George Floyd, We Failed You!

George Floyd, We Failed You!


George Floyd, we failed you.
You sighed and then went still.
We also failed Tamir Rice,
and all the rest on their list to kill.

Poor Michael Brown lay in the sun,
but his body cooled so fast.
And Trayvon’s ghost still roams the night,
for being Black, he was harassed.

Eric Garner, we failed you too.
What is there left to say?
They choked the life right out of you.
And no one was made to pay.

Oh we get upset and burn some things,
and then we quickly get over the pain.
They call us all “bad thugs,”
but why you are dead, they can’t explain.

They always blame the victim,
for acting out of rage
“Our anger should be doused!”
So says the wise old sage.

Something’s wrong with that old sage,
He does not speak the truth.
A man is dead who did no wrong.
He was buried while in his youth.

Twelve, eighteen and twenty-two,
and on and on it goes.
These are the average ages
of Black bodies laid out in rows.

The funerals never stop.
And the buckets of tears are shed.
The lines are out the door,
but no one says what needs to be said.

Peace will never be ours to know
in this country built by slaves.
When have they ever cared for us,
these primates out of caves?

Never think the day will come
when they’ll stop the killing spree.
The time is now for you to act!
You are a slave, you are not free!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland


In Minnesota, where protests began this week after the death of Mr. Floyd in Minneapolis police custody Monday, Gov. Tim Walz pleaded with residents to obey an 8 p.m. curfew. Mr. Walz said he was fully mobilizing the state’s National Guard after a night of rioting and violence, leaving open the possibility of requesting federal troops; forces from other states had also been readied to deploy to Minnesota.

“Gov. Tim Walz pleaded with residents to OBEY an 8 p.m. curfew.”


Obey! Obey! Obey! That is what the fuck we have been doing for over 400 years in this shithole; obeying the fucking white man! Our ancestors heard that same shit from slave owners. “Slaves obey your masters!” “Til that land!” “Grow that crop!” “Pick that cotton!” “Build the White House!” “Clean my clothes!” “Get on your knees wench!”

The whites even claim that shit in their fucking BUYBULL. “Slaves obey your master!” But who were MADE to be slaves in Amerikkka? Who are the descendants of slaves in Amerikkka? We are! George Floyd was a descendant of slaves in Amerikkka! And look what the fuck they did to him; the same as what they intend to do to us all. You have only to look at the history of this shithole to see that the whites have no intentions of ever letting us forget that we are still SLAVES! George Floyd is not the only Black man to have had to plead for his life to a white piece of shit that was put in a uniform for the express purpose of killing us. Eric Garner was not the first and George Floyd will not be the last.

And yet that piece of filthy, racist, bottom feeding, scum sucking slime that sits his debased, engorged ass inside the White House had the unmitigated gall to call us “THUGS!” when his ass is the biggest damn thug of all, along with those who wear badges and uniforms throughout this shithole and who are also stationed all across this godforsaken planet, fucking people up just because they can. Donald Trump has said that white supremacists are “good people.” Donald Trump also stated that the whites who went to the state capitol in Michigan with assault rifles were just tired of being in quarantine and should have the right to get haircuts.” But let that have been some Black men toting guns around town and showing up at state capitols demanding to be let out of quarantine and their Black asses would have been shot so full of bullets, they’d ALL have looked like Swiss cheese on a slab in the morgue and don’t you ALL fucking know this! No National Guard was called out on those hate groups that took guns and rifles to the state capitol in Michigan. No curfew was placed on them. Why is that? The president condoned that shit, but let Black people have a problem with getting murdered for no goddamn reason by dirty, racist kkkops and we’re the “THUGS?” Fucking seriously???? Look at this shit in the video! You know as well as I do what would have happened to them if they had been Black! They’d ALL be dead; riddled with bullets from SWAT teams from ALL over this shithole! The laws that the whites put on the books don’t apply to them, they fucking apply ONLY to us! This shithole should still be on FIRE from when Michael Brown was shot and killed and his body lay out in the blazing sun, uncovered for hours! This shithole should have been ablaze up til now! Look at the blatant hypocrisy! Look at the blatant and outrageous racism and hatred directed at us for having the audacity to have had our ancestors dragged over here by the ancestors of the vile shits that are still murdering us to this day for something their ancestors put into play! FUCK.THEM.ALL.

