According To Joe Biden, “I Ain’t Black!”

I wish that bastard would tell that to the damn Klan when they pull my Black ass over for nothing, other than because they can. I wish that bastard would tell the retail clerks in the stores who follow me around because their racist asses see me as Black and automatically ASSUME that I am going to steal some shit. I with that bastard would tell the prison system that’s locking my ass up in the millions because I’m Black. I wish that bastard would tell the teacher that’s putting me out of her class because of my natural hair, in her eyes, is against school rules and my hair is what it is because I’m supposedly BLACK. I wish that bastard would tell the bank that’s denying me a loan for a house that “I ain’t Black!” and so get on with loaning me the money I need. I wish that bastard would tell my doctor that doesn’t listen to me when I try and talk to him about my health that, “I ain’t Black!” because maybe then, he’d take what I say to ‘heart’. I could go on and on in this vein, but what would be the point?

Biden Says He Regrets Saying Black Voters ‘Ain’t Black’ if They’re Considering Trump

The only reason that racist bastard is talking about that he is regretting stating that Black people ain’t Black if we are considering voting for Trump’s racist ass over his racist ass is because of the resulting firestorm that his stupid, racist words ignited. He meant that shit! And to just state that the motherfucker is gaffe prone is to excuse the racist shit he says. He is no less racist than Trump and so what the hell is there to vote for??!!! Not a goddamn thing!! Ain’t no white man gonna do a fucking thing for Black people because if they were, would our damn situation be what it is today? And it really doesn’t matter if a half-breed is at the helm or a complete parasite because the outcome is still going to be the same. Black people need to seriously try and find ANYTHING that goddamn Obama did for us. Yeah! Look the fuck around you! You ain’t gonna see a goddamn thing and yet the only candidate the Democrats could come up with is some piece of shit that hung off Obama’s coattails. Joe Biden is an old school racist just like Trump is. Joe Biden’s closet is filled with his racist rhetoric and so what does that say for Barack Obama? Not a goddamn thing FOR him, but plenty AGAINST his ass! Black folks, you ain’t in no better position for having had Barack Obama as president and Joe Biden as his VP and you fucking know this and yet, there you went, inside a voting booth and now Joe Biden is the pick of the litter, and litter, he is.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, on Friday afternoon expressed regret for telling a radio host that black voters torn between voting for him and President Trump “ain’t black,” remarks that ignited a firestorm online.

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t black,” Mr. Biden said.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., said such “arrogant and condescending” comments are not surprising considering Biden’s record in “sponsoring a crime bill in the 1990s that jailed more African-American males than any other legislation.”

Joe Biden is so damn low that I would not even invite him to kiss my ass from a goddamn distance. Why ANY American descendant of slavery would vote for his racist ass just because he was Obama’s VP would be a complete and utter mystery to me because this flaming racist asshole has not even descended to the presidency and he is already putting both feet in his damn mouth. Obama carried his ass like a damn baby because Joe Biden’s nickname is “Slow Joe,” and he did not get it by accident; it is well deserved.

That racist bastard, Joe Biden, did indeed sponsor a crime bill that is the very reason why so many low level drug offenders who are still cooling their heels in prison today and are Black will likely die in prison. That racist bastard, Joe Biden, stood on the senate floor and for hours droned on and on and on about how his intent to lock up as many Black men as he could, was a GREAT thing because it would keep them from “stealing his mother’s pearls from around her damn neck!”

We have predators on our streets that society has in fact, in part because of its neglect, created,” said Biden, then a fourth-term senator from Delaware so committed to the bill that he has referred to it over the years as “the Biden bill.”
“They are beyond the pale many of those people, beyond the pale,” Biden continued. “And it’s a sad commentary on society. We have no choice but to take them out of society.”
In the speech, Biden described a “cadre of young people, tens of thousands of them, born out of wedlock, without parents, without supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing because they literally … because they literally have not been socialized, they literally have not had an opportunity.” He said, “we should focus on them now” because “if we don’t, they will, or a portion of them, will become the predators 15 years from now.”
Biden added that he didn’t care “why someone is a malefactor in society” and that criminals needed to be “away from my mother, your husband, our families.”

