The Rage In Minneapolis, MN Goes Beyond The Cops!

I was reading an article today and the title of the article is:

In Minneapolis, rage over George Floyd extends beyond cops.

True, it does, but the article just continues on in that vein. It does not go further than expounding on how many times Black men have been murdered and/or incarcerated by the ‘system’ of white supremacy that not only controls what goes down in Minneapolis, MN, but controls this entire country. But I want to focus on Minneapolis.

The rage of American descendants of slavery protesters goes way beyond the rage against racist cops. There is a disproportionate number of American descendants of slavery who are homeless in Minneapolis and city leaders as well as community and church leaders are doing everything they can to make sure that continues.

White Minnesotans have for decades, dragged willing Hmongs, Vietnamese, Nigerians, Somalis and Mexicans to Minnesota while at the same time, denied access to necessary services, housing, jobs, educational opportunities; the whole nine yards to American descendants of slavery.

If you find yourself to be homeless in Minneapolis and you are an American descendant of slavery, you will be told by Hennepin County Human Services to contact St. Olaf’s Catholic Church where you must go to be entered into the shelter system. You must then get to St. Olaf Church as soon as possible because the shelter beds fill up quick. Once you arrive at St. Olaf’s Catholic Church, you will be told if there is availability in a homeless shelter, but first, you must answer about 20 questions and receive a ‘shelter pass card’. Below is an actual ‘shelter pass card’.

If you are familiar with Minneapolis, you must ask for a “Handbook of the Streets” and if the church has any, you can obtain one.

A homeless person is supposed to use this to navigate themselves out of homelessness. But when you call the numbers in the handbook, there is NO assistance.


Inside the book is where you are supposed to find ALL of the resources to help you out of homelessness and yet why do you think so many people are still homeless in Minneapolis? Especially American descendants of slavery and Indians?


This would be why. This is where ALL of the resources are going; to assist immigrants. Those who are American descendants of slavery and the Indians can just remain homeless.


And the services for immigrants continues!


This is where our tax dollars are going while those who paid those taxes are sitting somewhere underneath bridges or are in fucked up homeless shelters like the one that burned down on Christmas Day 2019. You remember the Drake ‘Hotel’ homeless shelter fire that burned to the ground displacing hundreds of American descendants of slavery.

This page is supposed to showcase the places that have affordable housing available. Call the coordinated entry system and you will find out quick, fast and in a hurry that there is no help; there is no affordable housing. “Hennepin County Front Door,” my ass! I was in the building and I was still told to go to St. Olaf’s Catholic Church. That’s some straight up bullshit that’s in that “Handbook of the Streets.”

If this wasn’t so horrific in that there is no real help to be found here, it would laughable. There is no ‘rapid rehousing’ and they fucking know this!


This page is supposed to guide you to a shelter.

Don’t even get me started on the ‘overnight shelter’ mess! For the love of !!!!!!


So after receiving my ‘Community Card’ and the ‘Handbook of the Streets and a bus token depicted below from St. Olaf’s CATHOLIC CHURCH,

What a great help St. Olaf church was. I guess they thought handing me a token for a two and a half hours ride on Metro transit really helped.


I was told by the staff at St. Olaf’s Catholic Church that there was a slot available at a homeless shelter, and to make my way on over.

This is what I was handed by the staff at the homeless shelter when I got there.


This is what I was supposed to read and I pretended to not understand and so I was given this paper by Salvation Army staff.

Here is the back side of that!

All ‘guests’ must sign this form.


And this is what I was expected to sleep on.


Try sleeping on that. I’ve seen pictures of prison cell beds that were more comfortable.

That thin shit is on top of steel and there is no rapid re-entry into permanent, affordable housing from that. I actually spoke with women who were trying to save money just so that they could spend some nights in a hotel in order to feel what a real bed is like. This is what churches and so-called ‘charities’ are doing to people, namely American descendants of slavery. The Indians refuse to even go into those places and so they just set up tents.


As you can see, the rage that was exhibited in Minneapolis was not just due to racist police, but was a direct result of the conditions that American descendants of slavery have to exist in. And this is ALL done by design. There are more resources available for immigrants/refugees than there are for people who are treated as though they are refugees in the country of their birth.


