White Women, I’m Glad You’re Showing Up. But I’m Not Sure I Trust You Just Yet. – Laura Cathcart Robbins

That is some straight up bullshit! White women are NOT in this with Black women and for them to pretend otherwise would be a lie!



Here we go! Another ‘apologetic’ post from what resembles a half breed. Go figure! And let me make myself clear on this. I do NOT agree with this Laura Cathcart Robbins. I just posted this piece of shit of hers to debunk it!


But circa 2020, those white women are with us now. They are marching alongside us; they are calling their congressperson and crying out for change; they are showing their solidarity on social media (post after post after post ― and yo, you can chill on that a little, we get it).

They’re giving us the support I longed for and needed back in 1992. They have shown up in a big way, and some compelling people are taking notice. But here’s the thing: I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that support now. My experiences with the Karens of the world have left me feeling salty.

Robbins is yarning on and on about the ‘Rodney King’ beating and how whites were more vocal about some white truck driver being pulled out of his truck during the Rodney King riots than they were over the merciless beating of Rodney King at the hands of LAPD. She was hoping for some lasting change to come about since the vicious beating was recorded. But she thinks that what happened to Rodney King on March 3, 1991 should have been enough of a wake-up call as to what whites were doing to Black people so that the shit would cease. She thinks that 29 years should have made a difference. For the love of !!!!!

Four hundred years and counting has not made a gnat’s ass worth of difference and so why does she think that 29 years should make a difference? Why is she pretending astonishment that George Floyd took Rodney King’s place in 2020, along with hundreds of other Black people? Why does she think the beatings and the shootings by kops of Black people should have ceased just because there was video footage of Rodney King getting himself beaten half to death?

But Robbins says, “those white women are with us now.” What???!!! Like the white woman who LIED and got Emmett Till murdered? Like the white women who stood and watched Black boys and men hanging from trees and laughed? Like the white woman who murdered Botham Shem Jean in his own apartment and made up LIES that she thought he was in hers? Like the white woman who was violating park rules by allowing her dog to remain unleashed and who when called out on that shit by a Black man, called the kops on the Black man who was out bird watching, LIED and told the kops that an “African American MAN was assaulting her?” Are “those the white women who are with us now?” That vicious pack of filthy, lying sluts???!!!

Oh yes, I can see how Robbins would come to the conclusion that “those white women are with us now” because they are standing somewhere on a protest line pretending to give a good goddamn about what they and their counterparts do to us. White women are some of the most vile creatures to ever slither across this planet. They are the same as those white male slugs that they hatch.

“They’re giving us the support I longed for and needed back in 1992”

White women are giving us support??!! What support? Where is it? Support is NOT attending a protest. Support is not hugging a Black person. Support is NOT stating that you have a Black friend. Support is NOT dating a Black man. Support is not marrying a Black man. Is this Robbins idiot for real??!!

Yep! There is definitely MORE white in her ass than Black because only whites can come out and say shit like that: “They’re giving us support.” Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit!

If white women were about shit, they would be demanding that the prison cell doors be opened and that Black inmates who have been cooling their heels inside prisons for 25 years should be released. If white women were about shit, they would be making sure that Black children were not sitting up in schools that lacked heating, air conditioning, computers, desks and books. If white women were about shit, they would be demanding an end to GENTRIFICATION. If white women were about shit, they would be questioning why the outcome for Black women giving birth is not the equivalent of their outcome. If white women were about shit, those kops that they are dating or married to would not be out on the streets beating the hell out of Black people and shooting them for the hell of it. If white women were about shit, they would be posting the names of ALL the members of white supremacy groups, bar none. If white women were about shit, they would be demanding to know why there are so many missing Black children and women while there are Amber Alerts and ‘missing children’ websites that only feature whites. So don’t give me that bullshit about “white women supporting us.” White women have no use for supporting us because they benefit from the system that keeps us down; white supremacy. White women are not about to do anything to fuck with their white privilege.

I might be coming off as judgmental and callous (sorry about that). But please understand that we’ve been through COVID 19, three months of quarantine, Breonna Taylor being murdered by the police in her sleep, Ahmaud Aubery being hunted and gunned down by a former cop and his son, Christian Cooper being targeted by Amy Cooper (no relation), and now George Floyd ― it’s a lot.


What Black woman in her right mind would feel the need to ‘apologize’ for speaking truth to white women? What Black woman would keep talking about how sorry she is to upset white women with real talk? What Black woman would give a shit about how white women took what she put down?

