Jerry Falwell Jr., The Racist President of Liberty University Wants To Wear Either A ‘Black Face’ Or A ‘ KKK hood’ Mask. So much for ‘christianity’!

Racist bastard! How ANY Black parents can send their children to Liberty University that has a president that is as racist as that piece of shit is, I am at a loss in understanding it. This racist bastard is why Black people are doing so poorly in Lynchburg. And all the other whites who live in this racist burg are just like this piece of shit; bar none!



Jerry Falwell is right up there next to Donald Trump as far as racism is concerned. Here’s his latest racist shit that’s got even some lame ass Black employees at Liberty University beating down the door trying to exit Liberty University.

Liberty’s Jerry Falwell Jr. apologizes for tweet; director of diversity resigns

Faced with outrage from black alumni and the resignation of at least three African American staffers, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. has deleted and apologized for a two-week-old tweet that showed a face mask decorated with a photo of a person in Ku Klux Klan robes and another in blackface. The images were intended to mock the mask requirement implemented by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D), who nearly resigned from his office last year amid revelations that the racist photo had been featured on his medical school yearbook page.

You see, Virginia’s racist governor, Ralph Northam, was in the news last year when a yearbook surfaced that depicted him in either ‘black face’ or a KKK outfit. At first he said that he was indeed, in the photo and then he said he was not, but declined to further expound on the issue and come clean as to whether or not he was in ‘black face’ or a ‘KKK outfit. However, he did come ‘clean’ with the fact that he had ‘gotten himself up in ‘black face’ to attend a party as Michael Jackson. So, maybe he kinda, sorta told us that he was the one in ‘black face’ in his yearbook picture.

Now, along comes COVID-19 and the governor’s orders are that everyone must wear a mask. Well, Jerry Falwell Jr., being the ‘godlike’ figure he is and racist down to his size 6 shoes that the ‘pool boy’ removes, he states loudly and concisely that the only mask that he is going to wear is either a ‘black face mask’ or a ‘KKK hood’ mask like Governor Ralph Northam donned for a yearbook picture. You know, racists must stick together.

So, Jerry Falwell Jr., was going to don either one; ‘black face’ or a ‘KKK hood’ mask. And this coming from the president of a so-called ‘christian’ school of higher learning. And yet whites go on and on about how ‘christian’ they are and yet look UP to that racist bastard as though his damn racist ass is a saint. But then he most likely is their patron saint of racism.

But now that there have been calls to have his racist ass step down as president since many donors are stating that they are not going to donate money to Liberty University and are now trying to distance themselves from this particular unapologetic racist, Jerry Falwell Jr., wants to apologize, but ONLY AFTER his ass saw donor money drying up like a dead carcass in Death Valley, CA. The only thing that gets to whites is MONEY. Nothing else gets through to them.

Jerry Falwell Jr., didn’t give a shit if ALL 5 Black employees at Liberty University up and quit. Why the fuck would his racist ass give a damn about them? If you take a walk around Lynchburg, VA, you can see that there is not hide nor hair of ANYTHING resembling some christian shit going on down here. All whites do is sit up at Falwell’s church, utter some useless inanities and head out the damn door, don their white sheets and continue their racist shit! The Black residents of Lynchburg look like shit and are treated like shit and still, they are somewhere walking around with BUYBULLS spouting that nonsense they got from the whites. It’s pathetic how brainwashed these Black people are in this racist cesspool of hate, bigotry and intolerance.

A different Liberty staff member, who is African American and spoke on the condition of anonymity because she feared she would lose her job, said Falwell’s tweets were “a cherry on top” of other race-related issues at the school.

“It seemed like once donors said I’m not going to put money into your university, that’s when he says, ‘I’m sorry, I apologize,’” she said. “It’s too late!”

Staff, she said, fear losing their jobs, and faculty do not receive tenure.

“You know how back in the slavery days, black people would disobey? Or they would go against the master? They get whooped for it. They would lose a limb. That limb is you losing your job,” she said. “It’s like, ‘Sit down, shut up and do your job.’ You lose your job, lose your benefits.”

What this woman said is exactly how the whites treat the entire city of Lynchburg, as though the Black people who live in it are still in slavery and if we kick up a fuss, instead of being taken out to the ‘whipping post’, we are put out of the only medical system here, as was the case with my cousin. The white landlord will start harassing you which is what happened to us and they will attempt to make your life as miserable as they can.