Look at that shit and you tell me that Black people could have gotten away with doing that shit! I fucking dare you! George Floyd was doing nothing more than trying to purchase items in a corner store and for that, he was publicly lynched. The man did not even have a gun on him. Eric Garner was standing on a New York City Street armed with just some loose cigarettes when he was choked to death over cigarettes. Tamir Rice was playing with a toy gun in a park and was murdered two seconds after kops showed up. Aiyana Stanley Jones was sleeping in her bed when she was shot in the head by thugs in blue uniforms. Breonna Taylor was asleep in her bed when she was shot 8 times and murdered by thugs in blue uniforms. Sandra Bland was hanged in Texas jail cell because she failed to use the proper turn signal. John Crawford was murdered by thugs in blue uniforms because he was holding a toy gun inside a Walmart. Walter Scott was murdered by thugs in blue because he owed child support. Michael Brown was murdered by thugs in blue because he was suspected of stealing cigars. Jamar Clark was murdered by thugs in blue because of a traffic stop. Philando Castile was murdered by thugs in blue because he was merely OBEYING the order to produce his identification. Freddie Gray was minding his business on a Baltimore street and was murdered by thugs in blue uniforms for merely talking with acquaintances. Amadou Diallo was shot 41 times by those thugs in blue uniforms for merely trying to enter his home. Botham Shem Jean was murdered by a thug in a blue uniform for being suspected of burglarizing his own apartment. Rumain Brisbon was shot to death by thugs in blue uniforms because he was carrying his prescriptions. Akai Gurley was shot by thugs in blue uniforms in a dark hallway in November of 2014 and as of today, no one knows why or has been arrested for his murder. Kajieme Powell was shot and killed by thugs in blue uniforms for allegedly stealing an energy drink, the kkkops lied on him and said that he threatened them when witnesses said the man’s hands were by his side. As of today, no one is in prison for murdering him.

Ezell Ford was lying down when he was shot dead by thugs in blue uniforms and as of today, no one is sitting inside a prison cell for murdering him. Dante Parker was tasered to death by thugs in blue uniforms and as of today, no one is in custody for murdering him. Thugs in blue uniforms claimed that Tyree Woodson smuggled a gun inside a police station and used it to commit suicide. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Those thugs in blue uniforms claim that Victor White killed himself while handcuffed inside a police car. Yeah, that also makes perfect sense. Yvette Smith was shot by police as she opened the door to them following a domestic disturbance call. The thugs in blue lied on her and said she had a gun. She did not and as of yet, no one is in custody for murdering her. McKenzie Cochran was also choked to death by thugs in uniform and as of yet, no one is in custody for murdering him. Jordan Baker was unarmed when he was shot dead by thugs in blue and as of yet, no one is in custody for murdering him. I could keep this going all damn day long, but the point should be well made; those thugs in blue uniforms are killing Black people because ALL other whites are behind them doing so. Those thugs in kop uniforms have relatives and some of those relatives are standing on the street right now pretending sympathy and empathy for what is going down when they are just as guilty as those they protect by their deafening silence over their racism!

American descendants of slavery, do NOT be fooled by the whites who are now pretending that they give a good goddamn over the murder of George Floyd by racist kops! This shit has been going down since forever and when did ANY whites give a damn enough to call for that shit to cease? Make no mistake, the only reason whites are out there trying to be seen on the streets is because they are out of a job. They are using our protests to fuck shit up because that’s what whites do! They cower behind someone else to do their dirt and then their dirt gets blamed on someone else; namely us.

Those depraved, pasty faced demons are not in our corner. They have never been in our corner and they never will be in our corner. The system of white supremacy is upheld by them because in order for white supremacy to reign, there must be a certain segment of the population for them to ‘lord’ it over and that would be us. When the whites’ shit ain’t somewhere fucked up, you don’t hear a peep from those skank motherfuckers, but now, all of a sudden, they’re out there fucking shit up. It’s because their shit is fucked up! We are not the only ones who are filling out unemployment applications. Those whites are sitting somewhere in line, when they’re not smashing windows out, waiting on some free food from the food bank, as well. Don’t let those white faces in the crowds fool you! They are our mortal enemy and shall forever remain so! Keep your goddamn distance from them as they mean you much harm!




Know Your Enemy!

They make the rules for you to obey.
They hold the cards because they’ve got it that way.

They don’t play fair and they never will.
They break their own rules, but it’s you they kill.

They gave you a number and they gave you a name.
They sold your body and they did it without shame.

They made you a slave for you to clean up their mess.
They destroy your home and they say its progress.

They take your culture and they turn a profit.
They have you bowing and worshiping their prophet.

They try to steal everything you are.
They rule over you and they go too far.

They judge you and they say that’s fair.
They fill your days and your nights with despair.

They will always be your enemy number one.
They hate the beautiful dark ones kissed by the sun.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland


So yeah, you remember who initiated GENTRIFICATION! You remember who rendered you HOMELESS. You remember why your children go to bed in a homeless shelter. You remember why you are always the last hired and the first fired. You remember who the faces of the mass incarcerated are. You remember who the faces of the school-to-prison pipeline are. You remember why Black people have no real wealth. You remember who bulldozed our homes and turned them into freeways. You remember who murdered those in the Black Panther Party because they refused to believe that there were some “good whites.” You remember that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., tried that PEACEFUL shit and what did it get him? An assassin’s bullet aimed at him by the white establishment. You remember ALL of this shit and then turn around and look at that white piece of shit that’s shouting, “No justice, no peace!” and you tell them to get the fuck out of your face with their racist bullshit! Whites DON’T change. They are exact replicas of those that dragged our ancestors over here for if not, would we still be dying at their hands, just because, in the year 2020? You know the answer to that!

