Today, Breonna Taylor Would Have Been Celebrating Her 27th Birthday, But She Was Killed By Kops. Her Mother Wants To Know, “Where Is The Outrage Over The Murder Of Breonna?”

Breonna Taylor, her life mattered. All Black Lives Matter, including the lives of Black women! We are no less than Black men and you’d better believe it! We are why your Black male asses are getting some sort of justice while we get none!



George Floyd’s name is on everyone’s lips, and rightly so as is Ahmaud Arbery and even Christian Cooper, who was the bird watcher in Central Park in New York who had kops called on him for asking a white woman to observe the leash laws, but where is the outrage over the senseless and needless murder of a Black woman whose name happens to be Breonna Taylor?

Breonna Taylor’s Mom Mourns Daughter on What Would’ve Been Her 27th Birthday: She ‘Mattered’

Breonna Taylor’s mother is urging people to remember her late daughter’s legacy and call for justice on what would’ve been her 27th birthday.

Breonna Taylor, an African American aspiring nurse working as an EMT, was fatally shot eight times by police officers while [ASLEEP] in her own home in Louisville, Kentucky on March 13.

A civil lawsuit, which was filed by her family on April 27, alleges police entered the residence unannounced and were actually looking for a man who lived in Taylor’s building but not her apartment.

“In that brief moment, where people forgot about her for two months at a time, people need to know that Breonna Taylor mattered and that Breonna Taylor was great,” Tamika Palmer, Breonna’s mother said.

Before Breonna Taylor was murdered in her sleep by racist kops, who have not been charged with any crimes, Breonna was on the frontlines of a pandemic carting COVID-19 infected patients to the hospital, while at the same time, she was studying to become a nurse. She had no criminal record, which whites love to bring up about ALL Black people who have been murdered by kops. She was a fine, upstanding citizen and even as Breonna lay dead inside her apartment, the kops were busy looking for drugs, which they did NOT find. But then of course, according to whites, ALL Black people are using some type of ‘illegal substance’ when those parasites know that their medicine cabinet is loaded down with percocet, valium and xanax. Breonna Taylor’s background was clean as a whistle and yet, she’s dead; murdered by racists in blue uniforms and though there have been arrests and charges brought against those who are responsible for why George Floyd and  Ahmaud Arbery are no longer here with us, no kop has even been arrested for murdering Breonna Taylor.

Why do Black women getting murdered by racist kops not matter? If Black Lives Matter, then that should include ALL Black Lives and not just the lives of Black men. Black women no more deserve to be senselessly murdered by racist kops than Black men deserve to be murdered by racist kops. But where are the Black men when it comes to protesting or marching and shouting “No justice! No peace! Stop the racist police!” when it comes to those racists in blue uniforms murdering their mothers, sisters, nieces, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, wives and girlfriends? Not ALL of you Black men are incarcerated and so I don’t want to hear your shit!

Here, a lone Black mother of her’ murdered by kop’ daughter’, has to take to going on a morning talk show to get people to understand that her daughter was murdered in her home in Louisville, Kentucky on March 13 and that her life mattered. And as of today, on her daughter’s birthday, not one of those damn thugs in blue uniforms has been charged with a crime despite a formal investigation into Breonna’s death, launched by the FBI Louisville office on May 21. Yeah! Good luck with that!

Where are ALL of the so-called ‘Black warriors’ out there that’s always whooping and hollering about how macho they are and how they are going to protect their Black queens? Where the fuck are you? In hiding? Chasing booty? Where the fuck are you? Black women can ALWAYS be found, front and center when it comes to ‘caping’ for your Black ass, but when it comes to you standing up for us, where the fuck are you??!! Inquiring minds want to know, goddamn it!

I know damn well that I am on MY own because I don’t look for no damn body to stir up some shit on my behalf because most folks ain’t about shit! I have never heard about so many projects, all of a sudden like, started up by Black men in all my born days right when the shit was about to hit the fan. I guess y’all motherfuckers ran off like some of the whites; took to the mountains and the fucking desert to make sure your asses were okay and left the rest of us to rot. But now that you see that some of us are still kicking up a bit, you’ve come out of fucking hiding and now want to pretend like you were doing some extra stuff. I’m not fooled by y’all motherfuckers scared ass ways.

