will have a better outcome.

      Speaking for myself, I have never fared the better for seeking treatment at a doctor’s office or at a hospital and I avoid them like the plague. They turn perfectly healthy bodies and minds into something unrecognizable. People who were healthy are not so after those Nazis get done with them. And why does every single goddamn PRESCRIPTION always have worse side effects than what the shit is supposed to cure? That is ALL done by design. I once read that the rain forests contain everything a body needs to be healthy; all from plant life. We don’t need this Nazi shit. We’d be better off without out it, but a profit has to be made because even health care is a product of CAPITALISM.

      And Donald Trump only has to open his bigoted, racist, stupid piehole and he’s got a bunch of dumbasses hanging on to his every word; hence why there were so many calls to the Poison Control Center from those dumbasses trying to ingest bleach and Lysol after he foolishly yarned on and on about that shit as a cure for coronavirus. I’m not surprised though because over a decade ago when Sunlight Dish Lotion came on the market, dumbasses were drinking that because the label read; “Has REAL LEMON JUICE in it.” What.The.Fuck. I throw my hands up! How can people be so damn stupid??!!!!

      But here we have a nurse stealing from a dying 70 year old COVID-19 patient while Amerikkka throws rose petals and takes up collections and pays for free hotel stays for those lying thieves to kill their loved ones and then steal their loved ones possessions. What fucking sense does that make? But as long as Donald Trump heralds them as heroes and saviors, everyone and their damn dog will jump on the bandwagon. But not me, never me! To hell with those depraved skanks. They can’t do shit for me but stay the hell away from me.

      Bill, I thank you for yet another spot on comment.


  2. Thanks, Shelby.

    The site that gets the most hits regarding the organ-donor process on Google is Here is how they address the question on their FAQ:

    *Does my social and/or financial status play any part in whether or not I will receive an organ if I ever need one?*

    No. A national system matches available organs from the donor with people on the waiting list based on blood type, body size, how sick they are, donor distance, tissue type and time on the list. Race, income, gender, celebrity and social status are never considered.

    The more brazen the bald-faced lie, the more likely will that lie get passed around as “conventional wisdom.” In other words: Everybody knows that [insert lie here].

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    1. That would be laughable if it weren’t so horrific. They cannot be serious!!! Are people seriously missing the obvious in that FAQ??!! First of all, we KNOW that Black people are NOT getting any donated organs. We know who is getting the organs, donated or not and mostly NOT! “Body size?” “Distance?” WTF? Well, they can just explain why it is that celebrities have been tested, not once, but twice for COVID-19. They can just explain why animals in zoos have been tested for COVID-19 when ‘humans’ are still waiting on tests because ‘they’ say that there aren’t enough test kits. They fly those damn organs to wherever the hell the most money is coming for that organ. Who foolishly believes that some poor schmuck is going to get an organ when some rich motherfucker needs it and can pay out the ass for it? Didn’t war criminal Dick Cheney get someone’s heart? I fucking rest my case!

      When my cousin was in Johns Hopkins Hospital, what I heard when I passed by someone’s room would curl your toes and that is one reason why I fought like hell to get my cousin the HELL OUT OF JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL and of course, what entity is keeping tabs and figures on coronavirus victims? Why JOHNS HOPKINS, of course. Why are Black Baltimoreans faring so poorly when it comes to health care with world renowned JOHNS HOPKINS hospital dead center in Baltimore? The answer should be obvious. Has everyone forgotten the studies that were done on poor Black Baltimoreans in regards to lead paint and its effects on poor Black children? And let us not forget what JOHNS HOPKINS hospital did to Henrietta Lacks. Her family is still suing those Nazis. And let us also NOT forget the fact that JOHNS HOPKINS hospital ALLOWED one of its ob/gyns to tape ALL BLACK women when performing exams on them. His exam room was outfitted like a photographer’s studio and JOHNS HOPKINS hospital had no idea about any of that??!!! Seriously??!!! The sum of money that each individual woman received for what was done to them was piddling. If that had been WHITE women he had secretly taped, the hospital would have had to close several wings because of the outrageous amounts of lawsuit outcomes and don’t we all fucking know this! I am OUTRAGED all over this again because I met women who had been violated by that piece of shit that taped those women while examining them when he worked FOR JOHNS HOPKINS hospital. Why my head has not exploded, is a complete and utter mystery to me.

