Our Death Is All They Seek!

Our Death Is All They Seek!


To finally get some peace, he had to die out on the street,
killed by hate and racism from every white man we still meet.
For over four hundred years, we have been screaming out our pain,
and little did we know that our screams were all in vain.

The world is finally listening, but what good will that do us?
We marched to sit up front, but now we’re underneath the bus.
The ‘leader’ of this country stood and told us we are “THUGS!”
And then he told his gangsters to stomp us like we’re bugs.

We own no tanks or missiles, nor drones to take a stand.
We’re tired and poor and cursed in this white man’s stolen land.
Our death is all they seek and so we’re off to bury the dead.
Because to them we lack humanity, though our blood is also red.

Why must we bear the blame for a crime we didn’t commit?
To this day, it seems we’re slaves and to their will, we must submit.
We are a people without a country; we are clouds in a savage storm.
blown away by white supremacy, a system they can’t reform.
One day, there’ll be a reckoning that we won’t live to see
for those of us alive today, are still yearning to be free.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2020 Shelby I. Courtland

It is a sad ass shame that the only way those of us who are descendants of slaves who were dragged over here to ‘serve’ the white man AND white woman’s every whim, can expect to get any peace from them is by being murdered at their hands. There are too many times that we have trudged through a cemetery to bury our dead and some racist kop was never indicted or even fired from his duties of murdering us.

Poor Black people, who mostly cannot even afford life insurance, have to make use of crowd funding or either some ‘celebrity’ will come forward to pay for the funeral expenses. From cradle to grave, we are to forever hand the white man some money while he is busy killing us since many Black women’s babies die in childbirth in this supposedly, First World Nation. What sense does that make? And even if we make it to our teenage years, we are still murdered for merely coming home from a store, carrying iced tea and skittles. Our children cannot even play in a park without getting shot dead. We cannot drive down the street without getting pulled over and shot for complying with the orders to produce our identification. We cannot sleep in our beds without kops beating down the door and shooting us as we lay deep in slumber and yet, none are held accountable for what they do to us.

And now, another Black family, the family of George Floyd, is about set to bury him because he went into a store and was accused of trying to purchase items with a counterfeit bill, and I have heard that even that was a lie. But even so, was that any reason for a racist kop to murder him, casually as though he was merely a bug to be squashed on the sidewalk? As if that is not bad enough, a stomp down, flaming racist, draft dodging bigot has the nerve to order the U.S. military to ‘put us down’ when he was scared too shitless to even join the very military he has called out on us. What sense does that make?

But you whites want to write blog after blog about how ‘woke’ your ass is now! You ain’t woke. Your funky, filthy ass racist petticoat is showing and the world is now denouncing the shit that you’ve been subjecting us to for hundreds of years in this shithole. You haven’t been struck by a ray of conscientiousness. You don’t even have a conscience to berate you, for if you did, would our situation now be making headline news all across this godforsaken planet that you have managed to fuck up? Hell no, it wouldn’t.

You whites think that you’re doing something by showing up at a protest with a sign stating, “Black Lives Matter!” Our lives have never mattered to you and don’t you think for one damn second that I am buying your flaming lies now! So save it! I’m not buying your sudden displays of solidarity when you are why GENTRIFICATION has driven us into homelessness. You are why we are incarcerated by the millions. You are why we are dumb as shit because while you are funding private schools with our money, public schools don’t even have computers or enough books in them and this you know. We are the faces of the jobless, the hungry and the homeless and the disparities in healthcare is obscene and dangerous and is causing our demise at a faster rate than yours. We don’t have any hopes of longevity and most don’t even want to live long, hopeless, racism filled lives of despair!

You whites have shitted on us from the time our ancestors were dragged ashore and you are still shitting on us and telling us that we are to blame for crime in the inner cities; that we are to blame for not having land and wealth to hand down to our sons and daughters. How the hell can we hand a damn thing down to anyone when you made damn sure that you owned it ALL because you damn well owned our ancestors that you claimed were only three fifths of a human? How the hell did you expect us to overcome that shit? YOU DIDN’T. So don’t now turn around and act like you are just getting hit with an epiphany. You know what the fuck you’ve been doing to us and you’re not about to stop that shit now. Shove that fake ass solidarity shit up your pale asses because I am having none of it!


How the hell did that man, George Floyd, deserve that? But that is ALL too familiar to us! And you dirty, filthy, racist whites know that this has been going down for centuries. You know this because racists like that piece of shit are YOUR family members and you know your own damn family because you’re one of them. So don’t now claim that you had no idea about ANY of this shit because you’re a goddamn liar! Fucking flaming, racist hypocrites! I despise you ALL!

11 thoughts on “Our Death Is All They Seek!

  1. They think that show all this solidarity for all of us blacks in 21th century is enough to forget all the bloodshed it has been carry on more than 600 years?
    They are trying to show us that they can change,they understand us our anger and they can march side by side with us!
    The real reason why they are doing all these shits so call ” white solidarity”?
    They are doing only because they want to save their faces from the rest the world but not because they are drivening by repentance or guilt!
    The repentance or guilt don’t belong to white nature!
    Shelby I am with you,their solidarity they can shove it into their racist rectum!