In the video, Joe Biden says that “Our sons and daughters are beyond the pale. And that it doesn’t matter that WE[meaning WHITES] CREATED THEM AND THAT WE SHOULD SOMEHOW FORGIVE THEM BECAUSE WE CREATED THEM BUT TAKE THEM OUT OF SOCIETY TO PROTECT MY FAMILY AND YOURS FROM THEM.” – Joe Biden

So in other words, whites dragged us over here and suddenly we are the predators, we are the criminals that society needs protecting from? Seriously??!!! He is so racist that he doesn’t even see the irony in what he is saying? We would not be over here in this shithole if not for the fact that Joe Biden’s racist ass ancestors as well as all other whites’ ancestors dragged ours over here and made our ancestors slaves; whipped them, shackled them, raped them, experimented on them, tortured them, sold them over and over and killed them at will. We are the predators and the criminals??!! Joe Biden better stay the fuck out of my face! Seriously!!!

And Black people voted overwhelmingly in the primaries for this stomp down flaming racist piece of shit! You dumb asses don’t have a goddamn thing to vote for and you may as well had stayed your damn Black asses at home rather than risk coronavirus to vote for this racist parasite!

People have been asking me why the fuck don’t I blog much anymore. What the hell for??!! There ain’t a goddamn reason for me to continue to say the same shit over and over and over again. I’m a fucking broken record at this point. What the hell else can I say??!! I have covered it ALL and then covered it again and still the shit won’t sink into Black folks heads! They still do the same dumb shit over and over again. They still believe that one racist white bastard is better than another racist white bastard. How the hell could that be so??!!! Joe Biden is not going to do a damn thing about the plight of Black America except add to our woes. He is no different from Trump! They are two sides of the same coin.

I have put the shit down and you still won’t pick it up and yet you expect me to keep doing that shit! I’m fucking not crazy because we ALL should now know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. And I am saying the same thing to you Black folks out there and you’re still doing the same dumb shit and so I am fucking tired of it.

Some people have wondered why I did not cover the murder of Breonna Taylor. What the hell for? That shit is only going to happen again and again and again because we continue to just march and protest until another murder of us by the Klan and their fucking militia or vigilante members posing as some citizen’s arrest crew.

From now on, if you want me to recommend some good stupid books for you to read, then I’m your girl, but other than that, I don’t want to read no shit about why am I not blogging. Here’s some good reads: Slade House, Murder At The Manor, Murder In Time, Death of an Honest Man, Murder at Morrington Hall and Murder at the Manor House.

So you stupid Black motherfuckers, head on out in November and vote for racist no. 1 or racist no. 2. I’m fucking done with voting. Stick a goddamn fork in me, I am SO goddamn done! And if anybody else wants to know why I am not blogging, I am busy reading ‘whodunits’ because that’s what the fuck I’d rather do than sit on here and continuously repeat myself. Black folks are dumb as hell and I cannot get through to them and I can honestly see why so many other Black bloggers just gave the fuck up! They had nothing to work with and neither do I. Fucking carry on asswipes!

5 thoughts on “According To Joe Biden, “I Ain’t Black!”

  1. You cannot fault Biden for trying to repackage to the same shit sandwich and give to us as a. needed nutrient, for a number of us the repackaged shit sandwich is sufficient(Biden knows his Negroes). Pain pain and more pain is what is needed and what is coming. We will not be able to comfortably eat the shit sandwich without getting the parasites you get from ingesting waste. It will become increasingly more painful to willfully accept lies(without receiving the full consequences of it) without the effects of the lies manifesting visibly in our physical/mental being. Appreciate any truth you write. Shelbt please protect your mental/physical health. Thanx.