      Bill, I don’t know whether to thank you for that or get to cussing, I am that enraged over all of this. But believe me, I am not mad at you.

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      1. The lies began as soon as European imperialists discovered endless treasures and resources to steal, a genocide to proceed from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego, the industrial revolution’s “need” for slaves, Manifestly Deceptive Destiny. Every single crime gets justified by the need to bring civilization and Western “values” under the rules ordained by history. It allows them to keep the theft going. Equal opportunity to anyone who does match the expectations of the overlords is a myth. In short, exploitation is viewed as divinely intended and birthright by dint of European origin. A naturally evolving mechanism that explains away every commission and omission. Doctors are allowed an infinite of space and time for their crimes, particularly when they ply their trade in “learning hospitals” like Johns Hopkins.

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      2. Bill, when I moved back to Baltimore, MD in 2016, I wanted to get back with a doctor who was a wonderful doctor when I lived in Baltimore in the mid 90s. He used to have his own office on Charles Street, but he was affiliated with Sinai Hospital. Well, they made him close his location on Charles Street and he had to start seeing his patients at Sinai Hospital and so even when I started going to Sinai, he was still great back in the 90s. Well, fast forward to 2016 and I requested to have him again as my Primary Care doctor. BIG fucking mistake! He had changed so damn much, I hardly recognized him. When he would come into the exam room, you could tell that his mind was elsewhere. And when I would start talking about what brought me in to see him, the door would open and someone would tell him that he was needed on the phone. He’d excuse himself while I’m sitting there with my mouth hanging open. He’d then come back into the room, having completely forgotten what we were talking about and then he’d ask me what were we discussing. I got 5 minutes of his time, his body was in the room, but his attention wasn’t really in the room for even those 5 minutes. The next time I went to see him, he would have forgotten that he had told me to stop taking a particular medication and I’d have to remind him of what he’d previously said. Suffice it to say, I had a procedure done that I did NOT need to have done simply because he told me that I would get really, really sick if I did not get the procedure. I went ahead with the procedure and to this day, I regret it. The last time I saw him, I actually took a card with his name on it and that is when I saw that he was now TEACHING STUDENTS AT JOHNS HOPKINS. I don’t know why the floor didn’t open up and swallow me, I was that floored.

        Where I am now, Black people are terrified to even go to doctors. When I am out and about, I hear about so many who are sick and just about dead because they are too afraid to go to these white ‘doctors’. We have NOT forgotten ALL of the experiments that white butchers aka doctors have subjected our ancestors to as well as us and the field of gynecology is what it is today because of the horrors perpetrated on female slaves by white male parasites and not only that, but the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment was just the tip of the iceberg. We cannot trust whites AT.ALL.

        When my current doctor asked me for the THIRD time if I wanted a flu shot, for the THIRD time, I said, “NO!” What part of “NO!” did he not understand the first two times? White doctors don’t even listen to Black patients and that is a fact admitted by them. White ‘doctors’ have even admitted that they don’t think that Black patients feel pain like white patients do and we are supposed to trust THAT shit??!!! We have a governor here in Virginia that has got himself up in a Klan outfit and ‘Black face’ and he is a goddamn pediatrician and so Black Amerikkka is supposed to wonder why we are fucked up??!! Hardly!!!!

        So yeah, the whites’ crimes are always justified by them. They ALWAYS claim to be benevolent and humanitarian when they could NOT even get next to those words without bursting into flames for being the flaming liars that they are. Whites are masters of DECEPTION; that is a goddamn well documented fact! And yeah, what they are ‘learning’ at JOHNS HOPKINS is the same shit that they have been practicing for hundreds of years and we would do well to steer clear of that shit! I’d rather go out on MY terms than go out on theirs.