This is why Black Amerikkka is on life support with the fucking plug being pulled because ain’t no goddamn Black man of today like ANY of those who made up the REAL and TRUE Black Panther Party and Movement. Those Black men were the REAL deal and all we’ve got to work with now are some weak ass, punk bitches! And you fucking know who you are and don’t even bother getting offended because you know I don’t give a shit!

Those Black ‘men’ who stood around and taped George Floyd getting the life kneed out of him should have bum rushed those damn namby pamby, shit their pants, racist kops and did the damn thing! Black people, back in the day, knew that in order to make a better world for those who would come after them, that they had to be willing to give up their lives, and they did. They gave up their freedom and they gave up their lives in the hopes that we would have it better than they did. But what they failed to consider is the fact that what would come after them wouldn’t even be close to what they were in terms of TRUE and REAL warriors and heroes who were selfless. Malcolm X knew he was a dead man walking as did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and yet they continued to do what they felt they needed to do. The sad part is that what they did was ALL in vain because look around you at what we have to work with today; not a goddamn thing worth mentioning.

Black preachers are in pulpits all across this shithole spouting nonsense and fake ass prayers that’s doing not a goddamn gnat’s ass worth of anything when it comes to making things better for American descendants of slavery. Each and every single time some shit goes down, who do the whites want to sit down and talk with over a cup of fucking tea about the shit? Why…..those goddamn, useless, no account Black preachers, that’s who and Al Sharpton’s relaxed curl, pushead ass! They damn sure as hell don’t want to sit down and talk with me about a goddamn thing because I’d as soon as shoot their asses before partaking of even so much as a cup of tea with my mortal enemy.

But everybody thinks that some shit’s changed because of some so-called ‘world wide’ protests over the kops killing George Floyd; delusional, much? Because you’ve got to be really, really stupid if you think any damn thing is going to be different. Hell! The kops are upping the ante as I type this and have decided that if they can’t fuck shit up, they’d rather quit. And 57 of them did just that because of a couple of kops getting disciplined because they knocked down and injured the head of a 75-year old white man. This occurred in Buffalo, NY.

Just so you know, those thugs in blue and brown uniforms are in it for the long haul so long as they can continue busting heads and killing Black people and that includes Black WOMEN.

Black women, I understand that the Black men who are being murdered by kops are your sons, husbands, brothers, uncles, cousins, nephews, etc., but you also need to understand that Black women are also the victims of these crimes and Black men are hardly in evidence when it comes to taking on the system on our behalf. We’ve done the best we can by our Black men. It is time for them to do the same for us. And Breonna Taylor’s mother should not be sitting somewhere on “Good Morning America,” bemoaning the fact that hardly anyone remembers that her daughter was murdered, shot 8 times in her sleep by white kops who had no business busting down her door in the first place and not one of them has been charged with a crime. There have been charges filed against those who murdered George Floyd. There have been charges filed against those who murdered  Ahmaud Arbery because there were mass protests for both men. And Black women were front and center throughout it all! So, where the fuck are you, BLACK MEN??!!! Breonna Taylor’s mother would like to know! And so would I!! Only Louisville seems to have been protesting the kops murdering Breonna Taylor, thus why her mother is mourning the loss of her daughter on “Good Morning America” and wondering why no one believes that her daughter’s life mattered.

This is exactly why I did NOT get my cape out, put it on and go a marching through the streets because the double standards are outrageous! I’ll take to the goddamn streets when the kops come fucking MY Black ass up! But I damn sure ain’t caping for Black men who ain’t out there doing shit that makes a fucking bit of difference when the shit hits the fan for Black women. I got two pairs of shoes and I am NOT wearing them out on your behalf, Black men!

Mrs. Palmer, your daughter’s life mattered to me. I wish that there was something concrete that I could do to show you that your daughter’s life mattered, I really do.

In memory of Breonna Taylor, a poem for her mother

She had the most beautiful smile
and they said she looked like me
She was so loving and giving
that’s why she became an EMT.

But that wasn’t enough for her,
she wanted to heal the sick.
Learning came easy to her;
she picked it up quick.

During a pandemic,
I worried about her safety.
But she just laughed it off
and said, “Mom, I’m not eighty.”

My little girl’s gone now,
she was shot in her sleep.
The pastor prayed with me,
but justice I still seek.

Remember my little girl.
She was murdered too.
Her life mattered.
All Black Lives Matter! All have value!


