Why Amy Cooper’s Name (and Face) Matters More Than Christian Cooper’s — The Human’ish

Because America needs to know what criminal behavior looks like, and who is perpetrating the violence. And it does not matter who Mr. Cooper is (handsome), where he comes from, or how he came to be in the Rambles (bird watching). This story is about Amy Cooper, who didn’t like being told the area’s leash laws, and who disliked even more, the color of the skin beholden to the man telling her to leash the dog. In New York City. In 2020. Which is just breathtaking. […]

via Why Amy Cooper’s Name (and Face) Matters More Than Christian Cooper’s — The Human’ish

Also from the original article:

Amy Cooper disregarded leash laws, she disregarded the human reiterating the leash laws. She threatened his penal livelihood by threatening to call the cops. She then called the cops. And while she is on the phone with emergency personnel, she doesn’t say to them: I wanted to keep my dog off leash in the Rambles and some dude told me not to and tried to feed my dog treats. She fakes an attack, specifies that it is being perpetrated by an African American man, all while choking out her dog. That right there is violence. That right there is racism. The actions that she took were criminal, they were unnecessary, and most of all they were dangerous. And the “apology” that came out afterwards was even more scathing. You should fire your publicist immediately.

As furious as many of us are in the Black community, the man who this racist piece of shit tried to ‘murder by kop’ is already stating that Amy Cooper “should not receive death threats.” Is he for real? Seriously? It sounds as if he has already ‘forgiven’ her since he at least, is still here to give voice to what he believes, thinks and feels and thinks the “death threats” should cease. He is not making “death threats” against that lying, racist white bitch, that’s on whomever is, but that’s not on him. He should just keep his mouth shut about whatever the fuck is aimed at Amy Cooper because believe me, she would NOT be taking to media platforms doing likewise for his Black ass and he should know this.

This is why in the year of no lord, 2020, we as Black people are still getting our asses kicked. We will downplay the most vile shit done to us and call for “unity in the community” as opposed to calling for the shit to get fucked up!

How many of us have to die at the hands of these rabid, racist whites? How many of us are a potential Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Aiyana Mo’nay Stanley-Jones, Philando Castile, Walter Scott, Alton Sterling, Freddie Gray and the goddamn list is endless?

Black men have long thought of white female parasites as something that’s top notch; something to be sought after. Kobe Bryant’s dead ass thought he had something when he married that white bitch that’s now enjoying the fruits of his labor. Scottie Pippen’s ugly ass cannot leave white bitches alone and on and on it goes and so it is no wonder that Christian Cooper is upset about the alleged “death threats” aimed at Amy Cooper’s racist, pasty ass!

Black women, we need to seriously stop caping for these sell-outs. It is quite obvious that us taking to the streets in protest of Black men getting themselves fucked up by whites is not appreciated because ain’t no way in hell, I would be sitting somewhere giving interviews stating that the bitch that tried to get me “murdered by kop” does not deserve “death threats.” Her racist ass receiving “death threats” would not even register with me. Let her deal with that shit since she set the shit in motion, but I’d not say a damn word about whatever the fuck she’s getting as a result of what she initiated when she called the kops and lied on a Black man, knowing full well what would more than likely happen when she did and yet she did it anyway. And her fucking racist ass ain’t sorry! Since she loves calling the kops, she can very well call the kops and report those ALLEGED “death threats.” Since her pasty ass is racist, then she can just accept what comes with that when her ass is outed for the racist she is. To.Hell.With.Her.Racist.Ass. Point.Blank.PERIOD.

And Christian Cooper must seriously need yet another reality check because his Black ass is still above ground when this racist bitch was hellbent on his ass becoming worm food and yet, he wants to wax and wane over her alleged plight of receiving “death threats” when she was trying her damn best to cause his death. That shit right there beats all. For the love of !!!!! White women are no less lethal to us than their male counterparts and why dumb as all hell, Black men like this here Christian Cooper just cannot seem to figure the shit out, just boggles the mind!

4 thoughts on “Why Amy Cooper’s Name (and Face) Matters More Than Christian Cooper’s — The Human’ish

  1. WW are the spitting image
    what Satan is!
    WW were never allowed to control the driver’s wheel, but their privilege has historically manifested itself in their ability to weaponize the hate, violence and death that America has held toward black people!
    As fragile as they may be, WW know very well that even the shards of their shattered privilege are still sharp enough to slit our throats. They don’t even have to scream bloody murder!

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    1. qnubian385, white female parasites are a given! I would no more trust them than I would turn my back on an enraged bull!