        Thank you for your comment.


  3. Shelby I’ve been off the internet for sometime, but thanks to this whole pandemic I have some extra time on my hands, and your writing is still as good as I remember it. This whole case of nurses stealing stuff is pretty common, heck my mother’s blood was stolen from her when she was at the hospital cause she caught a bacterial infection that almost caused her arm to be amputated cause the doctor was too stupid to not notice it was a severe infection, she literally almost died cause of some idiot doctors mistake. She knew her blood was stolen as a different nurse already took her blood before, and they are by law only supposed to take a certain amount of blood they took more than they were supposed to. And now last year on new years eve my grandfather got murdered by some stupid latinos kids as the police called them, when they’re 19 to 20 years of age, they are not kids, if I’m considered an adult and I’m 19, they sure aren’t kids either, but I guess since I’m black I can’t be considered a kid regardless of my age in this stupid society,
    since we’re all viewed as an adult even if we’re 9 years old, like many other black children that have been murdered and labled as adults, and now the police won’t do nothing even though witnesses there said she and her friends were drinking or on drugs, but the police didn’t test those stupid pieces of shit, cause they thought my grandpa was a homeless man and the stupid girlsa latina and it’s south Florida so of course they’d believe that skank, was not drinking even though there was empty beer bottles in the car since as they told us they and the girl who killed my grandfather is “young” she’s the same age as me but she was arrested for a violent crime and released early guess she might have gotten her bail paid from her man that left the scene. It’s funny how if I was in that girls situation drinking and drag racing with her friends and killed a man and tried to run from the scene my face would be all over the news.

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    1. Mary, I am SO very sorry that your grandfather was murdered! And those Latin motherfuckers that committed this most heinous crime should be underneath a prison, for life, if not heading to Death Row. Black people barely live long enough to become grandparents and when they do, their life should NOT be snuffed out by some damn drunken pieces of shit that’s labeled ‘kids’ and then nothing is done to them.

      I have long been telling Black folks that those Latino motherfuckers are NOT our friend. ADOS have NO friends. We never will have any friends and we never had any friends and that is NEVER going to change! But Black folks are on some dumb ass time in trying to take up for our enemies even as our enemies are kicking our asses, daily.

      As for those Nazis that make up the ‘medical profession’, as you’ve most likely read my comment above, I put nothing, absolutely NOTHING past those filthy, debased, depraved monsters! They ALWAYS do more harm than good; that’s their main goal. Any oath they take is the HYPOCRITE oath because those hypocrites get lauded for the vile ass shit they do to people, but they’ll never get lauded for fucking us up by me. Never that! And I am sorry that your mother experienced what she did, and that is why so many Black people actually refuse to see those skanks because they know that they are NOT going to get better, those skanks are only going to see that our lives are made worse because what they do to us is intentional and it is usually lethal. We don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell when it comes to dealing with doctors, nurses and those quack psych pieces of shit. And don’t even get me started on the poisons they fill us with and call it ‘curing’ the patient by giving the patient lethal toxic shit which then leads to more diagnoses which then leads to more lethal toxic shit that we are supposed to get from big pharma. It is ALL just a means to continue to rev up CAPITALISM to those Nazis because no doctor is worth their weight in salt, bar none.

      Mary, I thank you for your comment.

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  4. Also shelby I noticed I have hardly been getting notifications for your writing it seems when people tell the truth, they get buried by the liars and silencers, or just flat out blocked or sent to the trash. At this point I can hardly care if this country falls, I don’t care if I’m called unpatriotic for it. I’ve learned how to grow food, how to make herbal teas and medicines, and how to harvest cotton from trees and turn them into fabric. As someone that’s always been antisocial this quarantine doesn’t bother me, I just find it funny that people especially the white ones can’t handle staying with their families, when they were complaining about not being able to spend time with their families, domestic violence, spousal murder, and divorce filing rates has skyrocketed with white people who claim to be the most civilized. Yet that’s not happening to black people the irony, as the media portrays black people as having unstable households and families yet domestic violence and spousal murder hasn’t skyrocketed among us like the media thought it would.