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    1. Qnubian385, they are pretending some sort of awakening because like you stated, everyone who is not hiding underneath a rock, is now well aware of just some of the horrendous shit that’s been visited on our asses since our ancestors were dragged to this shithole to build it up for these racist, hate-filled whites. The second reason they’re pretending to give a shit is because their fucking businesses are being burned to the fucking ground and all politicians and so-called ‘Black’ community leaders can do is spout bullshit about us burning our own neighborhoods to the ground.

      NEWSFUCKINGFLASH! We don’t have no goddamn neighborhoods to burn the fuck to the ground because we are paying some goddamn piece of white filth our hard earned money to live in shit! Those businesses that were burned to the ground were banks, liquor stores and other businesses that were owned and operated by foreigners and whites. Ain’t nobody thinking about a lone Black barbershop on the corner; that’s all the fuck we can ever manage to open up and hell! In Baltimore, I have seen Black people set up a ‘to go’ barbershop right on the street because they don’t have the money to open up a brick and mortar barbershop because we are denied loans since we don’t have any collateral especially since whitey pasty ass has seen to it that there is NO real Black household wealth and yet they ridicule us for what they set in motion and continue to maintain to present day.

      This is why there have been calls from ADOS groups all across this fucking cesspool for reparations because without being paid for what we and our ancestors built, we don’t stand a goddamn chance in this shithole and that is why the whites will be damned before they ever approve reparations for us. To level the playing field would mean that they could no longer claim ‘white supremacy’ because where would be their victims to punish, ridicule and murder? That is why whites burned down and destroyed everything we ever tried to build up for ourselves and yet they have no problem with foreigners coming over here and opening up convenience stores, gas stations, liquor stores in our communities, Asian-owned beauty supply stores, Asian-owned fake ass food take out joints and the list is endless.

      These pasty ass skanks have NO remorse whatsoever for the vile ass shit they do to us. Their only concern is that the rest of world will no longer buy their bullshit of fake ass humanitarian and benevolence they screech about bringing to the rest of the planet. The only thing these diseased riddled, racist pieces of filthy garbage will bring is pestilence, savagery, violence, disease, suffering, misery, destruction, bombs, drones, missiles and death. But they damn sure ain’t bringing a gnat’s ass worth of love, humanity, empathy and compassion. As smart as whites claim to be, they’ve sealed their own fate while hellbent on sealing ours! To hell with those deranged, parasitic sociopaths!

      Qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. I’m doing great Nubian. Good to hear from you. I’m just making moves to survive the coming storm. There’s a lot going on with this virus and civil unrest. But we must not be controlled by fear. But we must prepare and use our wisdom. I hope you and your family are doing well. 😊

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      2. Thank you Kushite,I am glade you are alright!
        I hope to see you again,because you have been missed by all us!
        Thank you again,be safe you and your as well family!


  2. White people( l say all because if you are not against it you are for it.) can’t escape their doom and the doom of their system. A universe built on truth causes all falsehoods to have a an end to its/their existence. White people know a number of us yearn to believe in them as they say they are while ignoring the reality and history what they are and have been to us, a 400+yr old open enemy. Alot of us may have to perish with enemy( we refuse to give up on the lie(enemy) who’s time has come to a end in the universe that is built on truth.

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    1. Spot on comment Yele66! There are many of us who just refuse to realize that there are NO ‘good’ whites. If ANY whites were ANY good, would people who are descendants of slaves STILL be going through what amounts to what our ancestors went through at the hands of what spawned this shit we are dealing with today? Millions of us do know the answer to that!

      I don’t care how many times I have to repeat myself; THERE ARE NO GOOD WHITES.POINT.BLANK.PERIOD. They ALL stand for the shit that is going down and that is against us. The prisons would NOT be overflowing with Black bodies if the whites were against it. The faces of the GENTRIFIED would not be ours if the whites were against it. The faces of the HOMELESS would not be ours if the whites were against it and on and on it goes.

      I don’t care how many times I see a fake ass picture of whites hugging on some Black protester who is out on the streets protesting over what some other white piece of filthy shit did to yet another Black person, that shit means NOTHING to me. I am not moved by that fake ass shit! I know whites and the only thing I need to know about them is that they hate our guts and for no goddamn reason because, once again, for the dumb as all hell motherfuckers in the back row, we did NOT row ourselves to this shithole just a begging to be slaves. That shit’s NOT on us! Your fucking ancestors and you are to blame for why we are in deep shit today because you have upheld the same shit that your debased ancestors put into play for if not, George Floyd would still be on his feet and breathing, and the same goes for Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, Ayiana Stanley Jones, Walter Scott, John Crawford, Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the goddamn list is endless.

      I know who MY enemy is; my enemy is the white male and female parasite and you motherfuckers need to drop dead already; the faster, the better! I don’t give a damn about ANY of you! Take several seats because your asses ain’t about shit, but there you go, just a marching through the streets pretending to give a damn about us when you are why we are dying from homelessness, hunger, police brutality, fucked up health care, no health care and the goddamn list is endless. TO.HELL.WITH.YOU.WHITE.MOTHERFUCKERS!

      Yele66, I thank you for your comment. At least I can count on you not to buy the whites fake ass, lame ass bullshit.


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