How Minneapolis, One of America’s Most Liberal Cities, Struggles With Racism

Minneapolis residents view themselves as welcoming; the state took in nearly 110,000 refugees from 1979 to 2018, a resettlement effort that is largely the work of Lutheran and Catholic social services agencies.

Since the 1990s, Minnesota has attracted a surge of immigrants from Somalia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Laos and Mexico. Minneapolis is about 60 percent white, 20 percent black, 10 percent Latino and 6 percent Asian, according to census data.


Oh yes indeed, Minnesota is very welcoming; you just have to be coming from Somalia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Laos and Mexico. If you were born in America and you happen to be an American descendant of slavery, Minnesota doesn’t welcome you. And even though I went to ST. OLAF’S CATHOLIC CHURCH, I received none of the assistance that those from Somalia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Laos and Mexico receive. You see, those folks head right into affordable housing, paid for by our tax dollars while those of us who are descendants of slavery can just head on over to a piece of shit homeless shelter and sit up in there for ‘god’ only knows how long. I met Black women who had been living in that homeless shelter for over a year, some had been there for two years IN A HOMELESS SHELTER. How they could stand it, I don’t know because the conditions in there were deplorable, unsanitary and down right dangerous! I lasted ONE goddamn night in there! There was NOT ONE immigrant sitting up in that shelter, NOT ONE! How is that just by any stretch of the imagination? Charity begins at home. You don’t drag folks, willingly over here and throw the services at them while treating those who are in the same boat, refugees in their own country, as if they are dirt, but that is exactly what is happening in Minneapolis, MN. The shit that I have seen would curl your toes. They damn near curled mine.

I don’t just read up on shit! I go and see for myself what the fuck’s going down and I always have PROOF of the fact that I know what the fuck I’m talking about BEFORE I speak on a subject. So don’t goddamn tell me that there are NO AFFORDABLE HOUSING in Minneapolis because there damn well is, but you must be from SOMALIA, CAMBODIA, ETHIOPIA, LAOS AND MEXICO TO GET IT! American descendants of slavery need NOT APPLY!

As you can see from the article, CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES AGENCIES help immigrants into housing, jobs, good medical care; the whole nine yards, but as an American descendant of slaves, we are sent to homeless shelters like the one that burned down on Christmas Day of last year; the fucking Drake Hotel.

People have been castigating the protesters for “burning down their own neighborhoods.” Go to Minneapolis and find one neighborhood that is loaded down with American descendants of slavery. I’ll save you the trouble, there are none. Eighteen percent of the twenty percent of Black people who reside in Minnesota are homeless or housing insecure because the vast majority of affordable housing units go to house immigrants. Now you tell me, what did American descendants of slavery have to lose in Minneapolis? I’ll tell you; not a goddamn thing! Minneapolis is bemoaning some shit that was fucked up and was owned by some damn immigrants. Fuck them!


6 thoughts on “The Rage In Minneapolis, MN Goes Beyond The Cops!

  1. Wow America. ( all the people foreign or domestic that do not have a problem sticking it in our face for us to see/smell their fuckery over us) will not do right by us ADOS, FBA, So called american negroes….and see nothing wrong with it. Is that not some wicked thinking toward us? We have to know that were are up against a supreme evil thought that people of like mind can coalesce in support via active or passive. We must be the greatest people on the planet to have a whole world/system geared toward wrong doing toward us.


    1. Yele66, this is why I have been steadfast in continuing to get American descendants of slavery to understand that we have NO FRIENDS! Even the African immigrants are NOT our friend. They are used against us by the whites over here because they are the ones the whites WANT over here and that is why we can be homeless, hungry and lacking health care, but our tax dollars are being used to pay for the homes, jobs and healthcare for those the whites drag, willingly over here. I have seen this with my own eyes. This site of mine showcases that shit over and over again to the point whereas I am just saying the same thing over and over again in the hopes of getting through to ADOS that we are in deep shit if we cannot get our shit together.