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    1. Mary, you are not the first person to tell me that they had difficulties receiving notifications for this blog. Hell! Half the time, my own posts don’t even show up on my ‘reader’. And so I know they’ve consigned my blog to the outer limits of the world wide web. How anyone even has a clue that this blog exists is a complete and utter mystery to me because I damn sure ain’t about to play along with what the lamestream media is about. In here, you’ll get a heaping helping of the truth and not some fluff shit that’s a pack of lies.

      I welcome being considered UNPATRIOTIC. In fact I wrote a blog titled, “Label Me Unpatriotic, PLEASE!!” I could give a rat’s ass about this shithole and this pandemic is nothing to me. Hell! I was hoping for some huge ass shit to come down the pike and help put paid to this shithole and VOILA! Coronavirus to the rescue! I am loving it! I am a recluse and an avid book reader and I don’t go no damn where anyway especially since I hate whites, crowds, heat, long lines and flies and so as long as I got my recliner, my reading lamp and a stack of books beside me, I’m good. The whites can reopen this shithole anytime they damn well please, but they’ll be at the beaches, in bars and on planes by their damn selves if they expect my ass to join them because that ain’t happening. Some folks are calling this pandemic, a hoax. I don’t give a damn what it is, all I know is that it’s got whites going the fuck off, demanding that they be allowed to get away from their own damn family members. I blogged about that as well, right here. I knew the shit was going to get to them, and sooner than later because they hate their own family members.

      An average day for whites is the hubby goes off to play golf and then kick back with some drinks at the country club, while the wife is off to the spa and then off for drinks with friends while the kiddies are getting on some teacher’s last nerves in a private school and everyone only meets up at night when it’s time to head to bed and back to the same routine the next day. And the government thought that those whites that like THAT daily routine were going to sit still and be with family they can’t stand to see for more than 5 minutes a day? Hell! I knew that shit was going to be short lived. Whites don’t have any feelings; they are incapable of love, that is quite obvious. I already knew that we were going to hear of divorces, spousal abuse, child abuse and some more shit coming from the whites because they’ve got the money and there’s been no one telling them that they couldn’t do what the fuck they wanted to do, but when the government started doing that shit, I knew it wasn’t going to go over very well. I was just sitting back waiting for the fallout and it sure didn’t take long for the fallout to commence. Restaurants are in such a rush to reopen that they’ve hung shower curtains between tables. What the fuck is that going to do? But hey! If that will make the whites feel safe as they dine on coronavirus, then I’m ALL for it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      So, they can go on out and get their haircuts. They can head onto the beaches and get drunk and mix and mingle. They can go to the spa, get on a plane and hell, they can even get back on a cruise ship for all I care, but I’ll not be joining them. They can have that shit ALL to themselves. They deserve one another.

      And of course that shit was not going to affect Black households because we are used to the shit since we ain’t got the money to head to Disney World every time some snot nosed entitled brat screams for it. We don’t have the money to just board a cruise ship and roam the seas. We’re the goddamn ‘frontline’ workers who are expected to wait on the whites, hand in foot, while they sit back and complain about what the fuck they can’t do. Well, this pandemic is most definitely going to get around to affecting them in a big ass way and when it does, I am going to gleefully post the shit right here, even if Worstpress tries to hide my shit! Fuck em!

      Mary, thank you for your comment.

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  5. Looking at any of the photographs of those “do not tread on me” crowds of ignorant free-dumb patriots tell you all there is to know about the lazy, self-whiteous, entitled, pampered, decadent, depraved, all the other adjectives that come to mind. Today they were out on Huntington Beach, California pleading to a return to instant gratification. They can’t take enough selfies of their marching carcasses claiming that they have been put under house arrest, quoting Patrick Henry about “giving them liberty or giving them death” — and I will pass on the death to as many as possible, believing every word that their Savior Emperor God Trump slurs out every waking hour. The Corona virus makes no deals but it loves to see how many viruses can squeeze onto an expectorated droplet propelled into a mist from 1500 marchers at Huntington Beach today. I don’t recall seeing any Black faces among those patriots.