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2020 Shelby I. Courtland

BREONNA TAYLOR! SAY HER NAME! Say that Black woman’s name! BREONNA TAYLOR! She would have been 27 years old today! But she’s dead, see? Murdered by racist kops in blue uniforms, who have NOT been charged with ANY crime! Yeah! But things is getting better! Really??!!! Seriously???!!!



12 thoughts on “Today, Breonna Taylor Would Have Been Celebrating Her 27th Birthday, But She Was Killed By Kops. Her Mother Wants To Know, “Where Is The Outrage Over The Murder Of Breonna?”

  1. That was such an impactful poem and same for your post. Even though the cases of Arbery and Floyd still need to be discussed, I certainly haven’t discounted Breonna Taylor at all. I found out it was her birthday today after my last post which really made me sad and angry about the situation even more. I really hope those murderers get charged and convicted for their actions. She was just doing her best to save lives especially during this ongoing pandemic. Breonna was certainly the embodiment of an essential worker in this day and age and that’s not even debatable. Since you mentioned you have family members in the health care sector, I know this would’ve hit even closer to home for you.

    May Breonna Taylor be remembered for the kind soul she was and also for her killers to face justice.

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    1. Ospreyshire, I am beyond outraged over the senseless killing of this beautiful soul whose only thought in life was to help others. And the fact that no one is being held accountable for killing her as though she was nothing, just enrages me even more. It takes a lot for someone to pursue the field of nursing, especially doing these trying times. And yes, I do have family members in the medical field and what’s more, I know that to whites, their lives are equally as meaningless as Breonna’s when all is said and done.

      I am damn near the point of spontaneous combustion! There is no hint of justice in this world of deranged psychopaths. Everyone has gone bat shit crazy because NOTHING and I mean NOTHING makes any damn sense!

      I thank you for the compliment on this on, it is much appreciated.

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      1. I feel that when it comes to the outrage. There certainly needs to be pressure just to get those officers charged. Even though I’m not tin the medical field, I can only imagine what it takes for someone to be a nurse, EMT, doctor, surgeon, etc (granted, if they’re doing this for the right reasons). Throw in hospital politics and medical racism, it only fuels the fire against corrupt hospitals or staff.

        I hear you right there. It’s a world full of hypocrisy, insanity, and double standards and I certainly wish it wasn’t the case.

        You’re welcome. I’m glad you appreciated my comment.


      2. Ospreyshire, I heard you loud and clear as especially when you mentioned, “medical racism” because we need more Black doctors and nurses because these whites in the medical field are killing us. It’s bad enough out on the streets with vigilante groups, hate groups and racist kops gunning us down, but then we also have to contend with racists in the medical field. The whole entire system of ‘white supremacy’ is set up to make sure we are dead; quick, fast and in a hurry. And this is why it makes me mad as hell that Breonna Taylor was murdered especially when she was on her way to helping those who look like her. This is all just so damn senseless, tragic and sad.

        Thank you for your comment.

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      3. Thank you. That’s a topic that definitely needs to be brought up more often in general. Racism isn’t just limited to just slurs, gentrification, or police brutality. It seeps into so many sectors. You can go back to The Tuskegee Experiment, some of the experiments done to the Nama and Herero during the Namibian Genocide in the 1900s, or the recently revealed SAIMR atrocities in South Africa where Apartheid agents injected fake vaccines with AIDS and HIV which was revealed last year in the documentary Cold Case Hammerskjold (You have no idea how furious and depressed I was when I got to the scene of that confession) for various historical examples. All the more infuriating when Breonna was clearly in the medical field for the right reasons and saved lives during her time on this planet.

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  2. @shelbycourtland

    “ Black women, I understand that the Black men who are being murdered by kops are your sons, husbands, brothers, uncles, cousins, nephews, etc., but you also need to understand that Black women are also the victims of these crimes and Black men are hardly in evidence when it comes to taking on the system on our behalf. ”

    100% Agreed!!! Black women’s struggles of facing racism has always been thrown under the rug. Some black women have put there own struggles on the back burner to support others rather then putting themselves first. If black men can’t protect themselves as a man they can’t protect black women & children. Once the black man protection is gone from the community then black women & children are the most vulnerable to be attack. I strongly feel black women need to stay out of those protest and let black men lead so they can fight as men for their own protection. You will never win a war putting your women on the frontline of war because that is a cowardly move. Black women cant fight another man that’s black men’s job. What’s even worst black men can’t protect themselves against another black man in there own community. Black men have too much fear in them to go too war to end white supremacy with non black men. Furthermore black men love telling how big of a sexual toilet (admire by all races of women) they are to non black women these women aren’t going to help go against their own men in there communities. While the world is playing chess black people haven’t even master the game of checkers for them to move on too chess. Our people are still trying to find out what pieces go on the checker board.