      Those other bastards and bitches at those protests are NOT there about us; they are there about them. There are many whites who are there using that protest as an excuse because they are on the unemployment lines. There are whites also out there using that protest about George Floyd as an excuse to drag even more immigrants here to take over more of our tax dollars in helping them and making sure that we stay down and out and then die. Those goddamn whites at the protests aren’t about helping us because wouldn’t that shit already have been going down? Why would the murder of George Floyd ‘move them to some sort of awakening’ if they were about shit? Whites ain’t about shit besides wanting our death; that is all they want to see. They don’t give a shit for George Floyd. There are so many agendas at those protests that have NOTHING whatsoever to do with racism, police brutality and all other shit that whites have been visiting on us, but George Floyd is their excuse to put the gay agenda on the front burner, to put immigration on the front burner and any other agenda they have that does not in any way have anything to do with stopping police brutality, racism, gentrification, the school-to-prison pipeline, income inequality, mass homelessness of ADOS, mass incarceration of ADOS, hunger in ADOS communities and poverty and mass unemployment and the list is endless. And some ‘celebrities throwing money at the group “BlackLivesMatter” is just for show because that group has done NOTHING to assist ADOS in this hellhole; not a goddamn thing. Whatever money the group, ‘BlackLivesMatter’ receives gets put towards furthering the gay agenda, but does nothing for ADOS.

      We are indeed, the GREATEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET because we have managed NOT to kick the whites asses and every other group’s asses to kingdom come. We are not like these sorry ass hating shits that’s on our ass, daily. We are a people without a country. We are a people without a friend or ally on this entire planet. And the whites are hell bent on separating us and getting us to hate one another instead of coming together because only by doing so, will we ever make a difference in our lives. The whites hate us for who we are; the real and true humans of this planet. Whites are NOT human and nor are any of their followers and I mean each and every single enemy to us and that would include ALL other groups on this fucked up planet.

      I thank you for your comment Yele66.


      1. Shelby how are u doing lioness..i have not hit u in awhile.i just been sitting back watching these fake ass negroes(some of them)march im so called solidarity with our mortal foe the kkkrackas..smh ..whites dont do shit unless it serves there agenda as we all thing is this..shelby u know that AADOS are the true chosen people of the most high god.we are of judah we fit the curses of deut 28 to verse 47.the elites of WS know this which is why we are the most hated on the planet.just bc another nation of people share melanin dont make em your friends bc those africans and ethiopians hindus from india and arabs all them niggas hate our ass! Hmm i wonder why..its bc we are TMH people !but the problem now is we been sleep at the wheel..i tell u this we are not going to win the war against WS with the constant infighting that they put in some point u got to man the fuck up grow some balls and get war ready! Liberation comes with a question to israel/AADOS id this…How fucking bad to u really want to be liberated and free from WS? Bc these heathens aint gonna get the knee that they have on our necks like mr.floyd off! They literally have us in a choke hold like eric gardner in 14 they choking the shit out of our asses! For 4 centuriues they been chokin lynchin raping ecxploiting anf killin you on every level there is and wtf have we done about it?! Until u fuck a bully up or aint afraid to fight his bitch ass like whites are then they gonna keep fuckin wit ya until u stop whinin and shit and kick that ass!! Thats how we did it in the south bx..if u want respect and liberation u gonna have to go to war and fuck em up with strategy..point blank!! I will close with this lioness…our real superheroes who were umcompromised in there war against WS for the liberation of the TMH gods people US were either forced into exile kr jailed or dead.
        If u really about dat life then thats what u no u must do and accept..those are the real black superheroes…malcolm x were u at..assata shakur(a family member of pac)in exile were u at? The great huey newton bp leader and pioneer were u at? Bobby seal were u at? Bp icon to…fred hampton icon bp were u at! Medcar evers were u a!? Mother harriet were u at?! Sojourner truth were u at?! We need all of you alls grace tenacity and knowledge and strength! Bc right now all we got is bunch of metro sexuals .love and hip hop gun totting jail head ass stupid asses who think they the man until shit hits the fan! Were are my real niggas at to take lead in the war we in right the fuck now?! Scared? Were are your fucking balls u say u have when yall asses is braggin and shit? Tmh god is not pleased with us black men bc u are not acting like the warrior supreme chosen people and man he made ya! Facts!! AADOS children of the most high god this is it…either you get your shit together now especially the so called men or its game the fuck over and we late in the 4th quartet now….facts!! ..i need a drink after this tirade lioness..ima hit u again soon…d.martinez