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    1. Bill, let them take ALL the ‘selfies’ they want, but those ‘selfies’ are not going to do them any good when they are lying on a COVID-19 hospital ward, trying to fucking breathe. Summer is approaching and warm weather is here and the whites were going to go to the beach regardless of who said what and now that they are on the beaches, I’ve read that Florida is now seeing an uptick in coronavirus cases. So, let the whites go ahead and dig their own grave. Someone told me that even Houston, TX is now allowing dine in and so, they can just head right on inside those restaurants, part the shower curtain that’s been installed to keep coronavirus at bay and dine until they cannot fucking breathe. Let them go right ahead! I hope it’s worth it.

      And of course you are not going to see any Black faces somewhere marching screeching that stupid shit about “Give me liberty or give me death!” because we are standing on an Amazon warehouse floor contracting coronavirus while filling bins with nail polish for some white-assed Amazon prime members. We are frontline workers in hospitals trying to save white asses with bandanas on our faces as PPE. We are bagging groceries at Costco and Kroger and ringing up purchases at Walmart and Target and Trader Joe’s. We are in meat packing plants still trying to get meat on the table since Donald Trump has signed an executive order that meat packing plants had better remain open. So, we don’t have time to head for the beach and take ‘selfies’. We are too busy contracting coronavirus at our minimum wage jobs. But the whites can know this, this shit is going to equal out; they’ll not continue to come out ahead and that is a fact.

      Bill, thank you for your comment.


  6. Shelby you are so great and I like the fact that you don’t hold yourself back and say the truth without fear!
    Yeah long time ago I learned on my own skin that we blacks regardless
    of our ages,they will never see us as innocents but they will always see us like adult people!
    I think beacause of our skin colours and feature are more dominate respect a plane white kids that even when we are kids they see as treath but not as innocent black kids!
    The way I see child is child,but I don’t see white kids so innocent,even in early age they have these malignant grimace inside their eyes,due my horrible childhood I had with them!
    They already know to be superior and better than you!
    Because of their psycho parents they already teach them from young age this sickness calling”white supremacy”!
    For sure I will never let my children play whit their kids or let them go in their houses,my bad experiences with them
    has teached me that never trust a wp even is a child!
    Wp =troubles,stay away as much you can from them!
    Now in my adult ages finaly I don’t have anymore troubles because I refuse to deal with them at all,and I let them know from the begin that I don’t want their friendship!
    One day this ww was walking in front of me with her daughter,so you can image that I was completely doing my own business, listening to the music in my ears.
    Suddenly this bitch she turned to stare at me, she was giving me this disgusting evil look at me,me I don’t care what gender you are and I am not afraid of anyone!
    I gave her back a very cold stare that made her to drag her daughter away and move to the other side of the street!
    I don’t give fuck about them how the way they looking at us!
    Slimy pathetic scumbags they are,they are the first thieves on this planet how they fuck have stolen lands,countries and cultures who don’t belong to them!
    How they had fuck up with the life of anyone,just because of their fucking greediness!
    I am so glad Shelby you said how much they hate their own family members and how they don’t give a fuck about each other!
    Yeah due of lockdown they are losing their shits,because being locked in their houses they are killing and murdering each other!
    These are good news for me,because in these critical situations you can clearly see for what really they are,worst the animals and beasts!


    1. qnubian, I don’t fear the whites. What the fuck they gone to do to me? I’m already on the bottom and so what the fuck else can I lose? My life? We’re ALL going to die, even those nasty pasty skanks. But as long as I am still breathing, I am going to continue to show those shameless shits up for what they are; depraved, debased, psychopathic, criminal, murdering, lying, thieving parasites! They ain’t got to like what they are being pointed out to them, but there it is all the same and what’s more, they recognize the shit because they are that shit!

