That THUG In The White House Has The Unmitigated Gall To Call Those Protesting The Death Of George Floyd, Thugs! Seriously??!!!

The draft-dodger-in-chief and the world’s number one THUG had the audacity to take to Twitter and post this!

There would be NO need for a “memory of George Floyd” if those THUGS in blue uniforms had not killed the man for no goddamn reason other than the fact that the system of white supremacy upholds that shit and Donald ‘THUG’ Trump embodies that vicious and brutal system of white supremacy and so how dare his depraved, racist ass speak on who are thugs when there could be no greater thug on this planet than this entire piece of shit, racist shithole called, Amerikkka!

I am fed the fuck up with whites telling us that we have to go about remembering our dead, PEACEFULLY! Of course the whites want our asses to be peaceful because that way they can continue to operate their fucking businesses and the same with those immigrants whom they allowed to come here and climb on top of us because make no mistake, the business owner of Cup Foods that called the Klan on George Floyd was NOT an American descendant of slavery, but was in fact someone whom the whites had welcomed over here from elsewhere. Since there is mosque located on the ground floor of Cup Foods, more than likely, the owner of Cup Foods is probably from the Middle East somewhere and they hate our guts as well. They don’t even associate with American descendants of slavery.

I just looked up the owner of Cup Foods and voila! I was right. The owner is Mahmod Abumayaleh, who stated that many times customers come in with counterfeit money and don’t even know it’s counterfeit. He stated that if he had been in his convenience store at the time George Floyd was in there, the police would not have been called. And so I guess that it just wasn’t George Floyd’s lucky day in that Mahmod Abumayaleh was not there to tell the clerk that there was no need for police involvement, however, that is cold comfort to George Floyd since he is cold and lying on a coroner’s slab in the morgue having an autopsy performed on him so that more lies can come out as to how he died. I am pretty sure that we are going to be told that George Floyd was already dead BEFORE Officer Klan Chauvin even placed his knee on George Floyd’s neck. I mean, they’ve told countless lies already as to what occurred, in that George Floyd resisted arrest and had to be manhandled. Well, another store owner handed over a video that shows just the opposite of the kops’ lies.

And even with knowing that the kops have already begun with the lies, people who look like George Floyd should just continue to march, peacefully through the streets at allotted times and on allotted days until the white man tells them, that’s enough? Seriously??!!! They’d better not ground capitalism to a halt especially since Donald Trump just ordered the reopening of this vile shithole that coronavirus had put on lockdown.

So what??!! A goddamn AutoZone was burned to the ground. So what??!! A new apartment building was burned to the ground; those damn buildings are insured and so the rebuilding can start right away. There is no ‘rebuilding’ of George Floyd. There is no amount of insurance that can bring George Floyd back to life. And how BIG of the owner of Cup Foods to state that he “has offered to pay for Floyd’s funeral expenses.”

But as of yet, no charges have been filed against ANY of the THUGS IN BLUE UNIFORMS that took the life of George Floyd. I see, Donald Trump did NOT call those THUGS exactly what they are, GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED THUGS, and he won’t. We are to sit back and twiddle our thumbs and wait on the slow ass process of the criminal injustice system to do not a goddamn thing! The criminal injustice system is quick to dish out punishment and death to us, but when their no account asses have been found to do some filthy, dirty ass, horrendous shit, we are to sit and wait for the slow ass cogs of the law to start turning. To hell with that shit!

I have posted blog after blog after blog after blog about what American descendants of slavery have to go through in Minneapolis, MN. Every single group of immigrants, even illegal ones crawls over here and climbs right on top of us, just as they do everywhere else in this shithole built by our ancestors while we suffer abject poverty, homelessness, hunger and get shot dead or choked to death by dirty ass racist kops every goddamn day! Enough is a fucking nough!