      2. d.martinez, we don’t have any more Malcolm Xs or Medgar Evers or Huey P. Newtons. We only got punk ass bitches and that shit’s not going to get anything done. They are too busy on their knees for massa. That’s why their pants are already sagging, they want massa to give it to them, GOOD. Men should die on their feet and not on their knees, but every Black wimp assed motherfucker these days is going out on their knees. There is NO MAN AMONGST THESE MEN. That is a true ass fact! I’m done speaking on Black wimp assed motherfuckers and I am done on getting all upset and some more shit when they get their fucking asses fucked up by whitey pasty ass. Those wimp assed motherfuckers don’t care one bit about Black women and so I don’t give a damn what happens to them. They can all get what George Floyd got because they are ALL chasing after ‘Becky’ and since that’s what they want, let them expect ‘Becky’ to cape for their damn asses when they get fucked up, but as for me, I’m done. Stick a goddamn fork in me, I’m fucking done.


  2. @shelbycourtland
    Keep making your post. This whole George Floyd protest has become a protest to benefit people for there on agenda’s.

    View this post on Instagram

    #StayWoke👁 #GodPleaseProtectUs🙏🏾

    A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

    You have black stage parents making their children go viral on social media. A 6 year old black princess is out on the street being the voice for black protest. Then a black prince singing a song about black life being in danger. Too me it looks like black parents are using black children to ask non black people to protect black people.

    Michael B Jordan preaching about more diversity is needed in Hollywood. Again asking non black people to build for black people instead of black people building for themselves. Then we have Beyoncé mention how sexist & male dominated the music industry is not enough female influence. Not enough black female at the table so she decided to start her own company
    Then you have non black people coating riding off of the protest as well. I have seen several photos of non black women hold signs stating they love black dick. One white woman even was holding a black dildo. Yes just lower the black men down to a sex object. The shitty sign is very disrespectful especially at a time like this.
    I also seen pictures that stated Latino’s for black lives matter but in the Hispanic culture they are even racist to the black Hispanic. We have our very own people asking white people to call other white people out on white privileged. The ice cream Ben & Jerry have a ice cream name fuck the police.


    1. Shanequa, see my comment to Yele66. I delve into the fact that whites and others showing up at the protests have absofuckinglutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with our fight against police brutality and some more shit!

      “A 6 year old black princess is out on the street being the voice for black protest. Then a black prince singing a song about black life being in danger. Too me it looks like black parents are using black children to ask non black people to protect black people.”

      But what do ALL the ‘princesses’ look like in fairy tales and at Disney World and Disney Land? They don’t look like that little Black girl and they never will.

      That is exactly why I get so goddamn tired trying to get through to Black people because we are so damn dense, it makes NO damn sense.

      They will stand somewhere with their mortal enemy that is kicking their ass six ways to Sunday and hug them and take a knee with them and believe that the shit is going to get better. They have ALL been dropped on their damn heads if they think that. Nothing is going to change. When they pick up their little protest signs and head home, the kops will still be busting their fucking heads open and then shooting and killing them and still get away with it.

      In fact, the lawyer for one of those kops is asking, “Why didn’t the people who were taking pictures of Chauvin murdering Floyd do something to stop the kops?” Those lawyers for the kops are even blaming Floyd’s murder on those who taped the murder. He knew what would happen to those people if they had tried to do anything to those goons in blue uniforms. I would have tried to do something, but then, that’s me. That ain’t everybody.

      I don’t give a damn what Michael B. Jordan has to say. I don’t give a damn what Beyonce has to say. They ALL need to shut the hell up because they are massa’s slaves same as the rest of us are but because they entertain his ass in some way which means they make his ass some money, they got some table scraps because make no mistake, no matter how rich Beyonce’s ass is, whitey parasite ass is going to make damn sure that her Black sell-out ass don’t get to his level. Just ask Bill Cosby why his black ass is still cooling his heels inside a prison while Michael Cohen was released because his pasty ass just might come down with COVID-19 and the whites can’t have that.

      NO WHITE MAN, WOMAN OR CHILD IS OUR FRIEND; NOT ONE! And I will continue to point out what should be the obvious, but Black folks are just too damn dense to pick up what I’m putting down!

      And Ben & Jerry’s owners can also shut the fuck up! I don’t eat ice cream and if I did, I wouldn’t eat theirs because it is loaded down with glyphosate; known to cause cancer in humans. Let ’em name an ice cream, “ROUNDUP,” because that’s what the fuck’s in their fucking ice cream! They ain’t doing us no goddamn favors!


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