A Top Female Basketball Player At Liberty University Is Transferring From Liberty After The Jerry Falwell Jr., ‘Black Face’, ‘KKK’ Mask Debacle

She says, “hell no!” to playing basketball for that stomp down, flaming racist, Jerry Falwell Jr., and I applaud her for refusing to continue to act as though nothing untoward happened. Racists need to pay a price for displaying their irrational and insane hatred of us! Keep refusing to ‘earn’ props and money for these racists!



Thankfully, sometimes when racist shits decided to publicly decry their racism, there are consequences. I already blogged about the fact that several Black employees at Liberty University resigned, including the Director of Diversity, but now a star basketball player has had enough of Falwell’s racism.

A top Liberty University basketball player is transferring after Jerry Falwell Jr. tweeted a blackface photo

Asia Todd, a women’s basketball player at Liberty University, announced she’s transferring because of “racial insensitivities” shown by school leadership.

Two weeks ago LU president Jerry Falwell Jr. tweeted a picture of a face mask with a photo of someone in blackface and a person in KKK robes superimposed on it.

Dozens of Black LU alum have called on Falwell to resign, and at least four staff members have left the college.

Thankfully, another Black woman refuses to continue to put up with racism aimed at us by the whites while we make those shameless shits look good for their universities, businesses and bottom lines. Enough is enough! If these shameless racist shits refuse to respect us, then don’t continue to do business with them or make yourselves useful to them in ANY WAY AT.ALL.

Asia Todd will have no problem transferring to a university that may treat her as a human being because Falwell most definitely does NOT think of American descendants of slavery as human. We are just a means to an end. But that bastard is even worse than his daddy.

At one point in time, here in Lynchburg, Black people could not even attend Thomas Road Baptist Church, a church that was founded by Jerry Falwell SR., this racist piece of shit’s daddy. It was only after Black people started making a little money is when Jerry Falwell Sr. started sending buses around into Black neighborhoods to try and get Black people to attend his church filled with racists. Black people, at the time, refused to join in with that bullshit! Black people had their own churches to go to. We didn’t need to sit up in churches owned and operated by racist whites. And never forget, the Falwells obtained their money through running illegal liquor during prohibition. They’ve got plenty of filthy shit attached to their racist asses and everyone should know that Falwell Sr. was against gays so damn bad, that the gays in Lynchburg had to go to Roanoke to ‘come out’, and now his son is a stomp down flaming gay motherfucker who has threesomes with the ‘pool boy’ and his piece of shit wife who is even worse than Falwell is. That wife of this son-of-a-bitch ain’t no joke! She runs Falwell’s racist ass and she is so racist, she makes him look like a cartoon character next to her stomp down, flaming racist ass. That bitch is the devil’s own wife!

The bullshit going on down here in this racist burg has been kept on the down low too goddamn long and the stench is now starting to smell. That’s what happens when you lift the lid off of shit; dirty, funky, racist shit STINKS! And that is all that is crawling around down here in this racist shithole run by stomp down, flaming racists; to the last white piece of racist shit! These fuckers already know, don’t even fucking start with me. They can handle these namby pamby Black folks down here, but I ain’t them, goddamn it! I’m not walking around with their fucking BUYBULL in my hands hollering about some damn scripture the fucking racist whites don’t even believe in. Most of these Black folks here have been trained well by you worthless, pieces of racist shit, but don’t get the shit twisted because again, I ain’t them, motherfuckers! I’ll put your shit on the map for ALL the ‘racist’ reasons, you hypocritical, fake ass christian, filthy, racist shits!

I hope the fallout from this shit continues. Those Falwells need to be stopped in their goddamn tracks because they are making life a living hell for Black people in this racist hell hole and that is a goddamn fact!

If Falwell wants to walk around with this shit on, fine, but there should be consequences and I am glad that Black people are finally waking the fuck up and are refusing to take this shit lying down.

Falwell’s tweet included a picture of a face mask with the photo of the Klansman and person in blackface superimposed on it.

And I am pretty sure that there are plenty in attendance at Falwell’s church that’s already placed an order for this racist shit! I know the owner of Fifth and Federal restaurant placed his order for his employees. These shits are shamelessly unapologetic in their racism. So yeah, you piece of shit, get ready to see only other racist like minded shits sitting up in your restaurant. The only problem is that the shit ain’t gonna close because there are too many goddamn flaming racists in this fucking burg.