My readers know one thing about me if they know nothing else; I am a fighter and I have been fighting back against these racist shits here. But let me tell you, even when I submit letters to the editor of the only local newspaper, The Daily Advance, not one time have they ever printed any letter that I have submitted. This shit is on lockdown by the whites.

When the George Floyd protests started, someone broke the windows at “Fifth & Federal,” a restaurant, because the owner stated that if “Jerry Falwell Jr., had any of those racist face masks left, send them his way so that his restaurant employees could wear them.” This is how racist this shithole is. And the only reason there are any COVID-19 cases here is because when ALL universities were told to close by the governor, Jerry Falwell Jr., refused to close Liberty University and those students returned and dragged with them, COVID-19. Thankfully, not too many returned or we would have had a really seriously bad situation on our hands. These shameless racist white shits here in Lynchburg, VA seriously need to die already because they are why the Black people in this city are looking like death warmed over.

Jerry Falwell Jr., owns the only mall in town, River Ridge Mall and ain’t shit in there because he’s managed to run most stores out because of his greed. He also owns what used to be called, “Pittman Plaza” which sits smack dab in the heart of Lynchburg and was once a booming shopping center, but is now dead because, once again, due to Jerry Falwell’s racism and immense greed, he has managed to close damn near every shop in that shopping center and what’s more, he knew that the only grocery store visited by Lynchburg’s poor Black residents could not afford an increase in rent and would have to shutter its doors, he increased the rent anyway and the grocery store closed down, thus leaving a food desert behind. Everything that bastard does is to make sure that Lynchburg’s poor Black citizens suffer for it and they do.

I have tried to expose the shit down here, but the whites, like I have said, got this shit on lockdown: ALL AREAS. From health care, which is non-existent if you’re Black to the food industry and beyond. Lynchburg would do much better if the Falwells would drop dead and take the rest of this white racist filth with them!

Fifth and Federal owner apologizes for mask tweet that sparked violence in Lynchburg

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Fifth and Federal owner Josh Read is apologizing for a tweet from his restaurant that launched a riot in Lynchburg Sunday night into Monday morning.

“If you get extra made let us know! We would offer them to our staff as a mask option!”

Read said he wanted to address protesters last night, “but it was just a lot of very, very, very angry people and it wasn’t maybe the safest time to do that.”

Originally, there was a peaceful protest happening outside the restaurant, but that ended at about 6:45 p.m.

Later in the night, more people gathered and it was during that gathering that people threw rocks at police officers, Fifth and Federal.

That racist bastard openly admitted that he said if Jerry Falwell Jr., had any extra racist face masks depicting ‘black face’ or a KKK hood, let him know, he’d offer them to his employees as a mask option.

And yet some folks have the nerve to say that this shithole is “POST RACIAL?” Come on down here to Lynchburg, VA and these racist white shits will disabuse you of THAT bullshit notion. Shits like him are ALL that is crawling and slithering around down here.

My cousin is refusing to leave this shithole burg and I have tried too many times to get him to come with me up out of here, but I am just going to have to leave him down here. Do I want to? Hell no, but I got shit to do and I can’t do it from this stomp down, flaming racist burg that’s more on lockdown than a prison!

All of the shit, the racist shit, that people have been protesting over lately has been going down in this burg, and in spades for too damn long to the point whereas these namby pamby Black folks should have long since went the fuck off, but it took massive protests ALL across Amerikkka to liven this shit up down here. But I can’t deal with this shit! I’ll pick my racist stomping ground and this ain’t it!

So to those out there who want to know why I kick ass whenever I can and take no prisoners, this would be why. This is why I am UNAPOLOGETIC when I speak on racism, hating ass whites and some more shit! Yeah, you step for a goddamn nanosecond in MY motherfucking shoes and then come talk to me! And so if ANY pasty assed motherfucker EVER expects me to recognize you as human, it ain’t fucking happening because you ain’t fucking human. How the fuck can you visit the shit that you do on us and call yourself, “HUMAN?” You fucking can’t and so I don’t want to hear about how you didn’t know about ANY of this racist shit that we have been dealing with from the likes of you! I don’t want to hear about your ‘awakening’. Tell that shit to someone who will buy it because, goddamn it, I ain’t buying it!

Talk shit to the dead who got nothing to lose.
They’re sitting in church, so go light the fuse.”