AGAIN, as long as American descendants of slavery just accept our plight and accept us getting murdered, daily and accept having whites call the kops on us because they refuse to leash their dog or because they don’t like us having a barbecue or because they don’t want to see us taking a nap in the common area of a college dorm that we are paying tuition at or because they don’t like to see us in the pool or because they don’t like to see us doing our job of inspecting homes for fire codes and the goddamn list of the like is endless, everything is cool. But the minute we start fucking shit up, that’s when thugs like Trump get to talking about shooting us down like animals because some goddamn no account businesses are getting fucked up! TO.HELL.WITH.THOSE.GODDAMN.BUSINESSES.PERIOD. I wish the fuck I was in Minneapolis because damn it if I would take the shit lying down. Fuck you whites who sit back on your asses and watch this shit go down and look the other way or talk about how ‘violent’ the protesters are when you say nothing about how depraved, blood thirsty and racist you and those who look like you are. You are those kops that did that to George Floyd and so fuck each and every single one of you! I’m not beholden to any of you motherfuckers for shit!

I am glad Metro Transit had to shut the bus service and the light rail down. I am damn glad that 24 Target stores had to close their goddamn doors. I am glad that shit is happening because the only thing that gets the attention of the whites is when their shit is affected; when their fucking businesses are dealt with. And the infuriated protesters have been dealing with that shit!

Over four hundred years of rage is raging on the streets of cities in states all across this fucked up country and I just wish that shit would continue into perpetuity because that is what needs to happen. Damn some goddamn peaceful protesting shit! Does it look like we get any goddamn peace from you filthy ass, debased, savage, vicious, murdering white devils? Hell fucking no! And so why should we continue to march down the goddamn street doing the same thing we’ve been doing for countless decades? Ask Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., what peaceful protesting gets you. Oh, he can’t answer you because the government, backed by THUGS like Trump had him assassinated. You could not get more ‘peaceful’ and ‘dreamlike’ than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and still you lousy, motherfucking whites killed him and yet you expect us to continue in that vein? Not bloody likely, as you’ve seen for the last few days. Like I stated before, I just wish the protesters would continue despite Trump’s vile threats. And if a Black person had stated what Trump did, their fucking tweet would have long since disappeared and don’t we ALL fucking know this. Double fucking standards much? I’m damned tired of the shit we have to face every single day over something that is not our fault. We did NOT drag our asses over here. We did NOT immigrate here. That shit is not on us or our ancestors and you pasty assed motherfucking whites know who that shit is on, but yet you blame us, day in and day out for what YOUR goddamn worthless, lazy, rotten ass ancestors put into play. We are fucking tired of being recorded dying on the mean streets of this shithole and told to “go about effecting change, PEACEFULLY!” Shove that shit up your pasty assholes, whites! It’s about time you got a taste of your own goddamn foul ass medicine!



We dance this dance again,
so move over Eric Garner.
A new video is in town;
another Black man is a goner.

March again and protest.
Where is justice? Where is peace?
There is no hint of either.
Sit down! This shit won’t cease!

Paste another face on a shirt.
Go out and scream your pain.
Blow dust off an old poster.
Let your tears blend with the rain.

Yes, here we go again.
The same writing is on the wall.
Nothing much has changed.
Black lives matter to none at all.

You really can’t see the truth?
Seriously, must you be so dense,
to think that you can change
what has never made any sense?

Our bodies don’t mean shit
to the ones you protest to.
We’ve never, ever mattered
and you know that this is true.

But still, you beg them to care.
You plead to be left alone.
They’ll walk with you for a day
And then, you are on your own.

You see, we are here on sufferance,
and have overstayed no welcome,
that was never extended to us.
We’re just an object for their venom.

Now, protest all day long.
Take it to the streets.
Stand shoulder to shoulder,
with those who wear the sheets.

Give it another month or two,
and you’ll be doing this yet again;
the very definition of crazy,
expecting justice from white men.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland


We Is Dead Meat To Them!

Alton Sterling, he bit the dust,
down in ole Baton Rouge.
He weren’t looking for no whores
of the like in “Moulin Rouge.”

I hear he was selling CDs,
trying to become a businessman.
But just like Eric Garner,
he needed another plan.

And now, another gentle giant
was felled by the slave patrol.
You have got to understand
that the white man is in control.

So, pick up your protest sign,
and get to marching down the street.
I know your shoes are worn out
as is your tired and aching feet.

But this is how you effect change,
like they did in Dr. King’s day.
Just ask him how that worked.
Damn! He can’t talk no way!

Dr. King was all peaceful like
as he took to the streets of hell.
He said, “I gots me a dream
and they shot him dead as well.