But as usual, I digress.

On June 1, an open letter from 35 Black LU alumni said Falwell’s tweet made light “of our nation’s painful history of slavery and racism.”

“For several years, you have said and defended inappropriate statements that represent Liberty and our faith very poorly,” it read. “You have belittled staff, students, and parents, you have defended inappropriate behaviors of politicians, encouraged violence, and disrespected people of other faiths.”

The signatories called on Falwell to step down as president.

Falwell did not even acknowledge the letter from the Black LU alumni, it was only after donors stated that they would no longer donate money to Liberty University and started distancing themselves from this racist’s university that prompted Falwell to offer up a lame ass apology. Falwell could care less if there were no Black employees at LU. Hell! Enrollment of Black students has fallen off to damn near zero.

At least four black faculty and staff members have resigned since Falwell’s tweet was sent, Inside Higher Ed reported. One of the most notable was Quan McLaurin, the school’s director of diversity retention.

McLaurin told MSNBC that, between 2007 and 2018, Liberty’s student body has gone from 10% Black to 4%.

Yeah! Reread that, “Liberty’s student body has gone from 10% Black to 4%.”

Now, are you starting to get a ‘picture’ of what life is like not only at Liberty University but for ALL Black people in Lynchburg since the Falwells run this godforsaken burg.

We’ve got a piece of shit Black female mayor, Treney Tweedy, who pleaded with Jerry Falwell Jr., to not reopen Liberty University when COVID-19 was closing all universities in Virginia. Falwell told her to piss off and that is exactly what she did. The Black mayor is just as terrified of Falwell as the majority of Blacks are in this burg. Falwell encouraged ALL students to return despite the governor’s lockdown rules prohibiting the reopening of universities and that in turn brought COVID-19 to Lynchburg. This piece of shit, Jerry Falwell Jr., truly believes that he is ‘god’. Those stupid shits over at Liberty University and at that church that his brother, Jonathan oversees, are probably all bowing their heads and worshiping Jerry Falwell Jr.

“So to the Falwells and to the rest of the racist whites in Lynchburg, you know now that I will put your racist shit out there, so keep doing the shit and I have no problem exposing it. I was born here and so I know the foul ass, vicious shit behind your racist asses that you think is a secret. You know I don’t give a shit about ANY of you because I’ve come up against most of you and you ain’t hardly had a great time afterwards. Yeah! Keep trying me because I’ve got plenty where this came from and what’s more, you know it! Fuck you lousy motherfuckers and you know I sincerely MEAN THAT! Try me!”


6 thoughts on “A Top Female Basketball Player At Liberty University Is Transferring From Liberty After The Jerry Falwell Jr., ‘Black Face’, ‘KKK’ Mask Debacle

  1. It’s been good to see the statues getting yanked down all over the place. The white systematic colonization has been going on forever, a continuous chain of power maneuvering schemes that get extolled in the white-written historical accounts consistently color their maps to segment the entire planet into capital-driven enterprises that serve the narrative from each generation to the next. The East Indian Tea Company extended and enforced control for the British Empire, it codified the methods that exacted trillions of pounds of tribute that extended like tentacles everywhere. The British Empire taught the American Empire how it’s done. Slaver Robert Clive’s statue is representative, Clive was the emperor’s vulture, as noted here:

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    1. Well they just toppled a statue of King Leopold II over in Belgium. Leopold II served as King of the Belgians from 1865 to 1909. And from an article I read, that bastard murdered so many Africans after having tortured them, it is unbelievable that ANY ONE would put up a statue depicting his despotic, racist, debased and depraved ass!

      King Leopold II: Who was Leopold II? Why was his statue taken down?

      Statues depicting slave traders and influential tyrants have become the target of protesters in the last two weeks, as people continue on Black Lives Matter demonstrations around the world. A statue of Leopold II has now disappeared from Belgium, as authorities have resolved to remove it amidst rising tensions.

      Leopold II never set foot in the country, but under his rule millions of Congolese natives had their hands and genitals cut off, their children held for ransom, their villages burned down, and lives taken via flogging.