These fake ass Black female impersonators have got to go! Stop pretending that your ass is Black, Laura Cathcart Robbins. There ain’t shit Black about you because this entire article was written as an apology letter to white women for interrupting their “sitting around the pool cocktail hour.” Those white women who were seen at protests were nothing more than props. They don’t give a damn about what is happening to Black people. They will never give a damn about Black people and I’ll be damned before I apologize to those pasty faced, flat assed she devils, EVER!

Only REAL Black women would stay true to themselves and tell it like it is, UNAPOLOGETIC!!!! And damn the consequences. And once more, for the dumb as all hell motherfuckers in the back row, I don’t give a damn for some white woman’s feelings. They don’t have any feelings because first, they must be ‘human’ and that is what white males and females can NEVER aspire to and so Laura Cathcart Robbins, take several seats because whatever the hell you are, you ain’t Black! That’s for damn sure! Apologize to white women for the vile ass creatures they are??!!! On the fucking twelfth of NEVER! That’s how REAL BLACK WOMEN ROLL! Bitch, get the fuck to steppin’!


6 thoughts on “White Women, I’m Glad You’re Showing Up. But I’m Not Sure I Trust You Just Yet. – Laura Cathcart Robbins

  1. @shelbycourtland
    This whole protest been a joke. Black people need to stop asking for support from other non black races in which it’s not going to benefit your race. These non black races are not supporting the victim but are marching just to show the illusion of inclusion toward black people, loot, and cause chaos. Our people do the same routine at every protest. These whites women aren’t out there to support black men there trying to fight for equal power with their white men. They are using this protest as a scrap coat for there agenda. Back in the day the white feminist were pissed off when they were about to allow black men the right to vote before them. Ida B Wells call them out on there bullshit. Not only that these white feminists took to there advantage of the black male stereotype of the black buck male beast to support lynching. Throughout this whole protest black people been “we are the world with every race.”

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    1. Throughout this whole protest black people been “we are the world with every race.”

      Exactly Shanequa! After the smoke has cleared from some white supremacy groups fucking up shit, what the fuck will have changed? Not a goddamn thing!

      Black people can ALWAYS be expected to keep doing the same thing over and over again with the expectation that NOTHING will ever change. You have only to look at who ALWAYS crawls out of the woodwork when some Black person’s death is deemed ‘HIGH PROFILE’. Along comes Al SharpCON’s big, relaxed head to the forefront, pretending to give a damn about what happens to dead Black people when that lousy snitch motherfucker snitched on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and others during the Civil Rights Movement. That jackass snitched for the FBI and undermined everything those people protested and marched for. And yet Black people are still allowing that pus head creature to come in and steal the show; because that’s what it was, a goddamn show.

      WHAT.THE.FUCK.HAS.CHANGED. Oh, right! CVS gotta patch up some stores. An Auto Zone’s got to be rebuilt. Some shit’s got to be delivered back to some stores that got looted and a liquor store needs some plywood and a fresh coat of paint. But what did ANY of this do to change ANYTHING that has been going down against American descendants of slaves in this shithole???!! NOTHING!

      We are still jobless, homeless, hungry, uneducated, mass incarcerated and getting brutalized by racist kops to pieces on every mean street in Amerikkka while lacking health care.

      I’ve heard that Minneapolis is calling for “disbanding the police force.” Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

      Minneapolis City Council members consider disbanding the police

      “Several of us on the council are working on finding out what it would take to disband the Minneapolis Police Department and start fresh with a community-oriented, nonviolent public safety and outreach capacity,” he wrote.

      And even if Minneapolis did disband that racist police force, that does not solve the problem because the entire state is Racism Central because if you are a Black citizen of Minnesota and you don’t happen to be from Somalia or other parts of Africa, you’re homeless because the white Minnesotans have thrown American descendants of slavery under the bus in order to house, feed, clothe and give free medical care to immigrants. They don’t even want American descendants of slaves in that state and I should know because I lived there. I know the deal.

      But what about the shit that goes down against us by this entire shithole??!!! How does what happens in Minnesota help ANY of us?? It doesn’t and it’s not meant to.

      I did not even deign to show up at one protest because I have long since decided that I am NOT going to wear out another pair of shoes for nothing. I’ve got two and I’m not buying any more.