    1. Shanequa, say it louder for the dumb as all hell motherfuckers in the back row cause they ain’t picking up what you’re putting down!

      This bears repeating!

      I strongly feel black women need to stay out of those protest and let black men lead so they can fight as men for their own protection. You will never win a war putting your women on the frontline of war because that is a cowardly move. Black women cant fight another man that’s black men’s job. What’s even worst black men can’t protect themselves against another black man in there own community. Black men have too much fear in them to go too war to end white supremacy with non black men.”

      Shanequa, that is exactly why I refuse to even be bothered to attend a ‘protest’. In fact, I was shocked to find that there were protests taking place in this hillbilly burg I live in. A couple of Black men smashed the windows of an ABC liquor store and smashed some windows in a restaurant, but that was the extent of the damage done in this shithole burg. Those who were ‘peacefully’ protesting because Jerry Falwell gave them the ‘go ahead’ took to standing before a monument dedicated to white supremacy to ‘peacefully’ protest Floyd’s murder. These shuck and jive ‘slaves’ ain’t made it off the plantation down here. In fact, some of them probably still live on Plantation Road.

      We don’t have NO MEN! There ain’t nothing resembling a REAL BLACK MAN today! I cannot tell you how many Black ‘men’ told me that they were starting projects of some sort or another right before the pandemic struck. We’ve got some of the most cowardly bastards in history as our ‘protectors’ and that is why ain’t no goddamn ‘protecting’ of us going on. And what’s more, that ain’t never going to change. I’m tired of wringing my hands and gnashing my teeth for shits that are chasing after some skank ass white bitch! Qnubian just informed me that George Floyd was dating a pasty faced cow, and yet, Black women were wailing and moaning over the kops killing his ass. I’m just too through.

      “Furthermore black men love telling how big of a sexual toilet (admire by all races of women) they are to non black women these women aren’t going to help go against their own men in there communities. While the world is playing chess black people haven’t even master the game of checkers for them to move on too chess. Our people are still trying to find out what pieces go on the checker board.”

      Exactly, AGAIN! Yeah, let those other women that they claim love their damn dick so much protest for their damn Black asses. A dead dick ain’t no use to any of those skank ass whores they claim, love all up and down on them, but I’ll be damned before I EVER post another blog about another Black man getting himself murdered by Kop or anybody else. If we had some TRUE and REAL Black men, Black America would not be on life support with the fucking plug being pulled, but Black men are on some bling time and some white nasty skank bitch time and on some designer shit time. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit when Black people are losing out BIG TIME when it comes to every aspect of our lives.

      And yes, Black people are sitting somewhere dumb as hell while ALL other groups have mastered chess and we can’t even figure out a checker board. What kind of shit is that???!! I’m about to blow another goddamn gasket again!

      Shanequa, your comment actually deserves an entire blog unto itself. Just as soon as I can fight my way through the smoke, since I’m damn near on fire, I’ll try to post one.

      Thank you for that spot on comment. Ain’t nothing but TRUTH you spitting!


      1. @shelbycourtland
        George Floyd fiancé wanted a peaceful protest that was non violent. They showed a pictures of his black girlfriend on frontline at the protest. Then you have his black baby mama & daughter crying over him as well as his son. On top of that George Floyd’s friend a black man was there watching him get Lynch. A black man couldn’t protect another black man in harms way. Black men fear non black people especially non black men. Black men will attack a black woman or child before they confront a non black man.

        P.S. I’m also tired of hearing black women state “black women are the most unprotected women on this planet.” Again if the men in our community can’t protect himself he want be able to protect you. Black women going to have too stop pretending to be dumb. For us to be so unprotected our best bet is to avoid dangerous situations at all times. The things we see non black women do we can’t do especially when no one is coming for our rescue. Black women are going to have too make smart decisions in protecting themselves & their children. People will physically, verbally, emotionally, & sexual abuse a woman with no care in the world because they don’t see us as human. Black women are going to have too stop being the black mule of the world because it haven’t gotten us nowhere.