      Estimations state one to 15 million people died while Leopold II reigned, and local sources suggest he wiped out half the local population.

      But what does pulling down statues of murdering colonizers do? I guess that is supposed to be a start? A start of what? Whites changing? That’ll be the day! As I type this, American descendants of slavery are still being pulled over for no reason by racist kops. As I type this, no kop that was involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, KY has been charged with murdering her. So, tell me, again, what does toppling dead despots do? It does nothing to solve the underlying problem; white supremacy and insidious racism displayed against Black people, world wide, but especially here in a land that we did not immigrate to and so have no reason in the world to be subjected to hatred, racism, bigotry, prejudice and all that goes with it because we are not descendants of immigrants. We are descendants of slaves. No one can get more innocent than we are and yet we are perceived and treated as though we are the problem when the problem for us is whites, white privilege, white supremacy and ALL that goes with that.

      Oh they can take down the statues but they cannot reach inside the bodies of whites and touch their hearts with empathy, kindness, love, humanity and compassion because that does not exist in whites. It can’t because if it did, it would show. The only reasons whites are out protesting is because there is something in it for them; they’ve lost a fucking job, they’ve been on lockdown too long, no one is going to continue to tell them what they can and cannot do and some more shit of the like. Whites ain’t thinking about George Floyd or Breonna Taylor or Ahmaud Arbery for if they were, those three American descendants of slavery would still be alive today, but that’s not the case.

      A statue did not murder George Floyd. A statue did not murder Breonna Taylor. A statue did not murder Ahmaud Arbery. A statue did not murder Tamir Rice. A statue did not murder Sandra Bland. A statue did not murder Walter Scott. A statue did not murder Michael Brown. A statue did not murder Eric Garner. A statue did not murder Freddie Gray. A statue did not murder Ayiana Stanley Jones. A statue did not murder Alton Sterling and I could continue in this vein, but I’d be at it for a year.

      And of course the British Empire taught these racist shits how it’s done because these shits crawled over here from Jolly fucking England. Those same shits crawled all across this planet and did the same to every group they found that was inhabiting even a goddamn rock in the middle of nowhere.

      This fake ass solidarity from the whites is just that; fake. I’m not buying this bullshit because whites only do shit for themselves. They always have some devious shit behind anything they do and not one is to be trusted.

      I thank you for your comment.

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      1. I completely agree and without reservation. From the outset Columbus couldn’t wait to pillage, plunder, rape, and torture in the name of Holy Catholic imperial ambition and the opportunity it provides for wealth-management schemes. All those “explorers” who opened up a “new world” followed the same MO. There has not been an instant since 1492 that white-supremacist, egomaniacal ambition has wavered. And each one of those instants add up to a continuous handover of that MO to the heirs, who are all white. To the present moment.


      2. Bill, I do appreciate your input. Don’t think that I don’t. What I’m pissed off about is the fact that when all is said and done, what has been accomplished with all of the rioting, protesting and marching? And in a few cases, the marching is still going on and yet, there are no real and lasting solutions coming from the whites. Even in Minneapolis, just because the City Council has voted to disband the police force, that does not disband the police force. The City Council of Minneapolis cannot even do that and they know it. Whites are not even bothering to try and toppling some damn statues glorifying racism, prejudice and bigotry does nothing. The system that put those statues up still exists, along with the mindset. Nothing has changed in hundreds of years. Putting bandaids on bullet wounds will not stop a gunshot victim from dying, likewise the same analogy applies to white supremacy; toppling some statues of racist colonizers does nothing to stop white supremacy in its racist and lethal tracks.

        The present still mirrors the past and that is a BIG, HUGE problem!

        I thank you for your comment.

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    1. I am glad she did too. I hope that if there are any others, they will follow suit because it would most definitely be in their best interest to get out of that racist hell of a puffed up, piece of shit college that should be on par with a technical college, the education is so subpar. Like Trump’s ‘university’, this one should be closed down as well, for all the good it’s doing.

      Those Falwells need to LOSE IT ALL! That would be the most beneficial thing for ALL Black people in this burg. Every piece of white filth down here that’s wealthy are wealthy due to slavery and other racist and criminal shit!

      Thank you for your comment.

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