Oh, but things is different now.
They let you riot and go berserk
but then they say, “Alright, you’re done!”
And around your neck, that chain, they jerk!

We’re all Massa’s boys and girls.
We sing and we dance for him.
But if we got no talent at all,
then we is dead meat to them.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

I wrote those two poems in 2015 and 2016 and yet they still apply today. Tell me, what the fuck has changed? But yeah! We are supposed to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up about the continuation of this shit! I don’t blame the protesters for going the fuck off. I just wish I was there with them. I wish the shit that they are doing, they’d NEVER stop doing it, but alas, my wish is in vain because this has ALL happened so many times before and it will happen again.

And as usual, when Black people go the fuck off and with GOOD GODDAMN REASON, we are always labeled, “THUGS” by the white establishment. This is what ‘our’ so called, ‘president’ thinks of American descendants of slavery. But when white males go on killing sprees, they are merely labeled, “mentally ill.” And if the Muslims get to fucking shit up because they get goddamn tired of the shit done to them by the whites, they are labeled, “terrorists!” Oh, the hypocrisy and double standards are glaringly obvious. The biggest THUGS and criminals and terrorists on this goddamn planet are WHITES and you fuckers are indeed, insane, but your insanity, you gladly embrace; fucking deranged sociopaths!

“Go rot in hell Trump! and take ALL white motherfuckers with you!”






6 thoughts on “That THUG In The White House Has The Unmitigated Gall To Call Those Protesting The Death Of George Floyd, Thugs! Seriously??!!!

  1. Trump made that quote a part of his vocabulary as soon as it was uttered by
    “Miami police chief Walter Headley in a December 1967 press conference announcing a new, tougher policy for policing the city’s black neighborhoods.”

    I am approximately as old as that bag of shit Trump and saw how quickly his fellow turds found many ways to profit from the riots of the 1960s — buying house and properties at the cheap and then gentrifying every neighborhood over the ensuing decades. Whiteous shit stinks from here to the depths of holy perdition. Evil incarnate.
    White supremacism goes by many aliases but they all point to the same racist roots in European soils, it is still as toxic and evil as ever. Capitalism, colonialism, imperialism are all synonyms of each other. The era of exploration brought the equivalent self-whiteous value systems everywhere they go. Property rights are guarded like geographical aspects of a holy grail — a term that sanctifies their blessed roots in a holy land that justifies every crime in accordance with a bible that gets interpreted to explain why European breeding papers assign them with a privilege that unites them to this present hour.


    1. Bill, it is my complete understanding that the whites were hell bent on taking over every single property that they could get their hands on because they were going to do exactly what is happening now; GENTRIFICATION. Gentrification is damn near the final nail in our coffin because thanks to that, millions of American descendants of slavery are homeless. That is ALL by design.

      I have posted blog after blog showcasing that the whites will fly any and everyone over here and set them up in FREE housing while American descendants of slavery work low wage jobs that don’t pay the rent or anything else and thus find themselves, homeless. We are living in third world like conditions and then we are also putting up with the shit that’s been going down since our ancestors were dragged to this shithole. We continue to hear that we can protest when racist whites murder us, but we had better be all peaceful like about it even as the whites are vicious, deranged, debased and savage in their hatred of us and it is without cause. Whites are SOCIOPATHS; that’s the only way I can explain it because, for the dumb as all hell motherfuckers out there who still don’t get it, we did NOT row our selves over to this shithole just a begging to be slaves. We did NOT ask to come here. We did NOT immigrate here regardless of how many times whites try and rewrite history to take out the foul ass shit they’ve done and are still doing.

      That peaceful shit don’t cut it. Just ask Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Oh, that’s right, he was assassinated by the government and so he is unable to tell us that THAT PEACEFUL SHIT DON’T FUCKING CUT IT! I wish to piss that I was still in Minneapolis because I’d either be locked up or dead by now because I would not stop fucking shit up until I was stopped, and I fucking mean that!

      There is no way that anyone, anywhere in the world cannot see the vicious shit that we are subjected to by these racist ass whites over here. And even with video recordings, still the shit keeps happening and nothing concrete is done to stop it. And then that bag of useless wind in the White House has the unmitigated gall to take to Twitter and post that shit. I knew where that quote came from and so I was not surprised that Trump used it. Some actually stated that he was not even aware of what he was saying. That bastard knew what he was posting on Twitter. That racist piece of scum sucking slime is incapable of holding in his racism and he knows that his base is proud of him when he releases that shit!