      I don’t know why Black people always want to look to whites to solve our problems when that is never going to happen. They can’t see that those whites are the definition of DEATH??!! Whites bring us nothing but DEATH! That is their sole purpose in regards to us; to make sure we are dead and they are doing a fine job of it while we are somewhere busy thinking that there are some ‘good’ whites because some of those lousy shits are ‘taking a knee’ and ‘hugging’ us. I wish to piss some filthy, flimsy skinned white motherfucker would attempt to ‘hug’ me, I fucking do!

      Shanequa, let me stop here because I have turned this into another blog. Every single word in your comment is SO DAMN TRUE, it ain’t even funny! And I thank you for that comment.

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  2. George Floyd was in relationship with a Becky!
    I mean what reason have BW to march and defend BM who lay down with the females of their enemy?

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    1. “George Floyd was in relationship with a Becky!”

      The hell you say!! Stop the goddamn presses! You mean to tell me that I have been pissing and moaning and penning blog after blog and even poetry for a piece of shit that was dating some skank, pasty-faced bitch??!!! Awww hell naww!

      I am too damn through! qnubian, I need to start doing some research before I get to ‘caping’ for these Black-assed no account men that have already thrown the Black woman under the bus.

      That’s probably why Chauvin killed his ass. They both worked at the same nightclub. And yet the nightclub owner says “they never met.” Like hell they never met. Now the shit makes sense. Chauvin did not appreciate the attention that Floyd was getting from those pasty faced cows in that damn nightclub. Those whites in Minnesota don’t fucking play! And Chauvin is an old school racist and was having NONE of it. That is why he so casually and nonchalantly placed his knee on George Floyd’s neck, put his hands in his pocket to make sure he pressed down even harder. He was thinking, “this is one nigger that’s not going to get with ‘Becky’ tonight!” Oh yeah! It makes perfect sense now.

      qnubian, I wish I had known about this earlier because I was just as pissed off when I found out that Botham Shem Jean only consorted with pasty faced cows. To hell with George Floyd! I’m done writing shit about these dumb ass Black man. And how the hell George Floyd was working SECURITY when had been in prison for armed robbery, I will never know.

      And yet, no one is protesting to hell and back for Breonna Taylor, who by the way, never committed armed robbery or any other crime. I am pissed to THE max!

      qnubian, thanks for letting me know. And you are right, Black women got NO reason at all to march for these Black men that had taken up with our enemy. Let those white skanks they love so much do all the protesting over their dead Black asses! I’m done!

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  3. Shelby I understand your anger and frustration that’s why I don’t want absolutely get involve with Black Matter!
    Black Matter only when is coming for BM what about BW?
    I found out yesterday on UK news that his pasty cow was
    crying out at his funeral!
    I mean this BW has been murdered by a cop but no one are talking about it!
    Because she is BW,but for him they are still marching and screaming!
    You know what,fuck all this!
    In the end how BM are driving
    by self hatred,no matter how many are killing by WM,BM will always fall into the arms
    of Becky!
    BM get what you deserve!

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    1. qnubian, you are right, Black men are indeed, getting what they deserve. And just as I told Shanequa, I am SO done with taking up for these no account Black assed motherfuckers that I refuse to ever write another blog, poem or even sentence about their dead Black asses when they get murdered by racist kops. Since they can’t fucking leave Becky the hell alone, then they can just drop dead and expect Becky to march and protest for their damn asses which we know ain’t gonna happen!

      Becky don’t want a dead dick! What the fuck can Becky do with that??!! And I wouldn’t even take to the streets marching and wailing and moaning if the kops killed my own son. I’m hoping they don’t, but he can’t leave Becky alone and the kops are always locking him up for trespassing at Becky’s trailer and so why would I moan and wail for his Black ass when I have asked him more than 8 million times to leave that shit alone and yet, he’s got not one, but two half parasites with those pasty faced cows?

      We cannot get through to these Black assed motherfuckers, qnubian, but yet we are ALWAYS expected to be front and center when they get fucked up. I didn’t watch any funeral services and so I didn’t see Becky wailing over the loss of Floyd’s dead dick because if I had, I would have long since stopped publishing shit about his dead ass! Oh well, at least I know what to do going forward.

      And no, I don’t support BLACKLIVESMATTER because that group was already overtaken with the gay agenda and the Black agenda was pushed to the back burner. And so they can just go to hell because I’m not supporting THAT shit! And I don’t give a damn who gets offended. If motherfuckers don’t like what they read up in here, they are free to head the fuck on out of here. They should know that shit by now!

      qnubian, thank you for another spot on comment.

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