      2. Now I’m confused. I didn’t even know George Floyd had a fiancé and qnubian said that Floyd was dating one of those pasty faced cows. I don’t know what to believe. But be that as it may, you are SO right!

        The men that have beaten MY ass have all been Black men. My ex-husband beat my ass and a boyfriend beat my ass and since then, I have been done with dealing with Black men. I don’t date.PERIOD. And this happened decades ago and so that just goes to show you that I have looked out for myself and I am ALL I need because why in the world would I complicate MY life by bringing back into it, some piece of shit that’s too scared to take on white supremacy, but has no problem beating my ass six ways to Sunday. No Black man will EVER get the opportunity to beat MY ass again! Some people still tell me to this very day to “Never say never” about getting married again. They can take that shit and shove it because I am not bothering my self with another no account, piece of shit Black man and I am SO not down with the swirl, it ain’t even funny.

        The only person I will protest for is myself! To hell with anybody else. And to be quite honest, I don’t even mess with Black people. I don’t like them. And yes, only by an accident of birth can I be included in with that lot, but I ain’t happy about it. Why should I be? Look at most Black folks. They’re dumb as shit and only want to be taught anything by looking at so-called ‘celebrities’ who play pro sports or who are sitting up on some Love n Hiphop bullshit show. Or they can be found laughing at other Black folks who don’t have on $800 shoes. I was never one for designer this and designer that. But you look at almost ALL Black folks and they can be poor as shit, living in a dump, but sporting the latest sneaker by Nike and the most recent smartphone to come down the pike.

        All other groups are somewhere working hard and helping one another to build something while we are sitting at the movies looking at Black Panther by Marvel Comics or we are in line at Popeye’s fighting over a chicken sandwich. And to think that I want to be grouped in with THAT lot? Never fucking ever, is how I feel about it. The only reason I write about issues pertaining to Black folks is because I am lumped in with THAT lot, but I am not appreciating that shit because most Blacks make the rest of us look dumb as shit! And that is not something to strive for.

        Black women, in my opinion, receive the most abuse from Black men. My mother was abused by her now deceased husband. I was abused by my ex-husband. My sister was abused by her ex-husband. My aunt was abused by her now deceased husband and on and on it goes. My cousin’s daughter was sexually abused by her Black jailbird boyfriend who gave that child, an STD. His ass just got out of prison.

        But when a Black man comes up against a white man, his ass is a damn coward. I don’t need that shit! I don’t fear those pasty faced devils and will take them on in a New York nanosecond and I have. But I will NEVER look to a Black man to ‘save’ me. What the hell for? He can’t even save his own damn Black hide.

        I’m done with the shit.

        Thank you for your comment Shanequa.


    1. qnubian, I should have known. What went down with Botham Shem Jean should have taught me something, but I’m hard headed. I never learn. Well, I’m learning now. This is the LAST DAMN time and I do mean the LAST TIME that I am going to say a goddamn thing about another Black man getting himself murdered at the hands of kops. From now on, I will save my rage for when Black women get themselves murdered at the hands of kops and they’d better not be down with the fucking swirl. I am just tired to pieces of this shit!

      As far as I am concerned, Chauvin could still be kneeling on the neck of that Black-assed convict piece of filth.

      This is what that piece of shit George Floyd did AND TO A WOMAN!

      FINAL CONVERSATION George Floyd’s grieving girlfriend Courteney Ross reveals her final words to him were ‘I love you’

      Floyd served a five-year sentence for aggravated assault after an armed robbery in 2007, which saw him break into a woman’s home, put a gun to her stomach and comb her house for drugs with another man. According to a police report, they took jewelry and the woman’s cellphone.

      The article goes on to say that George Floyd and this pasty faced bitch wanted to open up a restaurant and call it, “CONVICT KITCHEN!” What an appropriate fucking name!

      All this time, I have been pissing and moaning, screeching and wailing out poems and posts for this damn piece of shit!
      Look at this shit!

      And this one!

      qnubian, I want to thank you again for bringing me up to speed because I had been getting conflicting reports, but now I do believe that this is what he was messing around with because that is all Black men mess with in Minneapolis and those Scandinavians up there hate that shit! He got what his Black sell-out ass deserved! And ‘Becky’ gonna find her another Black buck to open up a CONVICT KITCHEN with! To hell with that Black no good, no account motherfucker!

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