6 thoughts on “George Floyd, We Failed You!

  1. Thank you for each word and for each individual name, Shelby. The white-supremacist SYSTEM is gamed to deliberately marginalize blacks by any means possible and it has been that way since each of their rapacious and mendacious “men of history” has benefitted from the spoils of empire, only the names are changed to protect the guilty. There is no such thing as a black fascist system anywhere on this planet, not a single one. Every crime gets justified by the historical accounts written by white authors. Trump would not have “won” a single state in 2016 if racism did not extend to the marrow of the body politic. “No taxation without white representation” is how that damned “give me liberty” white founder mottos get any traction. Whites also love that godforsaken “bad apples” metaphor. If every basket has a “certain number” of bad apples, why are the bad apples not removed?

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    1. Bill, the shit is getting deep! The Trump Administration has called for the kkkops to get even more aggressive with the protesters because the system of white supremacy is INSIDIOUS! Whites have no intentions on seeing that any progress is made with regards to police brutality, accountability or anything else because whites benefit from why the police force and the military were established.

      American descendants of slavery were never covered in the Constitution. That bullshit about “We The People…!” excluded our Black asses. Slavery was the law of the land and every white motherfucker just loves to quote the so-called ‘founding fathers’ who were nothing more than filthy, debased, lying, thieving, murdering slave owners! And so if whites were so different from that shit, would they still to this very day, be quoting shit from pedophiles, slave owners, flaming liars, hypocrites and rapists???!!! Hell no! They are no different from those goddamn fucking parasites that stole a whole country and then stole people to build it up, and that would be us!

      And we both know that whites voted overwhelmingly for Trump because he embodies what they stand for. He is the ultimate white supremacist and he has shown that to be true, over and over again. And he wouldn’t change a goddamn thing about himself and neither would any other white motherfucker.

      Whites better stay the fuck out of my face, standing somewhere, pretending outrage and some more shit when they know they’re a bunch of lying, deranged, sociopaths without an ounce of humanity, empathy, compassion and who are most definitely without a moral compass. Yeah! Let em come up to me spouting their bullshit, I’ll put them in their damn place, quick, fast and in a damn hurry!

      And every word in this post is the truth, the absolute truth and nothing but. And what’s more whites recognize themselves in this. They know they ain’t about shit! They’ve never been about shit and they never will be!

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. The only difference between the police and the military: one protects “polite” white propertied society and the other seeks to keep the great-white thumb over everyone outside US imperial borders. Trump likes to pose between the Army flag and the Marine flag, between those is an enormous portrait of Andrew Jackson.
    Whites have always greeted fascism, supremacism, racism, colonialism… currents of thought and philosophy — it’s all Eurocentric control viewed as, on balance, worth all the war crimes because their white god ordained it that way. They have no problem with

    the so-called ‘founding fathers’ who were nothing more than filthy, debased, lying, thieving, murdering slave owners! And so if whites were so different from that shit, would they still to this very day, be quoting shit from pedophiles, slave owners, flaming liars, hypocrites and rapists

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    1. Oh but whites can overlook their lord and savor racist-in-chief-draft-dodger-in-chief Donald J. Trump so long as he continues to make it known to ALL and sundry that white rule is never going to ‘flag’. If Donald Trump cared so much about that rag of a flag and about the troops and shit, why did he not show it? Why did he claim deferment after deferment after deferment? First came several college deferments and then when those no longer applied, enter ‘bone spurs’. That bastard’s nothing more than a flaming coward and that’s what ALL whites are; flaming cowards and that is why they’ve outfitted themselves with enough firepower to send this entire planet to hell!

      No other group of people on this planet are as debased, deranged, sadistic, savage, brutal and lacking in any kind of humanity than whites from here and across oceans. No other group has done more to destroy this entire planet than those pasty assed devils. And so why ANYONE could EVER expect to see anything close to resembling ‘humanity’ from those puffed up parasites is absolutely beyond me because I expect nothing from whites other than what I’ve always gotten from them; hatred and a callous disregard for ALL life on this planet!

      Ain’t shit ‘good’ about whites and for ANY Black person to stand at a protest and believe in the ‘goodness’ of those monsters is to court disaster! Whites only look after their fucking bottom line and to hell with anyone and everyone else and Black people should be fully aware of the whites’ shit by now. They are why Black America is on life support with the fucking plug being pulled.

      Bill, I’ve got to stop here before I blow a goddamn gasket!

      Thank you for your comment.

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