      It is Black MEN that give those whores, clout. It is Black men who truly believe that they just cannot live without some white female parasite sitting all up in their face. Look at John Legend. Look at Michael Jordan. Look at Michael Jackson’s ‘kids’. Hell! Three fourths of the Black men who play pro sports or who are Hollywood celebrities got one of those white bitches on their arm as though they are THE SHIT when they are just stinking, racist filth! But yet do you see those bitches somewhere caping for Black men when they are getting fucked up? But all of a sudden, since George Floyd was murdered, some Black woman asked those white bitches to form a line between some Black protesters and the kops and some white bitches did that shit. Why would they need to be asked? If they were about shit, they would have been doing that shit, but it is their parasite counterparts that are also fucking us up and they have been helping them.

      Black people will never understand that we were better off when we were helping each other out and looking after one another. We are now separated and divided and so we are getting fucked up, BIG TIME! And we cannot see that the only way that we stand a chance is that we need to come together. We need to leave that white filth alone. Whites don’t love. Whites are incapable of that. They don’t even love their own children or their spouses because they are the very ones who were showing up at state buildings with guns demanding that this shithole open so that they could escape being quarantined with those they supposedly loved.

      Look at this goddam picture!

      white women in line

      Viral photo shows line of white people between police, black protesters at Thursday rally

      According to Druck, Chanelle Helm, a lead organizer for Black Lives Matter Louisville, said to white protesters using a bullhorn: “If you are going to be here, you should defend this space,” and instructed people to form the line facing police at 6th and Jefferson streets.

      “She was asking for white folks to use their privilege, and put their bodies between police and the other demonstrators,” Druck said. “And people responded. They didn’t, they didn’t need to be convinced. Everybody willingly and enthusiastically did it.”

      Like I said, why would they need to be asked to put their ‘white privilege’ between Black people and their racist counterparts if they cared that goddamn much about Black people? They would already have been doing that shit and now the media wants to portray those parasites as some sort of heroines when they are nothing more than maggot coated shit! To hell with em!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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  2. Shelby you forgot to mention Ahmaud Arbery who has been murdered in Georgia just because he was too friendly with a damn cave beast female and of course her white male didn’t approve that BM was to close with her!
    This murder did you make you remember something? A LYNCHED IN MODERN DAY,from the past until today, what has been changed? Nothing,BM were hanged on the tree because of the lie of WW
    today BM are shooted because are too friendly with WW !
    I mean WM have changed the method how to murder BM from rope and gun but the intention is always the same
    murder BM and black people!
    This pictures full of these wp it makes sick to the stomach absolutely disgusting,what it is with their point?
    They want to prove us that they stand for us?
    They are understanding our struggle,pain and racism every single damn days how we are suffering?
    But just look at that photos full of these white bitches what fuck in the hell they want to prove?
    After this bitch Amy Coopers went viral for her racist rent now those bitches have the nerves to show up their racist faces after a BM have been murdered?These parasite are psychopath!
    Those evils witches were the main cause of the death of BM in Amerikkkaa,I prefer to see those demonic witches wearing a white dress of KKK or smiling while BM were hanging from the tree!
    That’s the perfect rule for them the mothers of white supremacy, not the fucking saviours they want to show everywhere in the world!
    How you said Shelby fuck all them! They can pretend to be with our side but ” A WOLF CAN NEVER BE A LAMB!”
    They are racist today and they will always be racist tomorrow until their last days!
    I can’t believe how in the hell black people allow these filth to stand side by side with them when they march for our rights and justice!
    Sick just sick!


    1. qnubian, I mentioned Ahmaud Arbery on another blog, but if I tried to blog about every Black person who’s got fucked up by whites, I’d never get anything else done. I got to stop somewhere. There are hardly any other Black bloggers posting as it is and I seem to be about the only one of the original of us, still doing so from time to time. But even I have cut back on posting because it does no good. It gets through to none of us. I am just wasting my time, basically talking to myself. And I certainly cannot take on the system of white supremacy on my own. Our Black men are too busy cozying up to their fucking enemy and when their enemy fucks them up, Black women are supposed to come running to the forefront with banners and signs waving.

      I am tired of caping for these sell-outs. And this piece of shit, Christian Cooper here is a sell-out. How the hell can you ‘feel’ something for some shit that tried to get your ass murdered by kkkop? There’s no way I could and that’s for damn sure.

      We cannot stop Black men from climbing into bed with those white bitches and so when they do, we need to just leave the shit alone because they damn well asked for what they are going to get. I can’t do shit about that. That shit’s on them. If you lie down with a dog, what the fuck do you think you’re going to get up with? Newsflash! It ain’t gonna be something you want.

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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