    1. Yele66, I had to stop this blogging nonsense because I was becoming unglued. The more truths I wrote, the more those truths were ignored by the very people that I was directing those truths at; Black folks, folks who look like me.

      The shit I see on a daily basis tells the story, the same story over and over again in that Black people are on some dumb shit. The other day I was in a store and a young Black dude was standing, waiting on his girlfriend to finish checking out her purchases and he was listening to some “Jerry Springer” type shit on his ‘smartphone. All I heard was “bitch, you leave my man alone! That nigga is mine and I’ll snatch your weave off if I catch you with my man!” and so forth and so on it went.

      A few days before, I had taken a lady to a store because she wanted to buy something to spruce up her bedroom. Well, I was waiting in the car and the store was right beside one of those Asian owned ‘beauty supply stores’. Of course, every goddamn customer, down to the very last one, was Black. Not one white bitch ran in through the doors of that racist filled hole in the wall. I recently published a blog that showcased an Asian man kicking the shit out of a Black woman because he suspected her of stealing some goddamn eyelashes. And yet, there Black women went, back inside those damn Asian owned ‘beauty supply stores’, in droves.

      I fucking throw my hands up. We don’t care if motherfuckers kick our ass, literally, we are going to still support them by giving them our business. We don’t care if motherfuckers crafted crime bills that locked our asses up by the millions, we are still going to support them by voting for them. We are truly our own worst enemy. Every group on this planet looks out for whomever is in their group besides us. No other group of people on this fucked up planet is in as bad a shape as we are in and the fucked up part is that we WANT to remain in the most fucked up shape we can possibly be in so long as we can be entertained by some Hollywood mess, by rappers, and get our fucking weave hair and get our nails done and then vote for racists that’s going to see to it that our asses land in a cardboard box and then in an urn.

      I’m fucking done! Stick a goddamn fork in me, I am done.

      Thank you for your comment Yele66.


  2. Yeah Shelby that is us(like a motherless. Child) we do some of the most mindless mind boggling shit. We were taught by a e nemy who have directed us(through controlling the majority of what we think. and believe) until our f-up behavior becomes accepted/expected as normal doings. This system is set up for all of us to behave as beasts( what else could a system designed to give a symbolience of civility to the original beast do for us) otherwise there would be no system of white supremacy which is based on the debasement of the targeted(us) victims to give the appearance of civility to the White supremacists. Shelby expect us to behave in many abnormal ways as long as we are subjected to this system. Hell the wicked of this system allows us to become anything other than upright and righteous. Hope you continue to find the motivation to blog. Quoting George Clinton: ” mind your wants cause someone wants your mind.’


  3. I hate this fucker with every fiber of my being, and if this is the best alternative to that racist shitbag Trump that the Democrats can come up with, what does that say about them?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Caleb, it says that there is NOT a gnat’s ass worth of difference between the DemoRATS and the RepubliTHUGS. There never has been. The agenda of both is the same, for if it were not, do you seriously think that the only candidate the DemoRATS could come up with is “Slow Joe?” Joe Biden is just as sick and old, racist and ignorant and senile as Trump. The DemoRATS actually want Trump to get re-elected because nothing says “Re-elect Trump,” like putting Joe Biden’s lame, tired ass up against Trump.

      There is nothing to vote for. And Black folks need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up if they are seriously contemplating voting for Biden simply because that piece of filthy shit Obama chose him as his VP especially since Obama did NOTHING for Black Americans since he is not even one of us anyway. His damn mother was white and his daddy was Kenyan and so of course he could not relate to us.

      But if anybody thinks that I am going to hold my nose and vote for Joe Biden, they’ve got another think coming and damn it if I’m going to show up at the polls or even attempt to mail in a ballot and vote for goddamn Donald Duck. It’s useless and I am tired of playing these fucking games of the DemoRATS and the RepubliTHUGS.

      I thank you for your comment, Caleb. I feel the same as you!


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