      Why I have not completely exploded and turned into a pile of ash, I don’t fucking know. There are comments that I am still needing to answer, but I am just too goddamn fucked up to even go there!

      Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. @shelbycourtland
    I believe these non blacks that are out at these black lives matter protest aren’t there to support the victim but to riot & cause chaos. In Minneapolis a police precinct was burn down I strongly believe that precinct fire wasn’t started by anyone black but a non black started that fire. There have been clips where whites were breaking windows and black people around are what are you doing we’re suppose to be protesting.
    These white anarchists came out to cause havoc then disappear and the black people are blamed for the riots.
    These non black people are professional protesters. They come in, incite violence, then move onto the next place and do the same thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shanequa, you are right. The majority of those protesters that are burning shit down are NOT from Minnesota and the governor of Minnesota has stated as much.

      Leaders say riot damage not caused by Minnesotans

      Again and again, both city and state leaders emphasized that the people burning buildings and causing issues for law enforcement, businesses owners and homeowners are not from Minnesota. Walz estimated that around 20% of rioters are from our area, with 80% of people coming in to Minnesota.

      I saw the picture of the white motherfucker that had tried to disguise himself in a gas mask breaking out glass windows in a store. Others have gone on to do the same shit and like you say, it is so that the Black people get the blame and get the National Guard called out on them while they also get put under curfew. Whites take advantage of every situation to further their own agenda; they always have and this is no exception.

      Black people don’t have the means to burn down an entire police precinct, nor do we know how to rupture gas lines and blow shit up; whites do that shit and that is why other whites like the governor of Minnesota along with the mayor of Minneapolis stated that Minnesotans are NOT doing that destructive shit. I wouldn’t put it past Trump’s MAGA shits. He’s already called on them to fuck shit up. Trump is actually instigating his hating ass base to go the fuck off while calling the Black protesters, “THUGS!” That racist bastard needs to come down with COVID-19 and do us ALL a favor and fucking drop dead!

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  3. The Reichstag was torched by the Nazis on February 27, 1933, and blamed on the Communists. It was *also* beyond the technical ability of the unfortunate patsy who was charged as an enemy of the state and was promptly beheaded. MAGAs are proud of their “antifa” (a fucked-up word that twists logic and is then accepted as patriotic fervor). Capitalism likes to label any critic of god-emperor Trump as an enemy of the people. Communism has never been a threat to US imperial/colonial/white-supremacist/fascist genocide, slavery, and all manner of war crimes that are labeled as LIBERATORS up to the present damn moment.


    1. “The Reichstag was torched by the Nazis on February 27, 1933, and blamed on the Communists. It was *also* beyond the technical ability of the unfortunate patsy who was charged as an enemy of the state and was promptly beheaded.”

      Bill, say it louder so that the stupid, clueless motherfuckers in the back row can hear you! That is always how it is. Black people have taken the place of the ‘commies’ and are getting the blame for what whites are doing. That ‘antifa’ shit has been trying to spread lies that they are antithetic to the Klan and other hate groups. That is a bald faced lie! They are one and the same and are all for keeping ‘white supremacy’ alive and doing extremely well. Whites pretending they are something they’re not has always been a ‘thing’. They’re not fooling anybody with that bullshit.

      And the majority of whites who proclaim to be astonished at what Trump does is just ridiculous because if they were so astonished and perplexed, then they should have long since hauled his racist, ignorant, bumbling ass on off to ‘home’ and been done with it. But…no…they hang onto his every word and let that bastard get away with murder because the coronavirus need not have been responsible for so many deaths if the Trump Administration had taken that virus seriously. But Trump and the whites always look around for someone or something to blame for the vicious, depraved shit they do. The shit is becoming unglued and make no mistake, come November, either there won’t be much left standing of this shithole or there will be out and out war here because Trump is NOT leaving the White House, peacefully, even if it were proved that whomever beat his ass did so with 100% of the goddamn vote! This shithole is in for it even more so than what’s going down now.

      Thank you for your comment.

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