Yeah, the ‘christians’ are already dead, sitting up in church, racist as hell and even if you lit a fuse, you wouldn’t be doing shit because those racist shits have long since been dead. Ain’t no waking that shit up!


4 thoughts on “Jerry Falwell Jr., The Racist President of Liberty University Wants To Wear Either A ‘Black Face’ Or A ‘ KKK hood’ Mask. So much for ‘christianity’!

    1. But yet, we are supposed to believe that, all of a sudden like, whites have experienced some sort of ‘awakening’ after seeing the life snuffed out of George Floyd. They know that shit’s been going down since forever in this shithole and they’ve done not a goddamn thing about it. The only reason the protests have included whites is because since COVID-19 closed so many businesses, whites are finding themselves with too much time on their hands, a hankering to get outside and a diminished savings due to loss of job. They don’t give a shit for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Abery or any of the other Black people who have been murdered by racist kops who are their family members.

      Every single white piece of shit is a ‘covert racist KKK member’, bar none, for if not, would Black America be in the state that it’s in? We both know the answer to that. I refuse to march down the goddamn street with what’s kicking my ass six ways to Sunday. I refuse to buy the bullshit from those whites who sit up in church on Sunday morning and listen to their patron saints of racism drone on and on about ‘love and fellowship’ and some more shit and then head right out the door and continue their racist shit aimed at us.

      No politician of ANY stripe is going to help us because if they were that shit would already be happening. Joe Biden is NOT our friend and we know damn well that Donald Trump is NOT and the Black misleadership is made up of a bunch of sell-outs since the whites threw them some table scraps; the same with Black so-called ‘celebrities’. I don’t give a shit for what they say either.

      Those of us who are on the ground and have been fighting this shit are on our own. We can’t look to anyone for any help and we need to start understanding this. We need more Black owned businesses and we need to patronize those Black owned businesses. The whites are NEVER going to change what they are; that’s a given. But we once built our own Wall Street. We once had our own towns; we need to go that route again towards self sustainability.

      Miz 100, thank you for your comment. It is right on point.

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      1. Yessss! I keep saying us voting won’t help shit! Systematic Racism is the problem! And you absolutely right about all these white folks caring, part of me thinks some of those white folks out there protesting and rioting have black mates and children so they some what think they feel our pain.


      2. Well, I know how to counter the fools who tell us to vote, even if only locally, because they claim that helps on a local level. That is another blatant and outrageous lie! We have a Black mayor in this racist burg and she may as well be dead for all the ‘good’ she’s doing ANY of her Black constituents. You’ve read this post, does it appear to you as though having a Black female mayor has made a gnat’s ass worth of difference in countering outrageous racism in this shithole burg? We both know the answer to that, as well. Someone once said that if voting accomplished anything, they’d make it illegal.

        I refuse to stand in line and vote for a racist piece of shit or for another Black sell-out and consider myself to have made a difference when my Black ass is in the same predicament AFTER I voted as it was in BEFORE I voted. What sense does that make? And the Dems picked Joe Biden because of his association with Barack Obama, who himself did absolutely NOTHING for Black people in this shithole, but the older generation is still on some damn “Obama time!” They are stuck in their ways and will vote for Joe Biden just because he was Obama’s VP. How stupid is that? And what’s even sadder is, you cannot get them to understand that Joe Biden is no different from Trump. Both are two sides of the same coin. Biden is why so many American descendants of slavery are incarcerated to this day. And yet, someone thinks that I am going to vote for his racist ass? Not fucking EVER! I abstain, just like I’ve been doing and I wish to piss that someone would come at me for not voting; hell hath no fury alongside what they’d get from me.

        And no whites could EVER feel our pain, I don’t care how many ‘mixed race’ mutts they manage to produce. Those whites are entitled thanks to ‘white privilege’ and they know this. Their mixed race mutt is just as likely to get gunned down as we are, but that’s no skin off their backs because I will forever and always believe that whites are not truly human. There is no way they can be; not with being evil, vile, monstrous, sociopathic and lacking in any empathy, compassion or morality. They lack everything that even remotely stands for ‘humanity’. American descendants of slaves are humanity, defined because we refuse to send their white asses to hell! The whites are scared of us because they know that we have every reason in the world to go for their asses until none are left. There is nothing ‘supremacy’ like about whites and that is why they have been trying to murder us in every way possible, from denying us housing, food, health care, freedom, employment, education; the whole nine yards. Whites are evil personified, but ‘human’, they are NOT!

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