      And white baby parasites are not to be looked at as innocent. When I was working for a company in the early 80s, those whites would bring those ugly ass pasty faced baby parasites around to me exclaiming, “Ain’t he/she cute?” I said, “Hell fucking no!” “Get that ugly shit away from me!” I was called into the goddamn office and told that I was not nice and to stop saying that. I said, “When these whites stop being racist and stop talking about Black people lacking table manners, that we got no hair and we’re stupid, then I’ll stop talking about their ass!” And since they didn’t shut the fuck up about us, I didn’t shut the fuck up about them. Hell! I didn’t care if I was fired especially since they weren’t paying a goddamn thing anyway and I had a second job. I always kept a fucking ace in the hole. I’m not about to kowtow to some damn racist ass pieces of shit. Fuck the whites! They don’t mean shit to me. They never have and they never will! And so they can just shut that shit up about me being nice to their damn skank, racist asses!

      Qnubian, the shit is getting so bad over here that even corporate lawyers are being laid off. HA! I’m loving it! That’s why Trump was hell bent on reopening this shithole because the whites were losing their shit! They’re terrified of joining the ranks of the homeless because the decades long homeless would kick the newly homeless asses from here to kingdom come, especially since tent space is at a premium over here. Hell! I just saw the news out of Minnesota and they are trying to get the homeless to go into some pods the city officials in Minneapolis have erected because the homeless are too scared to go into homeless shelters since there can be no ‘social distancing’ in a homeless shelter. And I should know because I spent a night in one a few months ago and ain’t no way in hell, there could be some ‘social distancing’ going on all up in that filthy shithole that was almost as bad as being in prison. I fucking wouldn’t want to stay in those nasty ass homeless warehouses either. But now some lawyers are screeching and wailing and even some architects as well since they are losing their jobs thanks to this pandemic. I figured the shit would get around to just about everyone besides the filthy rich like Warren Buffet. I read an article the other day that stated that the middle class is now descending into the poverty class. Well, they can just pull up a chair beside me and hunker down. The breadlines are miles long and the shit is getting worse by the nanosecond because while Amerikkka is on the verge of starving, those who raise animals for human consumption are killing them by the thousands because the meat packing plants have had to close due to so many coronavirus cases in them. And not to mention, vegetables are being left to rot and are then tossed out by the ton because the migrant workers are falling ill and the whites don’t want those jobs. They just want the shit to show up at their fucking doors like magic. They don’t give a shit how it gets there or what it took to get there, but now, the shit’s barely getting there because it’s either been killed or rotted. Coronavirus is “THE PERFECT STORM” to bring this shithole down and there ain’t no bouncing back from this like it did after the 2008-2009 economic downturn. The job loss is worse than that of The Great Depression. So what the hell are they going to call this? “THE END?” A most fitting end it would be too.

      And of course I was going to state how much the whites hate their family members because that is also a well documented fact. Why else are they howling to get out of their McMansions? I’ve seen the faces of some of the whites that have been cooped up with their families and the looks on their faces are hilarious. They are crying and some more shit and some of them are fucking so-called ‘celebrities’. They are fucking rich and can’t stand to be around their families and they’ve got all sorts of entertainment and shit for their little hellions to engage in and yet, they are giving interviews talking about how they cannot wait to get away from their own damn family members and yet I am supposed to believe that whites could ever give a shit about me and those who look like me? Like hell I do!

      Qnubian, the whites are their own worst enemy. We don’t need to do anything but sit back and watch them fuck themselves up and that is exactly what they are doing. Hell! Carnival Cruise Lines just announced that they are going to start cruises back up. They know that whites are so fucking desperate to get away from FAMILY that they’d even get back on a petri dish and not only contract coronavirus, but norovirus as well. HA! I can’t wait for that shit to get back up and running. And wait til Disney World reopens, those pasty assed snot nosed entitled brats will be the first to press their noses up against the gates as they open them. Hey! Let them at it! And good fucking riddance!

      Take care, qnubian and thank you for your comment.


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